God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 1: The Fury of An Shi Zi

Hong Chen was furious, how dare he ignore a elder of the outer sect, although he had been running in and out of Hong Tong, and the times he returned can be counted by fingers, but it isn’t any reason to ignore his presence, is these bastards rebelling? Hong Chen did not speak, he merely pounced out and slapped the face of the person in charge.

That guy immediately became dizzy due to the slap and even said repeatedly “Ah? Ah! Ah ah ah ah…..you…..you fucking hit, hit….me! Men….men….enemies are attacking!”

Before he could finish his shout, Hong Chen slapped him again, causing his face to swell. The strength of a hand of a real Mi Lun master with a real ring body was no joke, his slap made that guy see stars, his ears ringing. A few of his underlings charged forward and supported him, none of them daring to catch Hong Chen.

Hong Chen did not wait for that guy to shout again, the sign in his hands were raised to his face as he said “You fucking look carefully, still shout what enemy attacking, enemy your fucking attack!”

That man tried his best to widen his eyes. A piece of identity sign for a outer sect elder, all the outer sect elders have a real ring body and are at least a Real Mi Lun master, not something a tiny ten thousand Lun master like him can offend, although he was still dizzy from the two slaps, he was still capable of discerning, the sweat on his forehead rolled down his face, he was shocked and was unable to understand how this man in front of him was a outer sect elder.

This was a hierarchical society, if one had offended another of a higher position, the only result was death, of course, if you had strength then there would be a more civilized compromise, but it was obvious that that guy did not have the strength to resist the elder.

Hong Chen said coldly “What’s your name?”

That man raised his swelled head which was similar to one of a pig’s that was covered in sweat and said “I, I am responsible for law and order…..Tian Bao Cheng, ten thousand Lun master…”

Hong Chen said “Tian Bao Cheng, are you retarded, or stupid? So you not have fucking eyes!” Hong Chen harshly insulted him, although he did not continue to hit him, but Tian Bao Cheng had been scolded very badly.

Xinyao said softly “Brother, let’s go home.” The little lady finally knew that this place was entirely different from Tiger Cliff Castle, where she had never seen someone attempt at robbing.

XinFeng nodded “Okay, Yaoyao, let’s go back. Uncle Du, we will first be going back.”

Hong Chen hurriedly replied “Wen yan, you go accompany them back.”

Bao Cheng did not know XinFeng was the murderer, which was why he did not attempt to stop them, of course, even if he knew, he would not dare to do so now.

XinFeng carried Xinyao back.

Hong Chen did not leave, after all the deaths of preparatory disciples was something he had to take care of “Tian Bao Cheng, see those people? Bring them back. How useless, preparatory disciples actually stealing money from a six year old, fuck……who is the one teaching them? Being me to him so that I can hit him!” He could not help but scold again, this was too shameful.

Tian Bao Cheng was depressed, it was those preparatory disciples’ thieving habits that caused him to be slapped, and after this incident, he may not be able to keep his position of person in charge, this position was extremely lucrative, wanted by man ten thousand Lun masters, he said harshly “Catch them back, catch them, fuck! I’ll have to do it myself!” He prepared to use these guys who were still alive to vent his anger.

A preparatory disciple suddenly shouted “Anke died, Anke died, you’re all doomed……Anke is the great grandson of Elder An of the inner sect! He has been killed, you cannot run!”

In front of Bao Tian Cheng was countless stars, he quickly walked to the two corpses, turning them around, he inspected them. Suddenly, his face became the color of dirt, this was really Anke, he knew about him, his great grandfather was the Inner sect’s famous An Zi Shi elder, this guy was very famous and had great influence, controlling many people, he was a mighty man.

Hong Chen was conflicted, of course he knew An Zi Shi, he was second only to Xi Quan’s existence, a rather tyrannical existence in the inner sect, he didn’t expect Xin Feng to have killed his great grandson, this would spell trouble.

Tian Cheng Bao was also stupefied, the murderer had left, however, Du Hong Chen was still here, he wasn’t scared that the murderer would escape “Elder, this matter, I suppose….elder will be accountable.”

Hong Chen was extremely troubled and did not expect Tian Bao Cheng to threaten him, raising his hand he slapped Tian Bao Cheng yet again, venting his anger. Grabbing his collar, Hong Chen swirled him around, cracking noises resounded, scaring the people at the side.

“Are you fucking threatening me? Are you? If you want to die, I can help you, ah? Speak! Are you fucking mute!”

