God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 4: Leilun Li (2)

“Haha, what kind of nonsense is this, these are especially exquisite, not mentioning the rare Leilun, the one I speak of are attributes , which is a property, those with an attribute are few, however, there are those with more than one.”

“What? More than one attribute?”

“That means you not only have a single attribute. For example, you have Huolun and Yinlun, that is 2 Attributes. Of course, that is already not bad. Once you have more than 4 Shuxing, you can still train, but the speed with be very, very slow, and it would be impossible to reach the level of Milun master.”
Feng understood, “So the lesser it is, the faster the speed of practising?”

“Yes, but you must remember, a person’s lifespan is limited, a normal person’s lifespan is about 50+, and very few are able to reach 60. If you cannot reach Milun master in a limited time, even if you reach it later, it’ll be pointless.”
“So…once you reach Milun level, you can live longer?”

“Of course, by practising Lunli, one can live to 70 and above, and once you reach Milun level, you can reach at least 90, hoho. And the 90 I speak of, they can still preserve their vitality”

“Grandfather, how old are you?” Feng suddenly thought of that question
The old man went silent, “Feng, do not worry, I will at least be able to live until you reach the Milun level. If it wasn’t for preserving my bloodline, I would not have fought on to this day, to live this long, and to me, this is enough. Even though I have lived for about 500 years, after receiving the injury, I don’t have many left, but, I am stronger than normal people, and I can wait until Feng grows into an adult.”

“If I can get through this, maybe my fate will be different,” even as he thought so, he knew that it was practically impossible, if he could do so, he would not be in this poor village.

Feng did not know that the old man was a few hundred years old, even though he told him, he did not truly believe it. That wasn’t human, that was demonic. “Okay, Grandfather, you have to wait for me to reach the Milun level,” he really hoped his grandfather could live long enough.

During their conversation, Feng had already finished the food. With a wipe of his mouth, he said, “Grandfather, please teach me how to train.”

“Follow me,” the old man headed outside.

The two men walked on the road and towards the castle, which took about half an hour. Upon reaching the castle, they continued their walk, “This is it, this place is secluded, so I believe no one will come. We will train here.”
Feng surveyed the surroundings.

This place was littered with boulders the height of a few people, no one would come here, not even children, “Okay, but how do I train?”

The old man sat down with his legs crossed, “Sit down in the same manner. I have to first tell you something, and I hope you will understand.” His serious look also caused Feng to have a solemn look on his face.

“Grandfather, I am listening.”

“Leilun is a rare type of Shuxing, and I will not lie, I also practice Leilun, I believe you had inherited it from me, thus why you had such an outstanding Shuxing.”

Seeing as pride appeared on the old man’s face, Feng nodded and listened carefully.

“Having Leilun, brings two big advantages. One, Leilun has a high offensive ability, the highest of all Lunli attributes. Two, the training speed is very fast. The best place to train, is where rain appears, where it could absorb the power of lighting in the sky, not only increasing your speed, but also increasing your breakthroughs at once.”

Feng was afraid, what if he was hit by lightning? What if he died? In his past world, death by lightning was not few in number.

“What if I get hit by it?”

“You will die!”

Feng then understood, when the lightning strikes, humans are not able to resist it, but he was still doubting it, in the past world, there were people who survived.

“Of course, there are Cons of the Pros,” the old man continued.

“The Cons of it would be…..once you practice Leilun, your personality will change as time passes, you will be more aggressive and become more wild.”
He was confused yet again, “But Grandfather, your temper is great. I’ve never seen you angry.” The old man was very good-natured, and had never even shouted at Feng before.

The old man laughed and shook his head, ever since he lost his power, his temper had changed. Before, he was constantly angry, and without even a single word of exchange, he would raise his fist.

“It’s a pity, since I cannot train anymore…..so….”

“I will control it,” Feng said firmly.

“It cannot be controlled, that is not Leilun, if it could, then it would not be Leilun anymore. If you want to level up faster, you need to follow your instinct, charge your way through, as you have no time to waste, you need to reach Milun level within the shortest amount of time.”

Feng knew nothing of Leilun, and so, he could only listen to what the old man said.

“I understand, do not control, just follow the instinct of Leilun.”

“Great, now, shall we start training?” After explaining to Feng how to train, lastly, he added, “As the stamp has gone into your body, I believe training is not hard, because the hardest challenge has been passed. I never thought you could actually accept the stamp into your body, hoho, your luck is not bad. Then now, start training!”

Feng pondered silently, he had never thought the stamp would be so sadistic, to let him sleep for 2 days.

According to the old man’s instruction, he started to train for the first time
The old man sat a few steps away, closely staring at Feng. This step was very important, especially as it was his first time training.

Within a few minutes, Feng started to give off a soft crackling sound. If one did not listen carefully, he would not hear it. The old man gave a grin, this proved the success of the first training.

Slowly, sparks of electricity appeared on his body, especially his arms and legs, and most of it on his head. The crackling noise increased, as the sparks jumped out, a ball of electricity formed above his head, with sparks entering it non-stop.

The old man understood, Feng’s first Leilun was about to be formed. Once it entered his body, he would feel its power.

At first, the sparks were unstable, shaking along with time, slowly entering the ball of Leilun, becoming rounder, thousands of sparks danced for about 10 minutes as it grew. And suddenly, that ball of Leilun gave off a bright light and disappeared into Feng’s body within a second.

The old man clenched his fist, silently celebrating, the first Lihuai had been easily conceived. When he first had his own, it took a whole day in the rain, barely passing. Feng, who had absorbed the stamp itself, was someone more powerful.

The second Lihuai only took 5 minutes.

Feng had made a total of ten. “Good, continue and follow my instructions……let the power continue to increase until you can take no more.”

The voice of the old man was shaky, he was about to jump in joy. Feng had already gotten 10 Lihuai. What was this? When he had gotten his first Lihuai, he was titled a genius. He took 30 days to obtain 10 Lihuais, which was already shocking. But his grandson, took only 4 hours, that was too ****ing scary.

“There’s hope! I never thought I’ll have such a gifted grandchild! Haha! Haha!”

The old man celebrated, silently laughing in joy.

Feng did not know what the old man was doing, nor did he know that his grandfather was about to die of joy, as he could only continue to train. However, with the stamp at his side, he need not spend too much time.
Normally, no one could tell from the outside a person’s power. Only when one had reached the power of thousands of Lihuais, could they tell externally, but Feng had only trained 10 Lihuais, and was already able to be recognized externally.

The old man could see the layers of the Leilun around him, giving off light and electricity non-stop.

After another hour, Feng could now control it. Following the old man’s instructions, he started collecting the Leilun power, storing it. The most was at the chest area, followed by the arms and legs, and lastly at the head, as it could only receive a bit.

After dividing up the power, Feng had a new discovery “The **** is this?”


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