God Of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 16: Master is Very Powerful (2)

With a stomp of his foot, sparks appeared as though a web, spreading across the entire boat without the intent of killing, XinFeng had released normal sparks. As the boat was wet with everyone who climbed up soaked, the electricity passed through them easily.

Everyone was shocked, and as though they were dropped into freezing waters, they shook furiously while those that stood closer started crying out in pain.

XinFeng spoke indifferently, “Will you jump down yourselves, or will I help you?”

Those men started jumping into the waters with ghastly pale faces, they weren’t dumb enough to not notice how the man in front of them was a powerful practitioner.

Their movements immediately alerted others as two small boats speedily made their way over, with a practitioner standing in front of one, as they moved closer, he immediately recognized XinFeng and with a great change in expression, he shouted, “Return, all of you return!”

Wan Yu Zhou saw XinFeng as a disaster. He could tell that XinFeng had lost his small boat and had come over to snatch one of theirs.

XinFeng nodded, this Wan Yu Zhou was quite smart, since he was, XinFeng didn’t bother to mess with him and walked to the end of the boat, kicking off the original paddle and replacing it with his own steel paddle, he had planned on immediately leaving.

However, a sharp whistle sounded from afar yet again.

This time, XinFeng couldn’t help but curse loudly. Keeping his paddle, he immediately dived into the water.

Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao had appeared once again, bringing yet another heaven shaking battle. This time, what descended wasn’t sparks, but large amounts of flames, forcing XinFeng to have no choice but to activate the Lightning Stamp to protect himself. The entire lake seemed to have been covered in a layer of oil, the flames burning so strongly that the water was almost on the verge of boiling, burning all of the remaining boats, including the one XinFeng snatched, along with everyone.

XinFeng noticed the last man remaining desperately struggling, it was Wan Yu Zhou.

Slowly, even Wan Yu Zhou, ceased struggling, and only then did the fire slowly extinguish itself, sending chills to XinFeng’s heart as he watched.

“Enough! Aren’t the two of you done?!”

A sentence of scolding came from afar.

Turning to find the origin of the voice, XinFeng noticed an old man and a young lady appearing.

That white haired old man was clad in white and had a long drifting beard, along with a strange beast below his feet while the lady at his side wore a pale green dress. Laughing, she spoke, “Alright, don’t be angry anymore, you know that these two are arch enemies after all, xixi.”

Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao paid their respects in the air, “Master, Master’s wife.”

(Puttty: I googled but I have no idea what to address the wife of that old man…)

XinFeng watched on dazed, he couldn’t tell the cultivation of those two at all, he hadn’t even felt their existences, but he could feel the monstrous rage and ferocity of that beast. As he looked up, he was greeted by the two eyes of the beast staring at him. As if hit by a heavy hammer, XinFeng almost spit out blood, but with the Lightning Stamp’s protection, it helped to block that invisible attack.

“Yi? There’s actually still one alive!”

That old man glanced at him shocked, and was shocked yet again after seeing him. He spoke, “Little Yun, go bring that child here, don’t scare him.”

Qi Mei Yun was the golden armored woman, a dirt attributed practitioner, who was at least a True Yin Master, catching him was like trying to catch a chicken. Without a bit of struggling, he was brought to the beast’s body.

The first impression the old man gave him was that he was an inscrutable man, there was not a hint of an expression on his face and other than white hair on his head, he resembled a young man with his smooth skin.  The woman next to him was extremely beautiful, she had sharp thin brows, slanting eyes, cherry red lips that were always curved in a smile, even if she wasn’t happy, she would still smile as she radiated a heroic air.

The two female disciples were similar great beauties. XinFeng silently laughed bitterly, merely the ripples of these two beautiful ladies had killed thirty thousand men and burned three thousand boats.

That old man stared at XinFeng, and after a while, he spoke, “Who’s your master?”

XinFeng did not have one, while his own grandpa had plenty enemies under the sky, how could he speak the truth? He replied, “I don’t have one.”

The lady at the old man’s side asked, “How old?”

XinFeng was extremely honest. Before absolute power, he dared not to challenge them, this was his iron rule. He answered, “Seventeen.” But he quickly added, “Recently became seventeen.”

The old man asked, “How long has it been since you started practicing?”

XinFeng answered, “One year.” His cultivation couldn’t be hidden in front the four of them, their cultivation was higher than his by leaps and bounds.

The snow white brows of the old man moved. One year, three True Ring bodies, True Lun Yin Master. He even noticed how this kid was on the way to obtaining his fourth True Ring body, becoming a Great True Lun Yin Master, how did he train? And he didn’t even have a master! This was practically unbelievable.

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “Impossible! Obtaining your third True Ring body in a year, a Lun Yin Master…..master, this is too fake.”

The old man reached out and pressed onto XinFeng’s shoulder, and in an instant, XinFeng who was smart enough to not move, felt as though he was transparent.

Instantly, shock appeared on the old man’s face as he slowly spoke, “How rare, this potential can only be rivaled by your eldest senior brother, no, even he……isn’t good enough.”

