God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 15: Internecine

Just reaching the ground for a moment, another strike of lightning appeared, that man retreated yet again, thunder bolts was just too scary. This gave XinFeng a chance to catch his breath, the Lei Lunli in his body surged as violent as waves, passing the hundred mark Lun in an instant and increasing even more. (*Puttty: ah, this was the crazy power ups a guy on SPCnet mentioned)

XinFeng felt as though he was a inflated balloon, the electricity pouring into his body, violently circling around his Lei Lunli, giving unlimited power to the growth of his Lei Lunli, he had a crazy feeling of catharsis.

That man found out in shock, XinFeng is actually unscathed, his appearance as if a nocturnal beast, with a large amount of sparks dancing around on his body, his eyes entirely sliver colored, giving of a sparking feeling.

Xinfeng’s injury had already healed while his Lei Lunli surged, he shouted “Again!” while he had already pounced.

That man laughed coldly “Looking for death!” The two of them smashed against each other, raising their fists.


XinFeng retreated, his body still surrounded by dancing sparks, his first time resulted in him being hit flying, now his strength increased a lot.

But that man wasn’t so lucky, countless sparks danced on the protective layer made of Jin Lun on his body, that man trembled for a few seconds, his Jin Lunli almost shattering.

Dafei also charged out, his opponents was hunters of Tiger Cliff Castle, the threat of a hundred Lun master is something normal human absolutely cannot handle, within a few seconds, about 70-80 hunters fell to the ground, the humans here, especially hunters, grew up surrounded by countless battles, everyone persevered without any fear of dying because they knew, no matter if it is a hunt or a battle, once they retreated, they would die quickly.

The hunters attacked wildly, even if they couldn’t kill him, they wanted to bring at least a chunk of flesh down, this concerned Dafei, a few hunters did not even think about their own life and crazily tried to hug him, scaring him until he broke out in cold sweat, even if he killed them, he would not act uncontrolled again.

Under Cangyu’s instructions, the situation stabilized for a moment, everyone understood,if XinFeng cannot withstand that man and Dafei, the hunters present would not be able to live, Cangyu’s heart burned desperately, there is almost 200 hunters here, each one was the essence of Tiger Cliff Castle, if all of them died at the hands of Lead Eagles, Tiger Cliff Castle will definitely not survive to see the next summer.

Everyone hoped for Xinfeng’s victory, even though they knew it is impossible.

DaShan arranged for Nanshan to return, he and Shi did not escape, but instead helped everyone to block Dafei.

Hundreds of experienced hunters wildly blocked, even if Dafei is a Hundred Lun master, he had no alternative but to wait for a moment to harm someone.

XinFeng and that man’s battle had also entered a heated state, that man could not understand how that kid could grow stronger as they battled, he had already lost at the first clash, how could he have known that after getting shocked twice by lightning, that kid’s body had almost reached a thousand Lun.

The two men fought barehanded, Xinfeng’s disheveled hair flowed, under the heavy rain, he was like a madman, the bodies of two of them gave off a sheen of light, one golden, one sliver, in the dark raining sky, conspicuously noticeable.

Every time he suffered an injury, Xinfeng’s Lei Lunli saved him, but during battle, XinFeng gradually fell into a disadvantage, being able to fight like this, not only did that man feel shocked but XinFeng was also rather satisfied, he was finding a chance to get shocked by lightning again, he believed that if he could, he would be able to reach the level of a thousand Lun master, at that time, that man would not be his match anymore, one must know that this is a thunderstorm, XinFeng’s most advantageous stage.

No wonder grandfather Baolei wanted XinFeng to practice in he rain, XinFeng did not expect that not only did his fear disappeared but his strength also increased, he had a thought in his heart, that is if he could survive this day, he would definitely practice in the rain, and his would increase quickly and he would not take long before he reached ten thousand Lun master, and Mi lun master not long after. (Puttty: I don’t think 密 is a number :/ it means secret so yeah…)

Following Lei Lunli sudden soaring increase, XinFeng already lost control of his wild feelings, he became more and more untrammeled, his moves, his fear of dying became more and more bold, each of their moves was a great injury to each other.

That man became more and more careful, he did not dare to fight like XinFeng, so during the fight, XinFeng again received a advantage.

