God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 12: Bountiful Rewards (2)

Tai Popo stood at the side, occasionally picking up a few things, all of which were various small rare ingredients that fell from the sky.

Yan Wu also burrowed out from who knows where within the sand, upon coming out, his face exploded in joy as he held a black ring in his hand, “Hey, anyone knows what this is?”

XinFeng recognized it and replied, “That’s a little Lightning ring, you don’t need it, it’s especially made for Lightning attributed practitioners.”

Yan Wu was generous and threw it to XinFeng, “Alright then, I’ll give it to you.”

XinFeng wasn’t going to refuse either, though this thing wasn’t precious, but it was indeed something he could use. This thing was probably an item made by its owner in the beginning and was forgotten after being placed in the Hidden Lun space.

An Yadan stood afar, her thoughts unknown, it was rare that she didn’t bother XinFeng.

Lei Bao clapped his hands, “Alright, I’ll just say a few things and you all can continue searching, I won’t waste your time as it’s important.”

Everyone listened quietly, knowing that the old man Lei Bao wouldn’t gather them for no reason.

The old man Lei Bao continued, “It won’t be long till the Hidden Lun space collapses, it’ll directly appear at Thousand Sand Barrier and I’m sure that there’s a large amount of experts outside waiting for that moment. Therefore, once it collapses, don’t hesitate and run outwards, kill anyone who chases you and if you can’t, just try your best to escape, you all can form teams to help one another.”

“Also, don’t be greedy……you cannot take everything here, leave a few things, it can distract a large amount of people.”

Tai Lang asked, “If we don’t escape and continue to stay, I think that…….perhaps there isn’t anyone capable of posing a problem.” He had five true ring bodies and confidence in himself, especially so in Xi Rong land, where even strong dragons cannot trample on local snakes, he thought that he didn’t need to fear foreign practitioners.

(Puttty: it’s a self-explanatory idiom.)

The old man Lei Bao didn’t retort and nodded, “If you want to stay I won’t stop you, just be careful.”

Gulu was even upset at Tai Lang, he had the same thoughts with Lei Bao, it wasn’t his responsibility to convince him, whatever happens, happens to him. Gulu had also decided on leaving, the rewards he received this time were second only to Lei Bao and XinFeng as he could fly short distances, much better than others. He planned to leave and trade with the old man Lei Bao to find more suitable things for himself.

In this time’s Hidden Lun space treasure hunt, no one expected it to be a Hidden Star Lun, for it to be filled with so many things or even for it to be so dangerous. If they hadn’t occupied the best location, then perhaps a lot of them would be dead already.

Tai Lang had confidence in himself as he had underlings to use, with a few True master experts, he believed that there wouldn’t be many people capable of threatening him.

Jin Da Pang was conflicted, he did not have a senior or a teacher to help him, he was completely reliant on himself. Hearing Lei Bao’s words, he immediately understood that once the Hidden Lun space appeared, he needs to immediately run, not stay here. He gently poked XinFeng with his elbow and asked softly, “Ai, Feng, when you guys leave, bring me with you.

XinFeng nodded, “Alright, as long as you follow us, you’ll be alright.” He didn’t oppose to bringing Jin Da Pang, this fellow gave others a good impression and with him, who was capable of cooking great food, no one would starve.

Lei Bao spoke, “Alright, everyone continue searching. Feng, let’s go!”

Jin Da Pang hurriedly followed over, “Old master, I’ll go with you, hehe.”

Lei Bao did not speak, but silently gave him permission to follow.

A large portion of treasures were buried, to dig them out was a hard task, thus, everyone focused on the large amount items gathered above the sand, which was enough for them to take.

There were all sorts of things on the surface, most of which were materials, as XinFeng’s Hidden Lun space was not big, he only searched for those rare materials, while Lei Bao did not reject anything that came his way, everywhere he went, the items there would be swept clean.

XinFeng even found ancient Gold rings of the past, different from the gold rings now. The ancient gold rings were the size of a palm, it’s surface filled with intricate patterns, he originally didn’t want them but Jin Da Pang told him about how valuable it was, worth much more than the gold rings now, collected by some practitioners and had multiple names, the blossom gold ring and the ancient gold ring. One could be traded for a three thousand gold rings.

(Puttty: a few chapters ago, it was mentioned that the gold rings are their currency.)

There were quite a bit of ancient gold rings here that did not take up much space, thus XinFeng took all of which was in his path. He didn’t take it for himself, but for Xinyao, that little lady loved gold rings, this would be a small gift for her.

