God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 9: The furore of Tiger Cliff Castle

After practicing Lunli you have to kill people? Feng did not understand.

“Lei Lunli brings irritation, killing counts somewhat as a catalyst. A person that practices Lunli will have many enemies, well, there’s other ways to relieve your urges, any is fine, this is one of the loopholes of Lei Lunli.” (Grandpa)

Feng had managed to practiced to about forty plus Leiluns, which is why Lei Lunli’s influence on him is not that great, but once he reached the hundred Lun, more of its properties would appear.

“Killing someone before reaching the hundredth Lun, hoho, it would be great help in controlling Lei Lunli.” (Grandfather)

Lei XinFeng could not understand. If he did not go to the wild, he would not have killed, but this was under Tiger Cliff Castle influence, he had seen far too many hunters die at the hands of the Lead Eagle hunters, Auntie Qing, the one who had gave them the bull hide, one of her sons was also killed by the lead eagles, so he did not feel guilt of any conflicting emotions.

Even though he did not understand, he accepted it, in this world, it had no ethical standards.

“Grandfather, this time i managed to hunt 2 bulls, but unfortunately we ran into some hunters of Lead eagles and left most of it in the tree house, however I did brought a whole hide, the horn and some. They were very considerate to me and gave us most of the loot.” (Feng)

“As long as it’s enough, your task now isn’t about the amount of loot, but to use your time to practice more, after you reach the hundredth Lun, even if it is winter, you can still hunt.” (Grandpa)

Feng was shocked “Hunting in the winter? I’ll die freezing!”

“You are already not a normal person anymore, after practicing Lunli, you are already stronger than normal people, don’t use your previous concepts to gauge your ability!” (Grandpa)

“Yes, I have not gotten used to it yet.” (Feng)

The old man laughed loudly “Take your time, remember to use your time wisely for training.”

Xinyao came into the house holding a small basket filled with wild vegetation. Every year, she would go out to pick many wild vegetation, and other than eating it directly, she would dry it out and keep for winter. Seeing that much baskets at the doorstep, she knew her brother was home, she immediately ran into his embrace “Brother!”.

XinFeng smiled as he caught her “You went out to pick more vegetables? We don’t need that much this year, I’ll bring back lots of meat.”

“I like eating vegetables.” She came out of Xinfeng’s embrace and added “I’ll go organize it and hang it out to dry!” The Actinodaphne cupularis was a berry similar to the hawthorn, which could be preserved for a long time after tanning. Cooking it with meat will cause it to be very tender and fresh, a popular condiment that almost all young ladies will go out and pick for winter. (*Putty: the fruit. http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=2&taxon_id=200008621 though the Chinese name in the link and the raw is slightly different, this is just a base imagination of its shape and may not be true) (puttty: also the name is so loooong *^*||| I will shorten it but using the pinyin okay? The Chinese characters used are fine, which is like very thin and red)

Xinyao worked very fast, hanging strings of Sihong out to dry and returned to also do the same for the meat Feng brought back.

Looking at the little girl as busy as a bee, XinFeng sighed, a 6 year old girl is already taking care of a home. Thankfully, the people of this world had great strength to this 6 year old girl, 30kg was like a toy to her.

Reaching home for not even an hour, DaShan and the other two appeared on his doorstep.

“Is there a problem Uncle Ke?” (XinFeng)

DaShan could not help but laugh “You really went home and relaxed? We’re going back, there’s still so many pieces of meat, it’ll be a waste not to get it back.”

“Isn’t there the danger of the Lead Eagles?” (Feng)

“We still need to prepare for food in winter even if they are there, if not…then how?” (Nanshan)

“Feng, just go me and Yaoyao will be here, don’t worry.” Said the old man, he knew, once it reached winter, food would be the biggest headache. In the past, he relied on the kids to find food, eating what they could find, however, he dare not go out and hunt as if his condition suddenly worsened, who would take care if the kids?

Feng said “Okay.” And the four men carried the baskets on their backs as they headed outside.

Yaoyao was a bit reluctant but she knew Feng was doing it for them, she obediently waved and DaShan sighed “The damsel in our house isn’t as good as Yaoyao, she only knows how to eat and laze around.”

“With you as the hardworking daddy, of course your little damsel would be bathed in luxury.” (Nanshan)


When the four men reached the treehouse, it was already late evening, they had ran all the way here as it was dangerous to be out in the dark.