Dafei harmed another 2 men, but what he noticed was every time he harmed the opponent, he would also receive a small injury, even though it was very very small, when accumulated, it felt that it was very much. He glanced timely at that man and shockingly found out that XinFeng actually suppressed his uncle, his heart trembled followed by the small delay of his movements, Cangyu noticed and ordered the hunters to continue attacking, causing harm to him.

That man gritted his teeth “Little bastard, didn’t expect him to be so difficult, motherfucker, I don’t believe I can’t kill you!” His leather armband suddenly fell off, and in an instant he grabbed Xinfeng’s arm, shouting “Come back here!”

Xinfeng’s balance went out and was pulled to that man’s side, seeing claw like hand reached for his neck, he also shouted “Whose afraid of you!”


His hand was viscously blocked the enemy’s incoming hand, their two hands buckled together, twisting he two of them together, a thought flashed past “This is a Lunqi!”
(Puttty: in case you forget, it’s a lun related weapon mentioned in one of the past chapter.)

That man’s Lunli was even deeper than Xinfeng’s, this kind of struggle is a disadvantage to XinFeng, that man laughed “Kid, I don’t believe you can block my Lunli!” He urged the fine change on his wrist, coiling XinFeng’s waist in an instant, and extended his leg towards it.

The two men tied together, that man’s rough breathing sprayed onto Xinfeng’s face, their faces distorted, the two of them stood quietly, their eyes stared at each other.
(*Puttty: *blushes*)

XinFeng suddenly laughed, scaring that man, this kind was change is too much, a distorted face suddenly showing a smile, how scary was that?

Pui! (*Puttty: the cliche spitting noise if you couldn’t tell)

XinFeng did not spit saliva but instead spitted a thunder needle.

That man stared wide eyed at Xinfeng’s mouth, he clearly saw a small sliver glow appear from XinFeng’s mouth, in that instant, his heart stopped thumping, a giant wave of threat appeared in his heart, this kind of feeling was something only found in a Lunli practicer, a thought flashed in his mind ‘Motherfucker! It’s a Lunqi!’ He desperately tried to turn his head, but they were too close, if they were slightly more apart, he could have had a chance too dodge.

Lightning needle entered from that man’s left side of his face, as he was in too much of a hurry, XinFeng could not control it, so once the needle entered that man’s face it did not explode, but it was also lucky that it didn’t, or XinFeng himself could not escape anymore, this needle was a one use Lunqi, once it exploded, people within a 10 meter radius would not be able to live.

Even if it didn’t explode, lightning needle went through his face, leaving a hole the size of a egg, his tongue and teeth all smashed into pieces, the pain causing that man to faint.

XinFeng hurriedly escaped, the lightning needle exploded from a distance not far away, a sliver light appearing, the vegetation close to the needle instantly turned into ashes, the blood of the people around ran cold, especially Dafei, he is a man that knew many things, cursing “Lunqi! A single use Lunqi!” Seeing that state of his uncle, he could not bother to attack the people here anymore and started to run.

That man covered his mouth, blood spewed out as raindrops hit his face, his whole body covered in blood.

Dafei carrying that man, ran as fast as he could into the forest, the speed was so fast that the onlookers did not even have the time to react.

It was not that XinFeng did not want to chase them, but he was tied up by the fine chain, trying his best to breath, he was still afraid, not of the man, but to the explosive range of the Lightning needle, if it exploded on that man’s mouth, that man would definitely die, if he had not escaped in time, then the both of them would, he understood now, the lightning needle was really too dangerous.

Dafei and that man escaping made the hunters of Tiger Cliff castle cheer, XinFeng could actually scare off these two fierce man, Tiger Cliff Castle finally survived this predicament.

Cangyu lay almost paralyzed on the floor, after all he was so old, even though he did not fight but stood behind the hunters giving instructions, he had used up his strength, if he wasn’t a experienced old hunter, the casualties would be tens, Dafei’s true strength was absolutely above these normal humans,.

XinFeng was also exhausted, he purposely baited that man to come closer, he had so much fun while fighting until that man used his Lunqi then could he finally react and remember that he also had a Lunqi and waited for that man to slip up.

With his butt on the floor, XinFeng buried his head into his arms, thinking of what happened in the earlier battle.

The hunters seeing XinFeng sitting on the floor, all thought he had injured himself and surrounded, Cangyu resisting his fatigue squatted down and asked “Feng, what is it?”

Translator’s note

Translator : Puttty

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