God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 19: The urge to kill people

The emergence of a Lun Chang space, after a death of a mighty one, his Lun Chang space will disappear, however Lun Chang spaces had a special ability, which is after a amount of time, it would emerge to become a odd space, this space is the emerged Lun Chang space.

Only the Lun Chang space of a mighty one can become a wonderful place, the Lun Chang space of normal practitioners, upon emerging, it would collapse, the items inside will scatter onto the land, or under it, this was a soundless inheritance, whoever who finds it would be rich.

At any time where a practitioner is killed, his Lun Chang space would not appear, which is why the killer would not gain anything, unless he had a special ability to do so.

All those emerged Lun Chang space that had not collapsed, is known to be left by extremely powerful mighty ones, their value priceless, it is said that mighty ones are uncountable in numbers, the current practitioners had lost many if their inheritance, if it wasn’t for the inheritances of the sects, then practitioners would had to fumble practicing, turning training into something unimaginably hard.

The Lun Chang space of ancient practitioners, once emerged would become a huge space, perhaps a space reaching hundreds of kilometer, or even thousands. If entered by a human forcefully, it would absorb large amounts of dirt and air, becoming a small world filled with treasures, these items are what large sects yearn for, it is the best place where the core of the sect can live, not even mentioning the large amount of ancient treasures in the Lun Chang space.

Every discovery of a Lun Chang space would provoke a bloody fight, anyone powerful who hears of the news would be interested, this time, the old man Lei Bao was also interested “Xi Rong land has a emerged Lun Chang space, what’s happening how? Who won it?”

Xi Qian said “A old friend of mine sent a message, he said that this Lun Chang space had just emerged, it hadn’t stabilized yet, in about 2-3 years it will ten truly stabilize, only at that time we can find a way to enter it.”

Lei Bao laughed coldly “Without the power of a Real Yin master, it is virtually impossible to rip open and enter the Lun Chang space, also ripping open the Lun Chang space, those without the required strength would be killed by the entering dirt and air, what kind of strength does he has?”

Xi Qian’s face slightly reddened as he said “He has 2 Real Ring bodies, a real Mi Lun big master named Tan Kou, his strength is indeed not much, but he is a generous person, has many friends and vast information sources, his character is not bad.”

The old man Lei Bao said “A big real Mi Lun master with two real ring bodies, hoho, it seems that there’s one more who values treasure more than his own life, however, I am very interested.”

Xi Quan was instantly overjoyed, with the old man Lei Bao going, he could at least have some of the profit, a Lun Chang space appearing Xi Rong land is an news that had already travelled across the many places, who knows what kinds of experts will appear, with his current strength, it was very lacking, although in Hong Tong he was a top expert, but leaving the area of Hong Tong’s influence, he can only be counted as a expert, not a top one.

He had been uncertain for a long time, it wasn’t that he did not want to go, he knew in his heart that relying on his own strength itself was not enough, not even talking about a share, he would not even get the cold leftovers, only until he heard about the news of the old man Lei Bao did his hope come back, his strength was in fact not enough, but he knew that the old man’s strength was not ordinary, if he went to Xi Rong land, Lei Bao could definitely secure a position.

Hearing the old man Lei Bao expressing his interest, he was overjoyed “If old brother is willing to go, I can help you settle the other things.”

Xin Feng said “Grandpa, where is Xi Rong land? How far is it from here?”

The old man said “Very far, but there’s a short cut we can use, that is using the ancient Lun passage, the whole journey will take only 2 months.”

Xi Quan was shocked “Old brother, you can find the ancient Lun passage? That’s great, if not then the road to Xi Rong land will take at least a year.”

XinFeng asked curiously “Ancient Lun passage? What’s that?”

The old man explained simply.

The forementioned ancient Lun passage was a space created by a mighty ancient one, it is a Lun spot, when a Lun spot and another Lun spot is connected, one can can move speedily across I me and space, but those who can use the ancient Lun passage must be a expert with at least 4 Real Lun bodies, without a expert of that strength, it is impossible to open the passage, which is why, those who attained 4 real ring bodies, who are also called real yin big master, can travel the world.

