God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 8 : Heavy Casualties (2)

The experts that already closed onto the land could only leave unsatisfied after hearing the old man Lei Bao’s bellow, they were all experts with considerable strength who could block the Black Turbulence for a bit, but they understood that if the old man Lei Bao attacked them, they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves.

Suddenly, the Black turbulence gradually thinned, as those present all sighed in relief, streaks of white lightning sparks appeared among the strong winds and in an instant, a dozen practitioners were struck trembling and were sucked into the wind, and as if they were the autumn wind, they started to float.

XinFeng suddenly noticed a large amount of electricity, that surge of power made his heart thump, one must know that he was a person training in electricity with immunity to the dangers of electricity and the ability to absorb the power of electricity. If even he felt greatly threatened, what about the other practitioners.

Lei Bao’s expression was a bit strange, he had also felt the power of electricity, but it made him feel extremely weird, he could clearly feel that this power was actually a higher level compared to his. He had never felt this way before, if it weren’t for this situation he was in, he would really love to sit down and practice and absorb the lightning here, to see if there would be any changes.

Suddenly, countless lightning strikes shot continuously at the old man Lei Bao’s Lightning stamp, and in an instant, a dozen strikes had already landed on the Lightning stamp. As the lightning stamp rested on the sky above the land, the land was covered in a bright light, it was as if the lightning stamp had taken the role of a sun.

Lei Bao was extremely worried, he quickly noticed something wrong, something was changing within his Lightning stamp, he did not know if it was beneficial or not at the moment but he understood that the lightning stamp he had condensed was now different. Luckily the Lightning stamp was still under his control, if he were too busy he would not be able to take care of it, if anything he could just condense a new one. Ever since he learned to absorb lightning from the skies during storms, condensing a Lightning stamp became an easy task.

Thus so, Lei Bao did not retrieve his Lightning stamp, but instructed it to absorb the incoming lightning bolts.

XinFeng also quietly started to absorb, but the amounts absorbed were very minuscule as this location was not one for practicing, through circulating Lightning Lunli, he absorbed a bit of the electricity present outside. But as he did so, Jin Da Pang and Yan who he had linked his hands with became miserable, the two of them felt their arms becoming numb and their hair standing involuntarily, the two of them did not dare to release their hands and could only ask with a quivering voice, “Feng, what are you doing?”

Yan had also spoke, “You……I’m numb….”

(Puttty: numb=麻麻 it sounds like mother.)

XinFeng asked curiously, “Your mother?”

Yan was shocked, “I’m numb!”

XinFeng replied, “En, What wrong with your mother?

Yan was going crazy, if it weren’t for their friendship, she would have loved to viciously punch this fellow. She rolled her eyes and spoke again, “You’re numbing me.”

As neither Yan nor Jin Da Pang was immune to the discharged electricity, Yan’s speech was not clear, which caused XinFeng to hear wrongly, he replied, “I didn’t scold you…..”

(Puttty: this time he mistook 骂=scold for 麻=Numb since they both sound similar.)

Having enraged Yan, XinFeng was hit with a head butt, she harshly spoke, “Let go!” She couldn’t care anymore, that numbing feeling was driving her crazy.


Yan’s head smashed against XinFeng’s elbow, without given time to protect himself, XinFeng could only let go, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jin Da Pang reacted and could not help but burst into laughter, “She says she’s numb….numb….little Yan, am I right?”

Yan vigorously nodded her head, “Feng is deaf, jumbling my words together…..infuriating!”

Tai Lang spoke with a deep voice, “The two of you….hold your hands together! Bickering even at this time!”

XinFeng obediently offered his hand as he spoke, “Don’t worry, I won’t numb you anymore!” He kept his lightning Lun Li, although he continued to absorb electricity, he took more care to not torment his companions.

The bolts killed even faster, it was brutal and cruel, when Lightning strikes someone, they are basically reduced to ashes, even scum was rarely left behind. With the raging wind’s passing, nothing was left, practitioners died after one another, even the true masters took out their trump cards and madly blocked, not daring to be careless, those that did were already all dead.

Yan was normally silent, but after getting close to her, she wasn’t as cold as before. She whispered, “How infuriating…..” Her hand reached out to hold XinFeng’s, still slightly unsatisfied.

At this moment, those dodging practitioners nearby started to become incapable of blocking, even true masters could not block such a concentrated bolt and started to run. they knew that if they continued, they would really die.

The lightning disappeared abruptly, only a second ago was there flashes of lightning and booms of thunder, a second later, there wasn’t a single sound. The black turbulence had also disappeared with the lighting and thunder, similarly abruptly.

The old man Lei Bao and Gulu shouted at the same time, “All of you focus! Careful!”

