God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 15: Shock

The old man Lei Bao stood proudly, his huge imposing presence rose madly, Hong Chen felt as though the old man in front of him was a mountain, a huge mountain, his presence alone caused him to not be able to breath properly, because the old man’s suppressiveness was basically aimed for him, the others had only felt a bit of it.

Hong Chen cursed in his heart, he did not ever expect to meet a powerful expert that was living in seclusion, his heart unwillingly starting to tremble, he had brought men to invade this area and also wanted to snatch his grandchildren, he tried to stabilize his rampant emotions however the cold sweat that broke out from his forehead had given away his current emotions.

Within a short breathing time, the old man had already concealed his aura, making a catching motion with his hands, two lightning strikes appeared, tying up Ying Yu and Dafei, dragging them out from the crowd and throwing them on the ground “Hu Cang Yu, kill these two bastards!”

Cang Yu was very excited and immediately gave a noise of agreement, receiving a steel spear, he continuously pierced the two men to death, despite his age, he did not hesitate to kill.

A shadow of a smile appeared on the old man Lei Bao’s face as he looked at Hong Chen “Are you still insisting on bringing my grandchildren to Hong Tong?”

Hong Chen tried his best to stay calm “I…..I don’t have any ill thoughts!”

The old man Leo Bao nodded “That’s right, because you don’t have any ill thoughs, you are still standing here.”

At that moment, Hong Chen, Chiya and Wen Yan all became relieved, only the hunters of Lead Eagles had pale white faces, their hands still holding on to the items stolen from the houses. Seeing their two most powerful hunters were killed as if they were chickens, how could they not be afraid.

Hong Chen did not know what to say and stood there dumbfounded.

XinFeng glared at the groups of hunters from Lead Eagles, he was able to spot the things in their hands immediately, the most of those items were meat and skin, the rest were some weapons “Who are those people? Why are our things in their hands?”

Cang Yu answered “They are the hunters of Lead Eagles, the things in their hands, are stolen from us…..they even harmed a large amount of our people.”

Xin Feng said “Let them surrender and put down their weapons, if not……kill those who resist!”

Immediately a group of hunters from Tiger Cliff Castle charged out and quickly subdued the hunters from Lead Eagles, tying them up and taking everything from their bodies, including their weapons and armor.

Hong Chen and his men did not move or even try to stop it, they were also in the same predicament, who would care about the mere hunters from Lead Eagles.

Xin Feng said “Grandpa Hu, let everyone go home, it’s too cold here.”

Cang Yu nodded “You all be careful.” After speaking he brought the hunters back, the platform on the green stone hill instantly became rather deserted, two dead bodies lay on the ground, Hong Chen and his dozens of men, the old man Lei Bao and his family.

Hong Chen and his men did not dare to move, they had been entirely frozen when the old man Lei Bao revealed his power, no one wanted to move rashly, afraid of angering this powerful expert.

The old man Lei Bao asked “Xi Quan…..that little guy, he’s still at Hong Tong?”

Hong Chen said aghast “The…..the one you speak of is………is the elder of our inner sect……Xi Quan the elder?”

Xi Quan was extremely famous in Hong Tong, the only person who had practiced till obtaining 3 ring bodies, reached the level of the real LunYin master, and was the pillar of support in Hong tong, the one with shocking strength, which had guarded Hong Tong for a hundred and fifty years, the most formidable force in Hong tong.

The most terrifying part was the tone of the old man Lei Bao, little guy, he had actually called Xi Quan little guy, which had meant that Xi Quan was younger than him, this fact had made Hong Chen’s knees go weak, who was this person, was hiding here and scaring people really that fun?

The old man Lei Bao nodded “That’s right, he is counted as my little friends.” Although he had many enemies, but he also had many friends, most of them being world famous experts, which was expected, a real expert’s friends would definitely not be lacking, of course that was also the same for his friends.

(Puttty: Leibao uses ‘小家伙’ and ‘小朋友’, which is used for little children, really, little little children.)

Hong Chen almost puked blood, snatching the grandchildren of the elder’s friend, if the elder knew, then wouldn’t be scolded to death? His legs entirely became soft.

However, Hong Chen thought for a while and noticed that this wasn’t a bad thing, he could use the chance to get to know such a expert, it wasn’t a entirely bad situation. One must know, the experts in the world is countless, but all those powerful experts are not easy to acquaintance oneself with, he admitted his own mistake sincerely “Senior, it was us that was too reckless, it was my fault.”

He then greeted “Wen yan, Chiya, come here and pay your respects to the senior.”

Chiya’s disciple had been beaten to death but he did not even dare to speak, he would definitely not dare to take revenge, if the strength of the opponent was a bit higher then perhaps he would consider it, but this opponent was countless times higher then him, not only did he not dare to take revenge, he did not even dare too think of it, this old man’s strength was too perverted.

Wen yan walked up and paid their respects, Wen Yan loosing her previous proudness.

The old man blandly said “We had just returned and we are now tired, if there’s nothing else, you all can go home, additionally, pass a message to Xi Quan that I am fine.”

