God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 13: The Plight of the Greedy

The collapse of the Hidden Lun Space happened within a second, once that enormous force passed it would be safe. Dirt flew in the air, covering the sky. However, within only half an hour it started to disperse, clearing their view as countless items appeared amongst the sand on the ground.

Death cries sounded. To monopolize an area, practitioners killed others and collected the items, everyone wished for no one to attack them as they dug for items, but that was very unlikely to happen. 

Without waiting for the sand to disappear, Lei Bao and the others immediately charged out. Lei Bao had even specially carried XinFeng on his back, even if XinFeng was already a Milun master, he was still a ten year old youngster in a place filled with malicious intent from other practitioners, Lei Bao did not wish for anything to happen.

Jin Da Pang followed Lei Bao as he ran, he did not wish to have everyone go their own ways, despite how he was chubby, he wasn’t dumb, but rather an extremely smart fatty.

Gulu, Tai Popo, An Yadan, Qi Xuan, Yan Wu, Hong Chen and Yan all followed Lei Bao, as for the men of Tai Lang and himself, they separated, having not yet been satisfied with their harvest they stayed there.

Yan Wu and Gulu walked in front to kill, with Tai Popo and An Yadan at the sides, except Yan, Jin Da Pang and XinFeng who were Milun masters while the rest were true masters. Yan Wu and Gulu who stood in front were absolutely merciless, moving forward relentlessly as they killed.

Anyone who attempted to block or stood in front of them were killed without ruthlessly, they all became living targets, there wasn’t time to explain, they were rushing to leave this place.

Si Donald opened a large space with a fist, with all the sand and dirt dispersing.

Sounds of death appeared, even those practitioners that retreated, started killing each other, every influential force gathered to attempt to monopolize an area.

And at that moment where the sand and dirt started to disperse, Si Donald spoke, “Yi Daton, bring your men to clean, kill them all, I don’t want to see anyone alive!”

Yi Daton rubbed his fists eagerly, “Senior, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it! Follow me!” He waved his hand forward and shouted, “Kill!”

Two hundred Ture masters raced forward following Yi Daton, swiftly separating into different teams and headed towards the practitioners before them while there were still hundreds of practitioners behind Si Donald, similarly all true masters. With this strength, they could already sweep away the entire Xi Rong land.

As the two hundred true masters started their massacre, the practitioners of local influential forces were all terrified, this group was too abnormal, even a true master leveled elder died in their hands, they were not opponents for this group, it was simply an execution.

The practitioners that were fighting were all smart enough to disperse immediately.

Si Donald ordered, “Men!”

A true master walked forward, “Yes.”

Si Donald continued indifferently, “Split into groups of three and kill!”

The true masters behind him immediately began to move, as they walked forward, they split into teams of three and started to kill. These few true masters were like unstoppable killing machines, even other true masters could not stop their killing rampage.

Sun Buru laughed, “Xi Rong Land…..hehe, after this battle, it’ll probably lose half of its elites.

Si Donald spoke, “How many elites can such a small place contain.”

Sun Buru nodded, “Hope we can welcome a good harvest.”

Si Donald spoke, “The previous group better survive, or not it’ll be a big loss.”

Sun Buru laughed bitterly, “After all we came late, but luckily we still made it otherwise it would be even more regrettable.” Both him and Si Donald understood that the previous group of practitioners  had the chance to get the best items, of course, for this Hidden Lun space, they could not take everything, but the chances of obtaining something good was still there.

One day later.

The troops Tai Lang commanded were still digging, taking item after item, treasure after treasure. They continued to keep digging, while Tai Lang excitedly watched the old man Lei Bao leave, he was still very happy as with these items he obtained, he could raise his and his underling’s strength. His thinking was that after this risk, Stellar Night Fortress could become the fourth largest power of influence in Xi Rong land.

And at that moment, a dozen true masters came, with three men in each team. Without waiting for Tai Lang to react, they already surrounded them, they were in the middle and it was obvious that they were the earliest group that entered, the target of Si Donald’s underlings.

Those true masters released each of their suppressive auras, and at that moment Tai Lang understood that they weren’t even their opponents, and he knew there was no medicine for regret, his eyes turned black, the only thought he had was that he was doomed. He couldn’t understand why there were so many true masters with such strength. If there were only a few, he still had confidence, even if there were 7-8 of them, he still would be able to retaliate, but with a dozen of them, he lost all his confidence.

