God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 7: Heavy Casualties

Ai She Bo didn’t stop, as Delon was struck to ashes, he already knew that he wouldn’t be able to beat that unknown old man. That was why he threw out one of his Yin armor, one of his life saving Yin armors, a fortification earth attributed Yin armor, a Lun Qi that came from an ancient hidden Lun space that cost him a large fortune. He was instantly covered by a bundle of golden light.

At that moment, a thousand lightning bolts descended, the entire crowd in the plains took out their best defensive skill and attempted to block the descending lightning bolts. 

There were many teams, all of them looked on with shock at the sight of countless lightning bolts enveloping the people of the Scorpion alliance.

The sound of thunder overlapped each other as the ground shook, the originally scorched earth looked as though it was boiling while dust rose from the ground.

As the dust scattered, the sound of thunder disappeared, revealing an open land where the entire Scorpion alliance as well as entire sand dunes disappeared, they were struck into nothing.

However Ai She Bo was able to escape, the Lun Qi he had thrown out saved his life. That earth attributed Yin armor had disappeared upon blocking the Thousand Lightning Strikes, but it had indeed protect him from Lei Bao’s terrifying attack.

The old man Lei Bao watched as Ai She Bo escaped, he was already incapable of attacking a third time. After continuously attacking twice, he had already sacrificed a large portion of his power, this was his ultimate attack. It can be said that he had attacked without caring about the consequences to frighten the surrounding people, he could not help but use thunder to deter those idiotic groups from making their moves.

The side of Ai She Bo’s body had been scorched, he frantically escaped outwards, not daring to stop in the slightest as he thirsted for vengeance madly in his heart.

The lightning stamp descended from the skies and immediately entered Lei Bao’s head.

The old man Lei Bao’s complexion was slightly paled, he spoke with a deep voice, “Does anyone else want to monopolize our land? All of you fucking scram!”

The surrounding crowds were like rats who had their burrow destroyed, madly scurrying outwards, none of them dared to stay, the previous sight was far too terrifying. None of them could block attacks from the old man’s strength, staying meant that they were courting death.

And in a few minutes, the entire land was deserted with not a single human silhouette in sight.

Jin Da Pang muttered to himself, “Impressive, truly fucking impressive! Ai, I didn’t expect the old grandpa to be so strong…..how scary!”

Not only were Jin Da Pang and XinFeng scared, even Tai Lang and the others were. Gulu had a strange expression, he only found out now that the old man was stronger than himself. Yan Wu had a bitter smile, Tai Popo still had a cold expression, but her slightly trembling hand gave away her shock and An Yadan’s mouth was open, she had always knew that Lei Bao was a unfathomable fellow, but this time he had gone all out, it was actually so scary, it gave her great shock.

Tai Lang smiled bitterly while shaking his head, he knew that his hesitation had invited the disdain of the old man Lei Bao. At that moment he understood that he could not be as hesitant as he was in the past, he had important things to him as well as great responsibility, he could not act according to his own pleasure anymore.

The old man Lei Bao turned to leave, he had returned under one of the tents in the middle of the land and started to recover, he did not use too much of his YinLi but his Lightning Li had been decreased by an great amount, he needed to recover his Lightning Li as it was his killing weapon.

Gulu glanced at Tai Lang once before also leaving.

Tai Lang smiled bitterly once more, he knew Gulu was also dissatisfied at his weakness which forced the old man’s hand to scare the opponents, revealing their biggest trump card.

After the old man Lei Bao’s mad massacre, there wasn’t a single influential force willing to irk them, for a consecutive three days there wasn’t even a human shadow present in the land. Those men of small influential forces that originally camped at the sand dunes nearby disappeared after the massacre.

The sky was already devoid of all traces of the Hidden Lun space and the land was already empty of all Sand Tuo beasts, there was still a small amount of food that could last about a dozen more days if everyone was conservative. This place was different from the others, it was impossible to find food and the crowd was currently anxiously waiting for the descent of the Hidden Lun space.

XinFeng had also stopped learning from the others, staying by the old man Lei Bao’s side for the past two days.

The old man Lei Bao, Tai Lang, Yan Wu, An Yadan, Tai Popo, Qi Xuan, Du Hong Chen and the rest along with Jin Da pang, XinFeng and Yan were all gathered, the experts Tai Lang brought were also there, they knew, that the Hidden Lun space was about to descend.

At this moment, an underling reported the appearance of Human shadows in the surroundings once more.

Tai Lang instructed, “Ignore them.”

Gulu continued indifferently, “They won’t dare to close in.”

Lei Bao suddenly waved his out reached hand, “Don’t speak, listen closely!”

