God of Thunder – Book 4 chapter 15: Great Bloodshed

Lei Bao, Gulu, Tai Popo, An Yadan, Yan Wu and XinFeng who had always followed Lei Bao all came out together.

As Lei Bao saw Si Donald clearly, he could not help but furrow his brows. He could not sense the strength of the opponent, which was something very rare with his current cultivation. Basically, as long as it was a practitioner, he could guess their strength. Could it be that this man was stronger than him? He immediately became alert.

Their gazes turned to Yi Daton and Lei Bao asked blandly, “So it’s you!” He recognized him. 

Yi Daton was similarly shocked, he also could not sense the old man Lei Bao’s strength. One must know that he had similarly experienced an explosive growth in strength during these few years too, before he came, he had already decided that even if he could not beat Lei Bao, he could at least fight. He didn’t expect that after not meeting for so many years, this irascible old man’s strength would increase by so much. However, with Si Donald here, he felt very calm.

Si Donald was also curious, he could only vaguely sense Lei Bao’s strength, it made him feel slightly frantic, suddenly unable to sense everything. With a calm expression, he asked, “So you are Lei Bao?” In an instant, he had changed his mind on using force to solve this problem.

Lei Bao asked, “Who are you?”

Si Donald replied, “Si Donald, Ashen True Yin master.”

Lei Bao immediately stood straight and muttered, “No wonder he’s so daring.”

The others, including Gulu, could not help but take a step back. This was too fucking scary, with their experience, this was their first time seeing a top True master, a True Ring bodied True master, perhaps there were others in this continent, but this is their first time seeing a live one.

Si Donald was not frustrated in the slightest, he replied, “You’re also roughly there aren’t you, let me guess……you’re at least a True Heart Yin master! A bit more before you become like me.”

This was even scarier, Yan Wu, Gulu, Tai Popo and An Yadan all revealed extremely shocked expressions. No one expected the old man to actually be so secretive. XinFeng was similarly shocked, he had always been guessing his Grandpa’s cultivation, but he never actually expected him to have reached such a height.

Lei Bao, “You’re too flattering.”

Yi Daton’s face became pale, he didn’t expect that Lei Bao’s cultivation would pave a way for himself. Yi Daton could not help but secretly be glad to be able to follow Si Donald here, if he had come on his own, he would have been killed.

If Lei Bao was a True Wild Yin master with seven True Ring bodies then Si Donald would have captured him, but he was a True Heart Yin master with eight True Ring bodies, he had lost his confidence, especially so as the old man Lei Bao was a lightning attributed practitioner with powerful attacks, an attribute that triumphed his.

Si Donald was dark attributed, his attacks were similarly powerful, but darkness was naturally controlled by lightning. When it came to practitioners of the lightning and light attribute, he would kill them if he could to eliminate future threats, in this life, he had killed countless lightning and light attributed people.

Only, Lei Bao had reached the level of a True Heart Yin master, someone he cannot easily kill, perhaps he could win if he were to fight to the bitter end with Lei Bao but he definitely could not have him stay. To make an unkillable enemy was something he didn’t want to do.

Lei Bao asked, “You caught Tai Lang?”

Yi Daton shouted, “Tai Lang that piece of trash did not even need elder to catch him, he was just caught easily by an underling.” He wanted to provoke a fight between Si Donald and Lei Bao, he had already seen the hesitation in his eyes.

A flash of regret appeared in Si Donald’s eyes, he knew that he had been careless. If he had brought Sun Buru, then he definitely would win, he hadn’t expected Lai Bao to actually be a True Heart Yin master. It had become troublesome now, however, he wasn’t afraid. After all, he was a level higher than Lei Bao, even if the opponent’s attribute triumphed his, if they were to fight, he believed that he wouldn’t lose. As for the others, he could tell they were all shit, not even worth mentioning.

Lei Bao spoke, “Release him!” No matter what, Tai Lang was still his friend.

Si Donald’s expression became dark, “Whether we release him or not…..it doesn’t concern you.”

Lei Bao nodded, he didn’t expect them to release him, he instead had already planned to escape, as long as he could leave, then with the treasures of this time’s hunt along with the lighting storm practicing method, he believed that he could raise his level to True Ashen yin master. He actually had already reached the threshold of leveling up, but as he didn’t have time to train, he was currently stuck at this bottle neck. To clash with Si Donald now would be an unintelligent choice.

He had long passed the age of recklessness, he didn’t start fights after a few sentences like before, instead he understood Tai Lang’s thoughts, some things, must be done.

If he were to escape, Si Donald wouldn’t dare to kill Tai Lang in fear of offending a True Heart Yin master, who knew when a True Heart Yin master would become a True Ashen Yin master? Among True Ashen Yin masters there were rarely fights, but there were countless scruples. One of them could control many True masters, if two of them were to fight, it would easily spread to their underlings.

