God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 6: Burst Lightning Needle (2)

Feng could not control himself, “Good! This is awesome!”

After practicing Lunli, he had definitely changed. His strength and sturdiness had both increased dramatically.

Xinyao clapped, “Wah! So awesome, I’ll go get the arrows.” She ran into the room and retrieved a quiver which contained 10 arrows, this was also the creation of the old man.

The tip was made of pure steel as long as a finger, and which weighed about half a kilogram each, and was specially made to be used only for the black bow.

With the quiver and bag on his back, and the bow in his hands, he headed towards the cliff, as uncle Ke and his 2 friends were waiting there.

Everyone had to gather enough food before winter came, and in a family, there was normally 1-2 hunters, but there were also families that only relied on growing cassava and rice in large amounts during the summer, and traded some for meat in the winter.

DaShan, who saw Feng heading his way, smiled, “Feng, how do you feel? Scared?”

An old hunter always loved to tease a new hunter on his first hunt.

XinFeng laughed, “Uncle Ke, uncle Nanshan, uncle Shi, I’m not afraid haha, we’ll be together today onwards.”

This three men, Ke DaShan, Ke Nanshan, Ke Shi, had practically watched Feng grow up, and were on extremely good terms with him!

DaShan patted Feng’s back, “Let’s go, this time we are not heading out too far, just somewhere near the castle.”

The men walked to the stone fort and sat within the basket, accompanied by the cranking of the wheels as they headed downwards.

This was the first time Feng had gone outside the castle, not that he did not want to, but underaged children were not allowed to, with beasts and barbarians lurking about in the forest, doing so was just asking for death. Every year, there would always be deaths during hunting, which resulted in the cautiousness of every team. Only powerful hunters would dare to hunt far away from the castle.

With the addition of Feng to their group, DaShan decided on somewhere near to first gauge his ability, for future reference when picking a hunting spot. As the newbie, Feng had no say in the team, so he could only comply.

But even so, he had learned many things while living in the castle for 3 years. He was not a ‘child’, he knew more than the people here, he had his own mind and his own opinion of this world.

On Dashan’s back was 4 short spears, and a machete the length of 2 feet, which was used to open the way.

Nanshan was a strong man, he held a spear made of pure steel, and carried a bow and quiver on his back.

Shi held a leather shield that had decent defense, and a 3-edged spear about 2 and a half feet tall. (Putty: ugh typing this message yet again, here it goes. Google gave methis while the literal TL is triangular knife, but the length is too long so, I’ll stick with this, if I find something better I’ll update. Sorry)

Feng, as a pure bow user, focused on ranged attacks. The jobs were divided clearly.

DaShan walked in front, opening the way, with Shi following closely behind, blocking any attacks from the beasts, while Nanshan held on to his spear, walking behind with Feng.

Feng carried a black bow, other than 10 special arrows, he also had 10 normal ones that could deal with a normal beast, but not a powerful one.

The four men traveled into the forest… …Feng felt dazzled immediately upon entering the forest.

There were animals almost everywhere, after practicing Lunli, his senses and power had all increased, causing him to feel dizzy, as he had not fully gotten used to the feeling.

Every hunter had to choose their own hunting spot. DaShan chose a pond, animals all had to drink, so the pond was a good place to hunt, but of course, this was also extremely dangerous, who knew what kind of beast would appear?

Some cannot be handled by normal people.

This was one of the best hunting spots among those that were closer to the castle.

The pond was kidney-shaped, with the size of about one square kilometer, with a shoal and an entrance to the deeper parts of the forest, coming close to the pond, Feng felt great discomfort, this was obviously a dangerous place.

Upon reaching, DaShan signalled for everyone to stop moving and spoke in a small voice, “Nanshan, Shi, Feng, be careful! I’ll climb the tree.” Finishing his words, he hugged the tree and slowly made his way up.

Feng’s hand was on his special arrow, the surroundings were covered by branches and leaves, not allowing them to look too far away, but Feng could use his ability to feel the surroundings, nothing could escape his sensitive senses.

Sho placed the shield in front of him, and tightly grabbed onto his 3-edged spear, trying his best to hear any movement. The three men came together in a triangular formation, looking only in front, waiting for the news from DaShan.

DaShan silently climbed down the tree and silently spoke again, “Come with me!”

The four men quickly reached a giant tree. Feng raised his head and could not help but call out in surprise, “There’s a tree house here?”

DaShan nodded, “This is a hidden point, let’s go up and rest, we will hunt in the evening.” Finishing his talk, he immediately climbed up.

With the bow on his back, Feng climbed up.

This treehouse was about 20 meters from the ground, even though it was simple and crude, it was still shelter.

There was even a platform that gave a clear view of the pond.

Feng immediately spotted a large herd of bulls, “Bulls!”

Nanshan laughed, “Don’t think about it, even the barbarians won’t dare to anger such a large herd, once they go mad, hoho, if you don’t get out of their way, you will definitely die.”

Feng eyed the bulls hungrily, a single bull could be a great reward on this trip. Feng could not help but to feel eager.

Surprisingly, Shi, a man of few words, spoke, “Stop daydreaming!”

Feng smiled bitterly, “Do you all not want to kill a bull?”

DaShan explained, “It is impossible, to kill a bull, you need at least 15-30 men and a prepared trap, and the most important thing is to have someone to be the bait, it is too dangerous.”

Nanshan also added, “Also the skin is too tough, it can’t be pierced by a normal weapon. Not only that, but it does not have many weak points, and those that can be reached are even lesser.”

“Maybe we can jump from the trees?”

DaShan patiently explained to Feng, “Even if you aimed at the weak spot, without a certain amount of strength, you still cannot pierce its hide….”

Nanshan said “Even if you can pierce it, it doesn’t mean it will definitely die. Before you get a second strike in, it would have already escaped from your attack range. Feng, you have not been think about killing one, have you? Haha, it’s good to have courage, but you must know your own limit too.”

The 3 men all thought Feng was being overconfident.

XinFeng stopped making excuses and silently watched as the herd of bulls quenched their thirst.

DaShan called out, “Feng, eat something and rest, we are hunting in the evening. Without enough mental and physical health, it will be dangerous.”

XinFeng went into the treehouse and ate the dried meat he brought. DaShan laid on the floor with his eyes closed, while Nanshan and Shi both leaned on a wooden pole with their eyes closed. Only Feng returned to the platform and continued to watch the bulls.

He still would not give up and hoped to kill a bull. He had great confidence in his Lunli, if he could find a chance, he would act without any hesitation.

At this moment, the herd started moving away, Feng looked back in the tree house and only felt regret, he knew he would not have a chance to attack. Sighing, he took off the bow which hung on his back, and placed it next to himself, “I can only wait until evening now.”

Suddenly, a small herd of bulls actually appeared, walking in his direction, and he immediately ran back to the tree house, “There’s a small herd! Wake up! There’s a small herd!”

DaShan, who did not bother to even open his eyes, answered lazily, “Nothing to be surprised about, a small herd also has at least about 10 bulls, you can’t handle it.”

“How would you know without trying? I’ll handle it!”

Nanshan could not hold back his laughter, “Haha, you buggers are all rash these days, okay, let’s see how Feng hunts.”

The 3 of them headed to the platform in smiles, excited to see how a stubborn child would handle reality.

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Proofreader : Midori


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