God of Thunder – Book 2 Chapter 6: Fruitful Results (2)

The meat itself was already close to a thousand jin. The happiest of the three of them was XinYao. She knew that she wouldn’t starve this winter, and the feeling of cold and hunger combined was not something she enjoyed.

The old man said, “XinFeng, the food stuff is all prepared. When winter starts, you should know that there will be a heavy winter storm, and occasionally there will be thunder snow storms, so…I plan to bring you out. I still need more stimulation. If I do it through training…it is unlikely that I’ll regain my true power.”

“Going out during the winter? That’s too dangerous.” XinFeng also knew that no one would dare to go out in the winter. If they got lost, it would be very hard to return. The outside during winter was a forbidden place.

The old man laughed. “You are not a normal human anymore, you are a Thousand Lun Master. If not, then could you have killed so many barbarians and stolen their loot at the same time?”

“Then what about YaoYao?” XinFeng was rather unsettled by the thought that the little lady would be left alone at home. After all, she was only 6 years old.”

“She’ll be fine. Let YaoYao go to DaShan’s house for him to take care of her. We’ll return soon. After winter we’ll probably be able to leave Tiger Cliff Castle. Hoho, didn’t you want to get out?”

XinFeng thought for a while, and called XinYao to come in. “YaoYao, I need to go out with Grandpa. You need to go and live with DaShan for a while.”

XinYao’s expression immediately changed. Holding on to XinFeng, she said, “Gege, can you bring me out too?” She looked at him sadly with tears in her eyes. XinFeng lost to her at that moment. He said, “Grandpa!”

The old man smiled bitterly. “YaoYao, your body is too weak. You can’t resist the cold outside. If you go with us, it’ll be too dangerous.”

Two tear drops flowed down her face. XinYao looked at the old man and XinFeng while the tears flowed.

XinFeng hurriedly wiped away her tears and said, repeatedly, “Don’t cry, don’t cry YaoYao, don’t cry…” He reached out and hugged XinYao. This little girl was so sensible. He loved her until it hurt, and did not want her to be sad.

The old man sighed “Alright. Anyway, we are an inseparable family. You can come, but Feng, you have to take care of YaoYao.”

XinFeng nodded. “I’ll carry little sis.”

(Puttty: actually is 妹妹 but he shortened it to 小妹 )

XinYao’s tears were still there, but a smile appeared on her face.

“YaoYao, the coldness outside will be very tough. Can you withstand it? When we go out, you cannot regret your decision.”

XinYao resolutely said, “If I am with Grandpa and Brother, I won’t be afraid!”

The old man had great power. Along with XinFeng, who was already a small expert, protecting a child would not pose a problem. As for why they did not want to bring XinYao, they did not want the little lady to experience hardship.

Actually, XinFeng also did not want XinYao to stay in Tiger Cliff Castle. He did not want her to be mistreated or anything. In this hunt they had brought back a large amount of fur, but, of course, making a fur coat now would be too late. XinFeng wanted to take it to the patriarch to exchange for some already made fur coats.

With everything prepared the three of them finally left Tiger Cliff Castle.

They wore thick fur coats, and XinFeng brought his black bow and a steel spear, as did the old man BaoLei. XinFeng also brought a large pannier so that XinYao could sit in it. With his strength, carrying a little child was nothing hard.

The snow continued to fall from the skies and occasionally the sound of thunder roaring across the sky was heard.

XinFeng felt a bit of interest. There was thunder during the snow. The aforementioned thunder snow was a specialty here.

Because the old man’s Lun Chang space was large, all the food was put into it. The number of things they had to carry was not high. There was quite a large amount of thick animal furs in XinFeng’s pannier. Those were for them to use as blankets at night. There was also a small amount of food to prevent food shortages if they were separated.

Holding XinYao’s hand, XinFeng followed the old man into the forest.


The first snow storm had already made Tiger Cliff Castle a white land. Every family would start a warm fire. Hunters would enjoy their annual break. Even though they could not hunt during the winter, it was a good time to rest and train. The winter was a time of teaching and learning, especially for families with children.

As long as there was enough food and fuel, winter would be especially pleasant. It was also a good time to mingle with the other families in Tiger Cliff Castle, stopping at doorsteps to chat with one another as there was no fear of getting lost in Tiger Cliff Castle, no matter how strong the wind. Tiger Cliff Castle was built under a Cliff, so it was just like a long curved road. Meeting up with others was extremely convenient.

17 days after XinFeng’s family left Tiger Cliff Castle, the weather had gradually become sunnier. The continuous 17 days of snow storms finally ended.

A group of humans and horses was walking out from Lead Eagles, with roughly 300 people. They were led by the one that had his cheeks pierced though by XinFeng, Yingyu, along with Dafei and his master, Zhi Chiya.

Beside Chiya were a man and woman chatting merrily. It was obvious that these two were greatly respected by Chiya.

An elder of Hongtong had brought his female disciple. The male outer sect elder was called Du HongChen while his disciple was called Wenyan. Like Chiya, she was a Milun Master. However, her master was more powerful. HongChen had already condensed a Ring Body and become a Real Milun Master who surpassed normal humans.

