God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 14: Wild Feng (2)

Under Cangyu’s instructions, the hunters surrounded the enemy with a few archers positioned behind ready to shoot, agonized cry rang out simultaneously. Within several minutes, Lead Eagles had at least 10 and above casualties, whistles sounded non-stop as the desperate attempt of Lead Eagle’s to request for backup.

“Kill the whistling one!” (Cangyu)

A few hunters shot a arrow at the same time, even if that person’s armor is good, an armor cannot protect every spot, that man did not even know who shot him, an arrow to the left eye, instant death.

Next to him, a heavily wounded men started to whistle with all his might, yet again inviting an arrow.

Dafei was like a madman, shouting as he attacked, XinFeng also enthusiastically responded, fighting till now, he had become crazy, he had became obsessed with that kind of feeling on the battlefield, which was why his shouts is louder , his speed and strength crazier than Dafei’s, this kind of reckless rampage is rather scary.

Dashan did not join in the attack, but stared at XinFeng, worried that he could not hold on, and readied himself to charge in any moment to help XinFeng, but only to see Xinfeng’s reckless attacks accompanied with his crazed shouts, made him dazed, this kid was scary, very fucking scary.

Shi also did not surround the Lead Eagle’s hunters but stood next to DaShan and Nanshan, the three of them watched XinFeng grow up, and would not abandon him, but what they felt was shocked, this was their first time watching a kid fight so crazily.

“This….this kid, how is he so crazy?” (Nanshan)

“Violent!” (Shi)

DaShan smiled bitterly “He is such a quiet child, I never expected him to have such a wild side! Haiz, though I respect him a lot.”

“This situation…..Feng will be hard pressed to win, haiz, it’s going to rain!”

“Who knows how many of Lead Eagle’s men will come, I don’t really understand them, are they going crazy? This is Tiger Cliff Castle’s land.”

“Feng will not lose!” (Shi)

At this moment, a whistle sounded from afar, the first one from a very far place, the second more clearer, everyone had a single thought which is ‘How fast’

“Hurry up and kill them!” Cangyu shouted, countless arrows shot out, causing lead eagle’s hunters to fall to the ground, Cangyu relaxed a little “Everyone return! Feng, come back!” (Puttty: come back pikachu!)

XinFeng was fighting to the point of ecstasy, he ignored Cangyu’s order and continued his crazy attack.
short spear while XinFeng’s arm had been slashed by Dafei’s spear. Both of them had Lunli,with Lunli’s power, not much blood flowed out, but those wounds resulted in great anger.

XinFeng directly used his short spear as a hammer, hitting crazily, Dafei used both of his hands wielding the spear to block, not that he did not want to attack, but Xinfeng’s short spear is too fast, he could only block, and every time he did, his whole body becomes numb.

A whistle sounded yet again, a person glided down from a tree like a bird, seeing Lead Eagle’s hunter on the floor, he shouted “Dafei! You! You idiot!”

Dafei used all his strength, his Lunli flaring up, his body straightened, using the already bent steel spear, shouted “Open!”

Kuang dang!

The both of them I was simultaneously pushed back by the tremor, XinFeng was pushed back nonstop, finally Dafei is free from the attacks and retreated to that man’s side “Uncle, I’m in a bind, I….I never expected so many hunter from Tiger Cliff castle to appear…”
(Puttty: He says 小叔, which means a younger brother of his father, I don’t think there’s a term like that for English, if there is please do tell me, if not I will be sure to inform you if the uncle is the older or younger one.)

That man glared at XinFeng “Dafei, you let a kid bind you?”

Dafei’s face turned red “Uncle, he is a Lunli practicer, a good one at that.”

“Shit! How long could he have practiced? You’ve already practiced for 10 years, a hundred Lun master, how can a small Lun master injure you?” (Man)

Dafei could not help but explain himself “He has a single attribute and it is lighting! How can I fucking compare with him!” His anger started to boil, even if he was his uncle, he could not accuse me like this.

That man’s face showed a surprised look “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, I’m fucking sure!” Dafei is truly angry, after fighting a whole day finally a senior appears but instead of helping him he gets scolded.

That man suddenly laughed “You know, there’s a organization called Lunfa?”
(Putttty: Great, take about all your evil plans in front of the target himself, have you forgotten Feng is just standing there!?!?)

