God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 10: Pitiful Bandits (2)

Tuo Luo Niao said hatefully “You’re a pile of dog shit, I should have let Tuo Ye Shi kill you in the past!”

Tuo Ta Shi laughed “Haha, hahaha, you’re regretting now? Haha, it’s too late, although you were forced to be a dog in front of Tuo Ye Shi, but I similarly won’t let you off, you all….will die, haha, I am very happy, actually even if I didn’t kill you, just by destroying your merchant group and your men, even if you went back, Tuo Ye Shi won’t let you live, haha.”

Xinyao said softly “This guy is so annoying, his laughter is awful.”

Tuo Luo Niao said “You intend to kill us all?”

Tuo Ta Shi said “Definitely!”

Tuo Luo Niao suddenly laughed strangely “You can try!” He had suddenly thought of the mysterious group whereas every member were powerful practitioners.

From the team that was behind Tuo Ta Shi came two large men, one of them spoke “Tuo Ta Shi, why talk so much bullshit. Everyone put down your things and get naked, the female stay and the males….nevermind, after putting down your weapons and clothes you can go!”

Tuo Ta Shi said hurriedly “Boss, you can’t let them go!”


That man slapped Tuo Ta Shi and shouted “What do you fucking understand, go to the side!”

Hatred flashed across Tuo Ta Shi’s eyes, he did not dare speak more but instead moved to the side.

Tuo Luo Niao bursted into laugher “Tuo Ta Shi, I did not expect you to be so useless like the past, calling you a pile of dog shit was actually praising you, you’re not even worthy to be called shit! Why would our Tuo family have a this kind of thing!”

The old man Lei Bao said softly “Hehe, how interesting, when they put down their weapons, they would be close to death.”

XinFeng quickly understood, the sand bandits were giving these people a harsh road to walk, they did not have to continue to struggle as they had already reached the oasis, even if everything was taken, they would not have any life threatening danger. Giving them a bit of hope for survival, these people who understood that would not fight, thus reducing the casualties. As for the order to put down their weapons, even if there was another conflict, these men could not pose a threat anymore.

That man walked forward “Have you understood my words, if you cease resisting, I will let you live!”

Tuo Luo Niao laughed coldly “The thoughts of you bandits, who wouldn’t understand? Put down our weapons? For you to massacre us for fun? Stop fucking dreaming, only that piece of dog shit will believe your words! Fuck you!”

That man raised his hands causing a bundle of fire to hit the ground, he said indifferently “With I….Sha Luo Nei’s strength, do I need to lie to you?”

Hong Chen laughed “Mother fucker, a tiny thousand Lun master dares to be so savage, ridiculous.”

Tuo Luo Niao’s heart ran cold, he was most scared of running into practitioners, he said “Don’t bullshit, let us put down the weapons, stop dreaming!” He was extremely daring, this was because of XinFeng and the others. After all, there was dozens of powerful practitioners.

Sha Luo Nei said angrily “Fine, if you want to die, I’ll help you!”

Tuo Luo Niao took a step back, without waiting for the opponent to move, he vigorously waved his hand, the merchant group’s men moved back as if flowing water, revealing Xi Quan and his men.

XinFeng could not help but laugh “This guy is too crafty.”

Hong Chen said “He isn’t crafty, just a bit smart, he dare not ask for help from us, and could only bring us out and let us directly attack the opponent, like that, they will be safe.”

XinFeng said laughing “If we turn and leave, he’ll most likely puke blood.

Xi Quan said “He may not puke blood, but he’ll definitely die.”

XinFeng nodded “Of course, that group of guys are aiming for us now.”

Sha Luo Nei coldly laughed “Where can you retreat to?” He walked closer step by step, suddenly noticing the abnormal expressions of the dozen or so men before him, these men were too steady, they all seemed rather magnificent, their aura different from normal humans, causing him to feel rather suspicious.

“I’ll repeat it again, you can live if you surrender, if you resist, I will kill you wall, choose yourselves!”

Sha Tuo Nei suddenly felt unnerved, he waved his hand and 7-8 men immediately appeared, all of which were low leveled practitioners, their highest ranking member a hundred Lun master, they were the core members of the Sand Bandit group. They lined into a row and moved closer bit by bit.

Qi Tian Yao said “Let me do it, how unexpected for Lun masters to become bandits, how useless.”

Of course XinFeng would not let go a chance to fight, he reached out for a steel spear and laughed “Let me too.”

Yan also walked over and said “Me too.” This kind if low risk battle was the most suitable for her, as she was under Hong Chen’s protection, she did not have much experience in fighting, with such a suitable opportunity, she did not want to let it go.

A few members also wanted to walk forward, but the old man Lei Bao said laughingly “The three of them is enough, anymore……and it won’t be fun.” Two Milun masters and a Lightning attributed ten thousand Lun master, was already a rather scary lineup, against a group of sand bandits, it was indeed going a bit overboard.