The following sight made him despair even more, another 7-8 true masters came. Suppressing the madness in his heart, he spoke, “We are from Stellar Night Fortress, you people……”

“Capture them!”

Those men did not even plan to listen and immediately ordered for their capture.

Tai Lang was after all an expert, with a bellow, he charged towards them. No matter what, he wasn’t willing to be captured, because at that time, he would only suffer. As a True Treasure Lun Yin master with 5 true ring bodies, he was only a step away from becoming a true Yin master, he wasn’t one to be bullied, if he were to go all out, even a True Yin master would have to be careful.

Pity that not only did the opponents have a true Yin master, they even had a few of them. With the other true masters, they slammed Tai Lang to the ground. If they did not have to catch him alive, then perhaps he would already have died.

As he was caught, Tai Lang understood, these men did not want to kill him, they wanted the items they had, if they died, then the items in their hidden Lun space would disappear, and they would never be able to take them.

That also meant, before they took out their items, they would be safe. Of course, if they did, then they would probably die.

The old man Lei Bao luckily lead the crowd away from Si Donald, their speed was astonishingly fast. The route they chosen was luckily empty, and as Si Donald’s men started to block the road, they had already left, the timing between the two was only a small fifteen minutes. If Lei Bao had hesitated they would have collided.

Madly running the entire way, they made their way towards Stellar Night fortress, as for whatever happened next, it was none of Lei Bao’s concern, to be able to leave successfully was already a win.

Passing through the Ancient Lun passage, they finally reached Stellar Night Fortress.

Entering the night fortress, they already met with bad news, A Silan had actually left with Xinyao, saying she brought her out to play, infuriating Lei Bao. He had originally wanted to leave after taking Xinyao instead of staying here, but he didn’t expect to meet with such a situation.

After repeated asking, the old man Lei Bao finally found out that A Silan went to Wannsee continent, somewhere extremely far from the barbarian continent, Lei Bao understood that A Silan could not return immediately, she truly wanted to steal Xinyao.

(Puttty: 万湖洲 = Wannsee Continent. 万湖= Wannsee. Apparently it’s a real place and since it sounds nicer than WanHu.)

XinFeng was even angrier, “Grandpa, let’s go to the Wannsee continent.”

After finally suppressing his anger, Lei Bao thought for a moment before speaking, “We’ll wait a few days, if there’s still no news, we’ll head to the Wannsee continent.”

XinFeng also calmed down, A Silan had planned this all along, to give up the treasures of the Hidden Lun space for a chance to abduct Xinyao, he replied, “Alright, then we’ll wait, maybe they went somewhere closer to play, not Wannsee continent.” He could not help but think this way.

Jin Da Pang came over to bid goodbye, he needed to return, “I’ll go back and resign from my position.” After obtaining so many resources for practicing, of course he did not need to stay in the army.

Qi Xuan, Hong Chen and Yan also left, they couldn’t use the Lun spots and could only walk back taking quite a long time.

However, Yan Wu, Tai Popo and An Yadan were in no hurry to leave, they wanted to do a bit of trading with Lei Bao, exchanging a few of their items that they obtained from the hidden Lun space that did not suit themselves. Lei Bao had after all taken the most, perhaps amongst his loot was items that suited them.

Such an exchange was something everyone welcomed, and after a hunt, they needed to also organize their items.

XinFeng also took various things that filled his hidden Lun space, he needed to organize them. Some were for Grandpa, those that he didn’t need were traded with others, of course, he carefully kept things that Xinyao could use, when they met in the future, he could give them to her.

After their transactions, XinFeng collected many items for himself and also some suspicious objects, many things of ancient practitioners were not something they could understand, by keeping them, perhaps he could someday understand their uses.

Tai Lang had already been tortured into disfigurement, but he refused to give up his items. He knew clearly that once he did, he would be doomed, killed. Many of his underlings could not hold on and gave up their items, but the torture never stopped, the reasoning behind it was simple, they believed that they still had more items and if they gave them up, they would be free.

It became a cycle, by giving something up, one could rest for a while and even be given food before being tortured yet again.

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    He was truely an idiot, he was literally gambling(with a very low win chance) for a few extra benefits, and his attitude the entire time was very much like that of a servant but then, even when hes warned repeatedly by those who are much more experienced and powerful, he tries to act like a boss at the wrong time.

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