Hong Chen was also dizzy due to hitting to much, allowing the person he was slapping speak, if that person was able to, then it would be weird.

Tian Bao Cheng’s tears and snot flowed freely, he finally understood, not only An Zi Shi can have his life, this elder in front of him can also take his life, he had been too stupid, to anger a elder, he was merely asking for a beating.

Able to hit a ten thousand Lun master until he cried, Hong Chen is indeed amazing.

Pushing Tian Bao Cheng forcefully onto the ground, Hong Chen turned to leave, since they had already offended An Zi Shi, the elder of the inner sect, then all he needed to do was to find another inner sect elder,

Tian Bao Cheng looked teary eyed at the leaving Du Hong Chen, he had already been beat to the point where he was terrified, not daring to stop the leaving Hong Chen anymore or even make a noise, if Hong Chen had continued to beat him, he would have played dead, letting his subordinates carry him back.



A Six edged table collapsed, a big old man with a ashen face said “Who killed my great grandchild! Tell me!”

Tian Bao Cheng covered his face he had been hit again by An Zi Shi, this time harder, his flesh mangled and his face full of blood. He said shivering “He was killed by a young man, as for who he is……I do not know….ah, don’t hit me, don’t hit me……I know how to find that young man!” He covered his face, stepping backwards non stop.

An Zi Shi was furious, his arm already raised but not swung yet, he said coldly “Speak!”

Tian Bao Cheng said with agony “Next to the young men was a elder from the outer sect, I already checked, it was Du Hong Chen the elder from the outer sect!”

An Zi Shi knew everyone from the elder class, he said rather shocked “Du Hong Chen? When did he return to Hong Tong City?” His facial expression changed for the worst, a outer sect elder was so arrogant to challenge him “Men, go invite elder Du Hong Chen!” After all he was a expert of the elder class, how would he be afraid of Hong Chen, even his position was higher then Hong Chen.

Immediately men left to invite Hong Chen.

Quickly more men came forward to report, An Zi Shi’s underlings managed to have found Lei Xin Feng.

An Zi Shi said shocked “The guests of Elder Xi Quan?” He furrowed his brows, he held authority in Hong Tong, he could do whatever he wanted for most of the time, but there were a few people feared, one of them was elder Xi Quan, it wasn’t because Xi Quan had 3 real ring bodies, but the influence of Hong Tong, Xi Quan’s was much larger.

One of his subordinates said “That younger is called Lei Xin Feng, he also has a sister called Lei Xin Yao, they came here with a old man. It is very obvious that Xi Quan value them very much, as they live in the building for very important guests.

An Zi Shi nodded “Good, very good, big elder….very amazing? Daring enough to kill my family, hmph, I don’t believe that he would start a war with me for a junior.”

After about half an hour, someone came back to report “Hong Chen is at Xi Quan’s.”

An Zi Shi said blandly “Did you invite him?”

The man answered “I did, but Du Hong Chen said he was busy, and….he won’t come right now.”

An Zi Shi laughed angrily “Good, haha, very good, treating me like dirt…..haha!”

A thousand underlings, each of them bowed while holding their breath, none of them daring to speak or move, everyone knew that An Zi Shi was like a volcano, not knowing when he will erupt.

In anger, An Zi Shi was turning in anger, turning once, turning twice, He suddenly noticed Tian Bao Cheng, his anger erupting, he kicked Tian Bao Cheng, causing him to shout.

The more he hit, the more angrier was An Zi Shi, gradually his stomps did not have any large difference in strength anymore, Tian Bao Cheng also felt something was wrong, he thought at first An Zi Shi was only venting his anger and that if he withstood it, at most he would be kicked until he looked like a pig’s head, but his arm suddenly gave a ‘Kacha’ sound and he understood, An Shi Zi had lost control, he suddenly charged out, hugging his arm as he silently ran out.

“Trying to escape?”

An Shi Zi had entirely lost his reasoning, suddenly throwing out a fist, a golden glow appeared and smashed onto the body of Tian Bao Cheng, 2 real ring bodies, a Real Mi Lun Big master’s attack wasn’t something Tian Bao Cheng could block, in an instant, his body exploded.

At that moment, An Zi Shi’s mind cleared, he knew it was wrong to do so, but under his anger, he did not care so much. An Zi Shi said blandly “Clean it up!”

As some underlings cleaned up, An Zi Shi’s anger dissipated “I heard you also caught some preparatory disciples? Were they the ones with young master?”

Someone answered “Yes, those few people are currently outside.”

An Zi Shi said “Bring them in.”

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