The black hole had already increased to a thousand meter in size, but it stopped spitting out raging winds, instead countless filaments floated out, those black filament were like descending cotton, falling to the ground in bundles. It was unknown what it was but both Lei Bao and Gulu acted as though their biggest enemy were here, the both of them retrieving their stamps at the same time.

Lei Bao grabbed XinFeng and bellowed, “All of you dodge yourselves, do not let that thing touch you no matter what!”

The entire shield collapsed instantly and Lei Bao dodged nonstop, the floating black filaments similarly descended even in their location, however, they could only move in a certain space.

Luckily the thin filaments were not fast, if they were careful enough, they could still dodge while staying in a fixed position.

XinFeng asked curiously, “Grandpa, can’t we dodge this?”

The old man Lei Bao spoke, “It cannot be blocked, whoever tries will die!”

XinFeng asked again, “What’s this? Grandpa, how do you know of it?”

Lei Bao grabbed XinFeng, they had already dodged a few bundles of filament consecutively, he replied, “I also don’t know what it is, but my instincts say I can’t block them!”

Other than the land they were in, the other places were overwhelmed by the filaments, there was still hundreds of other men who survived both the Black Turbulence and the lightning bolts, as for the Sand Dunes, they were all leveled. XinFeng could see clearly both these men fleeing and the filaments descending upon them.

Suddenly one of the Ten thousand masters from Stellar Night Fortress shouted in shock, as he was dodging he collided with one of the bundle of filament and without a second cry, a large portion of his entire body disappeared and he fell to the ground, his blood pouring out. Tai Lang shouted furiously, “All of you be careful as you dodge, if you’re fucking careless, then fucking go die!” Everyone placed their full efforts in dodging.

Hong Chen also grabbed onto Yan as he dodged, only Jin Da Pang didn’t have a senior and could only rely on himself, his plump face filled with horror and sweat. He shifted to the right and left as his mouth made incoherent noises, ignored by everyone else.

The land was filled with chaos, everyone was struggling to survive, not daring to slack off in the slightest.

Faraway was desperately escaping people, but this ground was sand, with only a bit of carelessness, their legs would be trapped, wanting to escape swiftly was really too difficult. Those bundles of filament were already closing onto the ground, near the heads of the escaping people.

A cacophony of painful cries were heard, some could not even scream in time and were killed by the strange filaments. Within only a minute those escaping men were reduced to only a few left. Trying to get closer to the ground and further form the falling filaments, using all of their limbs, they ran madly like hunting dogs outwards, but even so, they couldn’t escape the Hidden Lun space encased land and died off one by one.

While within Tai Lang’s men there were only 7-8 deaths and a few casualties, including Jin Da Pang, who had brushed his hand against one of the bundles of filaments and lost a large piece of meat.

After about five minutes, those descending filaments finally disappeared, the surroundings became silent, other than the people in Tai Lang’s land, everyone else was dead, those that weren’t in the best locations, basically had no means to survive.

Yan Wu smiled bitterly, “If those people knew that anyone outside of this land would die without exceptions, perhaps they would have risked their lives to monopolize our land!”

Gulu blandly spoke, “That opportunity was gone upon old brother Lei Bao’s attack!”

Tai Lang smiled bitterly, he could hear Gulu’s displeasure towards him in his words, but he couldn’t explain, with a light sigh, he spoke, “Delon and the Scorpion alliance’s team’s…..eradication, scared Ai Sha Bo, he must be seeking help at Scorpion alliance.”

The old man Lei Bao acted as nothing had happened, “There isn’t something great about that, at most I’ll fight a battle with the Scorpiin alliance, I don’t believe, they will dare to irk me, this solitary ghost.

The solitary true masters were the most scary, no influential force would be willing to offend such a person, and if they were to desire vengeance, they could resort to any methods.

Tai Lang could only smile bitterly even more, thinking to himself, ‘You’re traveling alone, but I have to support a family, if I were like you, I’d be even crazier.”

The old man Lei Bao placed XinFeng down and looked above, after a moment of silence, his face became serious.

Gulu Lao raised his head and spoke, “Jesus, what kind of a Hidden Lun space is this…..it actually has so many defenses…this man in the past, must have been an extraordinary expert?”

The old man Lei Bao spoke softly, “Gulu, we need more actions, not words…..they still don’t understand, this trip……who knows if it’ll be beneficial.”

XinFeng could hear everything but he didn’t ask, he already had a guess, this ancient Hidden Lun space was perhaps a priceless treasure, even Lei Bao was unsure. He brought him to increase his experiences with this treasure hunt, but now it seems that this Hidden Lun space is something extraordinary.

If it was a rare hidden Lun space, then it would explain their serious expressions. Even if they obtained this treasure, to them, this was big trouble.

As it would attract those top leveled or legendary figures.

Translator : Puttty

Editor/Proofreader : l3lacksheep

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