God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 17: Solitude

Si Donald was very straightforward and walked in the direction Gulu retreated to.
Lei Bao was instantly worried and cursed, “Bastard!” As he chased him, no matter what, he couldn’t let Si Donald have XinFeng.
After chasing for a thousand meters, Si Donald finally reacted and changed his direction.

Lei Bao also turned, he had almost instantly understood that Si Donald wanted to go to the closest Lun spot, the best place to run to and also the only way to leave, as after entering this Lun spot and into the Ancient Lun passage, anyone who didn’t know how to open it would be blocked at the entrance. The entire Ancient Lun passage was like a huge network, the strong could go far while the weak could only go to the closer places.

Of course, Lun spots of the Ancient Lun passage were not something anyone could open, at the least they were required to be a True Great Lun Yin master with 4 true ring bodies to open it, without meeting those requirements, even if they knew where the Lun spots were, they wouldn’t be able to use it anyways.

Si Donald flew very quickly, with Lei Bao chasing madly behind as he shot out streaks of lightning occasionally.

The attack speed of Lei Bao’s lightning strikes belonged to one of the fastest types, every attack had forced Si Donald to pause, dragging down his speed.

One attack that hit Si Donald caused him to stop for a least a few seconds, causing him to turn around to attack Lei Bao in anger, but Lei Bao had dodged. Like this, the two of them fought along the way wasting half a day before they reached the Lun spot.

Light flashed from the far away activated Lun spot, the Ancient Lun passageway had been opened.

Si Donald shouted, “Stay!” As he punched the air, aiming at he Lun spot. With his ability, destroying a Lun spot isn’t impossible, this Lun spot was created in ancient times, its foundation’s strength reached an impossible extent but with his punch, it was definitely possible for him to break it.

The Lei Bao didn’t speak and suddenly started shining with a ball of light, he had pitifully used a bit of his DianGangLeiJiang, but despite it being only a little, it had hurt his heart.

Gulu and the others who stood at the Lun spot were all shocked, they had already activated it, only a few seconds and they would have entered the Ancient Lun passage. Receiving a blow right now had caused the ancient Lun passage to be messed up. Only the heavens would know what happened, among all the practitioners in this continent, no one would go and attack a Lun spot.

With only a bit of DianGangLeiJiang, the strength of Lei Bao’s attack reached an impossible level, a sudden explosion sounded.

Si Donald’s body trembled, his fist had landed on the DianGangLeiJiang, and in that instant, goosebumps appeared on his body as he shook, dropping from the sky. If it weren’t for Lei Bao who had yet to refine the DianGangLeiJiang, then this attack would have claimed half his life.

The aftershock of the two attacks still affected the Lun spot, as Si Donald dropped from the sky, the ancient Lun passage gave off a bright light as the men on the Lun spot disappeared.

Si Donald could only control his body after falling to the ground, he did not know if he had stopped the ancient Lun passage but he understood that there would be a little impact on them anyways. The only thing he forgot was that the others would be fine as they were true masters with four ring bodies, but there was a young Milun master mixed among them, he was far too weak, causing the impact to be greater on him.

Lei Bao also understood that, despite how he was about to go mad, he still controlled himself, after all he was a True Heart Yin master, he could control his emotions well enough. He shouted, “Si Donald….I’m not done with you! I’ll never let you go! I don’t fucking believe in underlings or relatives!” After he finished speaking, thunder boomed and he appeared a hundred meters away, with continuous thunder, he disappeared.

Si Donald smiled bitterly, he had truly offended a fellow he shouldn’t this time, a True Heart Yin master with 8 True ring bodies could already fight equally with him now, if he were to get stronger, then who knows how powerful he could become. Seeing him leave without harm was proof that this was a powerful, experienced fellow.

Disheartened, Si Donald slowly flew towards Stellar Night fortress.

Reaching, he started to look for Yi Daton, but after going around the entire place, he hadn’t found him. He quickly caught a few practitioners circling the outside and asked for a bit before obtaining a scary piece of news.

Lei Bao had actually grabbed Yi Daton. He knew it would be troublesome as doing so was not only revenge, it was also to find out about him.

Si Donald was not afraid of Lei Bao’s revenge, he had plenty of experts and influence but he had been shocked by Lei Bao’s prudent nature, this fellow had actually already started getting his revenge. He immediately started to search but with Lei Bao’s strength, to be able to find him without any underlings would be hopeless.


His entire body was wracked with pain, his temples were in pain while light flashed before his eyes, XinFeng breathed harshly as a voice was gradually heard, “He woke up, big daddy, big daddy, he woke up!”

