God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 14: Vicious Little Lad (2) 

Xinfeng spoke, “I can’t be bothered to ask where you’re from, however, since you’ve irked me, then I’ll just make you incapable of regretting……”

At this moment, a large boat and seven other small ones speedily made their way over, with the little boats carrying bows, and a few men standing at the front of the large boat who were pointing at where Xinfeng was. Boss Qu curled his back, wishing he was dead as he suddenly saw the large boat heading over, gritting his teeth, “Our….our men, they’re here…..little, little, you, you, you better release me……”

Xinfeng stabbed him once again, piercing his other leg as he spoke, “O, what if…..I don’t?”


Boss Qu wailed loudly, this stab was driving him insane, both of his legs were stabbed and were most likely crippled entirely, if there were no practitioner to treat him, he would definitely become disabled.


A shout came from afar, irking Xinfeng, he had already been infuriated before he fought.

Shouting loudly, he asked, “Who are you? Fuck off!” Reloading his bow, he shot an arrow towards them.

A middle aged man shouted as a red light flashed, he had actually reached his hand out to grab the arrow.

Xinfeng laughed coldly as another arrow shot out, this time he had infused a bit of Lun Yin Li inside. On its arrowhead danced a thin spark, without observing closely, one wouldn’t be able to see it.
The middle aged man grabbed onto the arrow as he was pushed back by a few steps, his heart was in shock by this arrow’s power as his expression became heavy. As the second arrow came over, he reached his hand out yet again.


It suddenly accelerated, an eye piercing glow suddenly coming from its steel body, causing that man’s face to pale as he moved his arms to his eyes. The arrow instantly pierced his arms and into his head, even if he had activated his Ring Armor, he would still not be able to block it. With a few agonized screams and twitches, he fell to the floor and died, bringing chaos onto the boat.

For a Ten Thousand Lun Master to die with one arrow, was an unbelievable thing.
Instantly, a series of drumming sounded, it was a plead for help.

Xinfeng kept his black bow and spoke, “You want me to stop? I’ll have you shut up permanently! Fuck, a group of assholes, irking me without reason……I hate these bastards, just die, all of you! If you irk me again, don’t blame me if I kill all of you!” He was getting angrier and angrier, he really wanted to go massacre everyone without care, until now, he had tried extremely hard to control himself, but that control had slowly gotten weaker.

The presence of a practitioner capable of killing a Ten Thousand Lun Master with an arrow with the tendency to go crazy, made everyone wary. A Ten Thousand Lun Master in this small place who would be one of the top influential people, was so easily killed, no side could bear this, this would be an unsolvable feud.

Hundreds of small boats and seven large ones gathered as they moved towards

As Boss Qu’s mouth was filled with blood, speaking with gritted teeth, “You’re done, you….you’re, you’re doomed!” He had seen clearly that this Ten Thousand Lun Master was one he knew, it was one of the gatherers of this team, who was even killed. He understood now, he had created an unresolved able feud with this young man. His heart suddenly relaxed, even if he was killed, he would still not be uneasy, as this would not affect his family, he understood that he had created big trouble this time.

This big trouble, became unimportant the moment he killed that Ten Thousand Lun Master, this wouldn’t be unresolved until death, it didn’t matter who started it anymore.

Xinfeng became impatient as he stabbed him once to death, “I’m doomed? You’ll be the first one to be fucking doomed!”

A cold chill permeated boss Chen’s heart, not daring to speak a word as he laid down on the floor, pretending to be dead as Xinfeng’s complete attention was on the coming boats, the sight hundreds of small boats coming his way was really mighty, with great atmosphere.

More bloodlust came into his heart as his eyes shined even brighter, a silver light even flashed past his eye as a thirsting feeling came from his heart. He wanted to kill, he wanted to let loose.

Boss Chen was going crazy as he screamed in his heart, what monster had they offended?

Xinfeng stared with bright eyes into the distance, retrieving his black bow and steel spear, he jumped multiple times before he reached a small boat, this was the closest one to the enemies. In an instant, he had utterly forgotten about Boss Chen, and was currently expectantly stared into the coming boats.

Third True Ring bodies, a Lun Yin True Master, Xinfeng’s strength was indeed quite scary, especially in a small place. In an unknown, isolated place, if just a Ten Thousand Lun Master’s existence was absolutely tyrannical, than what position would a True Lun Yin Master have?

Actually even if Xinfeng was still a Milun master, with the strength of the lightning attribute, his overall strength would be comparable to a True Milun Master with one True Ring body. Now his strength increased even more, he really wanted to test how much he could really do, this made him thirst for battle.

