God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 14: Jin Da Pang’s calculations (2)

Hearing Qi Tian Yao’s question, Jin Da Pang wore an innocent expression as he said, “Yes, this is the shortest road towards there!”

Qi Tian Yao said, “In front of us is where the Barbarians are, you intend on letting us walk though the Barbarian Tribe?”

Jin Da Pang revealed a honest smile and said “With all of your strength, walking through a Barbarian Tribe is nothing, hehe.”

XinFeng said, “Brother Pang, you’re borrowing a knife to kill humans.”
(Puttty: it’s a idiom about how the murderer uses another person to kill someone.)

Jin Da Pang laughed, “Barbarians aren’t counted as humans, I’m only borrowing the road, not any knives.” He did not admit his scheming calculations but instead continued to play dumb.

The old man Lei Bao did not know whether to laugh or cry, they were indeed unafraid of the barbarians, but it was troublesome, the most feasible situation was to find a way to walk through without colliding with the barbarians, but Jin Da Pang purposefully brought them to the Barbarian Tribe, if they walked this route, they would most definitely be surrounded by Barbarians, thus making it impossible to escape resulting in the need of killing their way through.

Wei Zhen Feng ordered a dozen or so soldiers to lead the sand Luo beasts, they need not fight, but only needed to follow the group closely.

Jin Da Pang knew that this group of experts would not kill him for this, at most they would feel displeased, he thought that irking this group in exchange for the decline of the Barbarian tribe would be a profitable deal. Thus so, Jin Da Pang kept a smile the entire time, no matter what anyone said, he kept a good tempered attitude, not refuting at all.

The crowd could not help but laugh, this fellow was indeed a lazy one, throughout the journey, he had tended to their hunger and thirst with incomparably delicious food and drinks, which was why the crowd did not bother to continue arguing, merely killing Barbarians was not something too difficult.

Qi Tian Yao’s group, Jin Da Pang’s group and also a group of Sand Tuo Beasts, was a rather eye-catching and quickly the Barbarians noticed them.

Jin Da Pang ordered Wei Zhen Long to bring the soldiers and Sand Tuo beasts to hide behind the crowd, he similarly retreated, standing behind them he had a look of a bystander, causing Hong Chen to scoldingly laugh, “Little fatty, don’t be so calculative or you’ll suffer.”

The old man Lei Bao did not bother with him and spoke, “Feng, you go kill them.”

XinFeng relied, “By myself?”

Qi Xuan said, “Let the Wipe-out team go too, Feng by himself cannot block the attacks of the Barbarians.”

Hong Chen said. “Yan will go too.”

The old man Lei Bao smiled, “That’s alright too, you guys go, we’ll just follow behind, directly charge towards the Barbarian Tribe.”

XinFeng nodded, “Alright!” The more experiences he had, the more he felt the possibility of largely increasing his strength, even without the special LunLi skills, merely battle skills, would still give him countless of skills to practice, he could also learn in battle, the Barbarians had many good techniques, quite a few of his skills were learnt from the Barbarians.

Low leveled practitioners needed to go through large amounts of battles, only then can they grow, after reaching a high level, one need not fight as often, the most important point was to nurture one’s battle sense and battle courage, without these two, even if one had trained to the level of an high leveled expert, their battle strength would be weaker overall.

The weapons here were all roughly to steel spears, axes and steel rods, there were also some large knives and large varieties of daggers, bows and shields, other weapons were rarely seen. XinFeng had been using steel spears all along but he actually preferred large knife. Especially barbarians, rarely would anyone use large knives. However the blade of a knife was capable of killing through stabbing when chopping did not suffice.

Flicking his wrist, the Black bow appeared in Xinfeng’s hands, he preferred to first use the Black bow and then attack with the Steel spear, there was the Lunchang space after all, taking out and keeping items were very convenient, more so for bows, the usage of arrows were convenient to the maximum, after shooting out one arrow, another would immediately appear in his hands, allowing him to continuously shoot arrows.

Qi Tian Yao charged forward first, with Yan behind him, the other Thousand Ten Thousand Lun Masters walked at the two sides in lines, forming a arrow head formation while XinFeng walked leisurely behind. Everyone knew that his archery was special, capable of breaking the defenses of barbarians, each arrow had a high change of taking a life, his percentage of kills extremely high.

About two hundred Barbarians gushed out from the Tribe, behind them was also another group of Barbarians. Coming to the entrance to the tribe, to the barbarians, was the start of a life-and-death match, no matter the gender or age, everyone took up their weapons, this was a battle of survival.

The two sides had roughly a thousand meters between them, the Barbarians shouted madly as they charged towards Qi Tian Yao and his men as if a swarm of angry bees. Each of the Barbarians had a large stature, the shortest of them taller then two meters, they all had broad shoulders, thick arms, faces painted with red and white battle marks and their hands wielding weapons, they shouted “Wuwa, Wuwa” as they ran quickly, their large feet leaving heavy footprints, their charge was not inferior to the Sand Tuo Beasts’.

