God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 18: Hong Tong City (2)

Hong Chen said “We will first mistreat senior to stay here, later when you meat the big elder we can arrange for other places.”

The old man Lei Bao said unbothered “Staying here is already very good.”

Hong Chen took out a leather pouch and said “There are some Gold Rings and Sliver Rings, this is to buy for the children.”

The old man nodded “Good.”

Only then did Hong Chen leave with Wen yan, hurrying to report to the big Elder.

After Hong Chen and his disciple left, XinFeng curiously opened the leather pouch and turned it over, a pile of silver rings falling onto the table. He asked “Grandpa, this is…..money?”

The old man nodded “This is good and sliver rings, coins used by mortals, there isn’t any copper rings here, ten copper rings can be exchanged for one silver ring and ten sliver rings can be exchanged for a gold ring, en, this is money used by mortals, we use another types of money, practitioners have their own specialized money.

XinFeng had been living in Tiger Cliff Castle until now, he thought that there want any coins used in this world and that transitions are done by exchanging items for other items. Picking up a gold ring, he noticed that the creation of the golden ring was very exquisite, the size similar to the coins from his past world, in the middle of it was a circular hole, on it wasn’t any words or words, the ring was made of gold, similarly to the sliver Ring.

Xinyao counted for a while and said “There is about 200 gold rings and roughly a hundred sliver ring, what pretty money.”
(Puttty: her interests now includes money along with food.)

XinFeng said “Yaoyao, you keep it.” Xinyao immediately tied the pouch to her waist. At home, she had the position of the housewife, all their belongings managed by her.

The old man said “Here I have some coins used by the practitioners, it’s worth much more than these.”

On Xinyao’s face appeared weariness, seeing that, XinFeng said “Sis, you go sleep, later brother will bring you out to eat.”

Xinyao nodded “Okay, I’m also sleepy.” She never needed XinFeng to worry about her, her sensibleness making people’s hearts painful.

Waiting after Xinyao left to sleep on the heatable brick bed, XinFeng and the old man sat down. XinFeng lazily stretched and laughed “Grandpa, how long are we going to stay here?”

The old man said “When the coldest days of the winter are over, at that time let’s find a big merchant to tag along with.”

XinFeng calculated for a while and realized that they would stay for a few months at least in Hong tong “Okay, using this chance we can get more familiar with the city, hehe, me and little sis has been staying in Tiger a Cliff Castle for so long and know nothing, learning here is also good.”

The old man nodded his head slightly, them living in Tiger Cliff Castle was like frogs living I’m a well, not beneficial to the children’s growth, this was his reason for them to leave as soon as possible once he recovered, he did not want his grandchildren to become bumpkins.

XinFeng celebrated silently that he had a powerful grandpa, his future would not be filled with hardships, at first living in Tiger Cliff Castle had made him miserable, if there wasn’t Grandpa and Little sis that gave him a reason to life on and pass through the hardest days, now that the hardships were over, it seems that this world isn’t as behind as he thought.

The sky gradually darkened, the servants knocked and opened the door, two of them were carrying food, placing down dish by dish on the table, another servant carried a dedicate bamboo basket.

8 dishes 1 soup along with a basket of steamed flour bread.

Exquisite stir-fried vegetables, fresh vegetables and a variety of roasted meat, in this season vegetable were already gone, not expecting to actually see such fresh vegetables, this let XinFeng feel extremely shocked, he went in to wake Xinyao and brought the dazed Xinyao into the living room.

Xinyao immediately woke up completely by the smell of food, pouncing onto the side of the table she said surprised “This is for us to eat?”

The old man lovingly petted her head “Eat, eat.”

Without caring about her image, she grabbed the food with her hands, eating with hands was very normal, XinFeng passed her a spoon and a small knife, taking chopsticks for himself, he also began to eat.

The old man ate slowly, but XinFeng and Xinyao the pair of siblings ate uglily, the both of them shoving food down their throats quickly. With only a mouth full of vegetables had already conquered her, causing her to say lovingly “Delicious, delicious……really very delicious.”
(Puttty: the lovingly is the same word for both what the old man used earlier, meaning loving unconditionally and no matter what.)

Luckily the vegetables were enough, all of them in small amounts along with Snow White huge flour buns, which was something only the rich can enjoy while normal people cannot, this was something big merchants brought from the outside, here, meat was the cheapest, fresh vegetables expensive and the most priciest was the food made with white flour.

The three of them finishing all the food with only a moment’s effort, Xinyao rubbed her small stomach, her expression strange, there was both comfortableness and sadness, she had eaten too much.

XinFeng laughed as he petted her small head “Ate too much eh, stand up and exercise for a bit.” This little lady had at least drunk half of a big pot of soup.

XinYao muttered “Brother, eating too much………is also uncomfortable….aiyo, I…..I” she moved her body with difficulty, turning around in the living room.

