God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 12: Madly Leveling (2)

Three days later, XinFeng continued to helplessly stare at the thick reed fields, he had went forward the entire time but was still unable to escape from the surrounding reeds, this was a natural maze. If he could fly, perhaps he could find an escape but he had to rely on luck right now, to escape was extremely hard.

He had floated around the reed marshes for the entire day, annoying XinFeng to no end. He could not help but sit down, without daring to train. Luckily, there was grain on the boat along with other food and the countless fishes and prawns in the lake, food was not problem, allowing him to be restless.

Seated at the front of the boat with rain landing on his body, XinFeng gradually cooled down, noticing his short temper as he did so. He knew it was a side effect from training, luckily he was an extremely peaceful person in his past life, so he could control his temper to some extent after training.

In his past life, whenever he was angry, XinFeng would always like to sit cross legged and stop thinking, doing so always brought good results. Of course, that wasn’t training, it was just a method to calm his heart. He didn’t expect it to still be useful in this life, once seated silently, the rampaging Lun Yinli would calm down, it was just like picking gold over salt.

(Puttty: It cannot be called meditating because the definition for that means to think deeply, and he’s not thinking.)

Silently sitting brought many benefits to XinFeng, allowing him to realize the importance of doing so. These days, whenever he felt extremely bloodthirsty, with the thought to kill rising, he would immediately sit down, slowly regaining peace as he trained his Lun Yinli.

Slowly, XinFeng became intoxicated by the feeling of silently sitting, every time after doing so, he felt refreshed.

XinFeng did not know that he had escaped a disaster, if he had successfully returned without controlling his emotions, perhaps under some provocations, he would lose control. With his strength, destroying the entire market was not a problem.

In the past, the old man Lei Bao acted like this, killing casually whenever he wished, his enemies countless.

Which was why after sitting down, XinFeng had become determined to live in this reed marshes for a while, slowly searching for the exit, if he couldn’t then he wouldn’t become impatient, he would be able to leave someday. As he steeled his determination, he felt very peaceful as a happy feeling suddenly emerged, shocking even himself.

Therefore, XinFeng didn’t rush, everytime he met with a junction, he would silently mark it, using it to guide himself, if he were to meet with it again, he would know that he had gone a full circle.

His daily tasks would be training, silent sitting, marking and cooking. It was an extremely simple life, yet it increased the purity of his Lun Yinli while its nature got closer to YinLi, he did not purposely aim for leveling up, he simply took pleasure in learning new information every day.

However, XinFeng understood that after all, he had the lighting attribute, its violent nature was unavoidable, all he was doing now was controlling and suppressing it using his silent sitting method he brought from his previous life, but if he were to level up again, then perhaps it would not suffice anymore.

He had lived for thirty days already in the reed marshes, XinFeng not only consolidated his cultivation, he had also reached the threshold of obtaining his Fourth True Ring body, this wasn’t what he wanted, but naturally obtained.

His grain was almost finished, these few days, XinFeng had been very cautious, he ate mostly fish and prawns while saving his rice, however his patience had a limit, despite keeping his cool, he still couldn’t find the exit, what must he do to escape?

These two days had the rarely seen clear day, it even had sunlight. The surroundings were completely silent, with only a few water birds flying past. XinFeng laid at the front of the boat, basking in the warm sunlight as he thought of how to escape. Actually he understood that unless he had floated out by luck, even if he reached the edge of the marshes, he still wouldn’t know.

After constantly living under the rainy sky on a lake, with the rare appearance of sunlight, the comfortably warm feeling had pulled XinFeng to sleep.

The small boat floated along the water currents as he slept.

Sleeping like the dead, all of his tiredness, nervousness and cautiousness were gone, this was the best sleep he had in his entire life, sleeping away two days and two nights, he had finally opened his eyes, noticing how his boat had gotten stuck at an entangled bunch of reeds, and beyond it was a boundless lake.

XinFeng was dazed, after a while he vigorously rubbed his eyes and turned back to stare at the wall like large reed mashes, only then did he understand that he had escaped, but not how.

“Fuck…..what’s this? I escaped just like that? But….but this isn’t logical….”

