God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 11: Ambush

The patriarch of Tiger Cliff Castle was not a tyrant but was a man that consulted the opinions of many, however in times of conflict, he would be the representative. Normally he does not have any power, the only advantage is that every time a team goes out, a portion of their loot would be his, and another would be given to the poor people in Tiger Cliff Castle.

The position of the patriarch would be changed every few years, mostly the Hu or Ke household’s old hunters, normally the trusted old people have the opportunity to be the patriarch. The current one belongs to the Hu surname named Hu Cangya, a man once famous for hunting which is already 50 years old now.

The time here is different from Feng’s previous world, in a day there is about 30 hours, which is his estimation, a year is not 365 days but summer is about 300 days and winter with about 200. A year here was about a year and half in his previous life. So 15 years old according to his last life, it would be about 18 years old, the people here had great physical conditions, which is why fifteen years old and above could go out to hunt.

Upon hearing the news of Ke Dashan and Danui’s team killing two bulls, Cangyu immediately went to visit Xinfeng’s house.

Cangyu brought a few people to Xinfeng’s house, as the patriarch, he used to worry for this household even though the Lei family were outsiders, the amount of residents is small so every person is treasured, during the Lei household’s time of need, he naturally helped them.

After entering the courtyard, they were attacked by the smell of blood, 2 skinned bull hanged on a giant wooden rack, one of which was almost fully divided. On the floor was wooden tubs of meat, inviting the happiness of everyone in the courtyard.

DaShan and Danui were the ones that divided the meat, giving XinFeng the most as he was the one that killed them.

Cangyu quickly knew of Feng’s contributions and became very enthusiastic, hunters that could kill bulls are the best no matter wherever they are “Feng, Tiger Cliff Castle’s gains this year is generally not high, hoho, could you help out everyone.”

LeiBao’s mood immediately changed, he used to had a very irritable temper but now he was very calm compared to his past “Leader, my little grandson is only sixteen and just finished his first hunt, how can he even help you?” (Putty: Feng said fifteen earlier, I have no idea why gramps decided to call him 16, though in Chinese calendar you are already a year older after every year no matter your birthday)

Cangyu laughed “Big brother Lei, this grandson of yours is impressive, being able to hunt bulls on his first time, hoho, big brother, you know the gains this year is little and now winter is approaching. I originally decided to gather all the teams and have a massive group hunt but I didn’t expect Feng to be so capable.

LeiBao felt a bit upset, he understood Cangyu’s meaning “You want Feng to be master hunter?”

“Big brother, with Feng as the master hunter, he need not worry about other things and can receive a portion.”(Cangyu)

The hunters on the scene all smiled, bulls are very hard to kill, their skin normally cannot be cut through by a weapon, even those that falls in traps take a lot if effort to kill.

Importantly, it’s meat is very nutritious, normally a hunter takes about 5-6 Jin to feel full but only 2 Jin worth of bull meat is enough to fill their stomachs to the brim not only I ncluding the benefits of the meat. Plus, it’s hide can be used to make armor, horns for hard bows, a bull was basically a treasure trove, in the eyes of hunters, bulls are the best target. (Puttty: okay I get it, bulls are great stap repeating pls)

The amount of able bodied young hunters in Tiger Cliff Castle amount to about 300 men and dozens of teams, with the biggest team of fifteen men and the least whom used to be Dashan’s team, a total of 4 now including Feng. In the Castle, only the strong dares to have only 3 men in a team.

LeiBao sighed “Okay, since everyone had always helped up, this counts as a reciprocation.”

Cangyu’s face turned slightly red, he felt as though he was demanding returns for his kind deeds.

“It’s fine grandfather, I accept being the Master Hunter.”Feng had seen to many intrigues in his past life, the honesty of the people here was something he was grateful for, many things made him grateful and now he had the ability, of course he would want to repay them.

