God of Thunder – Book 3 Chapter 9: Pitiful Bandits

Xinfeng’s sudden shout caused the campsite to be covered in chaos, the bodyguards managed to stand up properly, the merchants, bodyguards leader rushed out from the tent, one by one shouted and wondering what the happened.

Qi Xuan and his men came out of the tent, they immediately met each other. Qixuan said “Are you all equipped with your weapons? We are surrounded by the enemy.”

Tuo Luo Niao shouted, the sand boats were initially placed in circular formation while the Sand Tuo beasts are protected by people. Tuo Luo Niao was worried and angry, he speedily organized his troops and had the crowd take cover behind the sand boats, after doing so, he immediately ran over to XinFeng.

Gradually, even XinFeng heard their movements, Tuo Luo Niao ran to their side and asked “Are they Barbarians?”

XinFeng said “They are not barbarians, hehe, I ask of you……Tuo Luo Niao, did you offend anyone? Why is so many men heading our way?”

Tuo Luo Niao said worriedly “A lot of men? Bandits?”

XinFeng shook his head “I don’t know, you better have a lot of fire….” The pre-dawn darkness almost made it so that he could not see his five fingers of his reached out hand, the entire land relying on the fire’s glow.

Tuo Luo Niao was enraged, he was already over the barbarian’s attack, but now humans came, it made him furious, he said “Be careful, I’ll find men to light some fires….” He dare not ask these experts to help but instead immediately called for his underlings to start large amounts of fires, causing the surroundings to become bright.

The old man sighed “Alright, let’s not just stand here, leave some to guard this area, Feng, you protect Yaoyao. Let’s go find out who came over to disturb our rest.”

Xi Tian Yao said “Tuo Luo Niao’s enemies are not lacking in number, hehe, look at him being anxious.”

XinFeng entered the tent and noticed that Xinyao was already awake, sitting on the ground rather semi-consciously, she said “How noisy, brother……it’s already dawn?”

Xinyao was extremely cute whilst semi-conscious, XinFeng laughed “It’s fine, it seems to be rather lively outside, someone came over.”

The people in the wilderness all hid behind the sand boats, with a group of thirty archers, the others all carried weapons, their ten most powerful men walked back and forth, prepared to attack at any moment. These dozen or so men were all practitioners, a pity that the most powerful one was merely a hundred Lun master, which was stronger than normal humans.

XinFeng brought Xinyao out of the tent and saw Yan, he said “Yan…..”

Yan had a cold expression as she said “What?”

XinFeng said “Help me take care of Yaoyao….hehe, I’m itching to go and play.”

Leibao looked at Yan while Hong Tong laughed “No problem, Yan, you go take care of the little lady.”

Yan did not dare to disobey her master’s words, though unwilling and itching to fight, as for these type of people, fighting is the best way to learn. She said “Okay, Yaoyao, come to sister.”

Xinyao was very clever and could tell Yan was unwilling, she replied “It’s alright sister, I’ll follow grandpa. Brother, be careful.”

XinFeng was itching to use some of his offensive skills, these low risk battles was a good chance for him to train, he laughed “Who’s coming with me?”

Qi Tian Yao said “I’ll bring a few men to help.”

Qi Xuan “Don’t worry, if there’s an expert among the enemy, you need not risk it, just leave it to me.”

The old man Lei Bao said “There shouldn’t be any powerful experts, I did not notice any of them.” His instinct wouldn’t be wrong, unless the enemy has a good treasure that can conceal his aura, he wouldn’t be able to escape Lei Bao’s senses.

A few thousand Lun masters walked out, all of which with the hobby of fighting, following Qi Tian Yao and XinFeng to the circular formation formed by sand boats. Seeing their arrival, Tuo Luo Niao could not help but be elated, from the start he had noticed that everyone in this group was experts, even if only a few came over, they still would contribute much.

Tuo Luo Niao walked forward to offer his thanks but XinFeng waved his hand “No need to thank me, I’m only here to play, also, give me a hundred arrows.” With a movement of his arm, a black bow appeared in his hand, the people amongst the surroundings revealed a envious expression, this storage method was something practitioners have, not normal humans.

XinFeng did not want to use his own arrows, they were all special arrows useful for dealing with barbarians and prey, but for normal humans, it would be too wasteful.

Tuo Luo Niao immediately had his men bring over two hundred arrows, XinFeng examined it and found out that the quality was rather good, of course incomparable to special pure steel arrows, these were arrows for normal humans, but it was enough for him.


From afar was a sudden array of shouts, followed by movement of countless men, under the fire’s dark red glow, god knows how many man came up to attack.

Beng! Beng! Beng….

The group of Thirty archers shot out their arrows.

