God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 16: Shock (2)

XinFeng understood the little lady’s emotions, the past few years was lived in poverty for them, when eating, they would push food onto each other, but neither of them would feel full, especially for XinFeng, he had reached the state where lots of food is essential for his growth, with such a big appetite, starving was a normal occurrence.

The old man Leibao did not feel good either, gently petting Xinyao’s head, he sighed “You have suffered.”

“Grandpa, if there’s meat then it’s fine.” In Xinyao’s eyes, food was the most important, since she became sensible, she was the one collecting and growing food, she really treasured food, it had the first place in her heart.

Cangyu said “Feng, you are the main hunter, those hunters of Lead eagles……what do we do with them?”

“Settle it with a vote, follow the majority’s choice.”

“They had 2 opinions, one is to let the Lead Eagles to bring food to trade for the hunters, the other……is to kill them all, to prevent them from coming back and harassing us, we also can seize their hunting spots in the meantime.”

XinFeng said unconcerned “You all can decide, we may be leaving Tiger Cliff Castle when the winter ends.”

When he saw the prowess of the old man Lei Bao, Cang Yu already knew that this family would not stay here in Tiger Cliff Castle, but he never expected them to leave so soon, smiling bitterly he said “Okay, the outside is truly your world, the tiny Tiger Cliff Castle cannot contain you, I only hope that……when you are free in the future, you would come back for a while.”

The old man Lei Bao said “You need not worry, I will leave orders to make sure no one will bother you.”

On Cangyu’s face appeared happiness, he knew that the old man would do as he said, but there was regret in his heart, when the old man’s family was in need of help, there wasn’t many who helped them, which is why he felt too bad to quest even more favors.

Lei Bao said as his original personality surfaced “I suggest……to just kill the people of Lead Eagles, leaving them alive will only bring you harm in the future.”

Cangyu nodded solemnly “We will think deeply about it, however, there is many people asking for the hunters to be traded with food.

“You all decide, I was only giving my opinion, you can ignore it.” He actually did not care about the hunters, he was speaking only in considerations of the little feelings about Tiger Cliff Castle, but it wasn’t very deep.

After a few days, Hong Chen brought his disciple and a wipeout team of a dozen thousand Lun masters bringing food.

During these few days, XinFeng and the old man placed all their efforts into training, especially XinFeng, who was already reaching the MiLun master level, however under grandpa’s suggestion, he tried his best to control and refined the Lei Lun Li in his body, hoping to strengthen his foundation, this was a trouble only talented people would have, training too fast resulting in a poor foundation. Luckily with the guidance of the old man Lei Bao, XinFeng did not commit such a low leveled mistake.

Xinyao spent her days organizing the large amounts of food with a happy mood, although they could not eat as much as they wanted, at least this winter could be passed without any starvation. But she quickly noticed a sour problem, the old man used to eat very little food, but after recovering, his appetite had been increasing without any signs of slowing, at first two pieces of meat was enough, but now Xinyao noticed that his appetite had became terrifying.

Xinfeng’s appetite was originally the biggest, but after adding grandpa, Xinyao counted with her fingers, calculating and realized that the food they had was actually not enough to spend the winter, her expression fell. Grandpa’s appetite was now much bigger than Xinfeng’s. A single meal, even if she added both her and XinFeng, they did not eat as much as grandpa.

Seeing Xinyao’s worried expression as she caculated with her tiny hands! XinFeng said curiously “Yaoyao, what’s wrong? Are you calculating?” when she was 4, XinFeng had already taught the little lady simple addition and subtraction.

Xinyao bit her thumb and said worriedly “Brother, the food we have is not enough……what now? Ai…”

(Puttty: ai = Sigh)

Hearing this, XinFeng started laughing uncontrollably and gently patted her head. Xinyao said angrily “I’m already panicking to death and Brother is laughing!”

XinFeng laughed “No worries, Yaoyao, if there isn’t food, I’ll go hunt, en, grandpa can also go, winter cannot stop is anymore, hoho.” In the past, they were rendered helpless because of their lack of power, but now they are stronger, the winter is nothing to them.”

Only then did Xinyao understand and said laughing “Then it’s okay, I was still worried that there wasn’t enough to eat and we’ll have to starve.”