With a series of slight movement and soft ‘KaCha’ sounds, it was extremely slient. The old man Lei Bao shouted, “Remove the tents!” Tai Lang’s underlings immediately and swiftly removed them and without the shade the tents provided, the sunlight immediately shot down, causing bright light to envelope the eyes of the crowd along with heat which heated their bodies, and at that moment, beads of sweat dripped down from XinFeng’s forehead. He immediately activated his Mi Ring armor, he had become a Mi Lun master just two days ago.

After becoming a Milun master, the old man Lei Bao was extremely satisfied and was relieved. One must know that upon the descent of a Hidden Lun space, a thousand Lun master was considered too weak and had to worry constantly about how to protect himself, while a Milun master was different, they were at least capable of protecting themselves as well as fighting for treasures of the Hidden Lun Space.

According to the instructions of the old man Lei Bao, the crowd stood together, these sort of calculations were very precise, the old man Lei Bao and the others capable of calculating had confirmed after multiple attempts that this was indeed the best entrance.

The tremors gradually became larger while the surrounding people increased, they knew that the man in Tai Lang’s land could not force them away at this moment.

Multitudes of bird cries were heard, the entire earth was shaking as discomfort grew amongst those present.

As Sand Dunes covered the ground, with the increased shaking, they collapsed little by little, there were also some enormous Sand Dunes starting to collapse, the old man Lei Bao bellowed, “Everyone keep steady, don’t fall!”

The crowd linked their hands, forming a circle as they waited for the opening of the Ancient Hidden Lun space, their faces all revealing an excited expression.


A sand dune not far away collapsed, those standing atop it was immediately buried, luckily they were all practitioners, normal humans would basically be killed by this, the people that originally stood on top of it climbed out awkwardly.

With the collapse of sand dunes one after another, even the height of the sand dune the old man Lei Bao stood on slowly decreased.

The tremors increased and everyone was extremely excited yet nervous, who knew what would happen. The calmest ones were still those True master experts, after all they’ve experienced many things and were powerful, they had a great variety of experience when it came to changes.

The sky suddenly darkened, the originally bright, scorching sunlight also dimmed.

XinFeng raised his head and could not help but exclaim, “Fuck, what’s this?”

In the sky was a black hole that increased in size gradually as a surge of heavy wind blew towards them.

The old man Lei Bao shouted loudly to Gulu, “I’ll be outside, you stay inside!”

Gulu replied, “Okay!” A crimson light appeared at the top of his head and flew out, it was his Fire stamp which instantly protected the crowd with a red light.

The old man Lei Bao also sent his Lightning stamp outside and similarly sent out countless electric charges, protecting the crowd.

With two layers of protection, they protected the crowd from the rotating winds.

That wind was extremely strange, not only did it give off sharp whizzing sounds, it also gave off black streaks of shadows riding the wind similar to snakes, quickly, a shocking sight appeared before the crowd. The surround practitioners would be torn into shreds upon coming into contact with the black shadows, they couldn’t even escape. At that moment, among the cacophony of whizzing, rose a torrent of tragic screams.

Jin Da Pang mumbled, aghast, “My god……what’s this thing, it’s so powerful!”

Streaks of black shadows that were originally thin gathered together as the black hole in the sky increased in size, the madly escaping groups were attacked relentlessly, at every moment there was someone being turned into masses of blood soaked meat that disappeared with the mad wind, all sorts of curses, anguished cries terrified those alive, wanting to escape now was practically impossible.

The strange thing was that the black shadows of the mad wind almost never came to Tai Lang’s land, those small amounts that came were all blocked by the Lightning and Fire stamps of Gulu and Lei Bao.

Quickly, XinFeng noticed that although the threat of these black shadows were great, but for True masters, the damage is rather limited, they could at least block large portions of the attack, those with at least 2 Ring bodies would not die in this wind.

The old man spoke, “This isn’t just anything, this is the Black Turbulence, those that aren’t True master will be shredded into pieces, it’s not something normal practitioners can block. I also didn’t expect it to appear, it seems….this ancient Hidden Lun space isn’t normal!”

The Black Turbulence was like a large grindstone, grinding those on it into mincemeat.

Originally those outside of Tai Lang’s land amounted to a few thousand people  there were even Sand Tuo beasts and desert hunting dogs, with the descent of the Black Turbulence and the mad wind, the numbers practically dwindled by half, that black colored turbulence was even radiating a red glow.

Quite a bit of true master experts with 3, 4 or even 5 a True Ring bodies started to charge towards Tai Lang’s land as they could tell, only this place is the safest.

If it wasn’t for the old man Lei Bao’s threatening move, this land would already be attacked, to be able to last till now was because of the old man Lei Bao.

Lightning and Fire stamps could only be condensed by experts with True ring bodies, their attack power was unusual and could block all sorts of attacks, the old man bellowed, “All of you stay the fuck away, those that attack our land, will be killed!”

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