Qi Tian Yao said “I’ll take care of that Sha Luo Nei, I’ll leave the rest to you two.”

Yan said “The rest of the practitioners are mine.”

Xinfeng said petulantly “That’s unfair, normal sand bandits, who is willing to fight them?”

Qi Tian Yao said laughingly “It’s because you’re the weakest here.”

Yen could not help but laugh “That’s right, thats right, little brother, you’re the weakest here, so you should take care of the weakest sand bandits.”

XinFeng mumbled “If I had more time, the ranking will be different.” As he spoke, he suddenly stabbed the spear into the ground and took out his black bow, viciously shooting out an arrow.


That arrow headed towards Sha Luo Nei.

Qi Tian Yao shouted “That’s mine! Don’t snatch it!” As he pounced.

Thousand Lun masters could condense their own Lunli armor, this arrow could not break open the defense of the Lunli armor, but had Sha Luo Duo pushed back non stop, the arrow exploded into small pieces, and then did Sha Luo Nei notice that the archer was a practitioner, if he wasn’t one, then he couldn’t have shot such a powerful arrow. Before he could even speak, he noticed a man charging over, scaring him.

Sha Luo Nei shouted madly “Attack! Kill them!”

Yan also pounced, only XinFeng did not move, he sighed “How unsightly, stealing my prey! I’m not interested in killing normal humans.”

The sand bandits were like flowing water as they charged, many of which aiming for XinFeng, as he was standing the closet to them,

XinFeng had already gave up, but he did not expect that the sand bandits would not, as he gave the impression of being a youngster, incapable of posing a threat, other than his impressive archery, the sand bandits did not expect this little guy to be able to fight, they guessed that if they charged towards him, this kid would start crying.

Sighing, XinFeng kept his bow and plucked out the spear that was stuck on the ground, and smiled coldly “You guys think I’m easy prey huh? Come!”

“Brother good luck!”

Xinyao’s crisp childlike voice sounded, XinFeng waved his spear, laughing “Little sis watch me win!”

When XinFeng started to attack, it was too late for the sand bandits that charged forward to regret, XinFeng did not move forward, but massacred along a horizontal line, those that crossed this invisible line, would be killed mercilessly by him.

Without using Lunli, he merely used a single spear to kill, a ten thousand Lun master’s offense and defense was not something the sand bandits could compare to. As if wind, in a few moments, a dozen or so sand bandits fell on the ground, the originally invisible line was formed using the corpses of the sand bandits.

Ten thousand Lun masters could condense Ring armors, which was on a much higher level than the one on Sha Luo Nei’s, although the sand bandits could land hits on XinFeng’s body, but his Ring armor’s defense was too strong, adding the fact that XinFeng was lightning attributed, every time a hit landed on him, the lightning on his body would counter attack, causing the sand bandit’s body to tremble, incapable of moving and eventually dying from electrocution.

And within a few minutes, the sand bandits lost about a hundred or so men, their corpses piling together.

In Qi Tian Yao and Sha Luo Nei’s fight, Qi Tian Yao kept playing around with him, in his arm was a spear which he did not use to pierce, instead he used it to hit him, his actions were purely abusing, the steel spear hitting in Sha Luo Nei’s body, creating a ‘pa pa’ noise.

At first Sha Luo Nei could use his Lunli to block, but after a continuos 7-8 hits, his Lunli armor collapsed. The difference in power between the two of them were too much, a Milun master and a thousand Lun master.

Sha Luo Nei quickly noticed something wrong, his opponent was so powerful that his life was now in danger, among the commotion he also noticed Yan easily massacring his now heavily injured underlings and a youngster killing off hundreds of men, causing his scalp to go numb, he retreated non stop as he shouted “Stop! Stop now!”

Qi Tian Yao scolded laughingly “When you want to fight, you fight. When you want to stop, you stop. What do you take me for?” After speaking, he madly attacked.

After beating Sha Luo Nei until his nose became green and his eyes became purple, his whole body cramping, then did Qi Tian Yao finally stop “Alright, you can let your underlings stop attacking.”

Sha Luo Nei was beaten to the point where his Lunli ran wild in his body, his legs almost giving out, he shouted loudly “All of you fucking stop!”

Tuo Luo Niao also stopped his underlings, the current losses were too much for him to bear, from a total of three hundred or so men capable of fighting, there were only a hundred or so left. Almost two hundred of them fell while the minimum of seventy or eighty men died, he did not want to fight anymore in the slightest.

Both sides stopped fighting, only then did XinFeng realise that he had killed a bit too much people, before him was piles and piles of corpses. One must know that among those that met with his spear, almost none survived, he did not want to continue to fight, to continue this kind of meaningless massacre, although his opponents were evil bandits.

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