God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 1: Hunt of the Barbarians

Single lightning attribute Lunli!

Waves of shock surged through the old man’s heart. Those that have single attributes were already very few: only a single one will appear for every thousand people. But the most surprising part was that this person had the extremely rare lightning attribute.

“Where is he?”

At this moment, the old man felt motivation. If he could handle this matter well, maybe he would be moved back to Hongtong.

Yingyu answered with garbled words, only to be interrupted by the annoyed old man, “You, shut up, you, speak!”

Dafei answered hurriedly, “Yes, yes, he lives in Tiger Cliff Castle.”

The old man said, “What is his name? Are you sure that he is only about 16-17? Oh right, his current standard….en, being able to harm Yingyu, it wouldn’t be low, probably a Thousand Lun Master….” The old man was quite knowledgeable of people with single attributes, those that start practicing would quickly rise in rank.

Dafei thought back to the incident for a while.

“I think it’s….it’s something Feng, oh right, Lei XinFeng. Eh, strange, his surname is actually Lei!”

“What do you mean?”

Dafei explained, “The people in Tiger Cliff castle have Hu and Ke as their surnames, so Lei XinFeng is most likely an outsider. He is definitely not over the age of 18. Also, there is something I have been curious about. At first, when he fought with me, we were about equally matched.”

“Bullshit! You are only a Hundred Lun Master, Yingyu can take on 10 of you! How would he fall at XinFeng’s hands?”

“When….when he fought with Uncle, Uncle wounded him with a single attack, but at that time there was a thunderstorm…….and XinFeng was struck by lightning. After that he was able to continue fighting, and it looked as though his strength was rising explosively.” (Dafei)

“Even if his strength increased rapidly, it doesn’t mean he could immediately grasp how to use it.”

“Uncle never really lost, he was taken by surprise…..by a Single-Use Lunqi.”

The old man felt shocked “A Single-Use Lunqi?”

Dafei nodded. “Yeah, a very powerful Single-Use Lunqi that, when activated, would annihilate everything around it. Luckily that kid hadn’t mastered how to use it, or Uncle would have died together with him.”

The old man furrowed his brows and contemplated for a while. “Lei XinFeng……there should be someone backing him. Well, being able to make a Single-Use Lunqi, the threat shouldn’t be small……..no, I must find someone to help.”

At this moment, the old man understood that this was probably an expert’s disciple. A Single-Use Lunqi is not something anyone could refine. It was much harder to refine than a normal Lunqi. Actually, Single-Use Lunqi are rarely used by Single Attribute Masters but are actually more often used by trash Lun Masters, because trash Lun Masters only need to produce Lunli to stimulate a Single-Use Lunqi.

(Puttty: in case you couldn’t tell, he’s insulting some Lunli’s cause they suck @[email protected])

However, to the old man, a single lightning attribute youngster was a very big temptation.

Dafei said, filled with hope, “Sir, we will burn down Tiger Cliff Castle! Get revenge for my Uncle!”

With eyes full of hatred, Yingyu nodded silently.

“Burn what down? If that Lei XinFeng were to join Hongtong, he could invite masters from Hongtong to visit.”

Both Yingyu’s and Dafei’s eyes widened, filling with disbelief, a disappointed look in their eyes flowing out.

“Both of you stay here. Don’t go anywhere, especially Tiger Cliff Castle. If you do, don’t blame me if I do anything to you!”

Yingyu made a few garbled noise, saliva escaping from the two sides of his mouth. He was angry, but he did not know how to resist. He knew best his teacher’s temper, and if he infuriated him, he knew what his teacher would do.

“Don’t be too mad. If he joins Hongtong, your rewards will not be few. As for your wound, I will find someone to treat it.”

Dafei still did not want to give up. “Sir, if Lei XinFeng refuses to join Hongtong…”

The old man laughed coldly. “Impossible! I will find experts to help.” He knew clearly that if XinFeng refused to join, Hongtong would definitely destroy this young man. If a single lightning attribute cannot be used by Hongtong, then if he continues to mature it would be a threat to Hongtong. This was already a good reason to kill him.


XinFeng continued to refine and familiarize himself with his Lunli armor. He also obtained a piece of an ingredient used to make a Lunqi, given to him by Grandfather. Of course, he couldn’t just find materials for Lunqi.

It was a piece of metal about a dozen jin. He didn’t know what kind of metal it was. It wasn’t steel, gold, or copper. Its color was also weird.

