God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 5: Thousand Lightning Strikes

This size of this group was rather large, their numbers amounting to around two hundred, while Tai Lang’s group had only 30 something at most, their numbers differed greatly, the reason was that Tai Lang, Lei Bao, Gulu and Yan Wu were all experts, numbers did not mean that they were powerful.

Tai Lang suddenly shouted, “They’re men of the Scorpion alliance!” He did not expect so many men from the Scorpion alliance.

The Scorpion alliance was one of the big three powers in Xi Rong land, they were rather strong, giving Tai Lang misgivings.

Lei Bao asked, “Scorpion alliance?” He did not understand the distribution of influence in Xi Rong land.

Tai Lang replied, “Scorpion alliance, they are one of the big three in Xi Rong land, they’re rather powerful, but we don’t know who came this time.” He was also an influential force in Xi Rong land, however he wasn’t as influential as the Scorpion alliance, with the experts, Lei Bao and Gulu before him, their strength wasn’t lacking, they were even more powerful, but Tai Lang was still worried.

Lei Bao the old man and his friends were outsiders, not one of Tai Lang’s men. After they had completed their missions, they would definitely leave, at that moment Tai Lang would not be as powerful as the Scorpion alliance, this was the reason behind his worrying.

Gulu laughed, “Scorpion Alliance, one of the big three influences in Xi Rong land, actually they’re not much, hehe, if they anger me, I’ll make them pay.” His temper was also not great, only, his temper was incomparable to the past Lei Bao’s.

Tai Lang sighed and did not speak.

The old man Lei Bao patted his arm understandingly, “Don’t worry, we won’t pick a fight, however if it was them who irked us…..I recommend that you remove them, once we eliminate the higher ups of the Scorpion Alliance, no one would be able to threaten you.”

Yan Wu laughed, “That’s right, I like this solution.”

XinFeng was speechless, this group of old men were all ruthless. None of them were capable of staying out of fights.

Tai Lang seemed to know much about the Scorpion Alliance, he spoke, “Eliminating the higher ups of the Scorpion alliance….with all of us, that is certainly possible. The only problem is that the higher ups are definitely not all here. The strongest would definitely stay within the Scorpion alliance to guard it, the higher ups present here are probably limited, but they probably invited other experts to participate.”

The old man Lei Bao laughed, “This isn’t like Tai Lang, when did you start fearing?”

Tai Lang laughed bitterly, “In the past…..I only had to take care of myself, now, I have a group of people, there are too many things for me to worry about, I can’t be as willful as I was in the past.”

Yan Wu praised, “That’s right, the most troublesome thing is to take care of others, hey hey, that’s like my father, he rarely leaves the house and would hide in the Sect to practice while worrying about this and that, he’s not happy at all, I can’t be bothered to stay in the Sect myself and came out to have fun.”

The men of the Scorpion alliance were led by two experts with 5 True Ring bodies. In Xi Rong land, an expert with 5 True Ring bodies were enough to support a large sect, the Scorpion alliance had sent the both of them out for this, that’s more than enough, there’s even seven true masters, though they don’t have 5 True Ring bodies, they at least had 2 or 3, their power was extremely strong.

Tai Lang sighed yet again, “Old brother, let us go and welcome them!”

Lei Bao grabbed him and spoke, “No need, they will come!” He was slightly unsatisfied with Tai Lang’s attitude, he felt that Tai Lang was weak.

Gulu spoke, “Old brother Tai Lang, you go back first, we’ll handle this!”

Tai Lang’s expression stiffened, “It’s alright, I’ll handle it, don’t worry!” He knew his attitude had displeased his companions, after thinking, he knew that he shouldn’t be weak at this moment, if he did, then it would mean that he would lose many of his rights and interests.

That group stopped at a distance of a hundred meters. Among them came 5 men with 2 leading the way, they were the experts of the Scorpion alliance with 5 True Ring bodies. Those with 5 True Ring bodies were called True Treasure Yin masters, a step away from obtaining Yin Li. Though there was only a level difference between True Yin masters with True Ring bodies, it was a large threshold, with True Yin bodies, their power would reach an entirely different level, right now they only had Lun Yin Li, a level difference from Yin Li.

Lun Yin Li was a level higher than Lun Li and a level lower than Yin Li, once one had reached the level of a True Yin master, the Lun Yin Li in their bodies will become Yin Li, increasing their strength by a large amount.

Tai Lang took a step forward, “Delon, Ai Sha Bo! This is my land!”

(德隆= De Long 艾舍波= Ai Sha Bo.)

Lei Bao shook his head mentally, he did not understand why Tai Lang was so fearful of the opponent, this sentence he spoke carried the aura of weakness.

Gulu was also unsatisfied, he immediately walked forward, “Stop, this place……is not for you to enter!” As he spoke, he emitted an overwhelming surge of his imposing aura towards them, using his strength of a True master with True Ring bodies to threaten them.

