God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 15: Master's very powerful

Wan Yu Zhou stared as Xinfeng left, not daring to stop him as he sighed in relief. He had originally been prepared to fork out anything for Xinfeng to leave. Until now, he couldn’t understand how a young man had such powerful strength, a True Lun Yin Master had forced him, a True Milun Master feel so inferior? He had felt that all these years he had lived was wasted, after living for so long, he was actually inferior to a child.

Xinfeng paddled as the boat moved as though an arrow, speedily cutting through the reed marshes. However, he didn’t enter too deeply, but actually hid at the edge of the reed marshes, not because he was afraid of Wan Yu Zhou, but a terrifying aura he had sensed to greatly threaten himself.

Therefore, he didn’t continue to bother with Wan Yu Zhou, since he didn’t suffer any losses anyway, it would be best to leave. Even hiding at the sides peeping would be safer than staying at the middle of the wide, open lake. If there was really a powerful expert, just by observing, he could easily understand many situations, and with his strength as a True Lun Yin master, he was simply an eye-catching beacon.

However, Wan Yu Zhou wasn’t as sensitive. After all he was a True Milun master, without reaching a certain point, he wouldn’t possess the ability to sense this kind of danger.

Seeing Xinfeng enter the reed marshes, he couldn’t help but sigh in relief, with doubt still in his heart. This reed marsh was very famous locally, named the Great Maze Marsh. If one were to enter carelessly, they were basically doomed, countless fishermen had died in it, therefore, this reed marsh was a forbidden area, with no one daring to enter.

Seeing him enter it, Wan Yu Zhou couldn’t help but silently laugh coldly, it was best if this kid were to die in there, after all, he was such a big threat.

“Let’s go!”

Wan Yu Zhou commanded, they were still fighting after all, Xinfeng’s appearance had forced their experts to come over, weakening their overall strength, now he was gone, they had to swiftly return.

Therefore, the crew immediately turned the boats to return.

After entering the reed mashes, Xinfeng avoided the cross roads as he stopped the boat at a waterway and placed down his anchor stone, stabilizing the boat at the side of the reed marsh as he entered the reeds, he wanted to find out, what gave him such a threatening feeling.

Between the reed marshes, he could clearly see the battle at the lake’s surface. They continued to fight fiercely, with cacophonous screaming traveling across the lake, black smoke rising from the burning small boats.

In the reed marshes were extremely deep layers of mud, but the crisscrossing reeds that laid below him managed to fully support Xinfeng’s weight, allowing him to silently watch the battle going before him.

That threatening feeling became stronger as Xinfeng carefully had his body sink into the mud, revealing only his head as he scanned the water’s surface, not understanding who’s aura was so threatening, that even rivaled the aura of his grandpa, who would reveal such a threatening feel when he faced his enemies.

Reaching such a level, practitioners would be extremely sensitive. Of course, if the opponent was much, much stronger, they would not sense them.

The battle became crueler as practicers joined the fray, their participation an omen to the mortals. Quickly, the practitioners of both sides started to fight, Ten Thousand Lun Masters against Ten Thousand Lun Masters, Milun Masters against Milun masters, as only practitioners can stop practitioners, while True Masters did not participate.

An extremely sharp whistle suddenly came from afar.

As Xinfeng who was holding his breath in silence, the sound was very clear to him, while the fighting men on the water’s surface failed to hear it.

The whistle became louder and louder as Xinfeng reacted. Someone was speedily flying in the sky, therefore creating such a sound. This was a extremely powerful expert, to be able to fly, Xinfeng who had condensed his Third True Ring body, a True Lun Yin Master, was still incapable of flight. Those who could, were a level much, much higher than his.

A red streak appeared at the west, and within a few seconds, the whistling sound had suddenly increased greatly in sound, causing the fighting men on the lake to all look up, weakening the battle.

Someone shouted in shock suddenly from a sneak attack, but there were still people who stared sillily at the sky, while the practitioners all threw in the towel. They understood more than mortals did, they knew what it meant for someone capable of flight.

That red thread in the sky suddenly stopped as a human silhouette appeared immediately, such an abrupt stop inciting shouts of shock from the lake.

Yet another streak of light appeared, this time gold in color. Xinfeng knew clearly that the red light belonged to a fire attribute while the gold belonged to a dirt attribute, their strength reaching a terrifying extent.

Xinfeng started guessing their strength, to be able to fly, he naturally couldn’t see their level, but he had a baseline to start from. Practitioners who could fly were all above the Ring level, therefore, these two were at least a True Yin Master.