Cangyu smiled “Great, Feng you go rest I’ll gather hunters, it’s a pity that many teams have not returned so now we can only gather about a hundred, we’ll set off tomorrow.


Large scale hunting is very complex, especially focusing on a single kind, this is not a surround hunt but a professional one which needs away least tens of the strongest hunters skilled in hunting large animals, of course the others would be instrumental in hauling them back.

Tiger Cliff Castle never had this kind of Master Hunter, no one would expect a sixteen year old Master hunter.

One must know that to become a Master hunter your power must be able to gain all of the hunter’s respect. In the wild, if a Master hunter comes into contact with a team, he would be given the authority to command them, of course provided they belong to Tiger Cliff Castle.

In the gathering of all the hunters Cangyu declared that XinFeng would become Tiger Cliff Castle’s Master hunter, but there was not much surprise from the audience as most of them had already heard that a young hunter had emerged able to kill a bull within a short time. Most of them had already came into contact with bulls and knew of their toughness which is why no one rejected XinFeng despite of their doubts, hoping to see the power of this youth in the expedition.

Preparations had already finished in a small amount of time, the participants not only included hunters but also many young woman, not to hunt but to take care of the prey and also carry them back. The woman here also had great strength, though not as much as the men but when compared to the women in Xinfeng’s previous world, they were like tyrannosaurs level.

About daybreak, the skies were filled with clouds leaving dark patches on the ground, everyone assembled, ready to leave.

They left Tiger Cliff Castle giving off an mighty air with patriarch Cangyu following behind, his duty was to command and coordinate everyone, with him here, contradictions are less likely to appear.

Every team leader was given a job, some as vaunt couriers, some as defense, some guarding the rear. XinFeng sat at the sidelines, noticing Cangyu’s great ability to organize everyone, a hundred plus hunters, about sixty women, a total of almost 200 people without a trace of chaos as they headed to the familiar pond, a place where bulls would definitely go.

XinFeng walked in between the teams, two who walked in front with about 10 people taking care of beasts that came into their way.

The pond is the most famous hunting ground closest to the castle but normally powerful teams would not come here even though there is many kinds of prey that would come, it was very dangerous as who can swear that a strong beast will not appear.

Suddenly, the teams walking in front gave a sharp whistle, Cangyu revealed a shocked expression “Hurry! On stand-by! The Lead Eagles are here to launch a surprise attack!”

About a dozen of men charged onwards, these was the famously strong hunters of the castle, naturally, Feng had also joined them with his black bow.

DaShan cursed loudly, of course he knew, these attackers are probably here to avenge their comrades, he gave a shout and brought Nanshan and Shi to join the others,

Cangyu shouted as loud as he could “The others be careful! Stay here as defense!” He had brought about 60 women here, these was the farmers and main people in the family he could not risk their safety, bringing so many woman this time was already a giant risk on his part.

Most of the hunters surrounded the women, most of these women are their wives and sisters if any harm come to them, how could the men accept it?

XinFeng felt the high numbers of attackers, twenty plus in front and about ten behind, the exact amount is unknown but he felt that there was about 8-9 close to ten.

After a string of painful cries, the hunters of Tiger Cliff Castle shouted “Be careful! They have archers.”

Archers are a special existence within hunters, they are more for shooting humans than animals as in this world of beasts, their threat is too small. Of course, this does not include Lei XinFeng as he had already surpassed original humans.

Upon hearing about the archers, all the hunters of the castle immediately hid behind a rock or a tree and stopping recklessly charging in, at that moment 2 men had already been shot but their condition is unknown, these men were professionals, not one wanted to check if they were alive and become a target.

DaShan hid behind a tree and prepared his long bow but was unable to locate the enemy, in this dense forest, sight was limited, all the hunters here are experienced masters, no one would easily give away their location. Men of Tiger Cliff Castle had a disadvantage, being the one ambushed, the enemy had a chance of hide, resulting in the casualties Tiger Cliff Castle had.

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