The few traps Nanshan laid had been broken, a few beasts had tried to enter to obtains the meat but to only suffer. Luckily, none if the meat had been eaten if they came back the next day, they would not be so lucky.

“Nanshan, Shi go and set new traps, Feng you keep watch.” (DaShan)

Feng nodded “I’ll climb higher.”

“If you see danger, whistle.” (DaShan)

XinFeng reached the branch he had practiced on last night in no time and after confirming that there was no danger, he started to practice with the goal of reaching the hundred luns sooner as the old man had explained that the ability to hunt in the winter came with the hundredth Lun.

A night of peace.

Daybreak of the second day, while DaShan and the others were packing, another hunter team appeared, belonging to tiger castle, a total of 7 men. They had arrived into the treehouse with the instruction of DaShan and within moments, the small house had been filled with people. Compared to Dashan’s team, they were clearly inferior in luck and power with their small loot of chickens,rabbits and other small animals.

Chickens, rabbits were not considered a meal in the eyes of the people of this world, a normal human could easily finish 3-4 chickens and it would still not be enough. Teams that could hunt large animals are then, counted as a hunter team.

Seeing the large amounts of bull meat hanging in the house, the 7 of them felt dumbfounded and also a slight jealousy, the man called Hu Danui said “Dear heavens, you actually hunted a bull! DaShan, how…how did you accomplish that?”

DaShan laughed “Old Hu, it’s not one, but two!”

Even though Danui was suspicious, the amount of meat spoke for itself “Haha, Dashan, you kill them your selfs? What joke is this…..this should not have been possible for a few people…..right, where is the hide and the horns?”

“We’ve already went back once.” Nanshan said, silently celebrating in his hearts, luckily they had returned or this would be free for them to grab.

Hu Xiaohu was Hu Danui’s sworn brother, in Danui’s whole team, he was the strongest and was up to par with Nanshan, he asked “How did you manage to kill them?” He did not believe them and was very jealous, his eyes red with anger. With winter coming, without sufficient meat, they would have to starve, and not one wanted to. (Puttty: WINTER IS COMING THUN DUN DUUUUN)

Danui’s mouth twitched but did not stop him,if DaShan could obtain such rewards, why not learn how they can also do so.

“Hoho, this….Xiaohu, we’ve done what we could.” (DaShan)

In Danui’s team was a middle aged man with white hair and a big mustache, nicknamed Hu Baito, noticing the bad atmosphere, he laughed “Feng! You came out to hunt now too? Hoho, time flies.”
(Puttty: okay Bai means white and Tou is head so white head! Ahaha! Ugh, fail, I’ll keep it as Baito cause it sounds nicer.)

XinFeng hurriedly answered “Uncle Baito you’re in this team?” Baito was always there to help him in dire times and so, he was shocked that he did not know that of his friend.

“Did I not tell you? That if you want to join a team you can come to find me, I see you’ve joined Dashan’s team.” (Baito)

“Uncle Baito, I did not want to make things difficult for you.” Feng knew that in his team Baito’s words are not the greatest, but it needed all of the member’s consent which would result in many complications.

A population of thousands, Feng knew only about a hundred whom he still had no idea who was in which team.

Xinfeng always felt gratified to people that helped him, pulling Baito to the side, he softly asked “Uncle Baito, how long were you out here?”

Baito sighed and replied in a soft voice “A whole journey of unluckiness, avoiding the strong ones and rarely meeting the small ones, we’ve been out for 3 days and this few loot, if we cannot kill a strong beasts this trip would be a waste.”

Feng hesitated, he of course knew what Baito was hinting at, after all he was not really just 16, this mind far complicated than these hunters, whom had little contact with the outside world and had simple customs .

“Uncle Baito, I was the one that killed those 2 bulls.” (Feng)

“What! You killed them?!” (Baito)

Translator’s note

Okay okay, I believe an explanation is due.
Lunli = some sort of power, can be used like : I OBTAINED LUNLI *achievement music*
(Element, lei etc)Lun = it’s like levels! mastery you know, I OBTAINED 20 Luns *achievement music*
(someone) it’s normally used when it is only he/she said but when it’s like He clenched his fist “blablabla” it’ll be like that. I’m blabbering, well, enjoy reading ;-;

I’ll explain as it goes though, hope you sorta found this useful, though I don’t think it is XD

Translator : Puttty

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