God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 10: Descend of the Space (2)

Miserable cries sounded, Si Donald and Sun Buru’s expressions became ugly and awkward, more so for Si Donald, who was slightly furious, a group of underlings were frantically escaping and the three of them could only become saviors.

Luckily the shattered area was not large, adding the fact that all of them were practitioners, although quite a bit of men were buried, with their strength, they all started to burrow up, the only exception was the disappearance of Ai Sha Bo.

However Si Donald had also lost a few underlings, all of which were Ten thousand Lun and Milun masters, not one True master was lost but a few true masters with one or two True ring bodies were injured. After all, the strength of a True master is incomparable to Ten thousand Lun and Milun masters.

Si Donald and Sun Buru brought their gang of men to retreat outwards, even with the strength of Si Donald and Sun Buru, they wouldn’t dare to recklessly enter and started to mercilessly kill the arriving practitioners, they also understood that this Hidden Lun space wasn’t normal.

They had decided not to allow other forces to enter, as for the men inside, they would similarly kill them when the opportunity arrives, unless they were stronger than Si Donald and Sun Buru.

Lei Bao and XinFeng continued to float amongst the darkness, at this moment a large force pushed them forward, gradually increasing in speed. XinFeng tightly grabbed Lei Bao’s neck as his leg coiled around the old men’s waist. The old man released his Lightning stamp and set it below his feet as a layer of light covered the two men.

The two of them were like arrows being shot out, a sound similar to drums sounded behind them, something unknown was heading towards them.

The old man Lei Bao could feel something strange, he immediately sped the Lightning stamp up, madly rushing forward. He didn’t know what was behind him, or in front, but he did not want to drag to find out what the danger was.

Hidden Lun spaces of powerful experts are normally very vast, true masters’ Great Hidden Lun spaces are very precious, however this Hidden Lun space doesn’t seem to belong to one, but to an ancient expert. For all they knew, this could be a Hidden Star Lun of an unknown grade. This Hidden Lun space before them had a feeling similar to it, it was very similar to a Hidden Star Lun, but the old man Lei Bao had no methods to confirm since he hadn’t seen a Great Hidden Lun nor a Hidden Star Lun.

XinFeng didn’t understand what was a Great Hidden Lun or a Hidden Star Lun, he only wanted to enter, take the things inside and if his luck was good, perhaps he could find some rare items of the past.

Lei Bao was extremely excited, he knew that upon successfully entering the Hidden Lun space, then the rewards of this expedition would not be lacking, if he found a useful skill or item, he could perhaps even increase his level. He used the power of lightning this time to successfully level up, but as for the next level which was before him now, he received a great chance at breaking through which he would never let go of easily.

XinFeng glanced at the back, as it was pitch dark here, he could only rely on the old man Lei Bao’s Lightning stamp’s faint silver light to barely look at the surroundings, however nothing was on the road of their flight. XinFeng could feel a presence of something but he couldn’t clearly see what it was, he spoke, “Grandpa, I can feel something coming towards us with a high speed!”

Lei Bao replied, “I know!” He madly flew forward, luckily he knew how to, if he didn’t know how to fly and could only float with the ripples, he would have perhaps collided with the thing behind them.

Suddenly light appeared before them and in an instant, stars and spots appeared before Lei Bao and XinFeng’s eyes, those were items that were deposited in the Hidden Lun space, the space between them was so small that they resembled a starry night’s sky. Lei Bao spoke aghast, “This is a fucking Hidden Star Lun! This is a fucking Hidden Star Lun, haha, XinFeng, we’re rich!”

XinFeng didn’t know that a single person could collect so many things, with a glance, he saw all sorts of countless items clustered together.

“How should we collect them?”

XinFeng knew that his Hidden Lun space was very small, at most it was a hundred or so meters square, which was even enlarged after his ascension to Milun master.

Lei Bao replied, “Nevermind that, take as much as you can!”

XinFeng was dazzled, not knowing what to take. Lei Bao reminded him, “Remember to take the special ones, those that you’ve seen before can be left behind, just look for things you’ve never seen before, especially recordable Star Python skins and specially crafted items, right, and medicine….don’t miss it!”

