God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 3: The Best Spot


A smile revealed itself on Tai Lang’s face as he spoke, “The Hidden Lun space was originally estimated to appear two months later, however after further inspection, it seems likely for it to appear within roughly 10 days, which also means……our team is the closest.”

The closer they were, the better the chances. Along with the fact that the men that the old man Lei Bao gathered all had great power, they were incomparably strong.

Gelu spoke, “If it’s like that, let’s prepare ourselves for a moment and quickly depart.”

Lei Bao agreed, “En, the first group to arrive will receive the largest rewards, though the danger is also the largest. Alright, let us go as soon as possible.”

As the amount of experts participating were not small, Tai Lang did not bring too many people, he still needed experts to guard his lair, it would not be good for everyone to leave and that was why he only brought a few MiLun and Ten Thousand Lun masters, their main purpose was to transport their supplies as practitioners rarely store their food items into their Hidden Lun space unless it was a peculiar situation, for practitioners, their Hidden Lun space was a gift from the heavens and was absolutely not used to keep miscellaneous items.

Of course, XinFeng never had that concept, he felt that the Hidden Lun Space was merely a mobile warehouse, its use was to carry his items and supplies. The only thing that gave him a headache was that the size of a Ten Thousand Lun master’s Hidden Lun space was far too small, if he were to put too much food in it, then it would not have enough space left.

This time it was mainly True masters that were going, others like Jin Da Pang, Yan and XinFeng were also mixed into the team, as for Xinyao, she was left at Tai Lang’s and because A Silan felt uneasy, she gave away this chance and also stayed at Night Fortress, she did not want anything to happen to Xinyao, and with that reason, XinFeng approved of her.

It was not that they did not want to bring Xinyao along, it was just that that place was too dangerous, and for the young Xinyao who hadn’t started training yet, if anything were to happen, neither Lei Bao nor XinFeng would be able to bear that.

Luckily, A Silan took the initiative to stay, easing the worries in XinFeng and Lei Bao’s hearts.


The location where the Hidden Lun space appeared was in the desert, to go to that place from Stellar Night Fortress, they needed to go to a Lun Spot and through the Ancient Lun passage, like that, they could reduce a portion of the journey and would only need 10 days to reach their destination.

In the seemingly endless sand dune, they trekked though it while leading a dozen Sand Tuo beasts, their main purpose was to carry water bags, as the most lacking resource in the desert was water and they needed to use up large amounts of it every day, of course if there was really no water left, practitioners could also condense water, for example Tai Popo who had the Ice Lun attribute could condense water for them if it was a dire situation, however, if it wasn’t, it would be impossible to ask an expert with Four True Ring bodies to do such a simple task.

XinFeng sat on the Sha Tuo beast’s back, under the hot sun, he felt extremely uncomfortable. Glancing at Tai Popo occasionally, he couldn’t believe it when he saw her continue to wear her thick fur, even at this place, and that she did not even sweat a single drop, if one was to get close to her, they would be able to feel a wave of chilling coldness. There was even faint mist floating around her, giving people an extremely strange impression of her.

An Yadan would move close to XinFeng occasionally, using the chance to speak to him, she hadn’t gave up yet.

With these few days of contact, XinFeng notice that An Yadan did not have any malicious intent and he gradually did not hide from her as much as the past.

Thousand Sand Barrier.

That was that place where the Hidden Lun space appeared, it had a complex climate and normally had sandstorm like winds appearing.

Thousand Sand Barrier was a place that even Barbarians would not dare enter, those capable of reaching that place definitely were practitioners, high leveled practitioners. To normal human, this was a land of no hope, those that entered would not hope of escaping.

After entering Thousand Sand Barrier, the temperature rose rapidly, XinFeng noticed that Tai Popo’s pale, cold face had a red flush, according to XinFeng’s estimation, the temperature here was at least 70 degrees, everyone could not help to put on their protection to block the hot temperature of this place.

XinFeng opened his Ring Armor and instantly felt a drop in the temperature around him.

In the team was many Fire Lun practitioners whose faces revealed a comfortable expression, those with the Fire Lun attribute were easily accustomed to this land, actually, the best attribute for this place was the Light Lun attribute, however the number of practitioners with that attribute was even smaller than the practitioners with the Lightning Lun attribute.

Luckily there wasn’t any normal humans with them, with only this temperature, within a small amount of time, it was enough to kill them.

XinFeng sat on the Sand Tuo beast, surveying his surroundings. Actually other than dunes, there wasn’t anything else here. The sand dunes distorted under the hot temperature, it was a land of gold and heat, without a trace of green, the color was extremely monotonous.

Suddenly, XinFeng spoke, astonished, “What the……a mirage!”

An Yadan who also rode a Sand Tuo Beast close to XinFeng heard him and asked, “What’s a mirage?” This world did not have the concept of a mirage, the aforementioned mirage was optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky, which frequently occurred in deserts and the sea.

