God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 15: Manslaughter

Qi Tian Yao dodged and also shouted, “There’s one more!”

Behind the burly barbarian was actually another barbarian, a young dark skinned barbarian who wielded a steel spear similar to Xinfeng’s, he suddenly appeared under that barbarian’s arm and pierced at Xinfeng’s chest.

XinFeng raised his arm and in an instant from the steel spear appeared a flash of lightning, causing the young barbarian’s body to tremble.

The head of Qi Tian Yao’s spear suddenly rose up and with a ‘ding’ sound, split open the axe, as all of them moved very quickly, after exchanging two moves, the others had already charged over, but his spear head had already been thrust out.

The spear head pierced at the heart of the young barbarian from his back, causing the still trembling young man to fall to the ground.

A group of men had already flitted past as if wind without stopping before the burly barbarian and the young barbarian could react, that barbarian shouted many times and as he stood up, he noticed that a fatty charging over with a roar, swung his axe upwards to chop the fatty down.

However Jin Da Pang was not a pushover, though gluttonous, he was also a Milun master, much stronger than XinFeng. He closed in to the barbarian’s bosom and viciously collided with his chest, causing a large explosion of strength.

The barbarian only felt a flash of pain at his chest followed by a barrage of ‘Kacha’ noises, his ribs had actually been shattered by Jing Da Pang’s tackle. Jin Da Pang was similar to a speeding train, causing that barbarian to be sent flying. Seeing the young barbarian’s attempt to stand up, he continued to charge and stepped on the young barbarian, due to his weight and the strength purposely placed behind his step, another ‘Kacha’ sounded and the young Barbarian fainted with a painful cry.

Behind Jin Da Pang was ten Sand Tuo beasts, ten soldiers and Wei Zheng Long, they all madly dashed over and madly stepped on the young barbarian one by one, when the group walked passed him, that young Barbarian had already became unrecognizable, stepped to death by this group of people.

Gradually, the barbarians noticed something, as this group of people was not here to kill, they only routed the blocking barbarians. If they could kill, then they would do it without hesitation, but is the barbarians retreated, they would not bother to give chase but merely walk pass them. Noticing this the barbarians did not continue to block. Though barbarians are very barbaric and mad, they weren’t stupid, if they were then they would not have battled with humans for such a long time.

Similar to a devastation that swept everything away, this group of people killed their way through the Barbarian tribe.

Throughout the road, there were many corpses and causalities, they ran whilst killing. Though Jin Da Pang chased them from behind, he was still very happy, he estimated roughly 70-80 deaths for the barbarians, and there were even more heavily wounded, just like this they crippled the Barbarian Tribe’s forces by half.

Similar to a gust of strong wind, the whole team passed through the Barbarian Tribe within 10 minutes. The Barbarian Tribe was rather big, taking up roughly three kilometer square, their mud and thatched houses scattered about, there were also some made of wood, overall it seemed very primitive.

The person that caused the most frustration of the Barbarians was Jin Da Pang. When this fellow passed through the Barbarian Tribe, he would shoot out balls of raging fire, the houses that he passed would most definitely go up in flames. His path was of flames and death. Jin Da Pang’s goal was very simple, which was to kill as much as possible and create more chaos.

The soldiers under him ran with all their might, their faces pale. Who are they kidding, barbarians surrounded them who were normal humans, if any of the barbarians were to pounce on them, they would be incapable of defending, and if they were unable to escape, they would definitely be eaten, all of them knew that humans were always one of the Barbarian’s prey.

Wei Zheng Long shouted nonstop “Run, run faster…..motherfucker, run faster, if you fall out from the team blame your unluckiness…..no one will help you, run!”

Even though the soldiers were capable of barely keeping up, there was still one soldier who was unable to escape. This unlucky fellow was hit to the ground by a barbarian, if he were to climb up and kept running, perhaps he could have escaped, but the cause of his demise was that he had sprained his foot, escaping through hobbling was practically impossible, one must know that this group if people were sprinting with all their might. Quickly he was surrounded by the chasing barbarians.

Hearing that soldier madly wailing miserably, all of the soldiers felt fervent and ran even faster. Wei Zheng Long kept shouting, “Fuck, be careful of your footing, be careful, don’t fall down, if not no one can save you, hurry, hurry, Hurry!”

One of the soldiers ran and wailed, “I can’t run anymore…..I can’t….run anymore….I, I will die….”

Wei Zheng Long chastised loudly, “If you can’t fucking run then go die! Why shout….hurry, hurry, run faster!” He was extremely worried, the opponent had already closed the distance between, if it wasn’t for Jin Da Pang who was between the two groups killing the charging barbarians, they would have definitely been surrounded, but this situation was already pretty terrifying.

Finally all of them escaped the Barbarian tribe through killing.