(Putty: No idea how to translate 大爹.)

Forcefully opening his eyes, stars still dotted his vision, only after a while could he see the surroundings clearly, there was an arc shaped reed ceiling above him and sounds of water flowing at his side, his body swayed with the sound of water and he instantly understood, he must be on a boat.

A skinny boy rushed in with a burly man behind him, in the child’s hand was also a wooden bowl. He spoke, “Big daddy, he woke up!”

The burly man replied, “Hehe, I saw.” Walking next to XinFeng, he spoke, “Child, you’ve awoken. Eat something.”

The skinny child also spoke up, “That’s right, drink some porridge, you’ve already slept for four days, I thought you wouldn’t wake up forever.”

The burly man reprimanded, “Little Xin, don’t talk rubbish, feed this little brother first.” As he spoke, he squatted down and supported XinFeng as little Xin tilted the wooden bowl and started to feed XinFeng.

XinFeng asked, “Here……where am I? You, who are the two of you?” He suddenly noticed how dry his throat was, not only was he extremely hungry, he was also powerless, he could only lie on the burly man’s arm as he drank the porridge slowly, it was a bowl of extremely delicious fish porridge, after finishing a bowl, he felt much better.

The burly man spoke, “We are at Star Hang Lake, we are the fishermen here, my surname is Zhou, this is my nephew, he should be younger than you so call him Little Xin, hehe. Child, what are you called? We found you at the bank of the river….”

Zhou Xin continued, “Yea, yea. Half of your body was still submerged in the water, luckily you were stuck on the reeds or you would have drowned.”

XinFeng spoke, “Thank you……thank you for saving me! My surname is Lei, Lei Xin Feng.” He could already tell these two before him were normal humans, not practitioners.”

Uncle Zhou laughed, “How could we just leave you to die, hehe, don’t worry and rest.”

Zhou Xin spoke happily, “I’ll call you brother Lei, okay?”

XinFeng nodded, “Okay.” He could tell that his fellow didn’t have many friends his age, finally meeting someone as old as him, he seemed to be very happy.

Uncle Zhou spoke, “Little Xin, let your brother Lei rest first, when he recovers, he’ll play with you.”

Zhou Xin nodded, “I’ll go catch fish to cook soup for brother Lei.”

Uncle Zhou smiled as he nodded, leaving the boat together. XinFeng lay down again with his mind a mess, he needed to think for a while, he knew this time, it was a big problem.

XinFeng did not know how he came here, neither did he know why he had been separated from Yan Wu and the others, he could only remember that he was standing on the Lun spot, whatever happened next he couldn’t remember it, the only thing he could be sure about was this this place was definitely not Xi Rong land.

He didn’t ask uncle Zhou what continent it was, as for a fisherman, all he knew was where he fished, XinFeng knew this clearly. This place didn’t have the advanced communication of his old world, with a large network, having all sorts of commutation methods to connect with the world. This place was more like the ancient version of his world, for a normal human to be able to understand the things happening within a hundred kilometer square was already an impossible feat.

Within Tiger Cliff castle, XinFeng already understood this, therefore he didn’t even ask.

Sighing once again, XinFeng decided to recover before going to find grandpa and his little sister.

Taking out a tube of medicine from his Hidden Lun space, something A Silan gave him, a tube of green medicine which could cure most injuries. In a single gulp, he finished it as warmth instantly enveloped him, making him feel relaxed. This sort of medicine was the best one to use on these kind of occasions, within half a day, he could heal completely.

At dawn, XinFeng climbed out of the boat, it’s cabin was extremely small. After climbing out, he saw a long bowsprit, uncle Zhou was currently burning a fire while Zhou Xin was killing a fish as thin as his thumb and as long as a foot. This fish was like a snake but without color, it had a translucent body that revealed the bones within, it’s skull could be seen clearly too, with only 2 ruby colored eyes. It was a special sort of beauty.

XinFeng squatted down, “Morning, what is this fish? It looks weird.”

Seeing XinFeng coming over, Zhou Xin was instantly elated, “This is a bright fish, the best for broiling soup.”

There were a total of eight bright fishes. Uncle Zhou spoke up, “Little Xin spent his whole night to catch these few bright fish, saying that he wants to let brother Lei taste the best.”

XinFeng asked, “Is this fish really hard to catch?” He noticed a specialty of this place. The more isolated a place was, the kinder the inhabitants were to strangers, the more hospitable and honest they were, it was like that in Tiger Cliff castle too. He had only been here in this world for ten years, more accurately, he was seventeen again, which made him excited.

Translator’s Corner

Phew, April fools really was scary…..


Translator : Puttty

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