It was a black color with sliver lines mixed in. It was as long as an arm, and it also had a weird name, Lei Shi Jin. The old man explained that this was not naturally formed but was a result of mixing 10 different substances. It was capable of containing Lunli and could change forms by using Lei Lunli.

(*Puttty: I left the thing in pinyin cause the direct translation is lightning release gold @[email protected])

As for XinFeng’s current standard, he was unable to use such a big piece of Lei Shi Jin.  He played around with it using Lei Lunli. This thing’s property was very unique : it was as soft as mud– any shape was possible for it– but, once it took a form, it would need a large amount of Lei Lunli to set it in that shape.

After a few torturous days, XinFeng finally learned  both the basics, and also that he didn’t have enough power to use such a big piece of Lei Shi Jin. So he cut a small piece as big as a thumb.

After a day’s worth of practice, XinFeng could just barely create a ring. As to why he chose it, it was because a ring was the simplest one to make. Through this ring he could fire an electrical current about 5 meters long. He knew clearly that Lei Lunli was not the explanation of electricity in his old world. He tried his best to understand Lei Lunli.

His knowledge from the past world was a rather big hurdle when learning about Lei Lunli.

Luckily, there was the Star Python record to help him understand Lei Lunli.

After creating a ring, XinFeng went to visit the patriarch, Cangyu, to arrange another hunt. This time, Cangyu organized a larger number of people, including a hundred plus young men and woman. The total number came to about 400 people.

This time they did not go to the pond, but went to a place where bulls gathered, about half of a day away from Tiger Cliff Castle. They did not dare to wander too far.

The place where the bulls gather is a grassland about a dozen km without a single tree, as a bull’s specialty is to ram into things once shocked, which resulted in this piece of flat grassland. At this place, not even larger beasts would dare to try to hunt bulls, as even at this small, dozen kilometer place, a few thousand bulls had gathered.

Beasts only dare to hunt nearby, definitely not in the grass plain, as once the bulls receive a shock, a thousand bulls madly charging forward is more than enough to stomp any beast into the mud.

Even the barbarians would not dare to enter. They would at most stay at the edge of the grassland, and, with trees surrounding them, dare to kill the bulls.

This time, XinFeng decided on the grassland to hunt (of course, not in the middle of the grassland, but, similar to the barbarians, at the side). This place would be much more rewarding than the place next to the pond.

The people of Tiger Cliff Castle stayed in the forest and found a place where trees are closely packed together, as only these kinds of places can prevent the charge of a giant herd of bulls. XinFeng brought about 10 hunters, including DaShan, and stayed at the edge of the grassland.

Being the main hunter, XinFeng had the authority to command all the hunters, he said, “We need to find a few big trees, en, trees that cannot be bulldozed to the ground.”

A hunter answered, “I know a place with giant trees.”

They quickly reached a few giant trees which couldn’t be fully hugged by 4-5 people, XinFeng pondered for a while and said, “I still need a few helpers. Uncle Ke, go and get a few people here.”

“Okay, how many do you want?”

XinFeng calculated for a while, “I want a hundred.”

DaShan was shocked. “So many? Okay, I’ll listen to you. I’ll go call them.” He turned and left into the forest.

After a while, a few hundred hunters came along with Cangyu. This hunt was very important. He couldn’t patiently wait at Tiger Cliff Castle, so he decided to help out this team as XinFeng was truly too young. He was afraid that these hunters would provoke and anger this youngster.

“Feng, we will listen to your commands.”

XinFeng nodded. “I need you all to dig a pit.”

Everyone was shocked, a hunter could not help but say, “You want to dig a trap? This….we had already tested this kind of trap…it’s useless.”

XinFeng shook his head. “I haven’t decided to dig a trap, I want to dig a…” He requested a short spear from DaShan and speedily dug a hole with a foot long diameter, and about two foot deep. “I want to dig this kind of pit!”

The hunters didn’t understand. Cangyu shouted, ” Listen to XinFeng, he is the main hunter, he gets what he wants!”

XinFeng did not bother to explain, but continued, “Have a pit every time you reach this distance.” According to his layout, there would be a pit every meter with the shape of a plum. No one spoke, but followed XinFeng’s orders and started to dig. To the hunters, digging this kind of pits was too easy. After less than a hour, the ground was filled with a few hundred pits.

“Cover the holes with sticks and leaves.”

Mahang trap:

This was a method to deal with charging horses from XinFeng’s past world. He thought that it should be useful for this world’s bulls, because even though they are stronger and had bigger hoofs, their weak points should be the same. With such a big body, no matter how strong their legs are, they should not be able to resist this kind of trap.

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