The act of a True Ashen Yin master killing True masters, was something as simple as killing chickens. This was the reason behind Si Donald’s hesitation. If Sun Buru had come, then with the both of them combined, 2 true masters with 8 True Ring bodies and one True Ring body, they could still make a True Heart Yin master stay. This was the reason for his regret.

(Puttty: the author is getting on my nerves by repeating “A True Ashen Yin master with a True Yin body” over and over again, I’ll shorten it to A True Ashen Yin master because we ALL know it already.) (l3lacksheep: I think I am starting to understand the true body rank system thing??)

Yi Daton shouted, “Who are you to tell senior to release him?!”

Lei Bao glared at him, “Yi Daton, wonderful, don’t let me catch you in the future!” His tone was extremely light, but it carried a threat.

Yi Daton did not dare to speak anymore, a surge of regret entering his heart. Despite Si Donald’s indifference to them, Yi Daton wasn’t uncaring, if he were not to be at his side, then Lei Bao would have probably already killed him with ease.

XinFeng noticed that the more powerful a True master was, the more cautious they were towards battle, with the old man Lei Bao’s temper and personality, he was still suffering to today, one could tell his aversion to battling other powerful people.

Si Donald spoke, “You must have gotten quite a bit of items….”

Lei Bao replied, “That’s right, I did, so what do you want to do about it? Will you capture me like how you did to Tai Lang? Will you force out item by item?”

Si Donald revealed his signature smile, “Of course not. Right now my underlings have taken control of the entire Thousand Sand Barrier, hehe, that also means that after the entire land had been unearthed, everything will be mine…..I believe, we can trade, can we?”

Lei Bao was an experienced man, he had seen all kinds of tricks. He replied with a smile, “Not interested. I already have the things I need, there’s no need for me to go again.”

Si Donald cursed silently, “Old fox!” If he could fool Lei Bao then even if he was a True Heart Yin master, he would still die. No, he would be in a state where he wished for death.

Yi Daton felt pity in his heart too, he had immediately understood Si Donald’s thoughts.

Si Donald asked, “I wonder if you had gotten any Star Python Records? If you did…..I hope to trade for it with you….” After thinking about how impossible it would be, he continued, “En, it’s fine even if we don’t trade it. Copy it for me….I will give you something in return.”

Lei Bao wanted to laugh. Giving him the Star Python records would bring undesirable consequences after he had broken through. He wasn’t friends with Si Donald after all. He spoke, “I didn’t get one, if I did I would have left already.” This wasn’t the reason why he didn’t leave, but he spoke very naturally and sincerely, without giving off the feeling of a liar. Currently, only XinFeng, among the crowd, knew he had actually obtained a Star Python Record.

XinFeng was extremely impressed, he didn’t expect grandpa to be such a good liar, even himself was almost fooled, but he knew clearly that the old man Lei Bao not only had a Star Python Record, he had multiple.

Si Donald’s face grew uglier and uglier, “No?” He didn’t believe him at all, he believed that this old fogey was lying but he couldn’t do anything to force him to take it out.

The old man Lei Bao replied, “No!”

Si Donald finally could not bear it anymore, he really needed it, his need surpassed the danger of offending a True heart master. He spoke, “If……we were to fight, how many of those around you, will survive?”

The old man replied, “Are you threatening me?”

Si Donald spoke curtly, “Of course!”

The old man Lei Bao’s face became solemn, “You can try!” He actually wanted to fight Si Donald too. Lei Bao knew that he was a step away from obtaining one True Ring body, adding the fact that he was lightning attributed, his attacks were extremely powerful. He didn’t believe, that he would not be able to last against Si Donald without attacking once.

Yan Wu grabbed XinFeng unhesitatingly and ran towards Stellar Night’s inner parts while Tai Popo and An Yadan protected their sides, similarly retreating, leaving Gulu to block Yi Daton’s way. The old man Lei Bao had also blocked Si Donald, the two of them started to attack without hesitation.

The old man Lei Bao was relieved slightly by Yan Wu’s intelligence, he had immediately taken care of his biggest worry, this was also because of Si Donald’s lack of Intel, if he had grabbed XinFeng then Lei Bao would have been powerless, this was his weakness.

Si Donald and Lei Bao attacked at the same time.

Similarly, Gulu and Yi Daton also attacked.

Si Donald’s target was Gulu, while Lei Bao’s was Yi Daton. The both of them had the same motive, that was to sneak in an attack first before actually fighting. The both of them had settled on attacking the enemy’s ally.

Yi Daton was sent flying by a thick Lightning strike from Lei Bao’s while Gulu was beaten to the point of vomiting blood.

Lei Bao shouted, “Gulu, take them away!” As he took Si Donald’s punch head on.


Gulu clutched his chest as he ran towards Stellar Night with a limp, he understood what Lei Bao meant, which was to take XinFeng away from here.

Translator’s Corner

Oh the cliff has gone steeper, how cruel, Author-san~

Translator : Puttty

Editor/Proofreader : l3lacksheep

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