God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 13: Vicious Little Lad

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Seeing the small boats coming closer, with a few dozen more at the back, it was obvious that both sides sent them to scout. Xinfeng couldn’t retreat or go forwards, not wanting to clash with the enemy due to the lack of benefits and enmity.

But somethings couldn’t be avoided, Xinfeng turned back to glance at his boat and immediately understood how he was spotted, the small boat had a mast perched on it, higher then reeds present. Such an obvious thing was impossible not to notice, even if he hadn’t hung a sail, the result would still be the same.

A small boat speedily made its way here, with five men standing in front, all of which were mortals. However, Xinfeng noticed that they were all equipped properly with battle suits and harpoons or steel spears, the small boat even had steel shields put in place.

Xinfeng sat cross legged at the front of his boat, helplessly looking at the boat speeding his way, thinking, “It’ll be hard to avoid this.” Not knowing why, he felt slightly eager and bloodthirsty, but without caring too much about the changes in his heart, he stared coldly at the boat coming towards him.

That boat carefully made its way closer. This world was too dangerous, some people cannot be offended, therefore even with many on their side, they didn’t dare to mess around. Seeing Xinfeng seated at the front of the boat, they all sighed in relief, from their first impression, they saw him as a young man, the only suspicious thing was that he didn’t seem to be a fishermen. With extremely white skin, he didn’t seem like a fisherman who had endured years of harsh rain and hot days, no fisherman would have skin as white as his.

Seeing that young man seated with his legs crossed, everyone relaxed, there wasn’t an ambush or a group of boats, just a small one with a young man, that didn’t really look dangerous. The originally raised shields were placed down as those wielding long bows placed their weapons down, their gaze turning to a strong middle aged man who held a steel harpoon in his hands who turned to Xinfeng, and back to his companions, only then did he speak up, “I’ll question him.”

The middle aged man came to the front of their boat and staring at Xinfeng who didn’t stand too far away, he asked loudly, “Hey, little fellow, are you from around here? Where’s your family head?”

A few men wielding harpoons softly discussed, “Ai, that’s a new boat…..a brand new one.”

“That’s right, a new boat, even the paint is new, how clean…..it’s really nice!”

“Weird little fellow, to actually own a new boat by himself…..”

“Fuck, I labored all the way till thirty for my battered second hand boat, while this little fellow has a new one at that age…..what if, we snatch that!”

Xinfeng revealed a mocking smile, they actually wanted to snatch his boat. At this moment he understood, that even mortals would act strong and greedy in front of the weak, acting more cocky then practitioners.

Seeing how Xinfeng did not reply, instead revealing a slight smile as if he didn’t hear their words, he asked curiously, “Deaf?”

Xinfeng was instantly enraged, “You’re the deaf one, you’re all deaf!”

That group of men became chaotic as a few of them spoke, “Where did this cocky fellow come from, speaking in such a manner, does he not want to live!”

A few more boats came over, a strong man from one of which shouted, “Hey, old Chen, what’s going on? The battle’s fierce, why are you wasting time? Who’s hiding in the reed marsh?”

That fellow surnamed Chen turned back, “Just one boat belonging to a youngster, there’s no one else!”

The strong man shouted, “Everyone return, catch that young man and that boat…..someone bring it over!”

Xinfeng heard it clearly as he slowly stood up, “I didn’t seem to have offended you, did I? Why catch me, why take my boat?”

That strong man was less than a hundred meters away from Xinfeng, therefore he could hear his words clearly, “Aiya, Such a white delicate thing, it’s my first time seeing one. Old Chen, catch him! I’m conveniently lacking a servant, this little thing seems fine!”

Anger rushed to his head as Xinfeng’s face became red, to become calm again would be hard, gritting his teeth he squeezed out a sentence, “Preposterous thing!”

That group of men erupted in laughter, someone even shouted, “Boss Qu, did you take a fancy to this little fellow? Haha!”

The filthy language dazed Xinfeng, he hadn’t heard such sentences even in his past life. At that moment, suspicion filled his heart, why were these mortals so daring, to speak such words. He spoke indifferently, “Don’t regret this!”

Boss Qu didn’t think too much, actually with a bit of thinking, he would notice how Xinfeng’s presence was strange. A young man with a new boat going around in the rainy season, no mortal would act like such. A pity he was blinded by his arrogance, thinking that he was simply bullying a weak child, without a hint of suspicion in his mind. Such a kid couldn’t possibly do anything, could he? Even if he could, they could just simply kill him. This was a battlefield, a kid’s death wasn’t much.