(Puttty: too lazy to translate his version of the explanation and copy pasted Google’s definition.)

XinFeng did not see a real Mirage in his past world, but this kind of information spread like wildfire, allowing him to obtain information easily, different from this world, in this world, information was mostly spread though conversations, only practitioners had their own orthographies and their own methods of recording information.

XinFeng stared dazed at the image in the sky, he noticed that the aforementioned mirage was extremely unclear and that he was unable to see anything clearly from it.

Tai Lang laughed, “Haha, it appeared, this is the sign before the appearance of a Hidden Lun space! Old brother Lei, Gulu old brother, can you tell what attribute is that Hidden Lun space? It’s too big, I hadn’t seen such a big image……a pity that it’s too blurry.”

(Puttty: He calls Gulu his Old little brother, which sounds weird in text, let’s all pretend the brother he says to Gulu is younger, while Lei Bao is the older brother.)

Lei Bao and Gulu bother stared into the distance, after a while, the both of them shook their heads, signifying that they couldn’t see it clearly.

An Yadan spoke, “Let’s go see!”

XinFeng thought silently, if this was a mirage, then no matter how much they walked, they wouldn’t reach it as it wasn’t a real image, but a distortion of light.

The team walked towards the image in the sky.

As they walked, that image grew larger, which gave XinFeng a shock, it also became a bit clearer. He suddenly understood, the wonders of this world could not be explained by the logic of his past life, this image before him was definitely not a mirage.

“Someone’s there!”

One of the men that ran forward to scout, reported.

Tai Lang asked, “Who are they? How many of them are there?”

That man said, “There’s about a dozen as well as fifty Sand Tuo beasts also heading forward.”

Tai Lang nodded, he knew that those capable of reaching this place were definitely practitioners who were also trying to obtain the Hidden Lun space, he spoke, “Continue your scouting and let us continue onwards, we need to care about those men.”

Yan Wu spoke up, “I’ll go check them out…..so that we won’t be too confused if we come into contact with them.”

Tai Lang replied, “That’s good, I hope it isn’t Yi Daton….however, I don’t think he’s that fast!”

Yan Wu rode on a Sand Tuo beast along with two Milun masters, he was strong enough to protect both himself and his underlings.

Sending the three of them away, the others continued their journey. XinFeng asked, “Grandma Dan, can you tell what Hidden Lun space this is?”

An Yadan replied, “Don’t call me Grandma Dan, call me Great Grandma Dan!”

(Puttty: Hilariously, 大奶 can also mean great tits.)

XinFeng could not help but smile bitterly as he thought to himself, ‘Great Grandma Dan? That was too stupid, ai, this woman is definitely not normal.’ In the end he could only say helplessly, “Alright, Great Grandma Dan.”

An Yadan was immediately elated, she spoke, “That’s right, Feng ah, even your grandpa couldn’t tell what Hidden Lun space it is, how could I?”

XinFeng replied, “Great Grandma Dan, what kind of a Hidden Lun space do you want it to be?” He was bored and could only have a bullshit conversation with An Yadan.

An Yadan replied, “I of course hope for it……..to be an ancient Hidden Lun space, and the higher leveled it is, the better, en, the best is for it to have countless precious items. Haha, old lady I would become rich!”

The higher leveled a Hidden Lun space was, the stronger the deceased practitioner were, no one could obtain immortality, however the ancient practitioners could live for thousands of years easily, unlike the humans now, being able to live to a thousand years was already very rare.

The Hidden Lun space left by ancient practitioners was something present day practitioners longed for, who knew what kind of weird items could be in there. The temptation of these Hidden Lun Spaces was so great that practitioners would stake lives, resulting in massacres.

Even with the enormous strength the old man Lei Bao had, he did not dare to come alone and instead invited his strong friends, coming alone was definitely seeking death.

Upon finding an item of worth, one would be surrounded by countless high leveled practitioners, this was something Lei Bao knew clearly, he had once thought that with his strength he would be able to go solo, but was eventually beaten black and blue, if it weren’t for his strength and that the Lightning Lun attribute was suited for large scale battles, he would have been doomed.

Quickly, Yan Wu returned, he reported, “A group of small fellows, the strongest of them are only experts with 3 True ring bodies, hehe, are they joking, I bet if they came closer, someone would take care of them.”

Lei Bao laughed, “There’s nothing weird, I bet they don’t even know the cruelty present in the process of obtaining an ancient Hidden Lun space, it’s good for them to learn.” He said enjoying the misfortune of the other team.

XinFeng could not image how they could obtain the Hidden Lun space, it was merely an image in the sky with a length of roughly 10 kilometers, according to everyone’s discussion he found out that the sign of that extent could already prove that this Hidden Lun space was not bad and was extremely large, something no one had seen before.

As they got closer, their excitement grew, even Lei Bao had an elated expression.

Translator’s note

Changed Yi Da Tong to Yo Daton, it sounds nicer.


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