God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 11: Bountiful Rewards

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Tai Lang felt extremely oppressed, ever since he was absorbed, he was floating. Of course, as an expert with five True Ring bodies he was slightly better off than others here, but he definitely wasn’t as strong as Lei Bao to move as he wished. Only until the raging sand storm was he then pushed in the Hidden Lun space, instantly buried in the sandstorm, without even time to stabilize himself and so he couldn’t propel himself or move he wished.

However, he still found a few items, he felt miserable as though he saw countless objects, unfortunately he couldn’t take them.

Others were in roughly the same predicament, all of them moved along the sandstorm, their body pushed around unwillingly. The lucky ones could still take a few items, while the unlucky once couldn’t even graze against even fur. Jin Da Pang especially suffered, upon entering the Hidden Lun space this fellow immediately saw dozens of items in the distance of a hundred meters, even before he could celebrate, it was already swept up by the sandstorm, causing chaos as even he himself didn’t know where he was.

Lei Bao and XinFeng noticed a shining object and Lei Bao immediately brought XinFeng over, this was already the edge of the sandstorm.

As Lei Bao flitted past the shining object, XinFeng already moved away from Lei Bao’s back and pounced towards that item. After grabbing it, Lei Bao had already speedily brought him away, the sandstorm had already swallowed that area into nothingness. Lei Bao asked, “What is it?”

XinFeng had already kept that item into his Hidden Lun space, he replied, “I didn’t have time to see, I’ve already kept it.”

Checking the spoils at this time was indeed unsuitable, it was for collecting other objects as such a chance was too rare, and the things present for taking were too many. A large portion of items were materials, of course materials are useful items, but when compared to finished products, these materials became insignificant.

Lei Bao and XinFeng had already discussed on the priority list for collecting items, practicing methods were the priority, after that was crafted objects used for mainly defense and offense, followed by the different rare materials and lastly was the items that just came their way.

The two searched back and forth, while the wall of sand behind them increased in size speedily, seemingly about to spread across the entire space, who knew how much sand the Hidden Lun space had absorbed from the outside. “Hong Wu” sounds traveled across the entire space, making even their hearts tremble.

XinFeng understood that in this mission, even if the rewards he and his grandpa received were the most, it was only 1-2% of the treasures present in the entire Hidden Lun space, among a hundred items, to be able to take one or two was already considered not bad.

The only pleasing thing for them is to know that the items they obtained were definitely the best, as with Lei Bao’s judgment and experience, the items were all carefully chosen by the two, especially those rare practicing methods, all sorts of wares and ancient practitioner’s medicine. XinFeng even found many almost extinct herbs and minerals which were ingredients of medicine as well as quite a bit of Star beasts’ blood and bones, which were all extremely precious items, he had called Lei Bao immediately upon noticing them.

After four days, the entire space was filled with floating soil and sand, two-three meters away was pitch dark. Now they started to grab items from their surroundings, no longer choosing the items, simply taking whatever they could.

On the eighth day, a sound capable of shaking the earth sounded. The floating soil, sand and items quickly descended, enormous piles of sand appeared, burying large amounts of items including Tai Lang and his men. All of them were buried amongst the sand and soil, but they were strangely happy, as they could finally propel themselves. They started to thrash their way out of the soil and sand as they vigorously collected the various items at their side, laughing joyfully as they did so.

As the sky cleared and every item descend, Lei Bao and XinFeng stayed in the air, watching the strange sight.

Two items radiating off eye piercing light moved rapidly in the air.

XinFeng shouted, “What’s that? Hurry and chase it!” As if he immediately knew it was something good.

Lei Bao’s nostrils shrank, without even hesitating, he brought XinFeng to pounce on it, he had already identified what it was and his heart started to jump madly. That was a refined DianGangLeiJiang, another item of legends, it had obtained the rarely obtainable spirituality, and was actually attempting to escape the Hidden Lun space.

(Puttty: 电罡雷浆 is something i don’t know how to translate literally, when in the future the chapters give me more context regarding it I’ll figure it out, for now please bear with me, kind people~)

XinFeng shouted loudly, “How strange…..that, that thing….knows how to escape!”

Lei Bao spoke with gritted teeth, “Of course, it has spirituality……that is a DianGangLeiJiang! My chances of breaking through lies on that object!” His voice was trembling.

One big and one small, the large DianGangLeiJiang ball brought the smaller one flying around randomly in the sky, while Lei Bao brought XinFeng chasing after it, illustrating a strange sight.

Jin Da Pang climbed out from the sand like and immediately chanced upon a large piece of metal and he cried in joy as he hugged it, he could use this metal to successfully create a Lunqi and even more. As he kept it, thunder suddenly boomed above him and he raised his head to see a strange sight which made him cry out, “What is this!”