This time, Qi Mei Yun, Yin Yao and the woman next to the old man all revealed shaken expressions. XinFeng guessed that this eldest senior brother must be very strong.

The old man spoke, “Since you don’t have a master, follow me. En, I believe I still have the qualifications to be your master.”

XinFeng couldn’t say anything, explain anything, or reject anything. Luckily, he had the experiences of two lives, knowing what should and shouldn’t be done, he unhesitatingly spoke, “Yes, master.”

The word, “Master” had caused a smile to be revealed on the old man’s face. He slowly replied, “The principal of mine, is not to have one, if one were to live for principals, then there wouldn’t be principals after death. Of course, if you find master lacking, you can leave.”

XinFeng listened dazed, what rubbish was he spouting?

Seeing his dumbfounded expression, the old man couldn’t help but laugh, “Child, what’s your name? I am…..Guqi.”

Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao’s eyelids couldn’t help flutter, this unreliable master hadn’t even known the name of his disciple even after he had paid his respects. The woman next to him laughed before she was gently knocked on the head by the old man, “What’s there to laugh about? You’ll be his master’s wife from now on, be a bit more strict or he won’t put you in his eyes. Oh, right, your master’s wife is called Tanya.”

(Puttty: Her name is 唐雅, Tang ya, got it turned into Tanya. That tang is reminding me of a story I should finish…)

XinFeng laughed bitterly, “I’m Lei Xin Feng.”

He didn’t have a choice about paying his respects, this Guqi’s aura was too powerful, stronger than the old man Lei Bao, he couldn’t resist him.

Tanya spoke, “Why don’t you call me……”

XinFeng smiled bitterly, “Master’s wife.”

Tanya smiled brilliantly, “Ai, good child! Xixi, xixixi!” As if she had taken advantage of him, she became extremely happy.

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “I’m your forth senior sister, Qi Mei Yun.”

Yin Yao spoke, “I’m your senior sister, Yin Yao.”

XinFeng was speechless, these two who were so mercilessly killing each other, were actually fellow disciples.

“I’ve met fourth senior sister, I’ve met senior sister.”

XinFeng dared not to offend a single one of them, these two women fought like madmen, scolding each other with awful profanities.

These two didn’t treat XinFeng badly because of his terrifying potential, not wanting to offend a potentially powerful enemy in the future, the two of them treated him quite well.

XinFeng asked, “Master, what sect are we from?” With the old man’s strength, he should probably be from a super large sect.

Guqi spoke, “What sect? We don’t have one, I am the sect, what sect, that thing will only bring troubles. Let’s go back first!’ Pointing before him, they instantly entered nothingness and then into another place.

XinFeng suddenly understood, they had actually directly entered the Ancient Lun passage without going through a Lun spot. This old man was too scary.

And what place was this?

This place was very barren, even the trees didn’t grow too large while grass was extremely bountiful along with countless beasts flying, walking, running across the land in groups, those that had lagged behind, regardless whether it was a beast or a creature, it was cleanly eaten.

XinFeng stared at this land in shock, this place was worse than the Barbarian Gathering Continent, at least Tiger Cliff Castle had mountains and rivers, though there were barbarians, it was full of produce, while this place was an isolated, outlying place where even rabbits don’t shit, filled with all sorts of beasts, most of which he couldn’t even recognize.

Qi Mei Yun whistled once, immediately scaring all of the beasts, sending them running away madly, and within ten seconds, the surroundings were completely silent. Qi Mei Yun laughed happily, “They still remember me…..xixi, they’re all gone.”

Yin Yao drew back her lips, showing a despising expression.

Guqi spoke, “Alright, the two of you are really naughty, let’s hurry up and go.” With the wave of his hand, that strange beast left and like the others, he stepped forward.

XinFeng asked curiously, “We aren’t flying?”

Guqi replied, “Can’t you feel something is different?”

Translator’s Corner

Umuu, thanks to DrkOblivion and Sheepie (I just remembered to add this) we got a list of the levels.

Lun Master

Hundred Lun master

Thousand Lun master

Ten Thousand Lun master

Milun Master

True Milun Master (First True Ring body)

Great True Milun Master (Second True Ring body)

True Lun Yin Master (Third True Ring body)

True ?? Master (Forth True Ring body)

True ?? Master (Fifth True Ring body)

True ?? Master (Sixth True Ring body)

True Wild Ring Master (Seventh True Ring body)

True Heart Yin Master (Eighth True Ring body)

True Ashen Yin Master (Ninth True Ring body)

True Yin Master (True body)

(It is True Ring Body in the story but I have no idea how to differentiate it from the others, so currently it will be left as True Body until that phrase)

For more detailed explanation go to chapter 11 book 5 comment section and find DrkOblivion and Sheepie’s comments, again, thank you to them!

l3lacksheep: Once I clean this up a little I will add a page that links form the index just for the ranking system.

Translator : Puttty

Editor : l3lacksheep

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