Two hundred or so Barbarians charging together actually gave the aura of an colossal army charging while the other side’s charge consisting of the wipeout team along with XinFeng and Yan, which had merely a dozen people, could not compare.

The old man LeiBao turned around and saw Jin Da Pang holding on to a meat bone, vigorously gnawing on it, seeing the Old man turning around, he said seemingly embarrassedly, “Before battle, my panic will turn into hunger, which will disappear after I eat.”

Wei Zheng Long hid among the soldiers, he was the true embarrassed one, after all his chief was too embarrassing.

The old man Leibao said indifferently, “You all better follow us, Heihei, let’s go!” He carried Xinyao and suddenly charged forward, Qi Xuan and Hong Chen both exchanged a glance and quickly followed him as they rushed the Sand Tuo beasts.

Jin Da Pang was scared and quickly threw away the meat bone as he shouted, “Follow them, quickly follow them! Quick, quick! Hurry up!”

A group of men rushed their ten Sand Tuo Beasts and followed, Jin Da Pang knew that if they did not catch up, they would be surrounded by the Barbarians, and at that time, only him would escape without too much difficulty.

The old man Leibao and the two other men was very quick, without the Sand Tuo beasts dragging them down, they would have caught up with the people in front at any time, even taking over them would be easy.

A thousand meters was a kilometer, for a practitioner, this distance was a very short one, with only the passing of a dozen seconds, Xinfeng’s black bow started to ring, continuous ‘Pings’ could be heard as arrows flew out one by one, in an instant, the charging Barbarians fell, causing the Barbarian group to scatter.

Qi tian Yao shouted as he collided into the Barbarian group.

He also wielded a steel spear, ‘chi chi’ sounds rang madly as a few of the large Barbarians were pierced by him, Yan similarly wielded a spear, the two of them were similar to dragons that arose from the sea, madly killing the pouncing Barbarians.

This group of practitioners’ massacre had a silent agreement, none of them used Lunli, instead they killed normally, however the level of madness in their attacks was much scarier than the Barbarians’.

XinFeng continuously shot out a dozen arrows and with the flick of his wrist, the Black Bow disappeared while a steel spear appeared in his hands which he used to continue massacring the Barbarian group.

Upon reaching the level of a Thousand Lun master or a Ten Thousand Lun Master, the practitioner’s strength would have already far surpassed one of a Barbarians’, which was why XinFeng and the others seemingly did not fight with much difficulty, they were in a state of charging, they never stopped in a single position, but instead charged forward madly while slicing down onto the Barbarians as if slicing butter, quickly moving through the Barbarian group.

The old man Lei Bao as well as Jin Da Pang and his men charged through the Barbarian group, however Jin Da Pang’s group was slower. Jin Da Pang said wailing, “O…..fuck, hurry up!” He could not abandon these soldiers and Sand Tuo beasts, taking out a giant axe, he could only move forward to kill.

Luckily the Barbarians were still in a mess due to the massacre earlier and had not regrouped yet, allowing the previous group to pass through.

Continuously attacking a few Barbarians, Jin Da Pang followed them and charged out, shouting, “Don’t stop! Quickly run, hurry! If not I won’t be able to save you…”

The second wave of Barbarians came, Qi Tian Yao once again led his men and charged into the group.

XinFeng charged madly non stop as he killed, that sort of excitement made his blood boil, it was too enjoyable. Shouts of Barbarians filled his ears while his entire eyes was filled with the color of blood.

This wave of Barbarians similarly could not stop them, without a minute passing, they opened another bloody path which they had charged through.

Qi Tian Yao shouted loudly, “Don’t fight, head onwards! Head onwards! Charge!”

Even Yan screamed as she ran forward, this woman had also been excited, her face flushed with red and her eyes wide open, the spear danced in her hands, neatly killing the Barbarians.

Groups of Barbarians appeared from small houses, pouncing without fearing for their lives, the young and old taking up most positions of the groups.

Qi Tian Yao shouted “Don’t hesitate, don’t stop, kill!”

XinFeng charged to the front lines, he also needed to battle, to hone his skills, this kind of the chances were the best, firstly because of the good defense and the experience of the Barbarians, all sorts of skills were worthy references for him, merely shooting arrows behind could not let him train to the maximum, which was why he ran to the front lines to fight side by side with Qi Tian Yao.

Though Qi Tian Yao was busy, he smiled towards XinFeng, he admired this youngster, to be capable of taking the initiative to come to the front lines, proving that this child had a heart of a warrior.

Not everyone was suited for battle, there are some Thousand and Ten thousand Lun masters, or even Milun masters, afraid of battles, and more so for cruel killing, those kind of people would always choose to join a sect or an influential force and become a teacher.

A burly Barbarian pounced over with a shout, his hand holding a humongous axe the size of a small car’s wheels, with a flash of light, the axe chopped downwards with a shout, the large axe head aimed towards Qi Tian Yao.

Qi Tian Yao’s body moved slightly and the steel spear was thrust out, avoiding it, the barbarian turned sideways and the axe in his hands suddenly changed direction and swept towards Qi Tian Yao.


XinFeng shouted “Careful!”

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