God Of Thunder – Book 4 Chapter 9: Descend of the Space

Even with the old man Lei Bao’s experience, he still couldn’t identify the descending Hidden Lun space, the era it belong to, the expert that left this behind, he didn’t know, but one thing everyone knew was that this hidden Lun space was definitely extraordinary.

Gulu spoke softly, “It really is a bundle of surprises, who knows how this will end?” The stronger one was, the more knowledgeable and wary one is.

The old man Lei Bao also spoke softly, “Ignore those, since we’re here, we won’t give up.”

Gulu suddenly laughed, “We’re all traveling alone, once we receive the benefits, we could leave. This world is so vast, who would bring us trouble?”

XinFeng stayed at Lei Bao’s side, the two of them spoke without concealing, as he heard their conversation, he became worried. This was his first time seeing such a scary treasure hunt, if they hadn’t monopolized this position, then perhaps only Lei Bao and Gulu would have survived. From the situation outside one could already tell, among a thousand men, none survived, not even one escaped.

Even if they monopolized the best location, they also lost quite a bit of people. This Hidden Lun space was too perverted.

The color black started fluctuating in the skies, the old man suddenly grabbed XinFeng, and at that moment, the sky seemed to have crumbled, darkness suddenly enveloping their eyes along with a sudden explosive sound.

The Hidden Lun space had finally descended.

Light radiated from the old man Lei Bao, while XinFeng could only feel himself thrown around while being tightly grabbed by Lei Bao. His surroundings was pitch black and the only thing he could see was the light from the old man Lei Bao.

As if they stepped on air, they started to fall down. There wasn’t any noise from the surroundings, it was as if the explosive noise from earlier deafened them.

No one knew how much time had passed, perhaps a moment, or even a whole day, either ways XinFeng had already lost the concept of time.

The old man Lei Bao was very stable as he held onto XinFeng. With a deep voice he muttered, “What the hell, what kind of a Hidden Lun space is this……”

Despite the short distance between XinFeng and Lei Bao, his deep voice seemed to have travelled to him from a far distance, XinFeng asked, “Grandpa, where are we?” He was shocked by his own voice, it sounded raspy and even had an echo, which was extremely strange.

The old man Lei Bao spoke, “I don’t know either. En, the only thing I can confirm is that we’ve entered the Hidden Lun space.”

XinFeng replied, “But I cannot see anything!”

The old man spoke, “Be patient, Feng, grab onto me!”

XinFeng grabbed Lei Bao’s arm and moved bit by bit, finally climbing onto his back, “Okay, Grandpa, you can let go now.”

It seemed that the two of them were floating in deepwater.

In XinFeng’s head was a word, drifting, he felt as though he was drifting to god knows where, this sort of a strange feeling was driving him mad, luckily he was with Lei Bao and they could still speak, which eased the fear in his heart. This extremely strange experience had escaped the field of knowledge he had in his previous world.

While Lei Bao and the others were sucked into the Hidden Lun space, Thousand Sand Barrier had undergone shocking changes.

Between the sky and the land was heavy winds, lifting up sand as it was absorbed by an invisible force. A large group of men stood hundreds of meters away from Thousand Sand Barrier, watching the changes quietly.

Three men stood on a sand dune, a large amount of practitioners behind them.

An extremely handsome young men looked at the sandstorm with a small smile, “I didn’t expect a Mighty Ancient Hidden Lun space, what a good fortune. Yi Daton, you contributed quite a bit, hehe, don’t worry…I won’t mistreat you.”

An old man with a face full of wrinkles laughed with flattery, “Senior, I also risked to report to you, fearing that this might be just a normal Hidden Lun space.”

Another man spoke, “Si Donald, we are late, if we had found the best location, we would have already entered.”

(Puttty: 斯达诺= Si Danuo, it sounds like Donald.)

Si Donald spoke, “Never mind that, even if we came late, who could take anything away in front of us? Hehe, Sun Buru, to be able to come is already very lucky of us, if we were late by half or a year, then we would have nothing. This is thanks to Yi Daton.”

Yi Daton laughed along, “Senior Sun, I asked just now, there’s a fellow that knows what’s going on, I had men capture him, you can ask him.”

Sun Buru, “En, let your men bring him forward.”

Yi Daton waved his arm and two men immediately dragged a burly man over.

That man was the heavily injured Ai Sha Bo, he was actually dragged over like a dead dog. His despair filled eyes focused on the three men before him, that wrinkled old man was the one that caught him, he couldn’t even resist, because of his injuries, he couldn’t even reach his full potential and was easily captured.

Yi Daton waved his hand, “Throw him over here.”

Ai Sha Bo was then thrown before them. Yi Daton spoke, “Senior Sun, I brought him, this fellow should be a True Treasure Lun Yin master, a capable expert in Xi Rong land, hehe, that is a man who condensed five true ring bodies.” Actually he did not expect to easily catch an expert with five true ring bodies and was pleased.

Sun Buru nodded, “En, five true ring bodies, that is indeed not bad.”

