God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 13: Wild Feng

Cangyu cursed “Are you all dead, allowing Feng to fight! He’s still a kid.”

The faces of the hunters turned red and some even tried to move in front but was stopped by XinFeng “Don’t move, grandfather Hu, don’t worry I won’t lose!” His confidence is brimming, and refused to believe the enemy is more powerful than him, after practicing Lei Lunli, how could the average human compare to him?

Dafei laughed coldly “Brave child, but you’ll die on your courage! Overconfident!”

XinFeng walked to about 10 meters away from Dafei, a flat with a considerable amount of shrubs and short trees but no tall trees.

Dafei pointed at XinFeng “Come kid, let me see how powerful you are!”

Smiles appeared on the faces of Lead Eagle’s men, they had already seen Dafei’s strength, this man recently returned after a year and easily beat the masters without losing once and became the most famous Master hunter.

After XinFeng practiced Lei Lunli, even though his personality changed, the cautiousness he had brought from his past life is still here. He understood perfectly, it’s fine to be wild, fearless but absolutely not careless and clumsy, towards any enemy, he must show seriousness, he walked over.

With his blood surging, XinFeng only had one thought, which is ‘come!’

At that moment, hunters of both sides became nervous.

Everyone of them understood that only the Master Hunters can fight. Men of lead eagles were greatly confident in Dafei while the men of Tiger Cliff Castle watched closely.

The distance between them was small, they stared at each other without moving closer. With this kind of distance, anything could happen in the blink of an eye, which is why the both of them refused to stop staring.

Suddenly, Xinfeng’s nostrils flared, he noticed Dafei’s secret. That spear he had actually gave of strands of light, not easily noticed, under Xinfeng’s eye he immediately recognized it as Lunli, only weapons infused with Lunli can have such a appearance, in that moment, Alarm bells rang in his heart and he started to activate his own Lei Lunli.

Dafei stopped waiting, throwing away his Cat vs mice attitude, the situation had changed, he had to kill XinFeng within the shortest amount of time as he realized more and more men from Tiger cliff Castle had appeared. Only by quickly killing XinFeng can he intimidate the enemy, if not, he would be outnumbered and most of the men he had brought will die.

Yake! (Putty: this is a sound I have no idea what it’s for.)

Hong! (Putty: help)

Even as XinFeng’s battle experience is not rich, he had started training since 6 and his reaction speed was not to be belittled, including Lei Lunli, his control over his body and senses, strength and reaction speed had increased by a lot.

The steel spear aimed for his throat flew over, with a wave of his short spear, XinFeng blocked it, this head on attack brought no benefits of the both of them.

Dafei only felt a enormous strength hit his spear, even though he had concentrated his Lunli into the spear, he still couldn’t block this attack, causing his spear to fly off, not only that but his hand turned numb. He was throughly shocked, even though he had only infused a bit of Lunli, how was a normal human able to block it? How much strength did it take? Many questions appeared in his heart.

Even though XinFeng used his short spear to hit away the spear aiming for him, he couldn’t help but stagger, this strength let him feel astonished, this was his first time encountering someone who could compare with strength with him. Actually Dafei’s strength isn’t as much as his, but if XinFeng had more experience with fighting, he could have using the moment of pushing the spear away to get closer to the enemy who because of his long spear, cannot get too close with the enemy in combat.

Just by exchanging one blow to each other, alarm bells rang in his heart, the enemy is not as weak as Dafei had expected “Not bad kid, no wonder you can become a master hunter at such a young age, but in my eyes, you’re nothing worth mentioning!”

“Haha, then come! Fight!” Feng did not wait for the enemy to come but instead, chose to attack first.

The two men continuously exchanged blows, sounds of the spears clashing raised the anger of Dafei and XinFeng.

Following the clash of the spears, the onlookers noticed that Dafei’s spear gave off circles of red and sliver light and slight heat, while on Xinfeng’s short spear was sparks of dancing electricity that gave off slight clacking noises, of course these hunters did not understand, and only found it strange, the faces of those few that knew what it was paled.

This included Cangyu of Tiger Cliff Castle, after all he was already so old, what he heard would be more than normal hunters, immediately he knew them as the terrifying Lun masters and rallied the hunters of move back, he heard many stories of Lun masters, and knew how terrifying they are, other than the starting out Lun masters, the more powerful ones felt disdain for attacking normal humans, but once you incurred their wrath, the result would not be something normal humans can withstand.

Suddenly, the skies darken, seeing this sight, Cangyu could not help be smile bitterly, having a rainstorm right now is not a good thing.

The weather conditions is like that, during summer, rainstorms appeared regularly while during winter it rarely appeared.

Dafei’s feeling of numbness increased, he finally understood, even though the power of the enemy was not much, but he had the rarely seen Lei Lunli, and even a single Lun attribute, he felt great jealousy he is a 3 Lun Shuxing, which is Huo Lun and Yin Lun, actually 3 luns is already very hard to enter Milun. Meeting this Single Lun youth, and even the rarely seen Lei Lun at that, this kind of qualifications, he understood after leaving the mountains, he would be a treasure, no matter what factional force would want him.

At this moment, strong killing intent appeared in Dafei’s heart, since he had already provoked this kind of genius, then he should just kill him if not, then what would happen if they met again in the future? He took a step back “Wait a minute!”

XinFeng felt impatient, this kind of fight had let him feel excited, he could clearly gain many advantages from this fight, why would he stop? He increased his speed and continued to attack.

Dafei’s heart cried, this youth was insane, during their fight, his eyes gave off light as though he enjoyed it, meeting this kind of people, he found troublesome.

Dafei shouted “Yingyu! Whistle!” He continued to block and retreat while his arm became more and more numb, anyone could tell that he had become weak.

A whistle sounded, sharp and long it traveled far.

To the hunters here, everyone knew about whistles, every whistle had a meaning, this was particular whistle is to call for help.

Cangyu paled “They’re calling for help, we cannot wait anymore. Feng,you keep him busy, the rest….Kill them!”

This was he smartest decision, to attack while they had a advantage, once the enemies’ reinforcements arrive, the situation of the men of Tiger Cliff Castle would change, one must remember that their group included women.

Men of Lead Eagles did not even reach 40 while Tiger Cliff Castle had about 200, which about 60 is women, a hundred stayed behind to protect the women while the rest regrouped and attacked without hesitation, this was a full out attack.

Dafei immediately shouted “You…..You dare!” He turned to retreat but how would XinFeng allow it? He shouted “Don’t go! Fight me!” And charged again.

Sounds of death shook the sky.

The abilities of lead eagle’s men is not bad, but their forces was far too small, including their archers had been shot by XinFeng at the beginning, they had reached despair.

“You are all dead! I’ll kill all of Tiger Cliff Castle and leave none alive!” (Dafei)

XinFeng replied coldly “Go and dream in shit! You fucker!” He still could not shoot Lei Lunli and could only infuse it with his weapon, after all he only trained for a small period of time and only reached 50+ Leiluns, not even a hundred, he was only a small Lun master.

But Dafei had already reached a hundred luns and is a Bailun master.

Dafei’s best attribute was fire followed by steel, it could strengthen weapons, these two kinds of Lunli add together reached hundred Lunli’s.

As the fight heated on, Dafei’s spear gave off a bright red light.

Not even within a minute, many of Lead eagles died, Dafei shouted “Run! You all run!”

Lead eagles had already been surrounded and could not escape, they could only form a circle and try their best to block the attacks of Tiger Cliff Castle.

Translator’s note

Translator : Puttty

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