Hong Chen said “Okay, may I have your name senior?”

The old man replied “I am Lei Bao.”

Hong Chen nodded “En, Senior Lei, I know……e, Lei….lei….lei Bao? Bao Lei Jiu Tian that…..that Lei Bao?” On his face appeared a shocked expression, he had a ring body and was a real Milun master, as for the real master’s legends, he obviously knew more than normal people

(Puttty: ‘E’ single letter appeared! What could it mean? Well, it’s a sound of agreement accompanied with a bit of shock. Also, the old man’s term was Bao Lei Jiu tian, the direct TL can be either lightning storm nine skies or lightning storm nine days, depends on the situation.)

Bao lei Jiu tian was a legend, according to it this man was a demon, his victims countless, many years ago he had suddenly disappeared, no one expected that this man in front of them was this demon, his heart almost stopped pumping, how dumb was him to come and anger this demon.

After the old man Lei Bao had recovered, he did not find the need to hide his own past anymore and so, he nodded “It’s been a long time since I went out, it’s surprising to see someone remember this old man.”

Hong Chen did not expect his luck to be so truly bad, so bad that he could meet this kind of expert, luckily he had not angered him. However one point that made him wonder was that the legends said that this demon had a irregular temper and would not blink an eye when killing, what was also included was that this demon was easily angered, once you did, then your fate would be sealed without any chances, however this time he did not do anything, seemingly much peaceful.

Xin Feng said “Oh, right, there was a good amount of meat saved for winter, has it been stolen?”

Hong Chen was instantly dumbfounded, not knowing whether to laugh or cry and hurriedly answered “Little brother, don’t be worried about this, I will immediately send people here to bring sufficient food, if you lack anything at home, I will pay for all of them…..twice the, no, thrice the amount!”

XinFeng said “En, okay, it’s just this, we are going home.”

The trio of grandfather and grandchildren headed back.

Hong Chen brought his disciple and Chiya, along with the remaining thousand Lun masters of the wipeout team, and hurried back to report that the territory of Hong Chen actually had such a expert, no matter what he had to report, especially the fact that this man was a demon, a unstable existence that no one knows when will explode, no one could withstand a attack from these types of experts.

Wen yan asked as she ran “Master, Lei Bao…..who is this person? Is he very powerful?”

Hong Chen laughed coldly “Powerful? Your master I is pretty powerful, but in front of him, I am nothing, his one finger can end my life, a person of his level, is not something we can understand, not even the elder that kind of expert can compare.”

Wen yan could not find the words to reply, after a while, she said softly “That’s too dramatic……how can there be such a person?”

Hong Chen said “Of course there is! These sort of people is the ancestor levels of our martial arts, those that only appear when they want, haiz, no wonder he has such talented grandchildren, all single attributes. Ah, a lightning type and a wood type, the wood type is far too rare that is a Lv Lun ah, if cultivates, then it would have healing capabilities, to a sect, this is the most importants.”

Wen yan said unconvinced “There are many people with Lv lun, why is this little lady much more important in the master’s eyes?”

Hong Chen answered “Lv luns differ from each other, what she has is a rarely seen single Lv attribute, not trash Lun!”

Wen yan said “Trash Lun…..isn’t it just a matter of difficulty when it comes to practicing, single luns although can practice quickly, the Lv Lun within trash Lun is not really that inferior.”

Hong Chen sighed “That is different, the qualities of single luns are higher, when during combat, there are other ways to make up for the difference, but when it comes to healing, the power of single luns are not what you think it is.”

As they spoke, they had already left Tiger Cliff Castle. Hong Chen looked up at the cliff top and said “We will have to come back again soon, let’s return to Yibai village to pass the message then prepare many types of things, then, we will return.” He had already set down his resolution to get on good terms with the old man Lei Bao, as for the matters of the hunters of Lead Eagles, it had been thrown to the back of his mind long ago, if the old man had asked him to ruin Lead Eagles, he would have done so without any further thoughts.


When Xin Feng reached home, Xin Yao was about to explode, their house was a mess, the meat were all gone and their skin along with them, the little lady shouted angrily while her tears flowed freely, she had diligently pickled all do them, all the food for winter that held key to their survival was all gone, how could she be calm.

Xin Feng hugged Xin Yao, the little lady did let her brother hug her, but she did not stop jumping. At that moment, Cang Yu and his men walked into the small yard carrying large amounts of food and bull hides, only then did Xin Yao stop.

Cang Yu said “This is the things stolen by the hunters from Lead Eagles, every household received a piece of armor, the one for you here has great quality, you can keep it or change it to food.”

Xin Yao noticed that not only did the bull meat not lessen, there was also other extra meat along with dozens of wild chickens and wild rabbits and a pile of dried meat that made the little lady smile.

Translator’s note

.(:T/ L)_

After doing KotEN, I realized that this is really chicken feet. Oh and, is and KotEN are all classified under the ‘Fantasy’ tag, hmmm, I expected this to be in the Xianxia one but…..hmmm. |( ̄3 ̄)|

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