Corpses weren’t even taken care of, thrown in the sea, there’s fishes to eat them.

Boss Qu shouted, “Go, catch him, that little fellow is quite stubborn, what regret, why would I regret! Haha, I’m regretting to have irked you!~ Catch him!”

Someone laughed, “Boss Qu, you’re too bad, being so fierce to a kid, you need to be gentle! Haha! Hahaha!”


As the man laughed, he suddenly stopped. Xinfeng held the black bow in his hands as he spoke indifferently, “I’ll treat all of your gently!”

Ping! Ping! Ping ping ping……

As if a storm was here, a cacophony of metal colliding sounds appeared in the lake, with three arrows shot every second without care, Xinfeng had at least hundreds of arrows in his hidden Lun space. Each arrow claimed usually more than one life, piercing through two or even three men.

Some started to raise their shields in the chaos, but the thick wooden crafted shields was simply not enough to block the arriving arrows, allowing the arrows to pierce through it along with the wielder.

Boss Qu stared as his underlings fell, shocked by Xinfeng’s quick killing methods. In a few moments, seven to eight men had already fell while Xinfeng showed no signs of stopping, calmly shooting arrows out non-stop.

Boss chen was nailed to the boat by an arrow that went through his shoulder, it wasn’t that Xinfeng missed, it was just that Xinfeng didn’t plan on killing him. But the others were not that lucky, no matter even if they hid in the cabin or stood on the boat, they were all coldly eliminated by Xinfeng. He had originally planned on not interfering but after being insulted by this weird fellow, xinfeng changed his mind.

In a minute, those few boats were completely wiped clean by Xinfeng, leaving only a few people, boss Qu and boss Chen along with the most filthy mouthed fellows. Xinfeng had hoped to keep his cool and kill less but after encountering this situation, he didn’t mind to do so, treated with such extreme disrespect, how could he keep calm? If he didn’t take action even until that extend, then it would be frustrating, no matter which life, he had never done so.

If he didn’t take action it would be fine but once he did, Xinfeng lost all control. A few boats behind who witnessed Xinfeng’s killing immediately escaped, causing Xinfeng to shoot at them from afar, however his attention was still on boss Qu and boss chen, he had harbored incomparable hate for the two of them, it was the both of them that forced him to take action. Jumping around for a while, he reached boss Chen’s boat.

Grabbing his shoulder, his fingers digging into his flesh and hooking onto his collarbone, he forcefully ripped him from the boat’s walls, causing him to scream in agony. Dragging him with him, he jumped to boss Qu’s boat, he casually threw boss Chen onto the front of the boat and asked indifferently, “You’re boss Qu?”

Boss Qu’s eyeballs were on the verge of popping out, until now did he finally realize how he had fucked up, but he still had a bit of hope as the boats on his side had practitioners. With all his effort, he stabilized himself and spoke, “Little, you’ve invited trouble from us….you’re doomed! Wait till our boss comes, you’re definitely dead!”

Xinfeng laughed, “O, that’s good, your boss must appreciate your ability to offend others!”

With the flick of his finger, lightning came from his fingers causing boss Qu to tremble. This thing was much stronger than the tazers from his past life, causing boss Qu’s entire body to shake and quiver. At this moment, boss Qu realized that Xinfeng was actually a practitioner too.

Not letting the fellows who had spoken especially dirtily just now off Xinfeng threw them onto boss Qu’s boat. He especially hated tongue wagging, dirty minded fellows. With the flick of his wrist, he took out a long spear and spoke, “Me……I like killing dirty mouthed fellows the most!” With a stab, he pierced one of their mouths, and with a few twisting motions, his large spear head easily removed his tongue and teeth.

Going on to settle the others, he finally reached Boss Qu. With a stab at the middle of his thighs, Xinfeng spoke, “I’m curious, do I look that easy to bully?”

Boss Qu’s face was extremely pale, his body trembling nonstop as he attempted to speak, “I……ah……I……no……ah, it hurts……I……”

Xinfeng spoke, “I hate people like you……can’t you man up, what’s with the shrieks?” He twisted his spear with furrowed brow, “I said, you shouldn’t regret, you……do you regret?”

Boss Qu was on the verge of crying, he shrieked, “Re……ah, re……regret ah……ah, pain! Pain…….ah!”


Oh my. Oh, oh my.

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