When the distance closed onto a hundred meters, under command, countless bows fired, the arrows raining down as if it were rain. This wave of attack was merely a test.

Xinfeng didn’t care at all, these types of attacks couldn’t break his defense at all. The MiRing Armor of a Milun master was simply enough to block this, as a True Lun Yin Master, this attack was simply too weak. With his hands at his back, he welcomed the attack.

Dim silver light flashed as those arrows changed directions, as if there were a stone in the river, with all of the arrows following current, “Duo duo” sounds appeared as the arrows all nailed on the boat, densely taking up its space.

Xinfeng patiently waited, he needed the boat to come close to comfortably kill.

Waves after waves of arrows were shot as the boats neared, with roughly a few dozens of meters apart, Xinfeng noticed the shocked expressions of the opponents, among all of the arrows, none of them had managed to hit him.

Xinfeng stared at the few practitioners gathered at the front of a large boat, they were all staring at Xinfeng, as if gauging his strength.

The bows had already stopped shooting, they knew attacks of this level was completely useless, it was simply a waste of arrows.

Xinfeng suddenly howled as he immediately charged aboard, landing on a large boat, causing the practitioners on it to step back involunteeringly, opening space for him.

Two Ten Thousand Lun Masters, a Milun Master and an old man behind them, which Xinfeng observed to be a True Milun Master with one True Ring body.

No wonder the opponent was confident. A True Milun Master in this small place was practically an unbeatable existence.

Xinfeng stared at that man, “You’re their leader?” He asked as he completely ignored the presence of the two Ten Thousand Lun master and Milun master at the side.

That old man walked forward, his gaze serious due to Xinfeng’s killing of a Ten Thousand Lun Master and how he couldn’t estimate Xinfeng’s cultivation, with just that, he was extremely wary. After a bit of silence, he spoke, “Wan Yu Zhou, True Milun Master.” He introduced himself formally, this was usually used for strangers and acquaintances.

The other three practitioners all revealed astonished expressions, one must know that Wan Yu Zhou was their secret weapon, if the situation isn’t dire, he wouldn’t reveal himself.

Xinfeng knew this battle would be hard, the opponent couldn’t see through his cultivation, but knew to use these methods to probe. He indifferently spoke, “Lei Xin Feng, True Lun Yin Master.”

This was the rules of practitioners, someone basically known by everyone, therefore they wouldn’t reject introducing himself, these methods were mostly used by the weaker practitioners to probe, so that they can salvage the situation before it becomes unsalvageable.

Wan Yu Zhou revealed an expression of disbelief, is this a joke? For a youngster to actually be a True Lun Yin Master, this was unbelievable, but this man before him was.

The other three practitioners all had dazed expressions, completely star-struck.

Wan Yu Zhou probed, “You’re……you’re invited by them?” He pointed at the opponents’ boats.

Xinfeng shook his head, “Nope!” He very directly denied, he was indeed not their opponent’s side, he was irked into action.
Wan Yu Zhou asked warily, “Then why attack us?”

Xinfeng was instantly infuriated by that question, “I attacked you? Right, I caught a live one, you guys go ask yourselves!”
Wan Yu Zhou immediately sent his men over and they immediately found the only living man there, Boss Chen. Luckily Wan Yu Zhou came fast, or perhaps he would have also been killed.

Boss chen was brought over by a Ten Thousand Lun master, he was only shot once and didn’t have any life threatening injury.

Wan Yu Zhou asked, “What happened?”

Xinfeng laughed coldly, what don’t you know? He stared calmly at the man.

The events were very simple, Boss Chen finished explaining in a few sentences, causing an awkward expression to appear on Wan Yu Zhou. He spoke heavily, “Since he isn’t an ambusher and not a threat, why must you threaten him?”

If Xinfeng were a mortal, then everything would be simple. But he was a True Lun Yin Master with three condensed True Ring Bodies, therefore this mistake became life threatening.

Boss Chen became tongue tied, he didn’t know how to explain himself. Wan Yu Zhou nailed him to the deck with a harpoon, and very sincerely spoke, “Since he has offended you, then he should die, I sincerely apologize!” As he cleanly killed Boss Chen, causing Xinfeng’s heart to run colder.

Suddenly Xinfeng felt something as he looked up to the sky, lazily replying, “Alright, it’s fine, you guys fight whatever you have to, I’m just passing by.” As he turned around and returned his own little boat, heading into towards the reed mashes.

Wan Yu Zhou was absolutely dazed, “Weird, why did he leave so straightforwardly?”

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