God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 17: Stellar Night Fortress

Two Milun masters, one could tell from a glance that these two were important figures from a sect, the two of them were extremely fast, after seeing their silhouettes, in an instant, they were already close. The old man Lei Bao, Qi Xuan and Hong Chen were all silent as they looked indifferently at the two men headed their way, the others similarly stood without moving, silently waiting for them to arrive.

XinFeng softly said, “They should not be disciples in training, but the elders of the sects.”

The old man Lei Bao said coldly, “I hope they did not notice anything.”

XinFeng shivered, he knew the meaning of this sentence clearly, it meant that if these 2 men were to find out something, then they would not be able to leave alive.

The old man Lei Bao always gave him a feeling of kindness, but after he recovered, some of the old man’s actions let him understand that the old man only treated him and his sister well, as for outsiders, he couldn’t care less, if the need arises, he would kill or fight them cynically. Of course XinFeng did not care, as to him, the old man was his family, he would not mind about other things.

When the Milun masters noticed them, they sped over, quickly reaching the crowd.

ZhongZhong was the chief elder for the outer Sect of the Great Tranquility sect while Hong Sha Fei was the steward of the War eagle hall of Great Eagle sect, both of them were Milun masters that had received instructions of their own sects, there were a lot of disciples in training that suddenly disappeared without any news of them. The instructions they had received was to protect the rest of the disciples, ending this training event early.

The two of them came before the crowd and Zhong Zhong asked, “Did you see a few youngsters?”

Qi Tian Yao replied, “No, we did not see any youngsters.” He of course completely denied.

Hong Sha Fei looked around and suddenly said, “Old Zhong, hurry here!”

Zhong Zhong quickly came next to Hong Sha Fei and was stupefied while looking at where he pointed, there were traces of burns on the ground, he could tell that it was raging fires generated with Huo Lun. Within an instant, he understood, this wasn’t the marks of a battle, but the marks of a cremation.

Hong Sha Fei squatted down and touched the ground with his hand, grabbing a handful of soil, and as he inspected it, his expression changed, through experience he could tell that a body was cremated here, the soil had grayish white burnt bone fragments.

Zhong Zhong’s face immediately became pale and pulled Hong Sha Fei to retreat, but as he did so, he noticed that he was already surrounded.

Qi Tian Yao was not dumb, as Hong Sha Fei squatted down, he gave slient orders to surround these two men, as the two men found out about the ashes as they were still on the site, even if they were really innocent they wouldn’t be easily cleared of suspicion, the only way out of this was to eliminate these two men.

XinFeng mentally shook his head, he had also went up and surrounded them, he knew that these men cannot be released, if they escaped, then perhaps all of the sects would be coming for their lives.

Qi Xuan and the old man Lei Bao glanced at each other, this troublesome matter must be taken care off, killing two men was definitely much better than exterminating countless small sects. Within this single glance they had already reached an understanding, they cannot let these two men go.

Zhong Zhong said solemnly, “Who are you all?”

Hong Sha Fei was even more on guard, he had already noticed that these men were not normal humans, they had fearsome strength, “I am the steward of the Great Eagle Sect, Hong Sha Fei, a Milun master, why did you kill our disciples in training?”

Zhong Zhong said, “Great tranquility sect, Zhong Zhong, Milun master!”

The two of them had the same idea, it was to not let the opponent move easily, which was why they immediately revealed their levels and sects. Milun masters was already considered to be on a high level, of course, to a True master, Milun masters are lacking far too much. There were countless Milun masters, but those that reached a True body, True Milun Master, are very small in number, within a hundred Milun masters, barely five will be able to become a True Milun Master.

Thus so, Milun masters among the practitioners were rather fearsome, but they did not imagine that within this small group, were actually three True master super experts and that their attempts of deterrence were completely ineffective.

Qi Tian Yao did not explain, neither could he, what could he tell them; because they attempted to rob us, we killed them? Thus so, no one explained, they all knew that, unless the opponent did not come, it would become a situation whereas the opponent will only stop after his death, there was no respite , their only choice was to let these two men stay, they cannot let them escape.

At this moment, neither Qi Tian Yao, Yan or XinFeng had the thought of collecting battle experience, Qi Tian Yao said, “I apologize, whoever we are, you don’t need to know anymore.”

Qi Xuan said, “Old brother, are you doing it, or me?”

Lei Bao felt embarrassed to strike, they were mere Milun masters, if he were to attack, then it would be the same as bulling children, he reached his hand out, “Old brother, please do!”

Qi Xuan nodded and smiled, “That’s alright too, it’s been a while since I fought.”

Hong Chen said, “Let me do it, hehe, I haven’t been doing anything, I’m already rather embarrassed.”