XinFeng could not help but feel pain at his heart, such a young child was already worrying about food at home “In the future there won’t be any starving anymore, brother promises you!”

At this moment, Hongchen brought men into the small yard and said loudly “Senior, junior Hong Chen is here to pay his respects.”

The old man Leibao brought XinFeng and xinyao out of the small house and said “What are you here for?”

“To bring food and this letter, it is from elder to senior.”

The old man Lei Bao nodded and received the parchment “The small house it too crammed, you all can just stay in the yard.”

Hong Chen nodded courteously “Place the things into the yard, these few people all have a LunChang space, there are prepared dried meat, the rarely seen rice, a variety of spices and also a large amount of dried fruit and vegetables.”

Seeing food, Xinyao’s eyes brightened up “Is this for us?”

XinFeng smiled bitterly, thinking back in his past world, girls needed to be pampered in luxury, but now Xinyao was attracted by merely food, she was too vulnerable.

Hong Chen said “Yes, it is all yours, oh and, I have a bag of items for you.” he took out a rattan woven bag and passed it to Xinyao.

Xinyao asked curiously “What is it?”

Hong Chen smiled “It is sweets from the merchants that came from the outside along with a few other interesting things.”

Xinyao had never seen a sweet before, for sweet things, her knowledge was limited to ripened wild fruits “Sweet? What is it?”

XinFeng sighed silently and took the bag, after opening it, he found many beast skinned pouches, in them was primitive sweets made from unknown things, on top of it was a layer of frosting. A single sweet was about the size of a finger and did not have any sort of packaging, taking one out he directly placed into Xinyao’s small mouth and said “Eat it, it’s sweet.”

Xinyao’s mouth moved and her eyes widened, this was a taste she had never tasted before, she grabbed the rattan woven bag into her hands as if it was precious and said “Delicious, delicious, thank you grandpa.” She was still very polite, knowing that this was given to her by Hong Chen.

Hong Chen secretly stole a glance of the old man, seeing a smile appear on the old man’s face, he instantly knew that he had done the right thing, licking the foots of the old man was equivalent to bootlicking the small children’s, the old man would definitely be happy, as he guessed, the old man’s words softened considerably.

In the bag was not only candy but also candied fruits, and even the rare satin and fabric, that was absolutely from the outside merchants, in the mountains there wasn’t any place to harvest cloth, at most there was fur, fabric here was all from the outside merchants, their price extremely high, exchanged with many furs.

Xinyao carried the bag carefully into the house and took out a candy bag, hurrying out she spoke “Brother, I’m going to Xiangxiang sister’s house.” Receiving something good, it would be nice to share with friends.

XinFeng made a noise of agreement, knowing that the little lady of off to share her treasure, in that past it was people sharing with her, now she had something good, she would of course run over there with it immediately.

The old man opened the parchment and looked it over “Xi Quan is inviting us to Hongtong?”

“Yes, the elder instructed us to lead senior.”

Lei bao thought for a while and said “XinFeng, do you want to go?”

XinFeng said “If we go, then will we return after that?”

The old man laughed “Of course not, directly leaving from Hong tong is more convenient.”

Staying in Tiger Cliff castle had already made XinFeng frustrated wanting to see what it is like in the outside world, he nodded “That’s okay too, then let’s go.”

The old man nodded “My grandson says to go, en, then let’s go, it’s been a while since I’ve seen my little friend, it is also good to go.”

Hong Chen mentally wiped his sweat, the elder being called a little friend, that was too fucking crazy, but in his heart was also relieved because the elder personally instructed to bring the old man to hong tong no matter what, in his words were a sort of anxiousness, the elder even added that if he successfully brought senior, then he would have a chance of joining the inner sect.

XinFeng let Cang Yu to accommodate Hong Chen and his men, due to their house being too small to contain so many people.

Within a few days, XinFeng’s family spent their days saying their goodbyes and also giving their collected food to friends and people who had helped them.

Hong Chen also promised that the Yibai village would send a few experts to protect Tiger Cliff Castle, as for the Lead Eagles, they will arrange for people to evict the people there.

Only when everything had been settled did Xinfeng’s family leave with hong Chen and his men.

XinFeng walked out of the rope basket and looked at the cliff top, silently thinking “I don’t know if in the future……I will return.”

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Translator : Puttty

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