After a few days, XinFeng’s Hidden Lun space was already filled and he could only start throwing away the worthless items.

Lei Bao and Gulu started to attack the sand piles, blowing them open and pushing out the hidden items below as the others gathered nearby to collect the items. The standard of true masters were higher, the useless items were left alone for those near them.

According to XinFeng’s estimation, upon the appearance of this Hidden Lun space, the occupied space would not be any less than a thousand kilometer square, it was an extremely large space.

Lei Bao also gradually stopped taking items, he knew that he couldn’t take everything, to be able to obtain DianGangLeiJiang and a few Star Python skin records was already very lucky of him, now what he needed to focus on was how to leave. He was different from Tai Lang, he experienced too much and his instincts towards danger were especially strong, he could tell that this operation won’t be very successful. If he were alone he wouldn’t be afraid, but he needed to take XinFeng away and also retrieve XinYao, the two important things in his life.

Thus, Lei Bao must be prepared, he definitely did not wish for anything bad to happen. After discussing with Gulu, they each had a rough plan of their own, as for Tai Lang, he was on his own. This fellow was obviously entranced by the items of the Hidden Lun space, he brought his underlings around, desperately searching for items. However he couldn’t be blamed, he had to take care of a large amount of people, seeing so many usable items, how could he just let it go.

The old man Lei Bao understood that with Tai Lang’s greedy actions, he would suffer in the end. He had already reminded Tai Lang that the opponent wouldn’t be a normal practitioner, but a true master with five true ring bodies. However, Tai Lang was not his underling, but his friend, he could not force him and so, he didn’t speak more.

XinFeng had also stopped searching and started to train, confirming that the Hidden Lun space belonged to a powerful expert of the lightning attribute, which helped him immensely. Practicing here brought more benefits compared to practicing outside, the payoff within these days was very big, helping him vigorously improve his cultivation.

Today, the entire space suddenly started to tremble. The old man Lei Bao immediately gathered everyone except for Tai Lang’s underlings. They were all surrounding him, they started to prepare for the collapse of the Hidden Lun space.

Leading his underlings, Tai Lang also invited the collapse of the Hidden Lun Space.

Lei Bao and Gulu released their stamps, a lightning and a fire stamp protected the crowd, as they awaited for its collapse.

“Kacha” sounds resounded as the earth started trembling intensely, large amounts of items spewing out from the ground, items no one dared to collect now. They could only watch as sand and soil rose, the entire space becoming blurry once again.

Like an enormous egg cracking suddenly, that invisible force suddenly exploded.

The people outside could clearly see smoke spreading, it was as if the entire sky exploded, sand and dirt erupted, covering the daylight forming a wall made of sand speedily making their way towards different directions.

Not only did it contain sand and soil, but also large amounts of materials and items, it was literally raining treasures, someone had already gotten the falling items and was crying out in joy but even before he could keep it, he was already stabbed to death with the item stolen immediately.

In that instant, the outside erupted in chaos. The practitioners that arrived amounted to over ten thousand people, it was truly overcrowded. As the sand storm came, no one dodged, instead they welcomed it by entering, everyone knew the space had collapsed, which signified the appearance of large amounts of items and materials, no one would leave now, as this place was filled with opportunities of striking rich.

Si Donald brought a large gang of men, he spoke with a deep voice, “No one move, wait!”

Sun Buru laughed, “The people inside haven’t appeared yet, why hurry, hehe, the good things are with them. That’s right, with that guy named Lei Bao…..right!” He turned his head towards Yi Daton for confirmation.

Yi Daton nodded, “That’s right, it’s that fellow. Catch him, perhaps you’ll get some good things.”

Si Donald spoke, “Don’t worry, he won’t be able to escape.”

The earth shook, sand and soil erupting. Those men who pounced into the sandstorm madly ran out, in that instant, countless men were struck with sand and soil causing themselves to bleed from their entire body, with the speed of the debris, the frailer ones were pierced though. In an instant, there was at least thousands of deaths while even more were injured, ruining madly outwards looking unruly.

Yi Daton laughed coldly, “To be able to take advantage, it requires strength, this group of idiots!”

Sun Buru laughed, “Wealth is the greatest temptation, there’s nothing strange about this.”

Si Donald replied, “Alright, be careful, someone is about to appear.”

The sand storm had already collided with these people. Si Donald suddenly flew into the air and raised his fist, with a ‘hong’ sound, the entire sandstorm heading their way was dispersed. It was actually pushed away with a single punch of his as a void was created in the air.

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