God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 20: Scaly Crocodile (2)

However, the entire body of a Scaly crocodile was a treasure, a single mature scaly crocodile was worth at least three to four hundred gold rings, especially its gall bladder, an ingredient of a medicine for practitioners, therefore many fishers would still risk their lives to hunt it.

Boss Zhou asked, “They couldn’t have went to Big Stroke Bay? It’s extremely dangerous there.

Boss Zhang laughed, “Of course it’s Big Stroke Bay, it’s infested with Scaly crocodiles after all.”

Zhou Xin muttered softly, “That’s courting death.”

Boss Zhang gently slapped him, “Little fellow, don’t speak nonsense.”

Zhou Xin became indignant and mumbled, “The fourth child of the Tian family is an unreliable fellow.”

The four of them continued drinking while XinFeng ate prawns nonstop, fish were normal to him, and his interest in them was average in his past life, but he lived to eat prawns. Therefore, when he saw this plate of salted white great prawns, his favorite, caused him to eat nonstop, as for the spirit, he only drank a mouthful. This flavor was actually quite average to him, it was only a bit stronger.

Boss Zhang and uncle Zhou drank very slowly, it wasn’t that they couldn’t hold their liquor, but they couldn’t bear to. Coming here, boss Zhang only drank a bit, he embarrassedly controlled the amount he drank but without 2-3 Jins, it was impossible for him to feel good.

Zhou Xin and XinFeng both drank a mouthful, the two of them loved to eat more.

Suddenly a crashing sound were heard, all of the children ran to the pier, as after all Zhou Xin was still a child, seeing such a commotion, he also couldn’t help but run there. He shouted, “Brother Lei, let’s go look!”

XinFeng was also almost done eating, after washing his hands in the lake, he jumped up to the pier and followed the group of children.

A few wooden boats headed over, one of which was especially big with the length of roughly twenty meters and three large sails, but it still wasn’t at the center of the attention, the thing that attracted the commotion was that the gunwale of the boat hooked a large fish at least eight meters long, slightly longer than the small boat next to it, someone shouted, “Heavens, that’s a Scaly Crocodile!”

“That’s the fourth son of the Tian family! The one standing at the front is the fourth son of the Tian family! This fellow struck gold!”

“Ai, which one is it? Who are they?”

“Don’t talk so much, that’s a Lun master!”

Many fishermen also sailed over, their eyes widened as they stared.

A total of four small boats and a large one quickly reached the pier, a few men got off the boat and used large steel hooks to grab the scaly crocodile, using force to drag it up the wooden pier, causing a cracking sounds to appear, this thing is truly too heavy, how could the piers here withstand such a weight? Some fishers shouted, “Too heavy, the pier is collapsing!”

The large tail of the scaly crocodile was dragged onto the pier, the body still sinking in the water, but it couldn’t be dragged up further or the pier would really collapse.

The children all curiously surrounded it, and Zhou Xin wasn’t an exception either, he leaned extremely closely, curiously reaching his hand out to touch the scales of the scaly crocodile.

XinFeng stood a distance away, this was his first time seeing such a large aquatic fish, but he wasn’t that surprised, this world’s creatures were different from the ones that roamed his old world, but he could still find similar creatures, like pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, dogs and wolves, but there was many he didn’t see before, he had already become used to this fact.

This scaly crocodile was just an especially large crocodile to XinFeng, the only thing that made him curious was the color of the scaly crocodile, it’s scales were a deep blue color and under the twilight, it was extremely beautiful and weird at the same time.

XinFeng turned around and walked back, but as he took his first step, he heard a ‘pipa’ sound, that sound was extremely familiar to him, it was the sound of a slap. Following that sound was a pained cry, hearing this his expression changed and he abruptly turned his head around, seeing Zhou Xin hold his cheek with tears in his eyes, staring fearfully at a young man, who had a beautiful twenty year old woman behind him.

At that instant XinFeng felt as though he was slapped himself, his nature was rather similar to Lei Bao, a short tempered person. Although Zhou Xin was just a child, he saved his life and was an extremely sensible child who called XinFeng his “Brother Lei”, even if he was a normal human, XinFeng had treated him as his little brother. He didn’t know why Zhou Xin was hit, but he knew, his anger had already surged up to his head.

“Bastard! Who let you touch miss?”

That young man scolded.

XinFeng walked over with the urge to kill, it wasn’t that he liked killing, but after training in the Lightning attribute, it changed his personality. Once angered, his first thought will be to kill, an intense urge to murder, only through death could that anger be quelled.

Zhou Xin had been slapped silly, since young he had lived with his uncle, he had never been hurt by another person and adding the fact that he didn’t come into contact with many people other than the friends of his uncle, who were all very friendly. He had never met such an evil person and he couldn’t understand why he was hit, he could only dumbly stare at that man.