(Puttty: Two notes, one I forgot to include in the past, Real Milun master is actually 密轮真人, the direct translation Milun real human, it’s weird, so I decided on Real Milun Master, but I can always change it if someone wants me to, the other is the phrase Real body, it is the direct translation while the Chinese characters for it is 真身)

The process of ascending to Milun Master from Ten Thousand Lun Master already eliminates 90% of practitioners. Becoming a Real Milun Master and condensing a Real Body after reaching the level of Milun Master was a giant threshold for a practitioner to surpass. The goal for any Milun Master was to condense a Real Body. Once they are promoted to a Real Milun master, they would have truly become an otherworldly person.

In any faction or group, Real Milun Masters would fill the most important positions. Their status and power were both very high.

Wenyan walked indifferently to the side. Behind her were 10 brawny men wearing black fur coats, each of them Thousand Lun Masters. This was the wipe out squad, specifically used to wipe out barbarians. Their strength was very high.

Yingyu had a red face. His face had not healed yet, and still had two hole bringing him agony whenever he ate, the food slipping through the holes. Drinking was even worse. This time he had been able to invite experts and one of the elders in charge of wiping out of the barbarians. Bringing a total of about a 10 people with him as a team improved his mood. As long as he could exact revenge, everything would be worth it.

He stood next to Dafei, the two of them speaking with garbled words. The only person here that could understand Yingyu’s words was Dafei. The others could make neither heads nor tails of Yingyu’s weird noises.

Dafei said softly, “Uncle, if that kid agrees to go with the elder, then would we not be able to exact revenge?”

Yingyu made a few garbled noises and Dafei nodded. “That’s right. That kid is so proud, he’ll probably say no. At that time, hey hey, the elder would attack…Uncle, how will you get your revenge?”

Yingyu made more noises accompanied by the sound of grinding teeth, while Dafei mumbled. He had noticed that his uncle had become perverse.

(Puttty: note, the perverted is not as in he wants to, sigh. He means the murder kind of perverse.)

(Shinjoiu: Read perverse as blood-thirsty)

Chiya said blandly, “Dafei, have you been to Tiger Cliff Castle?”

Dafei ran up with a “Pipanpipan” noise, and said, “Sir, Tiger Cliff castle is a known danger land. Their home is surrounded by cliffs, the only way of getting in is through a rope basket. If we want to get inside Tiger Cliff Castle, we need to control the place where the basket is, a stone fortress at the top of the Cliff.”

Chiya tilted his head, and said, “Elder Du, Apprentice Wenyan, this will be difficult. We need to first get a hold of the fort at the top of the Cliff if we want to attack Tiger Cliff Castle.”

HongChen smiled mildly. “That isn’t a problem, just leave it to me. The only question is that kid…a Single Lightning Attribute!”

Chiya said, “My disciple confirmed that, but I’ve never seen a Single Lightning Attribute. It’s too rare. Fake or not, we must go check it out.”

“Yingyu, come over here!” called HongChen.

Yingyu quickly ran over. He was not dumb, and had been listening in to their conversation.

“Are you sure?”

Yingyu spoke some garbled word, and HongChen said rudely, “If you are sure then nod your head, if not then shake it. Who can understand your words?”

Yingyu almost choked, however he did not dare to do anything. This guy, HongChen, was a killing star. Killing Yingyu would be like killing a chicken to him. Even his master could not help him. He nodded non-stop like a small chick, his face pale.

Wenyan could not keep up her cold facade anymore, and started to laugh. Yingyu was too pitiful.

HongChen sighed. “If it’s really a Single Light Attribute, I won’t get him anyways. He’ll be taken in by an inner sect elder.” Then he continued, “Pass down the message: once we get into Tiger Cliff Castle, no killing is allowed, not even one person. Just scare them. Once we confirm that kid is a Single Lightning Attribute, anything can be discussed.”

Dafei asked boldly, “Sir…what if he isn’t.”

HongChen laughed coldly. “Then it would be that he was down in his luck, along with Tiger Cliff Castle.”

Dafei and Yingyu both exuded excitement until HongChen added another sentence. “You will also be down on your luck!”

They knew what this meant. If they realized that XinFeng was not a Single Lightning Attribute, not only would he have to die alongside the people in Tiger Cliff Castle, but Dafei and Yingyu would not survive either.

Wenyan said coldly, “My master hates people who lie.”

Not only Dafei and Yingyu had gotten scared. Even Chiya’s legs went numb. Even though he was a Milun Master, compared to HongChen, he was far too lacking. A Milun Master and a Real Milun Master, in reality they were like 18000 kilometers apart, both in strength and in status.

The group of horses and humans charged towards Tiger Cliff Castle.

Translator’s note

you saw nothing, I did nothing

Translator : Puttty

Proofreader : Shinjoiu

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    HongChen sighed. “If it’s really a Single Light Attribute, I won’t get him anyways. He’ll be taken in by an inner sect elder.”
    HongChen sighed, “If it’s really a Single Lightning Attribute, I won’t get him anyways. He’ll be taken in by an inner sect elder.”

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