God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 1: Water Town, Rich Man

As Tian Dabin shouted for murder, the entire atmosphere of the pier changed. Zhou Tong carried Zhou Xin and stood up, his face pale, “They’re all kids, why kill over such a thing? Fourth master of the Tian family…..”

The fourth child of the Tian family supported Tian Dabin as he gritted his teeth and spoke, “Kill? I’ll destroy your entire family!”

That middle aged man didn’t attack, is he kidding, for him to kill after hearing him tell him to? He spoke, “Old four Tian, bring Dabin to the side, I’ll settle this.” He was a practitioner, not a normal human, his experiences were much richer than the fourth son of the Tian family, in this world where dangers roamed free, a simple mistake could cause someone’s life, without being able to see through XinFeng, he won’t easily attack.

The fourth son of the Tian family was instantly dumbfounded, he didn’t expect the master of Tian Dabin to say something like this, but he definitely couldn’t offend this man. His face instantly became red and he supported Tian Dabin to the sides. Tian Dabin spoke indignantly, “Master!”

The man shouted, “Shut up!”

Tian Dabin was instantly dumbfounded too, he couldn’t understand why his master would scold him, but he didn’t dare to continue. He wasn’t even a hundred Lun master yet, after two years of training, he only trained up to a dozen LunLi, slightly stronger than the normal human, if a barbarian were to appear, then he would be easily beaten.

The fishermen here were too different from the hunters that lived at the Tiger Cliff Castle XinFeng had lived in previously, if a hunter were to come here then these weak fishermen would simply not be his match, of course if they were to fight in water then perhaps the outcome would be uncertain.

The man walked before XinFeng and spoke, “Zhong Geng, ten thousand Lun master.” He could only use the greeting habit of practitioners to probe his strength, since he couldn’t guess XinFeng’s strength. Without being able to gauge his strength, he’ll never know what to do.

XinFeng sighed but he knew clearly, that even if he couldn’t scare the opponent then he wouldn’t care, but Uncle Zhou Tong and little brother Zhou Xin would suffer in the future, he couldn’t let his benefactors be endangered.

“Lei Xin Feng, Milun master!”

Zhong Geng was scared silly, almost falling to the ground with his shaking legs, he was the strongest Lun master in these waters, yet this youngster before him was actually a Milun master. In an instant countless thoughts flashed passed his mind, with his experiences, those at the age of seventeen capable of becoming a Milun master, hey probably did have extraordinary talent, but probably a rich background or even an extremely powerful master as well, none of which he could offend.

He couldn’t help but want to wipe his sweat, Zhong Geng celebrated nonstop for his prudence and that he wasn’t rash.

As for Tian Dabin, he was scared to the point where he fell to the ground, unable to be supported by the fourth son of the Tian family. He knew that his master was a ten thousand Lun master, but that youngster was more impressive, and was actually a Milun master, too terrifying, how could he live anymore? He had practiced for roughly four years now, and he hadn’t even reached the level of a hundred Lun master, no wonder his master didn’t like him.

Zhong Geng spoke, “Uh, you….” He wanted to ask, ‘You, a Milun master, why would you come to this small place of mine?’ But he felt  that it was inappropriate and spoke, “You…….me…….uh, I’ll introduce you, this is my first disciple Wu Zhen, a hundred Lun master nearing the level of a thousand Lun master. This is my second disciple, Han Xiao Bao, who is nearing the level of a hundred Lun master, en, that…..that’s my disciple in name, Tian Dabin, a local.”

(Puttty: 记名弟 no idea how to translate this, someone help, I’ve guessed the vague meaning only.)

Since he couldn’t offend, then he’ll try his best to curry favor, Zhong Geng was an experienced man after all. He commanded strictly, “Dabin, go apologize!”

Seeing his master’s strict gaze, Tian Dabin knew he couldn’t want revenge anymore, but he didn’t know that his master was saving him. Intense anger filled his heart and it couldn’t help but leak out, Zhong Geng understood and had already abandoned him as his Master, now he would at most be a disciple in name, never to be a true disciple anymore, this fellow’s heart was too narrow, he would never accomplish anything and could only cause trouble, such a disciple was something he didn’t need.

Zhong Geng spoke indifferently, “If you don’t want to……then I don’t have you as my disciple in name.”

Tian Dabin didn’t understand too much about the matters of human relations, but his father did. Hearing Zhong Geng’s words, cold sweat flowed nonstop, he wanted to abandon the Tian family, is he kidding? Without Zhong Geng’s support, then his Tian family would be doomed, he had offended too many people in the past, without Zhong Geng’s help, then the Tian family would collapse.


Tian Dabin looked disbelievingly at his dad, he never expected his dad to slap him.

The fourth son of the Tian family gritted his teeth and scolded, “Why have you not apologized!” He then softly added, “Quickly, are you dead…..you…..idiot!”

