God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 11: Madly Leveling

(Puttty: I finally understood the ranking of the true bodies, the first to the fifth are the lowest to the highest and the next one is the True body, as weird as that sounds just know that the lowest leveled one is called the First True Ring body, followed by the Second True ring body and all the way to the last one, simply called the True Ring body.) (l3lacksheep: Ooooor not.)

Lightning struck, because of the paddle in XinFeng’s hands, it landed on his body. In an instant, a large power caused XinFeng to start trembling, and at that moment, a thought flashed past his mind, was he too ambitious?

With his current strength, he couldn’t fight against the power of the lightning bolt, he wasn’t the old man Lei Bao, he hadn’t even condensed a single true body and it was still lightning attributed Lunli in his body, the lowest leveled power, how could he defend against the world’s craziest power, lightning?

At that instant, XinFeng collapsed on the deck, that lightning bolt seemingly capable of killing him at that moment.

Suddenly, a light appeared from XinFeng’s head, it was the lightning stamp XinFeng had absorbed in the beginning. The lightning stamp opened at that moment and stared crazily absorbing.

XinFeng had barely kept consciousness, crossing his legs, he started to absorb and control the lightning stamp. Despite losing the origin of strength for its movement, the small boat still had the momentum to move forward, moving deeper into the lighting area before gradually slowing and stopping, floating on the water’s surface.

The lighting stamp had protected XinFeng but had also absorbed the lightning. At the next moment, two lightning bolts struck on the lightning stamp as booming thunder sounded, exploding at the top of his head, causing XinFeng to become dizzy.

This was an area where lightning gathered, perhaps with only XinFeng there it would be fine but the lightning stamp above him acted like a lightning rod, absorbing the lightning as it struck it over and over again. Even if XinFeng wanted to dodge, he couldn’t go anywhere, he had originally planned to stay at the outer area of the thunderstorm as he slowly absorbed the lightning strikes, but what ended up happening right now was out of his calculations.

With the lightning stamp to protect him, XinFeng finally regained his energy as he glanced at the lighting stamp above him with lingering fear before starting to train, this training felt different to him, with a large amount of lightning as the main factor behind his greatly increasing cultivation, the Lunli in him quickly started changing into Lun Yinli. He had started to step away from the realm of a Milun master, quickly condensing the power needed to create a True Ring body.

The moment XinFeng had sat down to train, he immediately gained enlightenment, without a single question in his heart, as long as he had followed the steps as he trained, condensing a True Ring Body was a simple task.

The condensation of a True Ring Body lies in the existence of YinLi, which appears at the moment when Lunli starts to become Lun Yinli, one only needed a bit to successfully condense a True body.

In the Star Python Record, the First True Ring Body is condensed that moment, leveling one up to a true Milun master before rapidly increasing and condensing Lunli with until it has a nature stronger than the Lunli of Milun masters, with more characteristics of Lun Yinli while still being Lunli, incapable of reaching the true strength of Lun Yinli.

At the condensation of the Second True Ring Body was when Lunli turns more into Lun Yinli, it was still Lunli but it was much more similar to Yin Linli, this was the aforementioned True Great Milun master, once one becomes a True Great Milun master, he could aim to condense his Third True Ring Body, once most of the Lunli become Lun Yinli, one could do so and become a True Lun Yin master, the True master then is really the powerful one.

As one’s Lunli increased, he could then condense the Fourth and all the way to the Fifth, these were all within the range of Lun Yinli.

While the condensation of the True body, which happened during Lun Yinli’s change to Yinli, once successful, one would become a True Yin master.

True Yin masters were practically the extremely powerful experts of this world, capable of doing whatever they wanted. However, those that had truly reached that level would have higher desires.

As XinFeng converted his first Lun Yinli, his First True Ring Body had already started condensing, but to his surprise, most of the Lunli in his body was rapidly changing into Lun Yinli, because of the large unstoppable strength he was receiving, XinFeng didn’t dared to stop training, he could instinctively feel that if he stopped, he would most likely explode.

The First True Ring body quickly condensed and without even taking a few minutes, XinFeng had already leveled to become a True Milun Master.

Then something terrifying to XinFeng happened, he couldn’t stop training as his cultivation increased crazily. His Lunli, still affected by the lighting stamp on top of his head, was madly being converted into Lun Yinli. In an instant, he had broken through again before he could react, becoming a True Great Milun Master.

This rate of improvement made XinFeng feel terrified instead of happiness, he didn’t know how to stop and what to do, without an expert guiding him at his side, he was really ignorant.

Half of his Lunli had been converted to Lun Yinli, which also meant a bit more and he would condense his Third True Ring body, becoming a True Lun Yin master.

XinFeng was scared silly, he could only pray for the thunderstorm to cease, if not he wouldn’t know what would happen.

His cultivation grew slowly, XinFeng had already purposefully slowed his training speed, putting in all his effort to strengthen his foundation as he tried his best to stop increasing at the Second True Ring body, after ten minutes when he was almost at the point of giving up, lightning and thunder disappeared as the rain started pouring down at a terrifying level of intensity.

