God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 10: Offensive and Defensive (2)

Wen Yan said, “They cannot understand master’s power.” Not understanding meant that they would not be afraid.

Hong Chen’s face was better. It was perfectly normal for residences of this kind of small mountain village to not know of him. If he had not heard about a person with single lightning Lunli attribute living here, he would not have come. Whether he destroyed or kept Tiger Cliff Castle was not important. What was important was Xin Feng.

As he returned Da Fei said, “Elder, they do not agree.”

Hong Chen said, “Move to the side! Chiya, bring the wipeout team and attack!”

Chiya nodded. “En, it is better to attack openly.” He believed that with two Milun Masters, one real Milun Master, and a Thousand Lun Master attacking this small Tiger Cliff Castle, it should be an easy task.

Hong Chen said, “I’ll help you!” Turning his head he continued, “Give me a few dozen steel spears!”

They immediately collected about 60-70 steel spears from the hands of hunters from Lead Eagles. A whole stack was placed in front of Hong Chen. No one knew what he was going to do to help. Perhaps he was planning to chuck the spears at the people on the cliff top? That was too hard to accomplish. When looking at the people on the top, their silhouettes appeared smaller than ants. Their heads looked tiny.

Hong Chen did not explain but taking up a spear, he asked, “Chiya, what route did you use?”

Chiya answered, “It was that one. The other places are harder to climb.”

Hong Chen nodded. He suddenly raised his arm and threw the spear.

Once it was thrown, the spear gave off a sharp, air-splitting sound.


That spear had nailed into the cliff. As Hong Chen continuously threw the spears, the sounds of ‘Ding’ resounded non-stop, a long line of spears forming a staircase. Chiya cheered. “Good method, master!”

The heads of the people on the cliff peeped over, the sight scaring them. Cang Yu said loudly, “There’s nothing to be afraid of. With a huge boulder thrown down, the staircase will be gone! Gather all the stones and aim carefully!”

The more people, the more strength. Moreover, the strength of the hunters was great, so a few hundred Jins of stone was nothing. Thousands of jins required only two people to move. They quickly assembled a pile of about a dozen stones and logs as long as 2 feet with a diameter of 1 meter.

Beneath the dozen cauldrons were flames boiling the water in them.

Chiya shouted, “Follow me!” In one hand was a huge shield, while his other hand was empty so that he could climb. Following the spears nailed to the wall, he speedily climbed with ten Thousand Lun Masters behind him.

(PR: that should mean ten individual Thousand Lun Masters, not just assorted Ten Thousand Lun Masters)

Hong Chen said, “You two follow up too!”

Neither Ying Yu nor Da Fei dared to refuse and with a glancing to each other, reluctantly nodded and ran towards Chiya. There were a total of 13 people climbing towards the top of the cliff.

Cang Yu said, “Everyone, keep silent and wait for my signal. Don’t move!”

The spears had only reached three-quarters up the cliff, as Hong Chen could not throw any higher. The cliff was far too high. Hitting a person was possible, but nailing the spears into the stone walls was a bit too hard.

With the assistance of the spears, Chiya’s climbing speed was very fast. He quickly reached the first difficulty he had met earlier. There were a total of three spears there, letting him easily climb though, the rest of the people following closely behind. Now through the shield, Chiya could already see silhouettes of the people on the cliff top moving about. He felt great joy in his heart knowing that success was immanent, and he shouted, “Follow me and prepare for battle!”


Cang Yu was shocked, and softly said, “How are they so fast?” and quickly ordered the hunters to let go of the stones.

A few hunters pushed the stones on the logs, causing a row of stones to fall from the cliff.

With a shout, a bright glow appeared from Chiya’s body while his giant shield protected him. Clanging sounds resounded as Chiya’s body trembled. His strength was enough to block the stones, but the spear beneath his foot was not. With a “kacha” sound, the spear nailed into the stone wall snapped.

A boulder reaching about a thousand jin smashed against the shield. The amount of force at that moment caused the spear at his feet to snap. Chiya cursed and had to use both of his hands to hold on to a crack in the stone and give up on the shield. At this moment, “hua hua” sounds appeared as hot water rained from above, instantly fogging up the area. This bit of hot water was nothing to Chiya, however the fog that appeared was.

Then the third wave appeared: logs falling from the cliff top. Finally this attack gave results.

Multiple pained cries sounded as a few of the Thousand Lun Masters were hit by the logs. In an attempt to escape, Chiya moved around on the cliff wall, but he finally despaired knowing that he could not continue, as he would overexert himself. Following the cliff, he headed downwards quickly, and, with the help of the snapped spear, he easily jumped to the bottom of the Cliff.

Two died, four were injured, and the rest managed to escape quickly.

Hong Chen’s face was extremely gloomy. “Very good! Very good! If they dare to resist, then they will have to face my destruction. From this moment onwards, Tiger Cliff Castle no longer exists!”

