God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 16: Reign of Terror

Yi Daton sat on the floor, vomiting mouthfuls of blood as he watched Lei Bao with lingering fear in his heart. With only one attack, he had already gravely injured him, if not for his high leveled defense Lunqi, then he would have already died.

Black smoke rose, spreading quickly.

Yi Daton ran outwards with all his might, he wasn’t dumb enough to not hide during an extreme experts’ fight. Madly fleeing, he used every bit of his YinLi, any houses or walls obstructing his way were smashed away. That black light that resembled demons made any item it came into contact with create a “Chi chi” sound, that chilling corrosive power demolished a building within seconds, perhaps if anyone were there, then they would have become a pile of ash in seconds.

Lei Bao’s entire body gave off light, with a bellow, countless sparks flew outwards, similarly spreading speedily.

Si Donald shockingly noticed that the Lightning indeed restricted him. Throwing out a punch, an invisible force covered Lei Bao’s body, suddenly exploding, countless ripples forming between the two of them, dispersing into the surroundings.

Gulu had already led the others to escape from Stellar Night, just as they stepped a foot outside, a huge shockwave came their way, destroying Stellar Night in an instant.

Yan Wu carried XinFeng on his back as they all ran madly at their fastest speed, something that shocked XinFeng, he felt as though he was seated on the fastest car in the world, the wind that came his way made him feel as though he couldn’t breathe. He could only bury his head on Yan Wu’s back to breathe as he watched a shocking sight, the entire umbrella shaped building was soundlessly broken down into dancing debris that filled the sky.

A flash of black light and a flash of silver light rose from the ground as two human shadows attacked each other from the ground to the sky.

Thunder roared as the entire sky became quiet, between the battle of these two, one resembled the clouds and the other resembled lightning.

Lei Bao reveled in the battle as Si Donald was shocked, he never fought against a light leveled lightning attributed practitioner, he did not expect such strength, despite that he was a level higher than Li Bao, he was unable to completely suppress the opponent.

The both of them didn’t use their strongest attacks, but they instead kept probing their opponent, but even so, they had shook the skies and cracked the earth. On the ground was countless escaping practitioners, it was truly terrifying, once the tremors were spread somewhere, then practitioners would either be dead or gravely wounded, it was like bushfire, no one dared to stay.

Death came with the slightest of delays, the sky was shaking, the ground was burning, lightning strikes hit the ground, inciting countless fires.

If it were only flames then it would be fine but black rain also descended causing green smoke to rise from the ground, that sort of corrosive effect was too terrifying, even if there were defenses on a practitioner, it had no effect. With one drop, a hole would quickly appear on one’s body, rapidly increasing in size. A dozen men had already died, causing the surrounding men to run madly.

Lightning unceasingly fell, Lei Bao and Si Donald fought from the sky to the floor and back to the sky again, the more they fought the angrier they were and they gradually became more brazen with the passing of time.

Thousand Lightning Strikes!

Thunder rumbled as dancing sparks filled the sky, the chilling air in the sky was chased away, revealing Si Donald’s silhouette, instantly angering him.

Chilling Winds!

Swirling cool wind blew.

Forming into black one inch wind needles, they broke past the Thousand Lightning Strikes and headed towards Lei Bao.

A lightning ring dispersed and Lei Bao laughed coldly, “True Ashen Yin master, how imposing of you!”

He had already used that chance to escape, the opponent was indeed stronger, but he wasn’t fearful. He had also noticed that his lightning power had prevented the opponent from using his full power, this was the power of attributes, something not even hard work can surpass unless the difference between the two sides was too big, but currently they were both similar in strength, this allowed him to suppress his strength and save himself.

Si Donald was extremely angry, this was his first time being restrained like so, that sort of humiliation was infuriating. He madly shouted, “Bastard, I’ll let you see…..what is a true True Ashen Master! Fuck!”

It was a reign of terror!

A dark light contained a countless red colors, Si Donald’s Dark Stamp flew out, caging the entire sky and land, it’s circumference reaching a few hundred kilometers.

On the ground were men that already escaped the distance of a few dozen kilometers, they had noticed that it was as if the sky was covered, it became dark as a bloody smell permeated their nose, everyone started to tremble from their hearts. There were many normal humans outside Stellar Night Fortress that died soundlessly here, with only the smell of blood, it was already enough to claim their lives.

Lei Bao was like a huge light, radiating a sliver glow as countless thick lightning strikes created thunder, spreading in circles. Upon coming into contact with the outside air, it would create a ‘Chi Chi’ sound as plumes of green smoke dissipated. No matter now poisonous an attack was, upon meeting with electricity it would become ash. This was the benefit of attributes.