“Yeah, I’ve heard of it, it’s a…yeah a black underground organization.” (Dafei)

“They specialize in buying kids with high potential, hey hey, with a large sum too, plus they also sell high grade Training books.” (Man)

“What if the the kid return after mastering many things? Won’t we be in trouble?” He instantly understood what his uncle was hinting at, which was to catch and sell XinFeng, he was not opposed but he is worried that after XinFeng improves and escapes, the 2 of them would be in deep trouble.

“That is a Black organization, those that go in won’t come out, or not who would dare to sell talented children to them?” (Man)

After finishing their conversation, they directly disregarded the hundred plus me of Tiger Cliff Castle.

That man stood out “Kiddo, I’ll give you a choice, that is to follow me quietly and I’ll let the people of Tiger Cliff Castle go or will you let me kill all of the men and catch you, choose! With your small Lun master’s level, how can you compare to a Thousand Lun master.”

Everyone of Tiger Cliff castle was furious, XinFeng laughed coldly “Such big talk, who are you?”

Lightning strikes the sky, Kacha! Heavy rain pours down.

This rain was very back, pipipapa the droplets fall onto the men faces, leaving slight pain, the skies roar whilst lightning strikes.

“It seems you have chosen the second choice, also a good one, so many hunters of out Lead eagle died, killing these hunters here would count as a retribution!” (Man)

“Uncle Ke! Hand me a short spear!” (XinFeng)

DaShan walked over and handed over his last spear, speaking softly “Feng escape when you fine the chance!” Dashan is not stupid, he had already sensed the danger of this situation.

“While I attack, uncle Ke, you run! Go home and tell my grandfather, remember this is very important.” Xinfeng’s reason for asking for Dashan’s short spear was to convey this message.

The man smiled coldly, not stopping XinFeng from getting that weapon, turning his head to Dafei, he shouted “I’ll grab the kid, you take care of the hunters from Tiger Cliff Castle, remember don’t leave a single one alive, kill them all!”

DaShan hesitated, XinFeng promptly said softly “Uncle Ke, you must listen to me!” His eyes showed a bit of pleading.

“Okay! I’ll promise you!” (DaShan)

DaShan was not a foolish person, he is very intelligent, from the conversation of Dafei and the man , he understood that the situation is dire, he knew, the enemy did not want to kill XinFeng. He had a guess, since Feng is so powerful, then his grandfather should not be too ordinary either, maybe Feng’s grandfather was a master?

That man said “Kid, don’t try to run! You can’t!” Surveying the hunter group of Tiger Cliff Castle, he suddenly shouted “Dafei! Do it!” While he himself had already jumped toward XinFeng.

XinFeng isn’t weak, and also, pounced toward the man waving his short spear, infusing Lei Lunli into the spear in a flash, this time he had used his full power, instantly the short spear gave off uncountable sparks, creating a electrical current in the tip of the spear.

That man shouted “Good!” His body gave off dancing gold light, in the dark rain, it seemed very abnormal, these golden lights is known as the king of earth, Jin Lun, with the most infuriating defense power.

XinFeng had only reached 50 luns, and can only be recognized as a small Lun master, Dafei passed the 100 Lun mark, titled hundred Lun master while this man had a obvious golden aura, this proved that this man truly is a real thousand Lun master, much stronger than XinFeng.

That man used his hand to block the spear, unimaginable power transmitted onto XinFeng’s power, causing him to fly back, he could not even block a single attack, blood splurged out from his mouth while his spear flew away.

That man laughed loudly and pounced.


A strike of lightning shot XinFeng, who was currently in the air, that man was shocked to the point he stopped moving, the anger of the skies is something he cannot block, even a thousand Lun master would turn into burnt meat shot by thunderbolts.

XinFeng got shot silly, at this moment, a thunderbolt appears and strikes his body, he shouted in his heart “Motherfucker, adding frost to the snow, I’m doomed…eh? What?”

Lightning striking in his body, a great surge of power directly into his body, at that moment he felt as though he ate a great tonic, his whole body filled with great strength and he even felt like exploding from power.

After reacting ground for a few seconds, his Lei Lunli started to soar in a great speed.

Translator’s note

Translator : Puttty

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