God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 6: Thousand Lightning Strikes (2)

Lei Bao the old man squinted his eyes as he watched the men leave, after a distance of roughly a hundred meters, they stopped near one of the other sand dunes, it was obvious that they knew about how Tai Lang had monopolized the best location and wanted to be as close as possible.

Gulu was enraged, “I’ll go get rid of them!”

Lei Bao replied, “No need, hehe, you too know that once the Hidden Lun space descends, their location will be unsafe.”

Actually Gulu did not know that as he did not know how to calculate, it wasn’t like the more powerful you are, the more you know, he said, “If it’s like this……alright, as long as they don’t annoy me. When the Hidden Lun space opens later, if I see that Delon guy, I’ll make him regret it.” He didn’t mind waiting to kill his opponents, either way he had already offended him. Of course, if he doesn’t see him at that time he’ll let it go and not go out of his way to find Delon.

Quickly, more teams came, but ended up not coming too close. It was not that they couldn’t calculate, it was because they saw even the men of the Scorpion alliance fearing to occupy that area and came here understandingly without picking a fight. This was something Tai Lang did not expect.

The anticipated fight did not happen to XinFeng’s regret, though he did not dwell on that matter as he would be able to raise his level after this period of training.

This place wasn’t good for practicing, the best location for him to practice was a place with thunderstorms while this place only had brutal heat, however XinFeng had an advantage in practicing that others do not have, it was the piece of lightning stamp in his body, it provided many benefits, which was the advantage of having an expert teaching you.

The existence of the Lightning stamp had eased the process of leveling for XinFeng, he could absorb copious amounts of strength from it and transform it into his own Lightning Lunli, slowly increasing the amount of Lunli he has. Gradually the Lunli in his body was reaching the critical point, upon reaching a hundred thousand Lightning Lunlis, he would become a Milun master.

With the strength of a Milun master, one can already travel the world.

XinFeng wasn’t hurried in the slightest and continued to follow the old man Lei Bao’s teachings, growing stronger slowly, building his steady foundation.

With time, the image in the sky gradually disappeared, at this time, people would be incapable of calculating the best entrance, however, this did not affect experts that already came, if they knew how to calculate, they would already have understood where the best location was. All of them eyed Tai Lang’s camp, but only because of the power present, they did not dare to chase them away.

Other than taking his shifts, XinFeng spent all his time learning and practicing, there were a large amount of true master experts here, no matter if it was Hong Chen who had one True ring body or Gulu who had a True Ring Body, they were all his teachers. No one refused to teach XinFeng either, one reason being that he was the grandson of Lei Bao, the other being that he was a true genius, no matter what he was learning, he would be able to master them all, thus all these people were willing to teach him.

These were very rare chances, XinFeng did not know when he would be able to find another chance like this, which was why he did not dare to slack and used every day to the max. Even if he could not use this skill, he would still learn it. Skills he did not need now did not mean it was useless, this was something he learned from his past life, even if he only knew the basics, it was also better than knowing nothing.

The waiting duration this time was very long, no one expected that it would amount to 3 months, only then did the image in the sky slowly disappear, those under it was already unable to see it whereas those that stood from afar could only see a faint shadow, everyone knew the Hidden Lun space was about to descend.

At this period of time, food was already scarce, other than leaving some food for Tai Lang’s team, they already started to kill the Sand Tuo Beasts for food a month ago. Some small teams even had to retreat before they starved to death in the Thousand Sand Barrier.

While some people occasionally attempted to enter Tai Lang’s land, some tried to bargain, some tried to forcefully enter. Tai Lang and the group of experts gave them no chance and stopped them all outside, they had designated an area of roughly a few hundred meter radius and chased anyone who came into it away, if anyone came multiple times, they would kill them without hesitation, within these few days, they had killed 7-8 men.

The teams outside of their land became impatient, even though they knew within Tai Lang’s land was a large amount of True master experts, they continued to charge in without knowing the fear of death.

XinFeng stayed at the sides of the land to watch battles, pity that there weren’t battles of true experts, all of them were only probing attacks.

Today, Delon and Ai Shebo came together to Tai Lang’s land, but were blocked outside by Gulu. Ai Shebo shouted, “Tai Lang! Tai Lang! Come out for a bit, we have something to discuss with you!”

As Tai Lang was a famous person, he could not hide in the land and could only come out, with Lei Bao and the others following him.

XinFeng spoke softly, “Pang, they can’t wait anymore.”

Jin Da Pang had become skinny recently, although food was sufficient, it was just enough. Adding the heat, it made him lose weight. He smiled bitterly, “Time is almost up, of course they’re impatient, if they wait any longer, there will probably be nothing for them, so upon hearing that it’s about to descend, they’ve decided that only the calculated location is the safest.