True Yin Masters were already the pinnacle of strength. Such high leveled practicers looked up by normal practitioners, they were existences which could easily destroy a sect without worrying about revenge.

Xinfeng didn’t move in the mud as he peeped towards the sky through the reeds, he had lowered his presence to the minimum, hoping to avoid detection.

The golden thread stopped as a silhouette appeared.

The two figures stopped without a single exchange of words, the two of them attacked each other. More accurately, the fire attributed practitioner attacked the dirt attributed practitioner first.

A fireball the size of a soccer ball shot out as the dirt attributed practicers threw a punch, it was just like a threat, raising his fist, a golden shield appeared suddenly before it.


The red fireball hit the shield, creating a heaven shaking sound as the dirt attributed practitioner was shot afar towards where Xinfeng hid, inciting the curses of Xinfeng.

This exchange of blows had caused the fireball to burst, inciting countless sparks to descend, but as they were too small, no one bothered with them, but who knew those sparks that landed on the boats, set every single one of them on fire, regardless of their size. That fire was impossible to extinguish, the Sparks made of Yinli could only be extinguished by Yinli.

Sparks that descended on the lake similarly set it on fire, the flames floating above the lake.

Instantly, countless men danced within the flames, as the remaining few jumped into the lake helplessly, seeing how they couldn’t save their friends. In a moment, only a few lucky unscathed small boats were left, with at least thousands dead, a small ripple of a battle had easily reaped losses for both sides.

Xinfeng looked on with squinted eyes.

The fire attributed was a young lady with features he couldn’t see, due to the fact that she was floating in the sky, dressed in a red long dress, her appearance was like a fairy’s as she floated.

The other dirt attributed practitioner, a young lady wearing gold colored armor with similarly undistinguishable features. Even as a True Lun Yin Master with his Third True Ring Body, Xinfeng couldn’t see clearly either. The only thing he could sense was that these two ladies were not old.

Ignoring the humans below them, the two stopped at nothing as they started battling.

Xinfeng was instantly shocked. Within the first moment he had noticed that they were women, young ladies at that, but what he didn’t understand was how these two ladies were so powerful, to such an extent.

The two of them continued battling as the ripples of their attacks affected the waters below them. Even Xinfeng was affected, a few sparks that had headed his way had forced him to immediately dive into the waters, escaping from the reed mashes that was immediately set on fire as he did.

With the wind blowing, the fire almost immediately started spreading.

Turning behind for a peek, Xinfeng knew that his boat was doomed. This fire was simply too strong for a small boat to resist, quickly, even these reed marshes would be swallowed by the flames.

As they fought, curses started coming from their mouths, their voice clear and resounding.

“Qi Mei Yun! Enough! Big bastard……if you’re not afraid of master’s punishment, continue fighting!”

“Yin Yao, you little bastard! I won’t let you off!”

The red dress wearing practitioner was Yin Yao, while the gold armored woman was Qi Mei Yun.

Xinfeng could feel the heat behind him as dissatisfaction raged in his heart before it was replaced by shock, if these two were already so abnormally powerful, how scary would the master behind them be?

The two of them exchanged a few more blows before they left, with one chasing the other, the waters below them filled with pained cries. Both sides had suffered heavy losses, among them including practitioners, the low leveled practicers which had caught on fire were burned to death even after jumping into the waters, it was basically inescapable.

Xinfeng swam back to the burning reed marshes, and of course, his small boat had caught on fire. With the shake of his head, Xinfeng could only go over to retrieve his paddle, it was made of pure steel after all, therefore it had value of keeping.

Xinfeng kept his attention on the remaining small boats. One must know, the boats of the two sides totaled to three thousand and the men totaled to thirty thousand, while there was only hundreds of small boats left and thousands of men left, it was truly a big loss.

However, Xinfeng felt no sympathy, the main reason being that these men had already left bad impressions of themselves with him from the beginning. Without any courtesy, he speedily swam to the remaining small boats, his speed rivaling those of enormous fishes, causing a white line to appear on the lake’s surface as he quickly made his way to a small boat.

Instantly, Xinfeng locked on to a small boat, leaping from the water, he landed on the front of the boat.

On this small boat was easily a hundred men, each of them soaked and packed together. Xinfeng commanded, “Jump off!”

On the small boat, everyone was immediately enraged as their hostility came in waves at Xinfeng.

Picking up their weapons, they came at him.

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