Qi Xuan replied, “Alright, since you’re itching to fight, then do it.”

The three of them modestly speaking with each other, Zhong Zhong and Hong Sha Fei became pale, though the three of them concealed their aura, but their tone and carefree expressions were suspicious to the two of them, a tinge of suspicion flashed past then, could it be that these three men were True masters?

Zhong Zhong and Hong Sha Fei dare not continue to hesitate, as they had good understanding between them, the both of them shouted at the same time and suddenly pounced in two different directions.

Hong Sha Fei charged towards Qi Tian Yao while Zhong Zhong charged towards XinFeng.

Qi Tian Yao shouted, “Go the fuck back!”

The two of them collided head on, in an instant, an explosive sound was heard and the both of them retreated, they were both Milun Masters, there was a small difference between their Lun Li, Hong Sha Fei was incapable of breaking through Qi Tian Yao’s block.

Zhong Zhong who charged towards XinFeng causing XinFeng to suffer quite a bit. He was forced back continuously, however XinFeng had Lei Lunli, causing Zhong Zhong to suffer too, one must know that electricity has always been peerlessly overbearing, though XinFeng used the lowest leveled Lei Lun Li, he was still successful in causing Zhong Zhong to tremble for quite a bit.

Hong Chen shouted, “Both of you move back. It’s my turn!”

He hit Zhong Zhong with his fist, actually this was thanks to Xinfeng’s Lun Li, Zhong Zhong was still quivering, seeing a man’s fist heading his way, his hands and legs could not react in time, it was practically impossible to resist. He could not help but shout, he was very frustrated, and the Mi ring armor on his body gave off eye piercing light. To block this attack, he desperately infused his Lunli into his Mi Ring Armor.

Hong chen’s gentle punch had shattered Zhong Zhong’s Mi Ring Armor as if it was paper, this punch landed onto his chest as Zhong Zhong watched it, as he watched, pain quickly followed and his vision blacked out, he was killed by just this punch.

Only one punch ended the life if a Milun master, Hong Chen shouted once and pounced towards Hong Sha Fei.

Hong Sha Fei’s nostrils contracted, he was terrified, as another Milun master, he could not believe that Zhong Zhong did not even have a chance to resist and was killed with a punch, a thought flashed in his head and he could not help but shout, “Stop, you are a True Master, you cannot attack me!”

Hong Chen had already pounced before him and said, “Idiot! Go die!”

Hong Sha Fei dare not block, he dodged to the side and charged, in his head was only one thought, that was to run!


Yet another gentle punch landed on Hong Sha Fei’s back where his heart was.

Hong Sha Fei had concentrated all his Lunli onto the Mi Ring armor on his back, in an instant, his Mi Ring Armor shattered, but it had a different result from Zhong Zhong he had concentrated all of his Lunli into his back, though it also shattered, he had also spread most of his strength, with this punch, he was like a kite who’s string was cut, he flew past the surrounding people and landed outside, landing on both of his feet, he ran.

Hong Chen said, “Clever fellow, but, you can’t escape!”

Hong Sha Fei spitted a mouthful of blood, he already knew that his organs had been ruptured, entirely relying on his Lunli for support, he raised his hands and summoned a Lunqi.

That Lunqi made a “Wu Wu” sound, instantly taking to the skies and exploding in it, this was a signal of an attack and a request for help, this was also the most severe and high leveled signal.

The old man shouted, “Kill him!”

Hong chen’s face instantly became red, he had never felt so shameful, he was humiliated. Instantly becoming crazy, he pounced towards him as he scolded, “You mother fucking bastard, I’ll crush you!”

Hong Sha Fei staggered a few steps before understanding that he could not escape, thinking about how he had gave a signal, he could not help but reveal a savage smile, turning around to the pouncing Hong Chen, he said, “We the Great Eagle sect…..will not let you go!”

Hong chen’s palm slapped downwards, scolding, “Idiot, originally only you would have died, now your whole sect will die!”

Hong Sha Fei was instantly enlightened, this group’s identity definitely had problems, his signal could either be a blessing or a disaster, extreme dissatisfaction appeared on his face as he was killed by Hong Chen’s palm.

XinFeng smiled bitterly, Hong Chen was right, this man was an idiot, if he had died silently then perhaps the others would be safe, but if they were confirmed as the murderers and attract large amounts of attackers, then who knows how many casualties there will be. With their group of experts, normal small scaled sects would not be a problem, especially their team, there was a super expert, a real demon, the consequences of angering him, even XinFeng did not dare to imagine.

The old man Lei Bao said, “Alright, let’s go.”

Qi xuan said, “Burn these two bodies!”

Qi Tian Yao said, “Leave it to me!”

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