Delon and Ai Sha Bo’s faces both changed slightly, originally they assumed this group to be weak and were planning to chase them away, but they didn’t expect it to actually be Tai Lang. Although Stellar Night Fortress wasn’t capable to comparing to Scorpion alliance, it wasn’t a pushover either, before the leader who wanted to crush them could step forward and speak, a True Yin master with True Ring bodies appeared.

XinFeng hid behind the group, the fights between True masters did not have any relations to him, he was only watching for fun.

Delon was a short man with an extremely sturdy build. His shoulders and body were very wide, almost as wide as he was tall, it gave people the feeling that he was square shaped. With a large head full of white hair, a face of yellow skin, an enormous mouth full of large teeth, it gave others an outrageous impression.

However Ai Sha Bo was an extremely handsome Middle Aged men, his image was attractive, no matter his looks or his clothing, it was impossible to pick on, he also had the aura of a noble, a peaceful smile present on his face.

Not knowing why, XinFeng did not have a good impression of Ai Sha Po, but actually had a slightly better feeling towards Delon. He could not help but criticize himself, it was probably because he was handsome, though he may be old, it still made others jealous and envious.

Ai Sha Bo stopped in his tracks, he did not expect there to be such a powerful expert within the opponents and knew that it would be hard to monopolize this area, though he was still unsatisfied and could not help but begrudge silently, he had always thought that the Scorpion alliance had the most advantageous position which was supposedly incomparable by other forces, he spoke, “Tai Lang, long time no see!” He started to curry favor.

Tai Lang replied, “Ai Sha Bo, long time no see.”

Delon continued walking towards them.

Gulu was instantly infuriated, he spoke with a deep voice, “Bastard, are you taking my words as shit? I said fucking stay there!”

Delon’s eyes widened as he replied, “Is this your house? What does my walking…..concern you?!” He was also accustomed to rudeness, adding the fact that there were also expert with True Ring bodies in the Scorpion alliance, he wasn’t too afraid.

Gulu was not a man from Xi Rong land, which caused him to have no concept of the Scorpion alliance, of course he did not fear him, adding the fact that he didn’t have a good temper, he immediately pounced after hearing Delon’s words as he rebuked, “With your fucking small stature, how dare you speak like that to your seniors! Fuck you!”

Delon had his wish granted, he only wanted to see the strength of the opponent, he had always been rebellious and could not be suppressed by Gulu’s aura.


The two men exchanged a hard blow.

A flash of golden light and red light caused a glaring sight, in an instant, Delon was sent flying and landed head-first on a Sand Dune, Gulu pounced yet again.


Ai Sha Bo shouted loudly.


Tai Lang also shouted.

Not only did Gulu reveal an unsatisfied expression, even the old man Lei Bao furrowed his brow.

Tai Lang quickly spoke, “Old brother Gulu, slow your hands for a moment and let me speak a few sentences, is that alright?”

Gulu rolled his eyes, “Alright, you speak first, I’ll make him pay later!” With a slap he flipped Delon, although he did not kill the opponent, it made him feel satisfied and improved his mood, only then did he temporarily stop.

Delon climbed out of the Sand dune, with only that one attack, he was sent a meter below the sand dune, Gulu had been merciful knowing this fellow’s identity, he also did not want to kill him and anger a large influential power, it would be troublesome, not scary. One must also know that he did not bear great hatred towards the opponent, it wasn’t worth killing him, he knew that much.

Lei Bao could not help but laugh, “The temper I have now is much better than yours, hehe.” If it was in the past, he definitely would be the one to attack first.

Delon noticed that the opponent did not care about his own influence and became wary, a clever man knew not to withstand injustice voluntarily and did not walk forward again to provoke him, if he were to do it again then it wouldn’t be investigating, it would be courting death. All practitioners had their own pride, to be provoked yet again would be unbearable, thus so upon climbing out of the sand dune, he stopped there which signified he had surrendered.

Ai Sha Bo laughed bitterly, “Tai Lang, don’t be mistaken, we were just passing through.” Immediately changing his words, after all, that was the only thing he could do.

The old man Lei Bao ‘Hmph’ed mentally, if it wasn’t for Gulu’s slap, the opponent’s men would have probably attacked, he was accustomed to the brutal conflicts among practitioners, the intelligent knew when to stop.

Tai Lang also understood why the opponent would speak such words, he did not wish to expose them and laughed, “Hehe, what a misunderstanding.”

The two men cackled a few sentences of useless chatter and Ai Sha Bo immediately turned to leave, calling Delon, the two of them speedily returned to the group and left.

XinFeng was a bit disappointed, “They didn’t fight, how disappointing.”

Yan Wu could not help but smile, “If they were to do that then the ending would be undesirable.”

XinFeng asked curiously, “But we do not need to fear, isn’t that so?”

Yan Wu replied, “Of course, however, it would be best to not fight as we need to conserve our energy and wait until the Hidden Lun space opens, haha, at that moment you’ll see what the thing called battle is.”

XinFeng spoke, “Who knows if others will come?”

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