God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 5: Fruitful Results

One of the barbarians had climbed to a branch above XinFeng’s. The barbarian closed in on him slowly and pounced. At that moment a spear noiselessly appeared from the side. No matter how thick the barbarians’ skin was, it was not on par with the bulls’.


DaShan madly threw the spear he had, and 7-8 spears overlapped each other as the other hunters threw theirs. The hunters that threw them did not hope to kill the barbarian, they only hoped he would fall. The barbarian became very busy.

Originally he had a spear in his hand, but he had already thrown it at the beginning of the skirmish and now had no weapon. Maybe if he did, he would not be afraid of the hunters’ thin spears.

XinFeng used the spear to ward away the barbarians, and only when a barbarian reached a branch above XinFeng’s did he focus on a single barbarian. Cold sweat broke out from every corner of XinFeng’s body. He knew if he fell, even if he survived the fall, he would still be half dead. Suddenly he emitted a glaring light from his finger that hit the barbarian. The barbarian tensed instantly.

A ton of rope was thrown, wrapping the body of the barbarian. DaShan was overjoyed at the chance, and shouted “Kill!” Everyone surrounding the barbarian knew that this chance came once in a blue moon. Everyone tried their best, madly thrusting their spears.

Pu! Pu! Pu……

7-8 spears all pierced the barbarian’s body. Of all the spears, only DaShan’s managed to cut through the heart. After the hunters pulled out their spears and untied the barbarian, he was seen falling head first down the tree. Sounds of “Pi pi pa pa” were heard as the body broke countless branches and finally hit the ground.

The leader shouted, crazed. Seeing his subordinates die one by one was something he had never experienced, even when they were hunted by experts. He also had not seen so many tragic deaths at once. Now he had only 4 other barbarians with him. The others were either dead or heavily wounded, and now another died, resulting in his anger.

This guy didn’t hack at XinFeng, but instead called out for the other 3 barbarians. XinFeng retreated to see the leader starting to cut at the big branch at his feet. This branch was at least 5 meters thick: cutting this kind of branch took a lot of strength.

DaShan shouted urgently, asking XinFeng to hide. The leader called out. The remaining 3 barbarians did not attack, instead protecting their leader as he chopped at the tree.

DaShan and a few others shouted and started to run forward. XinFeng called out, “DaShan! Go back, retreat! I have a way to fix this!” DaShan trusted XinFeng and retreated with the other hunters.

XinFeng laughed coldly while throwing out a Burst Lightning Needle. He had received a total of 4 Burst Lightning Needles. A single use Lunqi had great offensive power but its weakness was that after one use it would be gone, He has used one to deal with Yingyu in the past, so now he only had three. If he had not been forced into this situation, he would definitely not have used one. This time he had finally gotten the chance to lure the barbarians together. He threw out a Burst Lightning Needle without the slightest hesitation.

The Burst Lightning Needle, faster than anything, charged towards the barbarians with a silver glow. The leader had a very fast reaction. Though he did not have a chance to see what was flying their way, due to his rich battle experience he was able to raise his giant axe to block it.

XinFeng shouted “Explode!” A circle of light scattered, covering the 4 men in an instant. The leader had a very fast reaction, and, raising his axe, felt an incomparable strength hit it. The other three did not block and instantly became bloody pieces of meat.

The leader took the hit like the other 3 barbarians, but his giant axe saved his life. The hand holding it exploded, as did both legs, but, because of the axe, he didn’t lose his life. Despite surviving, he was unable to stand and fell to the ground.

With the sounds of “Pi pa!” the leader fell from a height of 150 meters. If not for the branches cushioning his fall, he would not have survived. At this time, a barbarian charged from a nearby bush and, dragging the leader, ran with his life.

(Puttty: is it me or did a similar thing happen before >.>)

XinFeng shook his head, vexed. He did not expect a barbarian that still could move would appear. He clearly saw an arrow sticking out of that barbarian’s neck. It could be a barbarian that had hidden himself after they first clashed.