He old man said “There should be a Lun spot nearby, about 20 days away from Hong Tong city.”

Xi Quan was shocked again, he only had 3 real ring bodies, a real yin master, a level away from becoming a big real Yin master, which is why he could not find a Lun spot, let alone knowing that there was one nearby “Old brother, how did you know?”

The old man said “I used it once, of course I would know.” He had used this Lun spot in the beginning, that was how he escaped to Tiger Cliff Castle, after reaching, his injuries worsened until he entirely lost his strength, he had never expected to recover, let alone use the Lun spit again.

XinFeng thought silently, this was his first time hearing such a method of transportation, it was actually possible to go from point to point, leaping across space and time, the airplanes from his past life was nothing compared to this, he originally thought that the transportation of this world was too lacking, but suddenly appeared the iffy ancient Lun passage, he wanted to know how unbelievable the ancient times of this world was.

Hong Chen was similar to XinFeng, there are things he heard before, and many others he hadn’t, Lun spots was something he knew, but it was something he only heard others talk about, he had never experienced before, one must know that the strongest in Hong Tong was Xi Quan, a real Lun master, a level away from becoming a real Yin big master.

Although between the two terms, real yin master and a real yin big master, there was only a word difference, the two of them had the difference of heaven and earth, 3 real ring bodies to 4 real ring bodies

The duo of Hong Chen and Wenyan sat at the side as if little children, their eyes shining with respect. They did not dare to even interrupt them, hearing this whole elders speak, was something that brought many benefits, something that contained many information.

Wenyan’s eyes shined brightly, she also wanted to go see a Lun spot for herself, she wanted to see a emerged Lun Chang space even more so, this kind of chances are once in a lifetime, there was many times where she wanted to speak, but seeing her own master respectfully sitting, listening attentively, all her courage disappeared, in her heart she was jealous of XinFeng, he who dared to speak what he wanted and asked what he wanted.

Xi Quan said “If it’s like this, we can leave sooner, there’s no need to spend the winter in Hong Tong city.”

The old man Lei Bao said “We have enough time, let’s first rest in Hong Tong city, in the meantime we can prepare for the journey.”

Xi Quan was overjoyed, knowing that the old man would bring him along, finally Hong Chen could not bear it anymore and said “Senior going to Xi Rong land, you need a certain amount of people to take care of small matters, can I be of help…?” He looked with longing at the old man, Wen yan had also became anxious, she wanted to go too.

The old man Lei Bao nodded “That’s fine, if you are willing to come, I don’t have any opinions, en, prepare a group of 20 people, at least thousand Lun masters, the best would be thousand Lun masters.”

Xi Quan nodded “Okay, let Hong Chen take care of it.”

Hong chen’s attitude entirely changed, similarly for Wen yan there was joy on her face, if her master is going, then she would be able to go too.

Xin Feng did not have a lot of troubles, grandpa would definitely bring him and his sister, he was still in his learning period, only after he attained a real ring body, would the old man probably allow him to leave to travel himself, actually, most practitioners would have left until they reached the level of a Mi Lun master.

As for talented practitioners, although their speed is quick, they are a group of people easily envied by others, once found out by experts, they would most likely be killed, any talented individual from sects would only be allowed to leave after they had the ability to protect themselves, sometimes sects would even get experts to protect them.

Which is why XinFeng realized that it was impossible for him to leave himself, he did not want to leave, this was a personality weakness from his past world.

However as XinFeng grew stronger, the restlessness in his heart became stronger, occasionally when he couldn’t suppress it, his personality would change, actually he found that he would become restless for no reason, it was because of his mild temper from his past world, he had not acted on it. This was a problem worrying the old man too, he had already noticed, XinFeng had reached ten thousand Lun master, he was actually still so peaceful, this was truly a problem.

When the old man was younger, when he reached the level of ten thousand Lun master, he was like a tinderbox, exploding with the slightest of spark, the people he offended uncountable, his personality tyrannical, but XinFeng was entirely different, he lived for others, had a gentle personality and rarely got angry, extremely calm, this made the old man feel rather worried.

People with a single lightning attribute rarely mature, but when they do, they become experts at fighting.

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