God of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 4: The Best Spot (2)

XinFeng had already reached the place below the large image. He could now tell that this image is indeed projected through light, but as for how it was projected and where was its physical body, he did not know, he still could not see it clearly and could only see a large amount of colored rays together.

Lei Bao thought for a while before speaking, “You guys done calculating?”

In an instant, Tai Popo replied, “A hundred meters forward…..would be the best location.”

Gulu laughed, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know how to calculate that.”

Tai Lang spoke, “That’s roughly it, though mine is a bit to the south.”

XinFeng asked curiously, “Great Grandma Dan, what are they calculating?”

An Yadan replied, “They’re calculating the best spot to enter from, if we monopolize that place, hehe, then we will be the biggest target, there were probably be killing, let’s just see if those that come…..are stronger than us, Xixi, if not we will be the ones benefitting the most from this.”

Quickly, Lei Bao and Tai Lang confirmed the best spot.

Tai Lang commanded, “Immediately occupy this space, no matter who comes, they must be kicked out!”

Lei Bao beckoned, “Feng, come here.” he needed to protect XinFeng, the reason behind allowing him to come is to let him experience more. XinFeng knew Lei Bao’s intentions, with such an elder’s support, he’s incomparable to other practitioners, he could receive more resources, experience and see all kinds of things, these were the things essential to his growth.

The confirmed location was a medium sized sand dune. Under Tai Lang’s instructions, they quickly surrounded it with their Sand Tuo beasts, those that dared to enter this area would be swiftly disposed of.

Tai Lang had led his to men pitch a large tent, this tent was also umbrella shaped and spacious, if the need arises, there was also thick curtains that could be hung down from the sides for blocking the blowing sand, on the ground was thick carpets that covered the boiling hot sand on the ground.

XinFeng did not use his Ring Armor anymore, roughly half an hour after pitching the tent, the inside had already cooled down, of course, the temperature was still about fourty degrees, but it was much better than the seventy degrees present outside.

The scorching temperature had caused XinFeng to feel fatigued, picking up his waterskin, he swallowed a mouthful before smiling bitterly, “Even the water is hot.”

Tai Popo did not speak, reaching her hand out, she took Xinfeng’s water skin and touched it multiple times before returning it to XinFeng.

XinFeng noticed shockingly that the water in the waterskin had become cold, as if it had been refrigerated just moments ago. He could not help but gulp it down and vigorously sigh a cold breath, “Thank you, Tai Popo”

Tai Popo revealed a small smile and nodded without speaking.

These experts treated XinFeng kindly, of course it was because of their relationship with the old man Lei Bao, but it was also because of the fact that he had achieved the level of a ten thousand Lun master at such a young age and that he had such talent. They were all experienced people and did not mind treating XinFeng well, this could also be considered as a sort of investment.

An Yadan pouted before flicking her wrists and actually bringing out a bucket of ice, “Put it beside you, it’ll be comfortable.”

XinFeng took out a large waterskin and placed the ice cubes into its opening, after a while, he poured a cup of ice water for everyone. Passing a cup to Tai Lang, he asked, “Grandpa Tai Lang, how long must we wait?”

Tai Lang laughed, “I don’t know either, perhaps two days, perhaps a month. We must wait till the power binding the Hidden Lun space disappears, only then will we have the chance to enter, let’s just wait.”

XinFeng asked, “If we don’t enter now…..the amount of people coming will keep increasing, this place will really become a battlefield, will we be able to fight them all?” He wasn’t stupid, of course he knew this opening was the best location and also the target of all.

Lei Bao spoke, “Feng, don’t worry, for this news to spread, it’ll take at least one to three years, hehe, after all we are closer. Those experts that rush here are just small groups, we have enough strength here, just that…..even if we are strong, we also need to rip open the opening of the Hidden Lun space.”

Tai Lang laughed, “You can learn through looking, it’ll bear great benefits to your practicing.”

XinFeng nodded, “Alright, Grandpa, be careful.” Actually what he wanted most in this world was a peaceful life without so much conflict, but after seeing the brutality of this world, he forced himself to become strong.

Tai Lang assigned assignments for everyone, even XinFeng had his own, there wasn’t any exceptions. Jin Da Pang’s was the easiest, he had to take care of the food everyone needed. Everyone agreed to this as this fatty’s food was the best, those that ate his food all had a good impression of it.

XinFeng had received one of the better time slots as a watchman which was the time between sunset and midnight.