Tai Lang finally received an item that gave him hope, if was a rarely seem Lunqi. If he could raise his level again, he would be a True Yin master who indeed requires a Lunqi, even if this Lunqi wasn’t compatible with his attribute, he could always trade with others. This eliminated all worry from his mind as he started his mad searching spree.

Everyone reaped benefits, of course there were casualties and deaths of a Ten thousand Lun master, who was buried alive under the deepest  level of sand.

Lei Bao’s cultivation was too deep, this fellow had always hidden his cultivation and never told anyone, even XinFeng did not know. He increased his speed rapidly, causing suffocation to XinFeng who was tied by the rope, but he knew that this was important to his grandpa and he held on to the rope without making a sound.

Finally, Lei Bao closed the distance to ten meters between him and the DianGangLeiJiang, he reached his hand out and a large arm made of electricity suddenly appeared, grabbing onto that bundle of DianGangLeiJiang. He swallowed it without hesitation and grabbed the other bundle of DianGangLeiJiang which was obviously smaller, the earlier one was the size of a pig’s head, while this was the size of a grapefruit.

Lei Bao bellowed, “Open your mouth!”

XinFeng involuntarily opened his mouth, not to obey the command, but because of the shock he received from seeing Lei Bao eating that DianGangLeiJiang.

After catching that small bundle of DianGangLeiJiang, Lei Bao forcefully grabbed it and in an instant, that DianGangLeiJiang became the size of an orange and was immediately stuffed into XinFeng’s mouth and down his throat.

XinFeng felt as though he swallowed a bundle of fire which burned him on its way down, he covered his mouth as he spoke, “Grandpa…..this…….”

On Lei Bao’s face was a big smile, “It’s alright, it’s alright, with your lightning attribute it’ll be alright, if it was others they would have already been burnt to a crisp, haha, hahahaha!” He was extremely excited knowing that he could continue to raise his level.

With this DianGangLeiJiang, this trip was already worth it. He could confirm that with time, he could rapidly increase his cultivation. Everything else was insignificant.

XinFeng still didn’t fully know the benefits he reaped and after seeing the excitement of Lei Bao, he now understood that he had benefitted greatly, but as for what this benefit was, he still wasn’t sure.

DianGangLeiJiang was an item refined by great experts using natural thunder and lightning, formed after a careful and precise procedure. If absorbed by a lightning attributed practitioner, they must first need a Lightning stamp, it can also be interpreted as that only True Yin masters and True ring masters can swallow this DianGangLeiJiang, or they would be burned into ashes.

As for why XinFeng the Milun master was able to swallow the DianGangLeiJiang, was as he had received a lightning stamp when he just started practicing, which had fused with his body.

As Lei Bao knew a lot about his grandson, he dared to allow XinFeng to swallow this bundle of DianGangLeiJiang, the benefits it brought was unspeakable. It would help XinFeng build an extremely stable foundation, which would bring out his fullest potential. This thing called DianGangLeiJiang was something only great experts could create, which had both Lei Bao and XinFeng completely sure that the owner of this Hidden Lun space was lighting attributed.

Obtaining DianGangLeiJiang, Lei Bao was already satisfied and brought XinFeng down to the surface.

With a shout, everyone gathered.

Lei Bao announced, “Everyone listen to me before you go back to searching for items and treasures.”

Gulu replied, “Alright, we have everyone’s attention.”

XinFeng curiously looked at the crowd, at this moment, Jin Da Pang limped over which made XinFeng laugh, “Da Pang…..haha, hahaha!” He could not bear his laughter, this fellow was to miserable, his face covered by sand and soil with streaks of sweat washing lines off, his beady eyes flittering nonstop, even on his eyelashes was a layer sand and soil while the color of his hair was undistinguishable.

Jin Da Pang replied, “Go on, laugh…..let’s just watch you fly randomly around in the sky. Ai, I want a grandpa like yours too, I would also prosper.” His tone was laced with jealousy.

XinFeng asked laughing, “How was your rewards?”

Jin Da Pang immediately became elated, he had collected nonstop and he already knew he struck gold, his future elevation to true master and condensation of a True Ring body would not be an issue. Practitioners require both practicing methods and resources, he did not lack in methods but in resources, after this treasure hunt, he wasn’t lacking in anything else, since he could always trade for items.

Tai Lang checked his underlings and found out a few had been lost. His heart sank as he immediately issued orders for them to search for the missing.

Qi Xuan, Hong Chen and Yan all received great rewards, though they seem very unruly with sand and dirt covering their bodies, smiles were prominent on their faces.

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