A torrent of slaps had already quelled XinFeng’s anger, after a bit of reflecting, he couldn’t help but feel a bit scared, in his anger the first thought he had was to kill, nothing else. He didn’t even try to understand the situation or think of a method of remedy, he only wanted to kill. Luckily he still had a trace of rationality that belonged to the mindset he had from his past world, only then did he choose to relieve his anger through slapping Tian Dabin.

Tian Dabin wanted to cry, not only did his master force him to apologize, even his dad started to force him too, with a face full of compliance, he said to XinFeng, “Sorry!”

As one of the main culprits of this incident, Zhou Xin had hid behind Zhou Tong but through a series of changes, he had already become dumbfounded, light flashing before his eyes, he couldn’t understand the situation clearly but the one thing he knew was that XinFeng had helped him gain face and viciously fought the opponent, his little self immediately made XinFeng as his idol, that feeling was too good, the feeling of being protected made him immeasurably happy.

XinFeng said indifferently, “Don’t apologize to me, apologize to my little brother!” He reached his hand out and pulled Zhou Xin out.

Tian Dabin was angered to the point where his hands trembled, but he couldn’t go against master and his dad and could only indignantly apologize. As a child, Zhou Xin did not pursue the matter any further upon hearing an apology, actually he was very afraid in his heart, he didn’t expect that he would be beaten up for no reason, and he couldn’t understand until now why he was beaten either.

After listening to everything XinFeng understood, the reason as for why Tian Dabin beat Zhou Xin was to express his affection for the woman named Han Xiao Bao, or to show his strength in this place. Zhou Xin stepping on Han Xiao Bao accidentally became a very good reason for his childish display, but not only did he not succeed, he also lost everything.

XinFeng didn’t want to complicate this matter any further and had planned to let it go after beating him up, he couldn’t just kill over such a small matter could he? He nodded, “If that’s so then we’ll just let it go, let’s go, we’ll go back.”

How could Zhong Geng just let XinFeng go, a Milun master appearing on his turf was nothing, not something he had never seen before, but this Milun master was only seventeen, the influential force behind him was something he wouldn’t dare to imagine, what if something happened to this little fellow…. Thinking to this point his cold sweat had already covered his back, he knew why XinFeng would appear here and he also knew that XinFeng could definitely not have anything happen to him in his turf.


Zhong Geng did not know how to call out to XinFeng, if he had called his name then would it be too rude, if he called him senior…but XinFeng was still a youngster, in an instant he had reached a stalemate.

Normally XinFeng was an extremely good natured person, he replied, “Call me Feng.” As towards Zhong Geng there was a bit of respect, he exercises prudence, these sort of people usually live longer.

Of course Zhong Geng didn’t dare to and replied, “I better call your old brother Lei, hehe, old brother Lei, since we acknowledged each other then I believe that you had just entered this land, hehe, may I invite you?”

XinFeng replied, “As for today let it go, I’ll visit tomorrow.”

Zhong Geng nodded with a smile, “Alright, them tomorrow it is.” He couldn’t control it anymore, for the other party to agree, he was already very satisfied, he believed that through his own methods he should be able to deepen their relations together, having another friend was better than having another enemy, this was his ironclad principal when it came to doing things, since this place had no influential forces occupying it, to be able to stand firm and fall isn’t through pure power, but through one’s relations.

XinFeng held Zhou Xin’s hands and returned to the boat with Zhou Tong.

Returning onto the boat, Zhou Xin finally became more excited, the earlier matter had made him extremely terrified, he asked, “Brother Lei, why did he want to hit me?” This question had been in his heart for a while now, but he didn’t dare to ask Tian Dabin, after returning to the boat, he finally could not bear it and asked XinFeng.

XinFeng patted Zhou Xin’s head and spoke, “Little Xin, let it go, don’t think about it anymore.”

Zhou Xin was young after all and quickly forgot about it, “Alright.”

Boss Zhang had already returned and Uncle Zhou started to clear the remaining cold food on the boat. XinFeng sat down again and Uncle Zhou who had already finished cleaning up, also sat down. He thanked, “Feng, thank you.” He now knew that he had saved an impressive youngster. His expression became slightly cautious, he was different from Zhou Xin who was only a child that didn’t know of the complications of the world, he was an adult and knew the statuses of a Lun master, he had also understood how XinFeng could take out so many gold rings without care.

XinFeng laughed, “Uncle Zhou, no need to be courteous with me, since you saved me, hehe, we are a family, what is there to thank for, no matter what I’ll never watch on as another bullies little Xin.”

As a normal human, Zhou Tong had a natural fear towards Lun masters, unlike Zhou Xin’s natural self.

XinFeng didn’t know what to do anyways, since he had revealed his identity as a Lun master, he couldn’t do anything about it, he hadn’t planned on concealing his identity anyways, since he didn’t know how to.

A night of silence.

On the morning of the second day, Zhong Geng had already sent his disciples.

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Umuu, this is Puttty’s apology for the break, I’ll try to churn out more over the weekends but I think Puttty did good, it’s two chapters a day after all (@ ̄v ̄@).

Anyways we’re on to the next book~ yay~ also is that bun (Bao) woman a love interest??? Hmm????

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