That man got angrier and his hand raised yet again.


The crowd stared as they noticed the young man retreating backwards while holding his cheek, while a youngster stood in front of Zhou Xin, the youngster took another step forward and slapped him yet again.

After slapping the young man continuously, the youngster finally stopped.

Zhou Xin was also scared silly, he didn’t expect XinFeng to appear and slap that man so many times, he now knew how painful it was being slapped.

That young man almost went mad, he hadn’t been slapped so viciously before, his face was slapped swollen, when XinFeng finally stopped, he couldn’t speak anymore and could only hold his face as he mumbled sentences no one could understand.

“My heavens, that’s the son of the fourth child of the Tian family, Tian Dabin, he’s a Lun master!”

“Which family does that fellow belong to?”

“It seems that that fellow struck him because the nephew of Zhou Tong was hit.”

“How unsightly, an adult bullying a child!”

“Shh! Be quiet, Tian Dabin is really tyrannical, be careful or he’ll come find trouble with you.”

The surrounding fishers all started their own conversations.

Tian Dabin finally caught his breath and jumped up, shouting, “You dare to hit me?”

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Another three slaps sounded, disorienting his mind. XinFeng hadn’t quelled his anger yet and hearing him shout again, he immediately came forward, slapped him yet another three times and spoke indifferently, “So I have….what can you do?”

Slaps couldn’t kill, XinFeng had already controlled his strength and didn’t slap him with his Lunli, he had used a bit of strength and not all of it, if he did then perhaps that guy’s brain would have already been splattered onto the ground.

Dong! Dong!

Two sounds appeared as two men jumped off from the large boat, an adult and a young man, the two of them ran to Tian Dabin, the middle aged man held him up and asked urgently, “Dabin, Dabin, are you okay? Are you hurt, have you been hurt?”

Blood leaked from the sides of his mouth and his nose, his face rapidly swelling, he said lisping, “Dad, he, he hit me……”

The eyes of the fourth son of the Tian family redden and he spoke, “Who are you, to hurt my son?”

XinFeng was really peerlessly domineering, he didn’t chit chat and took a step forward, kicking him to the ground, “I learned from you, to hit my little brother, get ready to be beaten!”

The young man from the side spoke, “Little-, you’re too crazy!”

XinFeng said indifferently, “Apologize to him and I’ll let it go, I won’t ask you what happened but to hit my little brother, you must pay a price.” At this moment he didn’t even feel like doing anything logically, against unreasonable people, you’ll just have be more unreasonable, or the matter won’t get done or resolved.

A tinge of a ferocious expression appeared on that young man, he spoke, “You….which sect are you from?” He was sure that a normal human would never be so crazy, only practitioners would be so overbearing.

XinFeng spoke, “So what if I’m a normal human? So what if I’m a Lun master?”

Without waiting for that young man to reply, another man jumped off the boat and walked before XinFeng, asking, “Little fellow, en? You…..you….” He probed slightly and couldn’t help but reveal a shocked and unbelieving expression.

Zhou Tong walked forwards swiftly and squatted next to Zhou Xin, asking “Little Xin, why did he hit you?”

Zhou Xin replied indignantly, “I was only curiously touching the scaly crocodile…..and he, he hit me……..” He couldn’t understand why he was hit no matter how much he thought about it.

Tian Dabin spoke, “He stepped on Ah Bao’s foot…..so it hit him….” Ah Bao was the woman that hadn’t spoke from the beginning.

That middle aged man could feel that XinFeng was different, but he didn’t know by how much. He himself was a ten thousand Lun Master, the master of Tian Dabin, seeing his disciple being hit how could a master still be seated. As for why he didn’t attack, was that the results of his probing made him uneasy, as he could feel that XinFeng had an unfathomable strength.

The middle aged man couldn’t understand, the youngster before him could at most be only 17-18 years old and didn’t seem to have matured yet, how could he be so powerful, even if he trained, how powerful could he be?

XinFeng stared coldly, the middle aged man, the young man next to him, the young woman named Ah Bao and also that Tian Dabin were all probably practitioners. But he could clearly understand that the strongest one among them was that middle aged man, a ten thousand Lun master. All of them were very low leveled, seeing too many true master experts, he didn’t really care about a ten thousand Lun master, after all he was a Milun master.

Tian Dabin shouted, “Master, senior, seek vengeance for me! Kill him!”

The surrounding seniors all couldn’t help but take a step back, a Lun master killing, especially killing normal humans was something that couldn’t be redressed. If he was killed so be it. Normal humans all feared practitioners and upon hearing Tian Dabin shouting for revenge, they all felt terrified. Only a small clash and they were already ready to kill.

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