God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 17: The Mystery of Thunderbolts

“Grandfather, you, why are you laughing?” this was Xinfeng’s first time seeing the old man laugh so happily.

The old man’s irrepressible joy continued to leak from his face “Feng, during this time, you stay at home and take care of your little sister, I’ll need to go out for a while.”

XinFeng was shocked “Grandfather, where are you going?” Ever since he came to this world, grandfather never left Tiger Cliff Castle once, now suddenly hearing that he would need to go out, he felt a bit of uneasiness. Even if he was already close to reaching thousand Lun master level, but the old man to him was his pillar of knowledge and support, something very important to XinFeng.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. Feng, before I come back, do not you leave Tiger Cliff Castle, with the steep terrain here, it would be easy to defend it if anything happens, I believe this will be much safer.” (Old man)

“But…grandfather, we just started to gather food, to survive winter, this amount is far from enough!” (Feng)

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll bring some back.” (Old man)

XinFeng calculated for a while, he hunted some bulls, the amount of meat was not small, with all of it picked and dried and adding in the bull hide and horns, it could be traded for many things. Additionally with the old man leaving, the mouths to feed would be lesser, they would be able to survive the winter if they were cautious “Okay, grandfather, if you could come back earlier I can have another opportunity to hunt.”

“I’ll be back soon, Feng take care of your sister, don’t worry about other things.” (Old man)

“Grandpa, me and brother will be obedient and wait for you.” (Xinyao)

XinFeng stood up, only feeling the pain from his whole body and smiled bitterly “The after effects isn’t light this time, fuck, my whole body hurts!”

“Go practice once and it’ll be better, there’s too many Leili accumulated in your body, transforming it and the turned Lunli will be better.” (Old man)
(Putty: Leili means lightning power, roughly the same as LeiLun but idk, I’m sorry *sits in corner* )

XinFeng nodded “Okay, Yaoyao you go auntie Qing’s house, bro will go to train.”

The little lady knew training was very important, she nodded sensibly “En, I’ll go find Xiang Xiang sis to play.”
(*Putty: the Xiang 香 means fragrant)

The old man packed his stuff and said “Feng, follow me I have some things to tell you.”

XinFeng nodded “Okay, actually I also have some questions too.”


Reaching the appointed training spot, the two of them sat down “You practice first, dispel the turned Leili in your body, hoho you should able to break through the thousand Lun bottleneck, reaching the thousand Lun master level.”

In an instant, on XinFeng’s body appeared uncountable sparks.

The old man took a step back, looking closely at the training XinFeng, pondering who knows what in his heart, the smile on his face growing bigger.

Xinfeng’s attempt at training this time brought a whole new feeling, Lei Lunli continued to rise rapidly and crazily, his lei Lunli already not only broke through a thousand luns to the thousand and eight hundred Lunli after not even an hour and then gradually started to slow down.

The old man waited for XinFeng to open his eyes “How is it?”

“Passed! It passed a thousand Lun!” (Feng)

The old man nodded and laughed “It’s not under my expectations, the next step will be to temper your Lei Lunli, turn them in to lei rings….” He started to explain.

XinFeng listened carefully, sometimes asking a question, the old man answered patiently, the mentioned Lei Lunli turned Lei rings is the ideal form of Lei lunli, reaching thousand lun master, the lei rings would then be able to protect the body.

“Also, that is the compression of lei Lunli, every Lei Lunli needs to be compressed, to do so you don’t need special training just only time, a lei Lunli would then become a Lei ring, the methods to do so is something you must remember, also this method is for the ears of our family only, be careful to not leak it to outsiders.” (Old man)

XinFeng nodded “En.”

The old man tried his best to impart the methods while XinFeng tried to commit it to memory, this kind of skills cannot be recorded, only to be remembered in the mind, especially skills exclusive to family members only, this was the one of a kind training skill for the Lei family.

XinFeng attempted to compress a Lei Lunli, after a few minutes, he successfully compressed Lei Lunli into a ring, if you said lei Lunli is a bundle of wire, then after compressing, this lei Lunli became a cable, only by changing it’s shape greatly increased his level of force, but as compressing Lei Lunli can be done anytime, XinFeng did not continue.

“These is only the basic tricks, after that these are the advanced, lei Lunli needs many methods to compress, until it finally reaches Lun YingLi, so course mentioning it now is a bit too soon, en, your focus this year should just be to compress Lei Lunli, rapidly increasing your Lei Lunli, this in only the foundation stage, the quality of the infrastructure will be instrumental to your future development, you must not be lazy.” (Old man)

The two of them conversed for a while, the old man said “Okay, we’ll end it here today, en, after today you must come here everyday to practice, I’ll be going.”

