God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 14: Returning Home (2)

Hong Chen said, extremely gently, “So, you are Lei Xin Feng little guy? Eh? Aren’t you a Hundred Lun Master? You actually now a ten thousand Lun master!” At that moment he already understood that this little guy really was a Single Lightning Attribute Master, the best type. If he wasn’t, then it would be impossible to rank up so quickly. A 16 year old Ten Thousand Lun Master… it makes one feel scared just thinking about it.

Xin Feng nodded. “Yes, I am Lei Xin Feng…” Glancing at the happy Ying Yu and Dafei, who were among the large group of people, he said, “No wonder. It was you two bastards from Lead Eagles. You can’t win, so you went back to ask for reinforcements….hey, hey, that’s useless!”

Ying Yu and Dafei did not dare to speak. They were not stupid: it was obvious that they would be doomed as long as Lei Xin Feng agreed to Hong Chen’s proposal. Once Xin Feng entered the inner sect of Hong Tong’s forces, getting rid of them would be easy.

Hong Chen was secretly happy. He silently pondered, ‘Luckily we did not go on a killing spree. If we had, this youngster would hate us. It was good that I was able to keep my anger in check.’

Xin Feng suddenly saw the blood on the sides of Da Shan’s mouth, and hurriedly asked, “Uncle, who hit you? Is it a serious injury?”

Da Shan worriedly answered, “Feng, don’t worry about me. It’s not a heavy injury. But, you…be careful. Do you know why they are looking for you?”

Xin Feng said, “Looking for me? What do they want? Revenge?”

Cang Yu said, “Feng, we don’t know why. It doesn’t seem to be revenge, because if it was…then all of us would be dead already. They are far stronger than we are.

Xin Feng’s face lightened. He did not know that Hong Chen’s goal was to obtain him because of his single lightning attribute and excellent potential. Of course they would not randomly kill to recruit him, even if their men had been injured. Of course, if Xin Feng had not appeared, or if he was not up to their standards, then the whole of Tiger Cliff Castle would have been doomed.

Without testing him, Hong Chen couldn’t be clear about Lei Xin Feng’s qualifications and potential, but he was sure that Ying Yu and Dafei spoke the truth when they said he had been a Hundred Lun Master a little while ago. However, he was now a Ten Thousand Lun Master. This kind of growth was extremely terrifying.

Hong Chen spoke even more gently. “Little guy, I don’t have any hostility, hoho. I am called Du Hong Chen, and I am an elder of the outer sect of Hong Tong. I am here today to invite you to go Hong Tong.”

The sides of Wen Yan’s mouth twitched. She wasn’t satisfied, but she could tell that this young man was of importance to her master. Since when did master speak with such gentleness? This was unbelievable.

Lei Xin Feng thought for a while. “You came all the way here and attacked Tiger Cliff Castle just to invite me?”

Hong Chen’s face turned red, and he replied patiently, “Tiger Cliff Castle is too steep. Also, you all and Lead Eagles have had some misunderstanding, so we were forced to come up to speak.” He spoke rather humbly, though his explanation wasn’t helping at all.

Xin Feng nodded and then spoke with resolve. “I won’t go to Hong Tong.”

Hong Chen could not understand. “Why? You have such great qualifications. You don’t gain anything from practicing on your own, but, if you went to Hong Tong, you could have anything you want.”

Xin Feng smiled faintly. “I can practice on my own. I don’t need Hong Tong’s assistance.”

Before Hong Chen could speak, his disciple Wen Yan spoke up. “Little guy, Master is giving you face but you don’t want any? My master has a Ring Body and is a Real Milun Master. He came here personally, you…”

Xin Feng retorted, “Oh, I should be grateful? This woman doesn’t have any common sense! He’s your master, not mine! Why should I listen to him?”

(Puttty: honestly, the first word is 哦, the Pinyin is literally a single O, but where I am, we pronounce it as orh. It’s like a lazy short form to okay.)

Hong Chen’s face finally changed. His temper had never been good. He had been able to speak so patiently because he had been taking Lei Xin Feng’s qualifications into consideration. He couldn’t understand how this youngster from a small town was able to belittle him. Not only was he embarrassed, but he was also angry.

Wen Yan was furious, and wanted to become violent. She was a Milun Master, and was much stronger than Lei Xin Feng. Though she wanted to fight, she was stopped by Hong Chen. He did not want Lei Xin Feng to hold a grudge against him. If he did, then he would rather just kill this youngster.

Hong Chen gave a small, forced smile. “Little guy, don’t be agitated, hoho.”

Xin Feng said, “I wasn’t agitated, I was just speaking the truth.”

Ying Yu and Dafei glanced at each other with happiness in their hearts. It would be best if Lei Xin Feng continued to anger Hong Chen. Once he managed to set him off, they would have a chance at revenge.

Hong Chen finally snapped, his voice slightly strict. “Are you sure you won’t leave with me?” His words were threatening. If Xin Feng was alone, then he would have perhaps yielded. But,  he had an expert: his grandpa.

Xin Feng nodded seriously. “I’m sure, I won’t leave. I don’t even know you, why would I leave with you!”

Xin Yao pulled at Xin Feng’s hand and said softly, “Brother, this grandpa is so fierce!”

