God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 12: Recasting a Lightning Stamp (2)

The old man laughed loudly. “I’ve recovered entirely! Haha, this old man is a genius! Haha!” He was a bit overexcited, but who can blame him? He didn’t originally have any hope of recovering, but now he had suddenly received another chance, one that not only helped him recover but also improved him.

Xin Feng smiled. “Grandpa, will we leave in the winter? I’ve realized that winter isn’t that difficult.”

“Moving in the winter is nothing for you and me, but Yao Yao cannot withstand it. She’s too small and too weak. She can’t handle real thunder snow storms.”

Xin Feng nodded. “Okay, then let’s return to Tiger Cliff Castle.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Xin Yao said happily, “Okay, okay, it’s time to go home!” In such weather, even with the meticulous care of her brother, the little lady still thought that home was better.

“Pack up, let’s go!”


Hong Chen watched the cliff impatiently. The repeated failures had caused him to lose patience. Not only did he insult Ying Yu and Da Fei, but even Chiya was scolded. Almost ten days had passed and they still hadn’t managed to enter Tiger Cliff Castle, even though during the ten days a few thunder snow storms occurred.

The cliff was lined by a huge piece of ice as a result of the hunters pouring water down from the cliff, making the cliff walls extremely slippery. Even spears nailed into the walls would not help much.

Chiya ground his teeth. “Uncle Du, if you don’t interfere, we won’t be able to get up.”

Hong Chen scolded him loudly. “Interfere? How can I? I am a Real Milun Master! If it gets out…that I attacked mortals, how could I go out and meet people!”

Chiya smiled bitterly. “But, please! If you don’t…we can’t overcome this cliff wall! Master!” He was mad too. Normally he would not even dare to speak like such to Hong Chen, even at gunpoint. This wasn’t due to a lack of courage, it was because of the difference in strength. He could not keep a foothold on the cliff.

These few days of attempted invasion had taken quite a few lives. Even he had received some injuries. This wasn’t because of the strength of the hunters of Tiger Cliff Castle, but because they managed to play the advantages of the cliff to the extreme, and the snow storm that passed a few days ago made the attackers helpless.

Hong Chen hesitated in his heart. If he really interfered, to save his facehe could not must not leave even a single person alive. With his identity as a Real Milun Master, a Real Ring Body Master, if he actually personally attacked mortals and this was spread, he really would not have any face to see anyone. He wasn’t some no-clan practitioner, able to do reckless things.

Of course, Chiya knew what Hong Chen was thinking. “Master, you only need to occupy the stone fort…as for the rest, leave it to us.”

Hong Chen still hesitated. He was attracted here by the single lightning attribute. According to the customs of the world, after reaching his kind of level he should not interfere if not for a battle between experts. Doing so without the purpose of defeating an expert was an ugly sight, and he would be mocked by many.

Chiya smiled bitterly. He knew what Hong Chen was thinking. If he had reached Hong Chen’s level, he would also not interfere. But, in this kind of situation, he also could not help it. “Master…it’s getting colder, we are fine, but those hunters won’t be able to handle it.”

Hong Chen raised his head and stared for a while. Finally he decided–he was also impatient. “Alright, I’ll go take over the stone fort. Mother fucker! A group of idiots, so many people and not one can climb up a wall and even need this old man to interfere!”

Chiya became excited. Being able to see a Real Milun Master in action was not a common experience.

Hong Chen pounced towards the cliff. With a foot on a steel spear, his body flew upwards as if a huge bird. One of his hands patted the wall, and, gaining leverage, he managed to cover 7-8 meters. The people on the cliff looked down. Seeing Hong Chen pouncing towards them, they readied themselves for combat.

Countless boulders and logs rained from above as they quickly realized that this man was much different from those that attempted to climb the cliff earlier. Not only was he very fast, but the boulders and logs they threw were useless.

A big boulder was smashed into pieces with a slap. Hong Chen even used the falling obstacles to gain leverage on his way up.

Cang Yu’s face changed. The hunters on the cliff were all terrified. This man was too blood-thirsty. Cang Yu shouted, “Pour the water!” Large amounts of water came down in attempt to stop Hong Chen. The originally 100% success rate of this failed this time.

The water that came down could not even touch Hong Chen’s body, and, with a slap of his palm, the stone shattered. This also boosted him, and, within 10 seconds, he had already reached the second half of the cliff.

Da Fei, who watched from below, said, shocked, “How amazing!”

Wen Yan said proudly, “Of course, my master is very amazing, unlike you worthless trash.”

Da Fei’s face turned red in anger, but he dare not offend this woman. He lowered his head and cursed in his heart.

While they were speaking Hong Chen was already reaching the cliff top. The hunters on the cliff top went crazy. If he reached the top, then everyone would be doomed. They already knew that Lead Eagles had found someone to back them up.

Under Cang Yu’s orders, they had already prepared the biggest boulders they had. With their teamwork they managed to throw it down with a pile of logs.

