God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 14: The Plight of the Greedy (2)

Today, Tai Lang was hung, exposed to the sun as an old man walked over, “Put him down and bring him to my tent.”

Soon, Tai Lang was drug into a large tent, completely powerless. Not only was he unable to move, he could not even control his Hidden Lun space, it was sealed.

Tai Lang attempted to look at the old man, and when he saw him clearly, his dry lips trembled as his hoarsely spoke a single name, “Yi Daton.”

Yi Daton took out a cup of water as he spoke, “Hehe, I didn’t imagine meeting an old friend, I actually didn’t know it was you that I called. Pity……the other one wasn’t captured.”

Tai Lang sipped the water and after a while, he asked, “You mean Lei Bao?”

Yi Daton nodded, “That’s right, I couldn’t find him after two days, he wasn’t among the corpses, I suspect that he had escaped.”

After finishing the water and feeling better slightly, Tai Lang replied, “With your ability, you wish to catch him? Don’t you think that you’re overestimating yourself? You were beaten half to death last time, hehe, keke…..so it was your men who caught me…..no, with your standard, how could you have so many experts at your disposal…….keke!”
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Yi Daton’s face turned pale gradually as he glared at Tai Lang, “You’re lower than a dead dog right now!”

Tai Lang replied, “Keke, that’s right, that’s right……I’m indeed lower than a dead dog, so kill me if you can!”

However Yi Daton really didn’t dare to kill him until he had gotten the items in his Hidden Lun space, they could only torture, not kill.

Yi Daton reached his hand out and patted Tai Lang’s cheek as he asked, “Can you tell me…..where did Lei Bao go?”

Tai Lang’s hatred grew as he spoke, “You want to find him? Why do you want to die so quickly? No…keke, keke…..o, I understand now, you must have sought refugee under some influential force and now you’re thinking that with numbers…..keke, unless there’s a powerful expert…..I believe, with your power, Lei Bao would definitely kill you.”

A sudden imposing force came from Yi Daton, suppressing Tai Lang’s breathing, after heaving for a while, Tai Lang replied, “So you’re already a True Yin master, no wonder you’re so presumptuous, haha……but you’re still incomparable to Lei Bao, you’ll still lose, haha….keke….ah…..”

Yi Daton had kicked Tai Lang over, viciously stepping onto his hand, twisting his feet forcefully, “Is that so? Is that so?”

Si Donald walked over and commanded indifferently, “Release him.”

Yi Daton quickly moved his feet back and replied while bowing, “Senior, I’m interrogating him.”

Tai Lang laughed, “Haha, keke, ha….Yi Daton, you’re still so shameless, bending your back towards the strong and bullying the weak, I……keke, I could never get used to your ways!”

Si Donald sat down, “Lei Bao must have gotten the best items, you yourself should also have quite a bit, take it out and I’ll spare you.”

Tai Lang laughed coldly, “I don’t think that after I do, you’ll spare my life! Keke…..keke…..”

Si Donald replied indifferently, “With my status of Ashen True Yin Master, as long as you take out your items, I’ll spare you!”

Ashen true Yin master! That was an expert that had condensed a True Ring body, and in this continent, it was considered to be the top expert.”

Tai Lang was instantly stunned, he did not expect that an ancient Hidden Lun space to attract such a powerful existence, he spoke, “You, you….keke, kekeke!” He was scared stiff, a True yin master with a true yin body was definitely a top figure in a large sect, as those with 7, 8 true ring bodies of a single True Ring body were characters of legends. He couldn’t be blamed, as a true master with five true ring bodies, it was hard for him to come into contact with such a high figure.
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Yi Daton became extremely satisfied with Tai Lang’s shock, he took the chance and spoke, “Still won’t promise senior?”

Tai Lang was only shocked at the opponent’s strength, but he still believed in his previous judgement, and spoke, “I know clearly, that even if you are a Ashen True ring master….keke, you’re still the fucking same, everyone is greedy, especially so with the strong, keke, I don’t believe you, kill me instead!”

Si Donald indeed did not intent on releasing Tai Lang, even if he didn’t kill him, he had plenty of men to do that job, no matter what, he wouldn’t have killed him.

Yi Daton scolded, “You bastard, obstinate fool!”

Tai Lang opened his dried lips, laughing soundlessly before coughing yet again, coughing out a mouthful of blood, “You’re more of a bastard, more of an idiot, no need to be jealous of someone smarter than you.”

Si Donald furrowed his brows before speaking, “Lock him up.”

Before Tai Lang was dragged away, a true master entered and spoke, “Elder, we’ve found out that they’ve stationed at Xi Rong land in a place called stellar night fortress, I’ve heard that Lei Bao’s granddaughter is there, they will definitely go there, but, we cannot be sure if they will stay there for a few days.”