The old man Lei Bao spoke, “Tai Lang, remember, no matter what they say, you cannot agree. Once we open a weakness, others will charge over and we won’t be able to hold our fort.”

Tai Lang had no choice either, he nodded, “Alright.” He cannot agree, if he were to relent, he knew it would be irreconcilable. They were not afraid of the opponent but the practitioners coming to Thousand Sand Barrier were increasing, there were even lone adventurers. All of them were battle experts, once all of these people charged together, they may not be able to monopolize this place anymore. Time was almost up, if something were to happen now, they would lose everything.

Ai Shebo spoke, “Tai Lang, we have something to discuss with you.”

Tai Lang walked to the two of them, he asked, “What is it? Speak, I have something to tell you, this land….I’m not the biggest here.” After thinking for quite a bit, he found that this is the only way to decrease the responsibility on his shoulders.

Delon stared at Tai Lang as he spoke with a deep voice, “Tai Lang, we all know each other, we may not be close, but we are all practitioners of Xi Rong Land!”

Ai Sha Bo spoke, “Give us Scorpion Alliance 2 positions, we will want 2 positions!”

Delon continued, “Just give us 2 positions, us Scorpion Alliance will owe you a favor! The two of us will also owe you a favor!”

There were many practitioners in the distance, some even were high leveled practitioners, all of them watched from afar, even if Delon and Ai Sha Bo’s voices were soft, they still could hear clearly.

Tai Lang glanced at the distant groups, his heart aching, if he were to reject them, he would have offended the Scorpion Alliance, but if he did, he knew clearly that all of the true master level experts would request the same thing and he could not accept all of them.

“I already said, in this land I’m not the biggest!”

Lei Bao could not help but shake his head, he did not know that Tai Lang spoke so ambiguously like that in the past.

Ai Sha Bo spoke, “Then who’s in charge? Who’s the biggest?”

The old man Lei Bao had to step forward, he spoke lightly, “I’m in charge, my words are the biggest, little kid, there’s no positions here for you!” He rejected him without relenting.

Delon was enraged, “Who are you? What are you even counted as!?”

The old man Lei Bao smiled faintly, “Little kid, who I am isn’t important, the most important thing is…..I can kill you!”

A flash silver light rose to the skies, XinFeng could tell with a glance that Grandpa was condensing a new Lightning stamp.

In an instant, that lightning stamp gave off an eye piercing light, Lei Bao shouted, “A thousand lightning strikes! Destroy!”

Hong! Hong! Hong…..

A large cluster of thunder sounded, it sounded as if countless gigantic drums, an earth shattering shock and countless lightning strikes as thick as buckets madly descended, under Lei Bao’s guidance, it suddenly plummeted down.

Delon and Ai Shebo were scared senseless, the two of them couldn’t even react. The attack speed of the lightning bolts were second only to light attributed practitioners, but its power surpassed light attributed practitioners.

Ai She Bo escaped to the outer areas madly.

Delon was unable to escape in time and could only release his Lun Yinli protection as countless lightning bolts landed on his body.

Tai Lang wanted to open his mouth and speak but stopped, he knew that if he tried to stop him, he would invite malice from his friends, he could only feel a headache as he watched the old man Lei Bao attack.

An instant kill.

Delon was reduced into ashes.

Ai She Bo managed to escape quick enough and was barely able to keep his life, but it was mostly because the old man Lei Bao was aiming at Delon, who would have thought that a treasure Lun Yin True master with 5 True Ring bodies was actually incapable of blocking one attack of Lei Bao, this was too scary.

After instantly killing Delon, the old man Lei Bao’s attention was shifted to Ai She Bo, the lightning stamp giving off an eye piercing glow.

Ai She Bo escaped extremely quickly, he had already escaped to his team and was shouting loudly, “Run!” However he was still not faster than the lightning bolts.

To shock the surrounding people, the old man Lei Bao used his full power to activate his lightning stamp, once again activating a thousand lightning strikes.

XinFeng’s mouth was open as he watched the dancing strikes, he was really terrified. He never expected his grandpa’s lightning stamp to be so abnormal, he was counted to have the basic knowledge of a practitioner and he knew that with only these 2 attacks grandpa did not have only 1 True ring body, it was highly possible that he had 7 or even more.

A thousand bolts madly descended!

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    I don’t get it. The “cultivation” levels are way too confusing, and the terminology jumps all over the place… at first I thought, well I’ll get it soon enough, and when I thought “now I got it” it gets confusing again…

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    HongChen being the weakest of them with only one True Ring Body and Gulu, beside Lei Bao, being the strongest with 6 True Ring Bodies.

    Here a quote from the chapter:
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    Whats the difference? Except for one being written with capital letters and the other not…

    The author is introducing terms non-stop without explaining them at all.

    What is the difference between a True Ring Body and a True Yin Body (mentioned in the chapter where Lei Bao attacked the True Masters of the 20 small sects).

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