Jin Da Pang enjoyed bringing XinFeng a box of food that he had cooked and sitting next to him, speaking occasionally as they watched the setting sun and the distant wavering human silhouettes.

After so many nights, not a single group of practitioners fought for this location, they would always see them walking back and forth before leaving.

Jin Da Pang watched the wavering silhouettes and laughed, “How weird, why don’t they come?”

XinFeng said, “That’s right, I don’t understand either, in the past few days, at least seven groups walked pass, why didn’t they stop and fight for this location….”

Yan Wu walked over and said, “You know the reason? Hehe, I know why.”

Jin Da Pang asked curiously, “What is it?”

Yan Wu answered, “It’s a simple answer…..” A sneer appeared on his face, “It’s because they don’t know how to calculate and don’t know this is the best place.”

XinFeng replied, “So that’s how it is, then….if a group comes over for a fight, it means they have an expert among them, or one that knows how to calculate.”

Yan Wu was a bit shocked, he laughed, “Not bad, Feng, you’re a fast thinker!”

Jin Da Pang forcefully slapped his thigh, “So that’s it, no wonder they left after seeing us, they didn’t know. According to XinFeng, if they could calculate the best location, then this place won’t be as peaceful as it is now.”

XinFeng spoke, “Hehe, at that moment….we would be able to see a high leveled fight.” He was curious, he had already experienced a good amount of fights, but the bouts of True masters were something he hadn’t seen yet. He was actually extremely curious to see the fights of the true experts in this world.

Jin Da Pang vigorously nodded his head, not even he had seen one, at most he saw low leveled practitioners fight Barbarians, or the fights of amateur practitioners, the high leveled fights was something he wished to see, this was beneficial to his practicing and also his future fights.

Yan Wu laughed, “You don’t understand, the fights of low leveled practitioners are much more brutal, the battles of high leveled practitioners like True Masters aren’t that cruel.”

XinFeng spoke, “How is that possible, I think that the fights of True masters are much exciting.”

Yan Wu replied, “If it’s according to excitement, of course it’s incomparable to amateur practitioners, it is much flashier but that doesn’t affect the brutality.”

XinFeng thought for a while, “En, perhaps after I see it, I’ll understand.”

Yan Wu replied, “After seeing more, you’ll understand, it’ll also bring benefits to your future growth since you’ll understand which areas are essential and which aren’t, hehe, many practitioners don’t have the chance to see experts fight in their whole lives.”

XinFeng laughed, “I guess, this time I’ll definitely be able to see the fights between experts.”

It was very peaceful at this moment, but there was a gust of wind which made XinFeng feel oppressed, the sky had completely darkened. Jin Da Lang laughed, “Hurry and eat.”

XinFeng opened the lunch box filled with meat and took bread from Jin Da Pang, he ate with large bites and could not help but praise Jin Da Pang’s cooking skills, it was delicious. Actually, XinFeng was also a not bad cook, but compared to Jin Da Pang, he was lacking.

Eating vigorously, he quickly finished the bread and meat, wiping his mouth, XinFeng praised, “Da Pang, with you on our side, we’ll definitely never have to worry about food, hehe.”

Jin Da Pang laughed, “Other than practicing, my biggest hobby is eating, as a living person……to be able to eat all of the delicacies in the world, this life is worth it.”

XinFeng said jokingly, “O, so if that’s so, your purpose behind practicing is to find delicacies?”

Jin Da Pang nodded seriously, “After practicing, it’ll be easier to earn money, also, if I can reach the level of a True Master, my lifespan will increase, like that I’ll be able to eat more delicacies, isn’t that so?”

Yan Wu was frightened by his ambition, he spoke, “So practicing is just for eating?”

Jin Da Pang replied naturally, “Of course!”

XinFeng and Yan Wu were momentarily stunned, this fellow was a rare weirdo that actually had such thinking.


The next morning, XinFeng walked out of the tent. It wasn’t hot in the mornings in the desert, it was even slightly chilly, but with the rise of the sun, the desert would become a large oven.

After midnight was Tai Lang’s shift, as well was daybreak. In the afternoon it was Lei Bao’s shift.

A far away group was headed their way, Lei Bao, Tai Lang, Yan Wu and everyone else waited silently, they all understood that someone would come one day. XinFeng stared at the faraway men while Jin Da Pang stayed beside him, “I hope they’re just passing by.”

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