Chiya came before Hon Chen, and said, “Master, I cannot go up.”

Hong Chen started to think. If it was him, then this cliff is nothing. However, he could not attack because he was a Real Milun Master. To go attack a human residential area was a big loss for his identity. If this incident was spread, then it would affect his position in Hong Tong.

But, if he wanted to continue this invasion, then what other method could he use to counter the attack from the cliff top. Actually, he understood that even a Thousand Lun Master could easily handle the extermination of all the hunters of Tiger Cliff Castle, but, relying on a single natural cliff, they were able to put so many experts in a bind, and even caused him to think of attacking the cliff himself.


The trio of Xin Feng, the old man, and the young lady had found a total of 2 thunder snow storms. Only, the old man’s recovery was still not ideal and was always lacking something. He did not know what caused it, and if he could not recover, then he could not even think of training to a higher level. It was like he could see hope in front of him, but he just could not grasp it. However, the old man did not lose his temper. Luckily, after a few dozen years of peace, he could control his mood very well.

Xin Feng could see the impatience of the old man. Since first meeting him, this was his first time seeing the old man with this expression. It was like he was a time bomb that could explode anytime. He tried to comfort him. “Grandpa, don’t be impatient. Being able to recover to this point was already very good. We still have time.”

The old man nodded. “I know. I’m not impatient, but now that I have already recovered to this point, I would naturally get an explosive temper. Hoho, don’t worry, I won’t lose my temper towards you and your sister…”

Xin Feng did not know how to answer. Of course, he knew that the old man wouldn’t explode towards him, but after these few years of understanding with the old man, he was purely worried about the state of the old man.

The old man said, “One more thunderstorm, if there aren’t any effects, then we’ll head back.”

Xin Feng nodded. “Okay. Actually, the best lightning comes from the thunderstorms in the summer. Thunder snow storms are lacking.”

The old man said, “Each has their pros: there are even differences between different bolts of lightning, only until now I have only had the chance to experience…” suddenly he hit his own head and said, “I am a fucking idiot!”

Xin Yao bit her finger in shock. “Grandpa, why are you hitting yourself? Doesn’t it hurt?”

The old man said, “It doesn’t, it doesn’t…haha, I understand, I understand now…”

Xin Feng smiled bitterly. “Grandpa, understand what?”

The old man answered, “As long as we can find a thunder snow storm, I guarantee that I can recover completely, and even improve! Haha!”

Xin Yao said, “Okay, okay. When Grandpa is okay we can go find Mother and Father!” She said it randomly, but instead it caused Xin Feng and the old man to become silent.

After a while, the old man said, with a forced smile, “En, when Grandpa has recovered, I’ll bring you two to go find your parents.”

Xin Yao said curiously, “Where did father and mother go?” For her, father and mother were merely terms, ones she was curious about but had not the slightest of other feelings. If she were to choose between her parents and Grandpa and Brother, she would choose the latter without hesitation.

Neither XinFeng nor Xinyao knew, but their parents had been chased away by the old man. Even he did not know where his son and daughter-in-law had gone, which was why a bit of awkwardness appeared on his face.

The old man said without sincerity, “When that time comes I’ll try to find them, it should be easy to accomplish.”

Xin Yao could not hear the halfhearted tone of his words, but Xin Feng could. However, he did not care. When he first opened his eyes in this life, it was grandpa and his sister that appeared before him. Others were not of importance, and if they were good to him, his sister, and Grandpa, then he would not mind being nice to them. If not, then he could just turn and leave. Anyway, he did not have any feelings towards his parents.

(Puttty: he uses 反正他也没啥感情 in the last sentence, I interpreted it as he’s cold hearted but if not then….please point it out, thank you ;-:)

About two days later, the three of them finally chanced upon another a thunder snow storm. When winter had just started, thunder snow storms were more common. Now that the atmosphere had finally become entirely cold, it was rare to experience thunder snow storms.

This was a small thunder snow storm, very lacking compared to the two before. It had practically no sounds of thunder, and there was no lightning in sight.

The clouds were thick and the snow was huge. Xin Feng and Xin Yao immediately looked for a huge tree out of habit and hid in the tree’s hole while waiting. This time Xin Feng did not practice as his speed of improvement was far too fast, scaring even the old man, whom let him stop practicing now that he had reached the level of Ten Thousand Lun Master.

The old man had seen a lot of things in his life, but he hadn’t seen a sixteen year old reach ten thousand luns. According to Xin Feng’s practicing speed, he would be able to reach Milun Master without passing the seventeen year old mark, but he did not dare to try as it was uncertain if there would be any side effects.

Xin Feng was very obedient, and he also knew that the old man was only worried for him, which is why he had followed the old man’s suggestion and stopped practicing in thunder snow storms.

The old man excitedly looked for lightning, he had already had an idea on how to settle this problem. Now was time to see the results.

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