Hong Chen’s attention was pulled by the little girl, and he said, shocked, “Eh, this…this is the Life Lun attribute!”

(Puttty: incase you forgotten, Lv means green —> 绿, I’m sure google can teach you how to pronounce it, google knows everything.

Shinjoiu: Changed Lv/Green to Life to match the spirit of the attribute)

Xin Yao was still young, and she did not have any means to cover up her qualifications and potential. Even though Hong Chen had not tested her, through his experience and sight he could immediately tell something was wrong. This little girl also had a terrific single attribute qualification, and it was actually the rarely seen Life Lun Attribute. That was too fucking scary! Two children with amazing qualifications popping up suddenly made him feel as though he was going crazy.

After being in Hong Tong for so many years, he had only met one youngster with a single attribute who had been taken under the care of an elder from the inner sect instantly upon appearing. They were extremely precious.

The old man’s anger immediately dissipated. “This child…is your sister?” In his eyes were explosions of desire.

Xin Yao was scared to the point she trembled and immediately hid behind Xin Feng, only peeking out slightly as she bit her finger. “What a scary grandpa…”

Hong Chen had already decided: no matter the price, he must bring back these two kids, even if he had to snatch them. “Are you their elder?” He could not tell the strength of the old man, and thought he was only a normal person because of the difference between them. The old man’s concealing methods were excellent, and he could not even tell that the real expert was this plain looking old man before him.

The old man Lei Bao nodded blandly. “These are my grandchildren.” His voice was laced with pride and complacency.

Hong Chen pondered for a while. If he threatened the safety of Tiger Cliff Castle then perhaps these two kids would not care, but if it was their grandfather, perhaps if would be effective.

(Puttty: Rip Hong Chen. Died of electricity. Chapter 6 – chapter 14)

“Old friend…”

As Hong Chen opened his mouth, the old man Lei Bao was rendered speechless. Old friend? Who was he calling old friend?

“Old friend, your grandchildren are both good children. I hope you can bring them to Hong Tong. Hoho, after that you can relax, all of their expenses will be paid for by us at Hong Tong. All the items for practice will also be paid for. What do you think?”

Hong Chen looked nervously at the old man Lei Bao.

The sentence “your grandchildren are all good children” instantly let the old man feel happy. As an old man, if someone praised his children, then they would be happy no matter what. What Hong Chen did not know is that this sentence had let him keep his life.

The old man Lei Bao nodded. “Yeah, they are both good children, but we will not go Hong Tong.”

Hong Chen wanted to ram his head and die. After speaking so long, this group of grandchildren and grandfather still refused. He did not know what to do, and finally said, “Even if you don’t want to go. you still have to!” He had never met such obstinate people in his life.

The old man laughed, “In my whole life, there hasn’t been anyone who can threaten me!”

Hong Chen still did not dare to attack. If he had harmed the old man, then these two children would hold a grudge. No matter what he did not want to become enemies with two children with such shocking qualifications.

Chiya said softly, “Master Du, we shouldn’t delay. Just snatch them and explain when we return.”

Hong Chen wasn’t satisfied, and continued to threaten them. “Leave with me, and I will spare Tiger Cliff Castle. If not, then I will slaughter all of them!”

Xin Feng said furiously, “You dare?”

Hong Chen answered, “Why wouldn’t I dare? Are you leaving or not?”

The three of them answered at the same time “Not!”

Hong Chen was jumping up and down furiously now. “Fuckers, angering me to death! To death! Wa ya ya, I want to kill people! I, I want…I want…” He only jumped, he did not attack.

Dafei did not understand, but hearing Hong Chen’s threat, he couldn’t resist and walked forward. “Let us, Lead Eagles, attack them!”

At that time Hong Chen hadn’t found somewhere to vent his anger. Dafei stepped forward with just the right timing to become Hong Chen’s target, and with a kick he sent Dafei flying while scolding, “Attack your hell!”

Xin Feng could already tell Hong Chen cared about him and his sister. Even though he wouldn’t leave with them, he did not hate them. Pulling the old man, he said, “Grandpa, just chasing them away is okay. There’s no need to kill them.”

The old man Lei Bao nodded. His image of Hong Chen was still okay, at least there wasn’t hate. Adding in the success of his recovery attempt, his temper was very good. If it was his old temper, he would not have bothered to speak, and would have just killed these people.”

Hong Chen became stupefied. He had heard Xin Feng’s words clearly, chasing them away was fine? No need to kill? He suddenly felt that this old man wasn’t as simple as he looked.

An imposing and monstrous weather phenomenon rose from the old man. A threatening energy reached Chiya, Wen Yan, Ying Yu, Dafei, and the wipeout team, their backs bending from the force. Ying Yu and Dafei’s knees went weak and touched the ground.

Hon Chen took many steps back. He was terrified. The opponent’s strength was far, far greater than his own. He could not even block his opponent’s imposing aura. The feeling that with even a small movement of the opponent, he would not live went deeply into his bones. His heart was alert but he could not activate his Lun Yinli. A single thought appeared in his mind, ‘This man was a ultimate expert living in seclusion, and must have at least 4 Real Ring Bodies.”

There was a single question in everyone’s heart: ‘who was this old man?’

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