All of the hunters in the trees shouted cries of victory. Everyone’s hearts were filled with excitement at surviving. They had not expected to survive, and also their hearts were filled with great respect for XinFeng. Cangyu brought about 7 or 8 team leaders and went to XinFeng. Each expressed their thanks: if it wasn’t for XinFeng, they would have been lucky to even escape with half the hunters present.

XinFeng knew that the position of main hunter was now firmly his. Of course, he didn’t particularly care. His goal was to reach Mi Lun Master as soon as possible.

DaShan wiped sweat off of his forehead. Just now, when the barbarians started to cut away at the tree, he was absolutely terrified. He said, “We are lucky XinFeng is powerful, the barbarians….how scary, cutting so deep into the tree with just a few hacks…”

Suddenly, a hunter shouted in surprise. “Wa, the loot of the barbarians.”

At that moment, all the people in the tree reacted. Shouts of joy and shock mingled together. You must remember that the group of barbarians had been carrying 40 bull corpses. This was great luck. XinFeng wasted no time. “Grandpa Hu, arrange for people to subdue the beasts that were lured here, then send the bulls back! We need to hurry, the smell of blood is getting heavier and heavier. We need to work fast!”

Actually, there were already beasts picking at the corpses of the barbarians and bulls.  As there were many corpses, the beasts did not start a fight, but there were already threatening cries.

Cangyu gave orders loudly. Many hunters came down from the trees with women from the tree holes following them.

Quite a few of the barbarians on the ground had been dragged away by beasts already. There were also some that did not have serious injuries. Cangyu instructed the hunters to finish them off and lay their bodies at the outside of the group to lure the beasts away from the bulls. The others worked together to deal with the bull corpses. As the hunters did not have the barbarian’s strength, they had to cut the bulls up before transporting them. Luckily, there were many people there. 40 bulls were easily taken care off, the pieces of meat stored in their panniers. Not only did everyone have to carry a big pannier, but they also had to carry a big bag of meat with someone else.

XinFeng brought a few powerful hunters to walk around everyone, and, shooting arrows non-stop, killed the beasts that walked too close. With only a few rounds, he managed to kill 2 big panthers, a black tiger, 4 dire bears and a dozen red variegated wolfhounds. All of them were killed by a single arrow to the head.

These were also game for them. XinFeng instructed people to carry the beasts away. Winter supplies were hard to get, so no one would waste them. A red flush of excitement appeared on Cangyu’s face. Although they had quite a few dead and wounded, the rewards of this hunt were humongous. If they could safely bring the meat back then this winter would not be a hard one for Tiger Cliff Castle.

Everybody headed towards Tiger Cliff Castle, joking and laughing on the way back. Everyone was in high spirits.


The whole of Tiger Cliff Castle celebrated for 2 days. All of the loot was split and distributed to the residents. XinFeng received the most: 2 bulls and some other beasts as well as a few bulls’ hide and horns. XinFeng exchanged some of this for tapioca, flour, wild fruits, and dried vegetables for the winter.

The success of the hunt made everyone breathe a sigh of relief. When winter came, if the hunters went out to grab a few normal prey like wild chicken or rabbits, it would be enough.

The old people all said that, according to this year’s atmosphere, it would be an especially cold, hard winter. XinFeng, the old man, Leibao, and the little girl, XinYao, gathered wood and charcoal busily.

Winter needed a large amount of fuel. There was a big forest behind the mountain, and in the forest was a large number of dead trees, the best kind of fuel.

Both XinFeng and Leibao had great strength, so they chopped the wood, while XinYao helped bundle up the wood. Don’t only look at the fact that this little lady was still young. Her strength was not low, and her limbs were quick and neat, a helpful person to have.

There were many old citizens and children in the back of the mountain these few days, as they had to collect wood and leaves. As summer was ending soon, it was also a good time of harvest. Most of the fruits had ripened and different fruits decorated the branches. Other than collecting the branches, XinFeng and Leibao also picked ripe fruits to bring back and dry them.

XinFeng’s household of 3 quickly gathered enough wood and a large amount of fruit. The wood had to be chopped and the wild fruits had to be dried. These 10 days were packed to the brim with activities: other than sleeping and training, all of his time was spent on these.

Of course, when the snow started to fall, XinFeng’s household was prepared.

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you saw nothing, I did nothing

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