Si Donald smiled faintly, his hands behind his back. He didn’t speak and only watched on with interest.

Ai Sha Bo’s face turned green, a True Yin master actually revealed a boot-licking expression, he was wanting to learn how powerful were the two men before him, beads of sweat flowed down his forehead, his heart aching in agony. How unlucky was he this time, to be beaten silly by Lei Bao, and after he escaped with difficulty, he was caught by these men to be beaten yet again.

Sun Buru spoke, “En, you seem to have been injured already, by a lightning attributed expert……so, what did you see in there? If I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you live.”

Yi Daton’s expression changed. Of course he knew how he won, but he didn’t expect Sun Buru to find out with a glance. He mustered a smile and a fake look of mindlessness, he wouldn’t dare to be dissatisfied with Sun Buru, even if he had exposed his flaunting, he could only act dumb. However with his pettiness, Ai Sha Bo’s fate was sealed.

Ai Sha Bo spoke, “I, I am an elder of the Scorpion Alliance…..”

Yi Daton viciously kicked him, and spoke indifferently, “What dog shit alliance….don’t flaunt it, hurry and answer senior’s question!”

Ai Sha Bo felt a surge of hopelessness, the opponent didn’t care less about his backing, he spoke embarrassedly, “Yes, yes….”

Sun Buru asked peacefully, “What’s your name? What did you see? Where are those powerful people? En, right, who hurt you?”

Ai Sha bo answered honestly, “My, my name is Ai Sha Bo……..I saw a lot of people inside, as for the powerful ones…….en, Tai Lang and an old man, he was the one that injured me. Right, I had people investigate, that old man’s name is Lei Bao, I can’t tell how powerful he is, he has the ability to injure me with a single attack…..”

Yi Daton spoke with surprise, “What? What did you say? Lei Bao!”

Ai Sha Bo replied, “Yes, I had found that out, I heard he’s very powerful, a lightning attributed expert.”

Yi Daton asked, “What does he look like?”

Ai Sha Bo explained Lei Bao’s appearance simply and Yi Daton started to grit his teeth.”

Si Donald smiled lightly, “Daton, you know that Lei Bao?”

Yi Daton replied hatefully, “Of course I do, ten years ago, he was the one that injured me, I almost lost my life. We……..we have great hatred among us! However that guy disappeared for ten years, I couldn’t find him for so long, I didn’t expect for him to suddenly appear again!”

Sun Buru spoke, “Hehe, I bet you can’t exact revenge, with my experience, reaction generated from the descent of this Hidden Lun space probably isn’t something they can block, they’ll probably die in there, even if they don’t then it’s obvious they’re stronger than you, for you to get revenge, it’s hard.”

Ai Sha Bo didn’t know whether to be afraid of happy, Delon was murdered while he himself was injured greatly. As for Lei Bao, their animosity wasn’t lacking, the only problem was that he wasn’t friends with Yi Daton, and he could tell, this Yi Daton didn’t have a good temper, his chances of surviving was still unknown, he couldn’t be happy at this moment.

Yi Daton was extremely upset with Sun Buru’s words, but he wouldn’t dare to show disrespect. He could only suppress the raging anger and reply, “Perhaps I’m below him, but senior should be much stronger than he is!” He immediately thought of borrowing a knife to kill another.

(Puttty: You probably heard of this idiom if you’ve read plenty of Chinese novels, it means to use another for your benefit.)

Sun Bur chuckled noncommittally, “Ai Sha Bo, why did your people fight with Lei Bao?”

Ai Sha Bo spoke helplessly, “They occupied the best location, so….”

Si Donald could not help but laugh, “So that’s it, to take another person’s land requires sufficient strength, without it, haha, you become a pile of dog shit.”

Ai Sha Bo couldn’t reply, to be laughed at made him despondent.

Ai Donald continued, “It seems, that Lei Bao that group have already entered the Hidden Lun space, pity, we cannot enter right now.”

Tremors came from afar, the entire land was trembling madly, Sun Buru spoke, “Thousand Sand Barrier……would most likely disappear entirely, we don’t even know the size but I guess….that even if the entire Thousand Sand Barrier were to be absorbed, it wouldn’t be a big problem for it, the tremors might even reach us.”

Si Donald spoke, “Even if it spreads here, it won’t be too troublesome, at most it’ll be a small aftermath.” He spoke indifferently.


Si Donald’s voice didn’t even travel far before the entire ground caved in, he escaped to the air with Sun Buru suddenly, although Yi Daton reacted a bit slower, however he managed to fly up while the heavily injured Ai Sha Bo could only fall instantly without any chance to escape. He howled with fright once and no sound followed after, no one knew if he died or fainted, but it wasn’t important, the only important thing was the entire ground was caving in by hundreds of meters.

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Ugh, happy lunar new year people, sorry for the late chapter~ I was too busy receiving my Ang Baos (Red packet) and eating all the goodies ~Teehee~

Translator : Puttty

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