The old man and XinFeng could not help but laugh, the sight of Xinyao grabbing her stomach in pain was rather funny.

Xinyao shouted “You’re not allowed to laugh at me! It’s their fault to cook such tasty food…..aiyo, aiyo……I’m stuffed to death!”


The next day, Xi Quan brought Hong Tong to visit.

Xi Quan was already very old, as a man who condensed 3 real ring body and reached the level of a Real Lun Yin master, he can live for about 300-350 years, he was already 300 plus in age and was unable to break through, which is why his appearance had became to turn old.

The meeting between the old man and Xi Quan, the first sentence had already made him speechless “Old brother, our last meeting…you have 3 real ring bodies, after so many years, how are you still stuck there, are you addicted to being a real Lun Ying master? If you don’t break through soon……then it would spell trouble for you.”

After a while, Xi Qian laughed bitterly “Old brother, wanting to break through, how is it so easy!”

Practitioners are also fighters against time, if they cannot breakthrough in time, then they would have to wait for death, for example the old man Lei Bao, due to his injury, he could only hide in a village to wait for death as he groomed the younger generation, if it wasn’t for his luck then he would probably never appear again, dying silently in Tiger Cliff Castle.

Hong Chen and Wen Yan sat obediently at the side actually Hong Chen was also facing this problem, he was also unable to breakthrough his current realm, his remaining time was also not long.

The old man said “You stayed in Hong Tong for too long, your vigor behind eagerness to make progress gone.”

Xi Quan nodded admitting “Yeah, my life here is too comfortable, there isn’t any danger, hehe, I plan to wait a few years, if there isn’t any sudden breakthroughs, I will leave Hong Tong and see if I have any affinity f breaking through, if it still doesn’t happen then I’ll just die outside.”

The old man replied “En, it depends on your luck then.”

Qi Quan said “Old Brother, after all these years, I never knew you were secretly practice under the area of hong tong’s influence, you should have told me.”

The old man had a bitter smile in his mind and said shaking his head “It’s better if you didn’t know, if you did then even if you stayed in Hong Tong you would not feel well.”

Xi Qian said “Brother, has your injury recovered entirely?”

The old man said blandly “En, it’s okay now, my luck is good, I even broke through.”

A aghast expression appeared on Xi Quan’s face “Sudden breakthrough? My god…..that’s too scary! Old brother, you achieved 6 real ring bodies?”

The old man said “No matter the amount of real ring bodies, the most important is that I have recovered entirely, hey! I believe…..a few friends, cannot sleep soundly at night anymore, haha!” In his voice was a strong resentment and vengeance.

Hong Chen and Wen yan both stiffened, six real ring bodies what it meant was being called a real Yin master, that was the real terrifying expert, they never expected that in their lives, they would actually be able to see a real Yin master, the two of their expressions becoming a respectful one, if a real Yin master is angered, even if all the experts of Hong Tong gathered, they still wouldn’t have a chance of winning.

Xi Quan said “We are all small forces at the sidelines, old brother, you are a god, hoho.”

The old man said “Rubbish! If I was a god, then I wouldn’t be injured heavily by another people and have to hide in a place where even a rabbit won’t shit at.”

Xi Quan smiled bitterly “Old brother, is these your grandson and granddaughter?”

Xinyao and XinFeng walked in from and gave their respects “Seen the senior.”

Xi Quan said “No need to call Senior, call me grandpa Xi.”

XinFeng and Xinyao both immediately called Xi grandpa, Xi Quan smiled and gave the both of them meeting gifts, each of them receiving a bag of gold rings, XinFeng did not expect such a custom here, but eventually he passed the bag to Xinyao.

Xinyao this little house lady happily received the gift, she now knew that Gold rings and sliver rings can be exchanged for food and other stuff, such a intresting thing, so course she would happily receive it.

Xi Quan’s insight was much better than Hong chen’s, at first he did not notice but after seeing the two of them standing in front did he get a closer look, revealing a shocked expression “Yi, old bother, your grandchildren aren’t simple, ah, both of them are single attributed! Good man, a Lv Lun attribute! Lightning Lun attribute!”
(Puttty: Yi=Hmm?)

The old man smiled gleefully, what matters the most to him was his grandchildren, if someone praised them, then he would gladly receive the praise.

Xi Quan sighed and after a while, he spoke “Such a pity, such a pity, old brother is planning to teach them himself.”

The old man nodded “That’s right, you can stop thinking about it.”

Qi Xuan said “Nevermind, let’s not talk about this, old brother, have you visited Xi Rong land?”
(*Puttty: 西戎之地 西=west 戎=army 之地=land)

The old man replied “I’ve heard about it, but never visited.”

Xi Quan said “Xi Rong land, they found a Lunchang space of the ancient people, according to their calculation, this Lun pChang space is about 20 thousand year old.”

The old man abruptly stood up “What!”

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