After madly running for a while more, the barbarians behind gradually stopped chasing, only leaving a few barbarians who still felt unsatisfied.

Qi Tian Yao raised his steel spear and shouted, “Alright! Stop!”

The two groups stopped, Jin Da Pang turned around and saw that none of the ten Sand Tuo Beasts were lost, but he did lose two soldiers, one who unluckily fell in the Barbarian’s lands while the other one did escape, but when they stopped, he fell head first to the ground and died, he was that one that wailed nonstop, his heart had burst due to the fatigue.

XinFeng stopped with a little sweat on his forehead, this bit of distance was not much to him, but it was too stimulating, the excitement causing him to sweat.

Xinyao came down from the old man Lei Bao’s embrace, she had gotten used to watching massacres, since leaving Tiger Cliff Castle, she had gradually adapted to this sort of situations, as to her, this was a good thing, when she starts to train in the future, she would not have any opposition towards killing.

The old man Lei Bao smiled, “Feng, how was it?”

XinFeng replied, “Exciting, fun, I hadn’t massacred like that before, it made my blood boil.”

The old man Lei Bao, Qi Xuan and Hong Chen all laughed loudly. Actually they were embarrassed to fight, as their level was too high, they do not attack barbarians anymore, fighting them was like a brute bullying an ant, it bore no satisfaction, but watching their juniors massacre brought on another feeling.

Jin Da Pang was instead in the midst of reprimanding his subordinates, “Zheng Wei, what did you choose? I let you select a few stronger soldiers, fuck! One idiot fell in the Barbarian’s land and is probably being eaten, the other died running! Too fucking weak, how do you train them normally? This isn’t even a battle, just running…….fuckers don’t even know how to run…”

Wei Zheng Long felt unhappy, he had already found soldiers that were very strong, but how could they compare to this group who had such abnormal practitioners, if it were a normal soldier, he would have definitely died from fatigue or perhaps couldn’t even catch up, but even so, only two of them died. He dare not refute, but continued to listen to Jin Da Pang as saliva spewed out of his mouth, he understood that Jin Da Pang’s heart was in pain. This fellow had always shielded his shortcomings, with two deaths of his underlings, his mood would definitely be horrible.

Yan stood at the side, thinking back to the massacre earlier. For her, this kind of massacre was rather rare to participate in, which bore large benefits. Fighting with the weaker barbarians and then gradually with people with acceptable levels in the future, it would help her obtain a good battle sense, this was her motive for fighting, her reason for killing barbarians.

XinFeng was also reflecting, this sort of fight also gave him a lot of benefits, according to the old man’s teachings, there was no shortcuts in battle. He merely needed to keep fighting to strengthen himself and nurture a battle sense, especially during his youth, once he had done so, his strength would surpass those on his level.

In this battle, the two who had the most rewards would be Yan and XinFeng, this was why the old man did not oppose the idea of charging into the Barbarian Tribe’s land.

There were barbarians wandering far away, they already knew that this group was at the level where they could not defend against, which was why they did not attack, but merely monitored from afar, hoping to see them leave.

They rested for a moment and left as this place was not a suitable place to rest.

Here was the boundary line between the desert and the oasis, it did not lack vegetation or water sources, under Jin Pa Pang’s guidance, they came to a small riverside at evening. The small river was rather good, with shallow clean water. A few thousand Lun masters went to hunt.

This place had the famous SandThorn chicken, an extremely well known delicacy.

Under Jin Da Pang’s recommendation, Qi Tian Yao sent a few underlings with Jin Da Pang to go hunting.

As the bonfire was lit, Jin Da Pang came back with a few people after hunting. To Lun masters this sort of hunting was simple, they had hunted about a dozen SandTorn chickens together.

Jin Da Pang said regretfully, “A pity that there isn’t too much time, if not we could have hunted even more SandTorn chickens.”

The SandTorn chickens were not big, according to XinFeng, this SandThorn chicken was only a bit bigger than the doves of his past life. The SandTorn chickens was a holy ingredient of soup, SandThorn chicken soup not only had a splendid taste, it’s meat was succulent and tender, with a small cooking time and could be eaten after boiling.

Jin Da pang was indeed a glutton and a gourmet, he personally cooked a few large pots of SandThorn chickens, personally handing the three True Masters each a large bowl, the old man Lei Bao then passed it to Xinyao, causing XinFeng to laugh, “Brother Pang, good job with your sucking up!”

The crowd bursted into laughter and Jin Da Pang said without a change in expression, “I was respecting the elder! Little bro, don’t worry, brother Pang will also suck up to you.” And as he spoke he also passed a bowl to XinFeng.

XinFeng tasted a mouthful and could not help but say, “What a good soup!”

Xinyao also said “Brother, this soup is so delicious…”

Qi Xuan and everyone else were also amazed, this SandThorn soup is truly delicious.


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