God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 12: Mojin City (2)

As the countries was different, every country raised a great military force, the military was the backbone of a country, which was why countries must be more organized, more violent, more efficient than sects.

Xinfeng’s first impression was that the military force was ordinary, the uniforms worn my soldiers tattered and their weapons also ordinary, their equipment inferior to the hunters of Tiger Cliff Castle. Their leather armors were more so crude, only protecting their chest and their back. The soldier’s face were dark, though far from malnutrition, they were definitely not in their best conditions.

Their physique average, without any especially large person. In their hands were lances, the aforementioned lances were merely a long wooden handle with a foot long spear head fitted at the tip, it obviously was not purely made out of steel. To them, this was a unbelievable thing, in their homeland, a wooden lance would not suffice, if a powerful beast was to casually appear, with only a bit of strength, the wood handle would definitely break.

Qi Tian Yao walked forward and asked “Is there a problem?” His expression was cold.

The man who seemed to be leader of the solders asked “This two…what kind of livestock are they? How have I not seen it before….”

Qi Tian Yao was shocked as he said “This is the Big horned bulls, is there a problem?” He did not know that the Big Horned bulls were a specialty of mountainous areas and that there was no livestock like it here.

The leader said curiously “This…..Big Horned bull, can it be eaten?”

Everyone was shocked, what kind of a question was this. XinFeng’s heart already had a vague guess, he walked forward and spoke “The meat of Big Horned Bulls is not bad, indeed edible, however, rarely anyone eats them as they are the best kind of rideable livestock.”

The leader said elated “As expected, I’ve heard people say that beef is delicious, a pity that we don’t have cows here. Right, can you give us a Big Horned Bull?”

Qi Tian Yao said “Give you a Big Horned Bull? What do you mean? How do we give you?”

The leader replied “En, that is we will buy this Big Horned Bull.”

Qi Tian Yao laughed “You want to eat this Big Horned Bull?”

That leader vigorously nodded his head as he spoke “That’s right, we’ve never eaten Big Horned Bulls, that’s why we want to exchange for this Big Horned bull.”

Qi Tian Yao said “Still a no, there are still a lot of things on the Bull’s back, if we give it to you, then no one will carry it.”

The leader said “We’ll exchange two Sand Tuo Beasts for one of your Big Horned Bulls, how’s that?”

XinFeng nodded in his heart, at least these solders did not forcefully take it, they merely wanted to trade, this was a good point of theirs. They were a group of outsiders, meeting their military, if they had tried to forcefully seize their things, unless they had large strength, they would not succeed and they would not be able to redress.

If the opponent had tried to forcefully seize their livestock, Qi Tian Yao could have taught them a lesson, but they only wished for a trade. Actually, the Big Horned Bulls were not very practical, because of the hot climate, they had already shown signs of weakness.

At least they spoke nicely, and Qi Tian Yao did not care much, he said “Three Sand Luo Beasts and you can have these two Big Horned Bulls, you have a hundred or so people, one isn’t enough.”

The leader was elated “If so, haha, I welcome you to the barracks, we have a lot of Sand Luo Beasts there, you can choose them.”

The leader was called Wei Zheng Long, he was the Barrack Commander’s Gaurd leader. Their Barrack Commander was also a weird person, he loved to eat and frequently has Wei Zheng Long to look for strange things to eat. After a while, Wei Zheng Long became troubled, the variety of food in every place was limited and he cannot easily find new food, which was why upon seeing the Big Horned Bulls he was immediately attracted.

The Barracks were not too far from Mojin city, they quickly reached the Barracks, Wei Zheng Long’s underlings had already ran to the Barrack Commander to report.

Upon entering the Barracks, a fat man brought a few men over and said “Zheng Long, I heard you found something good, haha, let me see…”

Wei Zheng Long excitedly ran over and said “Chief, I found the Big Horned Bull….we will have beef to eat!”

The fat man’s eyes bulged, he said elated “Ah, is that true, how can there be cows here…..Eh, that really is a cow!” Noticing the large physique of the Big Horned Bull, he could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

The old man Lei Bao, Qi Xuan, Hong Chen and everyone else were all shocked, this fat man was definitely unique, watching the Big Horned Bull could actually have made him swallow his saliva, this man is definitely a glutton.

Only then did the fat man greet Qi Tian Yao and his men said “I am the Barrack commander of this Barrack, Jin Da Pang, my nickname is fatty, ah, that’s right, Milun master…..may I ask who you are?” This fellow was also an Practitioner and a young one too, no wonder he was already the Barrack Commander in this place.
(Puttty: his name is legit, Gold Fat Man. The first word of his name is the same as the city.)

Qi Tian Yao said “Qi Tian Yao, Milun master, nice to meet you, nice to meet you.”

Jin Da Pang’s attention was on the Big Horned Bull the whole time, side lay hearing Qi Tian Yao’s words, he was shocked, this place was very remote, rarely would practitioners come here, which was why upon hearing the term Milun master, he immediately became alert.