XinFeng accompanied the old man to the exit of Tiger Cliff Castle, the old man sat on the basket, after the old man descended to the lower part of the castle, XinFeng headed home.


Leibao walked out of the basket, waving his hand towards above, the basket slowly rising, he sighed, he had been in this small place for almost 40 years, he always thought he would die here but instead, he didn’t expect to have a chance to walk out someday.

Don’t be mistaken at his decrepit appearance, even if a few hunters attacked, it would be no problem to him, thinking back, he was a famous master, if he had not been injured, then he would not be in this small place, taking care of his grandchildren, preserving the bloodline.

Quickly, Leibao entered the forest.

Leibao’s destination was already decided, to find thunderstorms, he needs to be shot by lightning to stimulate himself, following his instinct, he walked towards north.

By following his own instincts, Leibao walked around the forest, after 2 days he finally found he perfect place, seeing the dark clouds in the skies, a smile appeared on his face, picking out a big ancient tree, he climbed it as if a monkey, and started to hack away at it, after a few minutes,the giant tree started to break.

Leibao brought 2 weapons with him, am axe and a steel spear, he used pushed the spear into the crack of the trunk, staring at the sky, he then placed the cracked branches down, tying himself onto the trunk, he silently waited for rain to fall.

Kacha! Hong long long…. (Puttty: first one is lightning second is rumbling.)

A flash of lightning appeared, accompanied by rumbling, even Leibao was a bit scared, he silently cursed, if this failed, his life would be forfeited.

This ancient tree was especially tall, even though Leibao chopped off tree top, it was still much taller than the rest, like a flag pole standing in the middle of the forest, adding in the long steel spear, this was the best lightning attracting device.


A far away ancient tree was lit on fire by a strike of lightning, the old man was very uncomfortable, softly mumbling “Fuck, the first strike has too much charge, I don’t know if I can handle that….fuck!”

Raindrops the size of beans fell, Leibao was soaked within seconds.

The old man grabbed his steel spear with his two hands, looking anxiously at the sky, the rain got heavier, the thunder rumbling continuously, a few thunderbolts tore through the sky, finally, a strike of lightning viciously hit the steel spear.


Instantly, the old man became a shining light.

Countless sparks went into his body, the old man could not see nothing, even if he closed his eyes the white light would still go into his eyes and inflict pain, this moment he started to operate the unfamiliar Leibao skill, this was the result of him combining many training skills together, to his own created skill.

In this moment, the old man knew that he had won this bet, he had yet again grasped another mystery of lightning.

The lei Lunli that had been left to wither for years like a dried up lake in the desert, had water suddenly poured in, his Lei Lunli instantly started to explosively rise.

This was different from XinFeng’s experience, a strike of lightning made the old man rose to Mi lun master level, the old man stood up, the rope that bound him instantly ripping, he shouted to the skies holding his steel spear “Come! Come! The more the better! Haha!”

Hong! Hong!

Many strikes of lightning continued to hit the steel spear till the steel bits on the spear started to fly off, the old man did not react to it but continued to tightly hold on to the spear, while his Lei Lunli increased, lei Lunli gradually turned into Lun YingLi, which was Lei Lunying.

After a whole day, the clouds scattered. The old man was till unsatisfied, if there was more thunderbolts, he could regain a quarter of his real strength, restoring a sixty percent would give him access to Yinli, which was the fore mentioned Lei Yin, then he would be the real top of the world master.

At that moment, a smile appeared on the old man’s face, to regain this amount of his real strength, he was already rather satisfied, he silently said to himself “After a few more times, I should be able to reach sixty percent, enough to bring Feng and Yaoyao out of this place.”

Taking out the steel spear, he then realized the originally as thick as a egg spear had thinned a whole layer, but it was still had its use, holding his spear, he started to fly, chasing the clouds.
(Puttty: 0.o fly? FLY?)


Upon returning home, XinFeng saw Cangyu and a few leaders of hunter teams, including DaShan, he asked “Patriarch, Uncle Ke, why are you all here?”

“I came here this time is to discuss something with you.” (Cangyu)

“My house is too small, let’s just stay in the courtyard.” Moving a few large stones, he said “Everyone please sit.”

Cangyu smiled bitterly “This time Tiger Cliff Castle suffered a big loss, if it wasn’t you who chased away the Lead Eagle’s men, we would have been doomed, I, representing the hunter of Tiger Cliff Castle, thank you.”

“Don’t be polite, I am a member of Tiger Cliff Castle, what I’ve done was what anyone would do.” He knew in his heart, the patriarch was here not only to say his thanks.

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Translator : Puttty

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