Like boiling water, the top of the cliff roared.

With a shout from Hong Chen a gust of smoke rose, as if the falling rocks hit an invisible shield and rolled to the side. Hong Chen kicked at the cliff wall, and, with a crashing sound and a shout, he reached the summit.

While he was steadying his footing, seven spears flew his way.

Hong Chen laughed coldly, and shouted, “Leave!”

With a motion of his arm, seven to eight hunters flew back with blood erupting from their mouths. The audience saw clearly that when Hong Chen swung his arm he had not come into contact with the bodies of those hunters. They were thrown by an unseen force.

A single thought flashed through all of their minds: ‘This man is too powerful’. He wasn’t someone they could think of stopping.

A few hunters shouted angrily, stepping up to fight with their lives, but Cang Yu was sensible and immediately stopped them.

Hong Chen said blandly, “Don’t try to stop the attack. If you anger me, I will make you all regret it!” He walked towards the stone fort, not even looking at the hundreds of hunters.

A ground of hunter with their hands clenching spears faced Hong Chen.

Hong Chen laughed coldly, “Move aside…I guarantee that, if you attack, I will kill all of you in a second!”

Cang Yu gave orders to the blocking hunters to move. He wasn’t stupid, with the strength this man displayed on his way up, he had proven that they weren’t of the same level. A large number of hunters asked, “Patriarch, what now?”

Hong Chen quickly reached the stone fort. Flinging away the two guards, he let down the rope basket.

Cang Yu’s face paled. “What can we do? Our strength is not enough…”

Hong Chen said, “Get a few people here!”

Cang Yu could only helplessly instruct a few people to enter the stone fort. Hongchen said, “Get the people below up!”

Within a short amount of time, Chiya, Wen Yan, Ying Yu and Da Fei along with 2 Thousand Lun Masters had reached the cliff top through the rope basket.

When Ying Yu reached the top, he jumped from the rope basket and pounced towards the group of hunters without any hesitation. With a single attack, 5-6 hunters were sent flying, and, with a kick, more hunters fell down. He had come up with the intent of killing these detestable people of Tiger Cliff Castle.

Hong Chen said, “Stop!”

Only then did Ying Yu resentfully stop. He furiously glared at the people. “Well…hey…what…” No one understood what he was saying, but all of them could hear the thick killing intent from his leaking voice.

Cang Yu’s heart went cold. People of Lead Eagles! Tiger Cliff Castle was doomed this time.

“You Lead Eagles men…what do you want?”

Da Fei said, “What do we want? You think? Haha, an idiot’s question!”

Hong Chen said, “Da Fei, go to the side!”

Da Fei blanked out. He did not dare to argue with Hong Chen and moved to the side.

Hong Chen had a small smile on his face. “Who is the person in charge?”

Cang Yu took a step forward. “I am the patriarch of Tiger Cliff Castle,” he said, biting the bullet.

Hong Chen nodded. “I don’t want to put you all in a difficult situation, I only want you to hand over a person. After that we’ll leave. Don’t worry, I will ask the people of Lead Eagles to not show any more hostility as well.”

Ying Yu wanted to shout, but could only make wheezing noises, resulting in a slap from Chiya. Opposing Hong Chen at this time! Even if Ying Yu didn’t want his life, Chiya still wanted his!

Hong Chen only glanced coldly at Ying Yu, causing his body to become numb with sweat running down his forehead.

Cang Yu said, “Hand over who?”

Hong Chen said blandly, “A youngster named Lei Xin Feng.”

Cang Yu said firmly, “My apologies, we don’t have such a person in Tiger Cliff Castle!” Even if he could hand over Xin Feng, he wouldn’t.

Hong Chen’s face turned cold. “There isn’t such a person?”

Cang Yu answered, “Indeed, there’s isn’t such a person. I do not know where Sire has heard of such a matter… Sir, we Lead Eagles are mortal enemies. It should be that the Lead Eagles are creating lies to fool you, Sire.”

The old man was filled with venom. He knew that they could not escape now. If they were going to die, then he would pull Lead Eagles down with them. Without waiting for Hong Chen to speak, Dafei jumped out angrily, shouting, “You’re lying! You, you are speaking nonsense. Lei Xin Feng is your master hunter, how can it be that there isn’t such a person.”

Cang Yu retorted, “Everyone tell this Sire, we don’t have such a person named Lei Xin Feng here!”

All the surrounding hunters said, in sync, “Sire, we don’t have such a person.”

Someone even added, “We Tiger Cliff Castle only have Hu and Ke for surnames. Who knows how a person with the surname Lei could be here?”

Da Shan said calmly “Sire, Tiger Cliff Castle is only so big. Everyone is here. If we wanted to escape, there’s only the stone fort. If you do not believe us, you can check whether there’s a person named Lei Xin Feng.”

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Translator : Puttty

Proofreader : Shinjoiu

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