Yan Wu and the others did not dare to stop, despite being weaker than Lei Bao and Si Donald, they knew a lot about these sort of battles. The more they ran, the better. Under Gulu’s rushing, they had already went a distance of a hundred kilometers, escaping Si Donald’s Dark Stamp’s cage.

However, someone didn’t escape, it was Yi Daton. This fellow did not know about the danger and didn’t expect Si Donald to be so crazy to use his Dark Stamp, luckily he had a True Ring body and with the help of his stamp, he barely managed to block it. Even so, he could only prevent his death, heavily injured, he had hastily taken out a tube with green medicine and drunk it, it was a tube of high quality medicine that had eased his suffering by a bit.

Whether it be practitioners or normal humans, other than Yi Daton, everyone else died.

And so, Stellar Night Fortress was erased from Xi Rong land.

Everyone stopped and stared at the black cage covered land. Yan Wu asked, “Do we wait?”

Gulu replied, “We can’t, we will leave immediately….Keke….” He vomited a mouthful of blood, “Fuck, he’s really strong, I’m actually still alive!”

Yan Wu agreed, “Alright, I know it’s not smart to stay too. What do you all say?”

Tai Popo replied, “Leave!”

An Yadan spoke, “I’ll take Feng. Feng, stay with me for a few days and wait for your grandpa.”

XinFeng shook his head, “No, I’ll leave with Brother Yan Wu.” He didn’t want to go to An Yadan’s, that woman was mad.

An Yadan spoke, “Feng, you’re breaking my heart, to think I’ve been so nice to you!”

XinFeng had a headache, he didn’t want to have any relations with An Yadan, “I know, I know, but I want to go with Brother Yan Wu.”

An Yadan didn’t force it either, “Alright, alright, then if you have the chance you must come and play, this you must promise me.”

XinFeng wore a honest expression and replied, “I will, I will!”

An Yadan spoke, “You can act like your Grandpa!”

XinFeng was chocked speechless as Yan Wu burst out laughing, “Just leave with me, hey hey, it’s more fun with me.”

Gulu swallowed a tube of medicine and instantly felt better, after turning back once, he spoke, “We must hurry, we don’t know how long Old master can hold for.”

XinFeng asked, “Grandpa is fine, right?”

Gulu replied, “Perhaps he won’t win, but escaping should be no problem, let’s go!”

A few minutes of battle shocked both Lei Bao and Si Donald, a few hundred meter area was ruined, both houses and trees, both normal humans and practitioners, because of their fight, were reduced to ashes.

Si Donald was extremely worried about Lei Bao, he needed to kill him. The threat he brought was far too big, if he rises by another level and becomes a True Ashen Yin Master like him, then he wouldn’t be sure of winning, perhaps he would even lose.

He was extremely regretful, if he had brought Sun Buru, then Lei Bao would have been doomed, he started to fret. Next time, he would bring stronger underlings.

Lei Bao had held off a few minutes, after fighting, he had started to feel tired. After all, a battle with a True Ashen Yin master was too tiring, he didn’t fight head on anymore, he had started to use his tactics to hold him off.

It wasn’t that Si Donald couldn’t see through Lei Bao’s tactics, but Lei Bao had an extremely sly trick, it was to use electricity to accomplish something like teleportation, after avoiding an attack, with a lightning strike, he would retreat a few hundred meters, leaving the battle in an instant.

If it weren’t for fearing that Si Donald would chase Gulu and the others, Lei Bao would have escaped already. He wasn’t that dumb to fight with such a powerful expert.

Si Donald had already noticed that something was wrong, he distance between him and Lei Bao increased, it made him think that the old fogey was about to run. Pouncing, he attempted to stop Lei Bao. He believed that if he were to drag out the fight then he would definitely be able to wear him down and have him exhaust his strength, it was a sinister plan.

However with Lei Bao’s speed, after using his full strength, Si Donald couldn’t catch up, this was because in Lei Bao’s body was a DianGangLeiJiang with a soul, once he had completely refined it, then his strength would immediately increase, it was only that he did not have enough time to practice but after obtaining the DianGangLeiJiang, his speed suddenly increased and he obtained the method similar to teleportation.

Si Donald had failed multiple times in catching Lei Bao, causing him to shout in frustration, with such a calm personality, it was shocking to see him lose his cool like such. If Yi Daton were to see him now, he would also be shocked.

Lei Bao’s attacking ability surpassed Si Donald, lightning strikes as thick as buckets forced Si Donald to change his position, though these lightning strikes could not threaten his life, but it’s ability was extremely annoying, it made him tremble for seconds.

Finally, Si Donald stopped with a strange smile suddenly appearing on his face, “Alright, I won’t chase anymore, haha, I’ll chase your underlings!” He had assumed Gulu and the others to be Lei Bao’s underlings, instead of friends and his weakness, especially with XinFeng.

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