XinFeng sighed in relief, if it hadn’t stopped then he would definitely not be able to hold on and would have condensed his third True Ring body, he didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing but just in case, he felt that it was better if he progressed slower, cultivating too fast was not a good thing, this was something he could tell from the Star Python Records.

Not daring to train anymore, XinFeng stood up as the lightning stamp above him descended suddenly, entering his head.

That instant it entered, XinFeng rose in level yet again, standing with a stupefied expression on the boat, he cursed after a while, “Fuck! It works this way too….”

A shadow of a lighting appeared from his body, instantly growing ten meters in size forming a lighting giant behind him, this was the third True Ring body he had condensed, this mirage appeared for three seconds before becoming smaller, slowly entering XinFeng’s body.

He had rose three levels in one go.

Actually, XinFeng was too inexperienced, the old man Lei Bao had rose from having a few True Ring bodies all the way to being a True Heart Yin master with eight True Ring bodies in the Thunder Snow Storm, almost forming True Ring body, this was the natural gift of lightning to lightning attributed practitioners, as long as you dared, the received benefits would surely shock many, however, without certain strength and technique, training under lightning could be fatal.

(Puttty: As I thought I understood the author throws a curve ball. 从环真身,一直晋级到八环真身,差点就进入环真身 when translated it means, True Ring body all the way to the eight True Ring body, almost entering True Ring body.)

(l3lacksheep: I found some terms in earlier chapters to differentiate. If any of you have suggestions in terms of levels or think they understand the whole system let us know in the comments. Thanks.)

If XinFeng didn’t have the lightning stamp, the result of this training would probably be the last time he trained, he would definitely have died, instead of rising three levels.

Sitting on the ground, XinFeng sat there dazed for a while, incapable of understanding some questions he had, he had really rose three levels and became a True Lun Yin master, he was secretly happy, but because of his quick rise in levels, he needed to catch up with many things and learn many thing.

Such a rapid leveling, he had many questions in his heart as he started to miss the old man Lei Bao, if grandpa were here, no matter what happened he wouldn’t be afraid, but how would he find him? He was still very unfamiliar with this world, by himself, he needed to quickly get used to it, just from this point, such fast leveling did bring benefits as with great strength, he wouldn’t have to fear many things.

Returning to the cabin, a layer of sparks jumped from his body and in an instant the water on his body evaporated, changing into another change of pants, he heard the booming of thunder.

Luckily the boat carried everything, taking out a bit of charcoal and cooking a large pot of rice, he turned to the side of the boat and placed his hand into the water, creating countless sparks and in an instant, the electrified fishes all floated to the surface. Choosing a large fish, he took a few choice pieces of its meat without bones and returned to the cabin to cook it, quickly, as the rice was almost done, the threw it into the rice pot and added a bit of salted vegetables before sitting down.

He had cooked a simple dish capable of only filling his stomach, XinFeng didn’t have any other options anyways, without Jin Da Pang’s skills, he didn’t wish to waste too much time.

A large basin of rice could only fill half of XinFeng’s stomach and he couldn’t do anything either, the practitioners of this world were too strange, requiring large amounts of food, if a normal family were to produce a practitioner, then he or she could eat the family into poverty.

Thinking back, XinFeng had found many route markers on the way here and also made some notes, he thought as he rowed, “I hope I won’t get lost, I hope I won’t get lost….if it were a mountainous area then I wouldn’t have to fear no matter how much I ran but it’s all water here, the markers I could use were far too few, I hope those I made are still there.”

The bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment. XinFeng got lost.

All his life, this was XinFeng’s first time getting lost, the biggest key factor behind it was when XinFeng chased after the thunderstorm, he had madly paddled the boat with his attention placed solely on the thunderstorm, when would he have the time to care about what direction he was going, as long as there was a thunderstorm, he would head there, but thunderstorms could move.

He was surrounded with reed in all directions, XinFeng knew he had gone the wrong way, on his way out he hadn’t seen such thick groups of reeds.

After entering the reed marsh, XinFeng was completely puzzled, with streams surrounding him, the reed marshes had completely split up the lake into countless pieces, with streams going through them creating countless roads, he had attempted to go back but seeing at least seven split streams at every opening, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly, he didn’t have a map to use.

XinFeng had a feeling of nowhere to go, the reeds here were seven meters long, each marsh taking hundreds of square meters on this lake, the streams as plentiful as bull hair, without any method to discern the direction, and because of the rain, other than reeds, there was only water.

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  1. CCE

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    1 True RingBody = True Milun Master
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    2 True RingBody = True Great Milun Master
    (You comvert 40% Lin Li to Lun Yin Li)

    3 True RingBody = True Lun Yin Master
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    4 True RingBody = ??
    (You comvert 80% Lin Li to Lun Yin Li)

    5 True RingBody = ??
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      8 True Ring Bodies = True Heart Yin Master
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