Tai Lang vomited another mouthful of blood, he was both worried and angry, knowing that his underlings had broken under the interrogation.”

Si Donald revealed a faint smile, “Wonderful, Tai Lang, soon…..Lei Bao will come and keep you company.”

Tai Lang gurgled a sentence, “I hope you die!” But with it contained with the sound of sloshing blood, even with Si Donald’s True ring body, he couldn’t understand his words.

Si Donald commanded, “Yi Daton, you follow me.”

After finding Sun Buru, Si donald spoke, “I will we going out on a trip, you’ll take care of digging and collecting items in this place, no matter who, if they dare to enter, kill them. I don’t wish to witness an accident, I believe that……this place definitely has good things, they cannot have taken everything.”

Actually this was indeed only a guess, Si Donald did not know what Lei Bao had taken but from the reports of Tai Lang’s underlings, he had formed his own’s suspicions. However, he still understood that Lei Bao must had taken a portion of the best things, and that they were all key items like practice methods. These were the items important to him, his training had came to a standstill, he urgently needed the practicing methods of the ancients, and that was why Si Donald had urgently went to find Lei Bao.

Sun Buru nodded, “No problem, I’ve caught a few thousand men we could use, their Hidden Lun spaces have been sealed, they cannot use the items they’ve dug out.”

Si Donald spoke, “En, don’t worry, the things I get, I will share some with you.”

Sun buru of course understood, those he would share would be practicing methods, the others would be unsharable, but even so, he was satisfied, “Alright, no problem, I’ll take care of this place.”

Si Donald asked, “Do you still have enough underlings?”

Sun Buru laughed, “To flip the entire ground…….there’ll never be enough men, en, how about sending a dozen true master to each sect, I need large amounts of men.”

Sun Buru nodded, “Alright, you find someone to take care of it, I won’t bother.”

And so, Si Donald left with Yi Daton and a guide, as he was unfamiliar to Xi Rong land.”

That guide was a ten thousand Lun master from Stellar Night fortress, as he was unable to tolerate the torture, he had betrayed Tai Lang completely, telling everything he could and couldn’t. This ten thousand Lun master was called Houlu, nicknamed Monkey, he was known to be clever and cunning and fearful of pain and death, after only a day of torture he completely gave up.

Passing through the Lun spot, Si Donald speedily made his way into Xi Rong land.

With the traitor Houlu, Si Donald and Yi Daton easily found Stellar a Night fortress, their speed extremely fast with Si Donald’s secret method, with only three days, they’ve already passed the small stone bridge.

Immediately they were spotted by patrolling teams and were interrogated.

Houlu of course knew them, he walked forward and spoke, “It’s me!”

The patrolling teams were shocked upon noticing him, “Its you, monkey, where are the others?”

Houlu didn’t reply his question, “I have important things to do, is senior a Lei Bao still here?” He asked nervously, looking at them. Si Donald had already promised him that if Lei Bao was at Stellar Night fortress, he would immediately let him go.

The patrolling team replied, “Senior Lei Bao is leaving tomorrow, but he is still here now.”

Houlu immediately turned around, “Senior……um…..” He wanted to ask, if he could be released, but before he could ask, Yi Daton’s fist landed on his head, exploding his entire head, and then, Yi Daton started to kill.

Si Donald had his hands behind his back, his eyes squinted in joy. He had indeed promised Houlu, but Yi Daton didn’t. Therefore, he didn’t attack, but Yi Daton did. Tai Lang was indeed a smart man, refusing to promise Si Donald anything.

The strongest among the patrolling team was a Milun master, how could he ever go against a True Yin master and a True ring master? In a few seconds, they were all killed cleanly, none were capable of escaping, or even releasing a warning. The opponent was far too strong.

The two of them swaggered into Stellar night, the central of Stellar a Night fortress.

Si Donald wore a faint smile, watching Yi Daton kill one men after another easily, but there were still those that escaped and sent out warnings, causing waves of practitioners of gush out in support, but there were all walking to their deaths. If they had stayed in their houses, then Yi Daton wouldn’t have bothered to search and kill either, but they all came out to block, easing his job.

Quickly, the two of them arrived at Stellar night, under the large umbrella like structure’s door.

The practitioners here all dispersed, Lei Bao and his men had already received the news.

Yan Wu spoke, “That’s not right, two men coming in to kill……unless, they’re from Thousand Sand Barrier?”

Gulu replied, “That’s likely.”

Lei Bao thought before speaking, “Then let’s check it out.” To be so daring to enter, either they’re madmen, or experts. His suspicions leaned towards the latter.

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