As Jin Da Pang was also a practitioner, and also a Milun master, he had already gotten the qualifications to receive the names of the others.

Yan said “Yan, Milun master, this is my Master, Du Hong Chen, Milun True master.”

Jin Da Pang was really shocked now, Milun True master, that was a expert who had condensed a True Ring Body, just him alone could sweep away the whole barracks, he thought to himself ‘Zheng Long this little, I let you find food, not find a Milun True Master, fuck, I mustn’t offend this sort of expert.’

Xi Quan laughed “Xi Quan, Lun Ying True Master.”

Jin Da Pang’s legs went soft, himself almost falling butt first onto the ground, he shouted his heart ‘Lun Ying True Master, three True Ring bodies! I’ve hit the jackpot, there would actually be this sort of expert in Mojin city!’

Luckily the old man LeiBao did not introduce himself, if he did then perhaps Jin Da Pang would have fallen to the ground. Lastly, XinFeng introduced himself “Lei Xin Feng, ten thousand Lun master.”

The old man realized that other than this old man and a child, the rest of the men present here was at least a Thousand Lun Master, what kind of group is this, how scary, two true masters and a group of helpers.

Wei Zheng Long was also shocked silly, he kept celebrating silently, not knowing why how his attitude just now was so good, he was not so polite in the past, but he didn’t expect that this time’s good mood has helped him keep his life, if he had tried to snatch the Big Horned Bulls p, then perhaps the whole Barracks would be doomed, he was only a tiny hundred Lun master, and he had only reached this title recently. If anyone of this team other than the little girl was to step out, they would be able to kill him,

Jin Da Pang saluted according to the rules and said “Da Pang has seen the two elders.”

Qi Xuan said “You’re wrong.”

Jin Da Pang’s heart thumped quickly as he hurriedly replied “Elder, where have I wronged?”

Xi Quan pointed to the old man and said “He is my old brother, and also my senior, which is why there isn’t only the two of us.”

Jin Da Pang pitied his heart which felt like it was thumping to the point of exploding, ‘a Lun Ying True Master’s Senior? You’re already scaring me to death, and this old man is even scarier, you can’t do this this, I only want to eat some meat, why scare me.’ He said “I’ve seen the three elders, please come to my large tent, please, please!”

The old man said “That’s good, let’s go sit, we haven’t ate yet, let us borrow the barracks to cook something.”

Upon hearing about cooking, Jin Da Pang became energized as he said “I have the best cook in Mojin city, I also have the best ingredients from Mojin City, please come and taste it, hehe, pardon, I like to eat.”

Qi Tian Yao said “You let your men come and take these Big Horned Bulls, and also, bring 3 Sand Tuo Beasts.”

Jin Da Pang said hurriedly “I did not know it was elder, this, nevermind about the Big Horned Bulls.”

Qi Tian Yao said “No need to decline, we had already agreed on this, no need to go back on it.”

Jin Da Pang said “Alright, Zheng Long, you go take care of it, take three good Sand Tuo Beasts, we can’t let the elders suffer loss, hurry go, hurry go!”

Wei Zheng Long brought a few underlings and took down the goods on the backs of the Big Horned Bulls, only then did they lead it away as Jin Da Pang politely brought the crowd to his large tent.

The aforementioned large tent was merely a tent made out of tarpaulin and felt, however, this tent was very big, and was situated a large empty space. The sun blocking tent was filled with tables and chairs, the tent seemed very cool, entering the hot outside into the tent, everyone felt a gust of coolness, Xinyao couldn’t help but said “It’s so cool here!”

Jin Da Pang said pleased “There’s a cold spring here, which is why my large tent is very cooling, hey hey, this is the best place in Mojin City, cool and comfortable, pity that we can’t build houses here, if not it’ll be even more comfortable.” This guy was purely looking for enjoyment.

XinFeng said “Brother Jin, why are you at the military? With your strength, no matter where you went it’ll still be better than this place.”

Jin Da Pang respected XinFeng, a youngster his age is already a Ten Thousand Lun master, you could tell he was a person with unlimited potential, even if he did not curry favor with him, he definitely cannot offend him, who knows what heights he may reach in the future.

Jin Da Pang said “Little brother, in Xi Rong Empire…practitioners that do not belong to sects must all serve the country, the military is actually a very good choice, we are mostly just fighting barbarians, which is why with my strength, no matter the amount of barbarians, I still can run before I’m defeated, I’m also a glutton, with the salary of the military, I can go anywhere, I also can have a lot of men to help me find food, hey hey, I already joined the military when I was a thousand Lun master, it’s been a dozen or so years, I’ve done pretty well.

XinFeng licked his mouth and said “Brother Jin, how respectable, for food you’re willing to do anything.”

Jin Da Pang laughed complacently and said “Zheng king, lay the best banquet and prepare the most sumptuous food, I want to treat them!”

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