The archery of this world was very ordinary, with the exception of XinFeng’s black bow which was created specially to achieve such a strong harming ability. A normal bow’s chances of harming someone was very high, but killing someone was something rather difficult to achieve, this was because people of this world had good protective armor, if the arrow did not directly impale something important for example an eye, it was extremely difficult to kill someone.

Xinfeng said “These people are all trained men, their attacks are not weak….” As he spoke, his bowstring made a sound akin to metallic collision, instantly killing a man who climbed up the sand boat.

Merely upon contact, both sides suffered great casualties.

Qi Tian Yao and his men did not go to the front line, instead they stood at the back of the formation, only attacking when someone broke through their formation, instantly killing them.

The combined amount of men of both sides did not reach a thousand in numbers, but XinFeng felt as though there were countless people, there were silhouettes of movement everywhere, flesh and blood flew everywhere, it made him feel extremely excited, this was entirely different from small scale fights, shouts and cries of death filled the battlefield, this clash showed him cruelty in a huge scale.

A few armor wearing men suddenly broke the formation, seeing XinFeng who stood at the side, they shouted loudly as they charged, their faces revealing a savage expression, that kind of madness and indomitable attitude was rather scary.

Xinfeng was not scared, after all he wasn’t inexperienced in fighting. XinFeng especially did not feel any fear towards normal humans, loading his arrow, Ping Ping sounds appeared as arrow after arrow was shot out, all of it hitting the head, those men had fallen even before they could reach him.

Yan did not come forward, she stood near XinFeng, and anyone who came into her attacking range would be killed quickly.

These three great experts, Lei Bao, Qi Xuan and Hong tong all stood behind, none of them attacking, if they did then these men would not last even a single attack, however, those that reached their level would definitely not touch normal humans unless provoked.

Qi Tian Yao and his men did not attack either, instead they passively waited, if they had attacked, them the results would be the same, those normal humans would not be able to block.

Bloody smells dispersed, causing the air to have a metallic smell as people died one after another.

The fighting of normal humans was much more cruel than a practitioners fight, large amounts of death filling every moment.

The men of the merchant group was decreasing rapidly, the strength of the opponents obviously much higher, although the men of the merchant group amounted to five hundred, but those capable of fighting only amounted to three hundred, compared to the enemy troops which had eight hundred men, they would have lost already without the help of the defensive formation of the sand boats, after holding on for roughly a dozen minutes, the merchant groups finally retreated and was quickly surrounded by this group of people.

XinFeng quickly retreated to the old man Lei Bao’s side and asked “Do we have to go all out?”

Qi Xuan laughed “I’m curious to know who had came to attack the merchant group.”

Leibao said indifferently “We’ll get our answers soon.”

Tuo Luo Niao and his men were pushed back non stop, but they were not dumb, all of them retreated towards Xi Quan and his men’s location. Quickly there was no more space to retreat to.

The opponent did not seem have the intention of immediately attacking, a dozen men came forward, one of them said “Tuo Luo Niao, come out, stop hiding.”

Tuo Luo Niao could not continue to hide, he walked out of the crowd while gritting his teeth and said “Who are the all of you?” Actually he already had a vague answer in his heart.

A man laughed as he walked out of the crowd, he said “Tuo Luo Niao, even you have such a day as today, haha, haha, ha.”

That was a skinny man, according to the standees of this world, this man was definitely skinny, by Xinfeng’s estimation, this man was at most 1.50 meters tall and also after careful inspection, this man was assumed to be a normal human, not a practitioner.

Tuo Luo Niao was furious yet shocked, he said “Tuo Ta Shi, it’s you!”

Tuo Ta Shi laughed “That’s right, that’s right, it’s me, it’s unexpected that you still remember me, haha, hahaha!”

XinFeng said softly “Tuo Ta Shi? Interesting, they should belong to the same family, why kill each other?”

Tuo Luo Niao said “Tuo Ta Shi, you piece of dog shit! If I did not let you go in the past, you would have been dead already! I’d never expect you to be so cowardly to not attack the leader, but instead attack me!”

Tuo Ta Shi coldly laughed “You were a accomplice, don’t worry, I’ll not forgive anyone who had harmed me in the beginning!”

Tuo Luo Niao said “When the fuck did I become a accomplice? I am not related in this matter at all, you mother fucker….it’s Tuo Ye Shi’s and your feud, you fucking went to bully his sister, of course he won’t let you go….without me making peace, did you think you would be able to live?”

Xinfeng’s eyelids twitched, from the start of the conflict, he noticed that this skinny fellow was not a good person.

Tuo Ta Shi said “So what, anyways you should all die! If you gave me a chance, I won’t let even one of you go!”

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