The two of them madly started to collect items.

XinFeng noticed that he couldn’t much move in the Hidden Lun space and could only stay behind Lei Bao. He simply took out a rope and attached himself to the old man Lei Bao’s waist, using this rope he pounced towards interesting items and after obtaining them, he retreated using the rope.

As the old man Lei Bao’s judgement was after all different, he brought XinFeng towards the interesting items.

In the entire Hidden Lun space, no one else entered, only the two of them were scurrying about in the space.

And in only a few minutes, large amounts of items were inserted into Lei Bao’s large Hidden Lun space, it’s size letting the old man collect without worries while XinFeng chose his items, he only took a few dozen items without checking what they were, as long as he wanted it, he immediately took it.

XinFeng suddenly pointed to a distance not too far away, “Grandpa, there!” He had the task of scouting and had to remind the old man Lei Bao, this was the understanding among the both of them.

Lei Bao glanced over and flew there without hesitation, praising him, “Great job, Feng!”

Seven or eight items floated in the air, clustered together. XinFeng’s vision was indeed powerful, he had seen a scroll with a color similar to the skin of a Star Python, this was the item most important to Lei Bao, with his experience the more powerful Lei Bao was, the more benefits he could receive. Thus, he knew to find the things Lei Bao needed, not things he needed for himself.

Only now, did his emotions stabilize, the effect caused by entering was too great, he couldn’t even search properly.

Two pieces of Star Python skin was kept in Lei Bao’s hidden Lun space, everything else he left alone. He spoke, “Feng, you take it!”

XinFeng immediately took them, the items were not big either, suitable for him to keep. Suddenly, Lei Bao raised his head, “They’re here!”

XinFeng noticed a few human shadows suddenly appearing from afar, followed by a sight that shocked him, countless debris were spit out, instantly forming a sight similar to a sand storm, quickly dispersing.

Lei Bao immediately flew to another direction, he didn’t want to be buried by the stones. And because of the rope, XinFeng was also pulled by Lei Bao.

XinFeng did not have a choice, he purposely grabbed small items smaller than a few inches. As for the larger items, he completely ignored them as it wasn’t something he could take.

He suddenly noticed a silver white four inch long bone with the thickness of a calf. That bone was extremely special, it actually gave off light of electrical arcs, he immediately pushed Lei Bao to move towards the bone and grabbed it.

Lei Bao turned his head and glanced over, unable to contain his shout, he cried, “Good job! That’s a bone of a Star lightning beast, haha, Feng, your luck is really good, haha!”

Star Lightning beast?

XinFeng thought for a while before remembering the records on the Star Python skin, it was a powerful beast that went extinct a long time ago, like the Star Python, it was an extremely fearsome star beast of the past, a beast of the legends.

A beast capable of controlling lightning. It was said that this beast’s bones were one of the best materials of lightning attributed weapons, containing electricity and they had actually found one here!

XinFeng turned his head and found that the debris was covered by sand, the human silhouettes that appeared initially were also similarly swallowed by the sand.

“Why is there so much sand?”

Lei Bao replied, “Very normal, if it were the sea, you would see infinite amounts of water pouring in and if it was in Tiger Cliff Castle, then mountains and trees would also appear. Of course they would be shredded into pieces before they could enter.”

XinFeng asked shocked, “What does this mean?”

Lei Bao replied, “We still cannot feel the pressure right now but once that gravel stops moving, you’ll notice the appearance of a ground, followed by the collapse of the Hidden Lun space and at that moment it would reappear on Thousand Sand barrier, all the items contained here would appear there.”

Once this Hidden Lun space appears, it means that everything would burst out, many things would be hidden in the sand and many would land on the sand. At that moment, the real blood bath begins.

This would perhaps take three days, or a few months. Within this time, the first people who entered would be profiting the most, as they could receive the first batch of treasures, of course, that is you can protect it.

The practitioners in this world all have hidden Lun spaces, and the attribute of these spaces is that with the death of its owner, it would disappear and would not appear immediately, so robbery is not a working alternative, unless you had a torture method to obtain the treasures, killing simply isn’t the way to go.

At that moment, Lei Bao and XinFeng both found another shining object.

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