After staring at the stuck boat, he finally understood and couldn’t help but slap himself, “Idiot…..I could escape just following the water currents! Why did I put in so much effort?!”

At the front of the boat, XinFeng had a face of helplessness as he started to sit down silently, he had felt himself getting angry. Touching his face, he sighed, his slap was not light.

After he had calmed down and lifted his head, he was suddenly shocked. There was countless small boats on the lake, driven by who knew what, facing each other on the lake, two boats even clashed, with hundreds of boats on each side, the entire lake seemed cramped, making it obvious that two sides were fighting.

After some observations, XinFeng lost interest. These were all mortals, not practitioners, their battles were completely uninteresting to him.

Anyways, XinFeng dared not to enter the reed marshes again, it was truly scary in there, despite not having any direct danger, the way it trapped people were absolutely terrifying, if it weren’t for coming out by chance, perhaps XinFeng would have needed to become a True Ring body to escape when he could fly.

Turning back to the reed marshes and to the colliding sides before him, XinFeng easily chose his route, forwards, definitely not backwards.

Suddenly with a series of drumming, sounds of clashing as well as battle cries were heard as the two sides collided, there were even sounds of bows shooting. XinFeng didn’t expect the mortals to actually prepare these weapons, those bows could even threaten low leveled practitioners, even thousand Lun masters dared not to face its attacks and only ten thousand Lun masters with their condensed ring armor could barely withstand it.

With the firing of the bows, series of death cries could be heard, it was obvious that someone was shot.

The battles of mortals wasn’t that lacking compared to the practitioners, it was similarly cruel. As the boats collided, they would both attack with harpoons, spears, shields and bows. XinFeng was still contemplating whether to charge when a few large boats along with thousands of small boats appeared from both sides.

XinFeng inhaled sharply, this number was quite scary, both sides had dozens of large boats and thousands of small ones, the entire lake was filled with boats. With a glance, it was simply packed, the only difference between the battles of practitioners and mortals were numbers, once mortals started a fight, their numbers would always be over thousands, if a boat had ten fighters and two crew, just the small boats themselves would carry a total of twenty thousand men.

As sounds of their fight got louder, the boats shot more arrows, filling the sky with arrows.

XinFeng laughed bitterly, he didn’t know what to do, if he were to rush out now, he would be attacked, and with his temper, upon being attacked he would retaliate without hesitation, but this battle was strange and not something he would want to participate in.

Suddenly with a loud, long roar, a shadow jumped from the large boat and pounced.

XinFeng immediately squinted his eyes, noticing that it was a practitioner, it should be a thousand Lun master. His body radiated light of a Lun armor, if he was fast enough, he would definitely be able to avoid most of the arrows.

In retaliation, someone also came from the opposite side, pouncing forwards, similarly a thousand Lun master.

XinFeng sighed, silently commenting, “Of course, there’s practitioners.”

To be able to gather tens of thousands of mortals, only practitioners could do it for a battle, these sort of large scaled battles definitely would have a practitioner. In this world, practitioners were like the noble race, each having a high status and power amongst mortals, this was the right they obtained with their strength, to strip one from this right, another would simply have to be stronger.

XinFeng watched on silently, knowing that this isn’t the time to appear, even if he were anxious to return, he can only wait patiently.

The battle was truly cruel, pained and angry cries mixed with sounds of the bows shooting, the entire lake seemingly boiling, scaring countless water birds from the marshes.

Hong! Hong! Hong…..

Countless balls of fire appeared, hitting the small boats, instantly starting a fire. These were set by a practitioner, with XinFeng’s judgement, it was a ten thousand Lun master wielding a fire attribute.

The lake suddenly moved, instantly destroying a dozen of small boats, the act of a water attributed ten thousand Lun master.

XinFeng silently calculated the number of practitioners, currently he only saw ten thousand Lun masters but not Milun masters, but he could guess that the ten thousand Lun masters were only aiming to get rid of the opponents in front of them, there were definitely Milun masters, perhaps even a True Milun master.

Suddenly, a few boats came over to him.

XinFeng smiled bitterly, “Am I suspected of being an ambusher? I only have one boat…..their eyesight is really something, to notice me from that distance.” He became wary.

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