God Of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 3: Pointers

XinFeng asked, “What is it?”

Zhong Geng replied, “Fish hunting!”

XinFeng came from a mountainous area, the only thing he knew to do in his life was hunting, but definitely not fish hunting. However he did have the swimming skill that came from his past life. In his past life, his skill was very high, but the strength and endurance of this body was something unimaginable in his past world, he could be sure that in a hundred meter race in the water, he could definitely be faster than the champions of his past world, according to his calculations, in a hundred meter swimming race, it would only take him at most five seconds to complete it.

Therefore XinFeng wasn’t afraid of the water, he actually still had a sense of familiarity towards water as he lived next to the sea in his past life, however the lake here was not small either. The only difference the waters here had in comparison to the sea was that it was fresh water and the depth of the lake wasn’t as deep as the sea, the sea didn’t carry as much danger too, whereas the waters here contained all sorts of weird fish monsters and vicious aquatic lifeforms.

Fish hunting was not to capture the normal fish types, but to hunt those extremely vicious fish monsters, like the hunting in the mountainous areas.

XinFeng also wanted to experience fish hunting, he replied, “Alright, how many people are going?”

Zhong Geng answered, “Roughly a dozen of them, there’s also boatmen and servants, there would be roughly a dozen boats.”

XinFeng asked, “Will you be hunting scaly crocodiles?”

Zhong Geng laughed, “Haha, didn’t you see that we’ve already hunted one? However we hunted the scaly crocodile to use as bait.”

XinFeng’s eyes shone, the scaly crocodile was actually just bait, through this anyone could tell the target wasn’t weak. He asked again, “What is it?”

Star Lake Python!

Zhong Geng’s expression became serious, he replied, “Star Lake Python!”

XinFeng was instantly dumbfounded, he knew what about Star Pythons, those things belonged in legends, when did a Star Lake Python appear? He spoke, “Star Lake Python? Is it a type of Star Python? Or is it related to the Star Python?”

Zhong Geng answered, “It doesn’t have any direct relations to a Star Python, and it isn’t a subspecies of it, but legends say that the Star Lake Python has a trace of its blood, therefore a Star Lake Python is very precious and its body is a treasure to us practitioners.”

This was a creature XinFeng had never heard of, or read of in records, it was even a lake creature actually bearing relations with the Star Python, he was instantly curious and asked, “Where is it?”

Zhong Geng replied, “Through sailing, half a month, the round trip will be a month. Of course, to catch the Star Lake Python we probably need to spend another month, but perhaps even after two months, we may not catch it but we must return because the rainy season is coming back.”

Wu Zhen added, “There will be a lot of thunderstorms in the rainy seasons and the Star Lake Python is a creature bearing the lightning attribute, at that time even if we find it, we would not win. As for why we started this hunt before the rainy season is because this is the time when it is at its weakest, the time when our success rate is the highest. Of course, if the bait isn’t up to par, then we wouldn’t be able to lure it out.”

Zhong Geng continued, “I’ve already tried for four years, the two months before every rainy season I would try to hunt the Star Lake python, hehe, but I’ve never succeeded.”

XinFeng asked, “Is it really that hard to hunt?”

Zhong Geng answered, “Not only is it hard, it’s cunning and its defense is too formidable. We had originally invited a Milun master but we’ve only received news that he wouldn’t be coming yesterday night, hehe, then I thought of you.”

XinFeng joked, “O, so I’m just a replacement, hehe, however I’ve promised and no matter what I have to meet this Star Lake Python, even if you didn’t invite me, if I found out about this I would have went myself, it’s a rare opportunity after all.”

Zhong Geng was full of smiles, “If so then everything’s good, everything’s good, we’ll be leaving tomorrow, so for today you’ll say here, what do you think?”

XinFeng nodded, “No problem, I’ll have to return first and bring little Xin back.”

Zhong Geng happily replied, “Alright, I’ll have them send you on your way.” He then instructed the servants next to him.

XinFeng brought Zhou Xin back to the boat, they found that a few servants had brought grain and many other things that fishermen needed, to Zhong Geng, these items were not worth much but to Zhou Tong, this was a huge fortune.

XinFeng did not reject this gift and didn’t need to either, this was goodwill and a method of nurturing friendship. He nodded and accepted the gift and quickly returned to the pier.

Zhou Tong had waited while seated on the front of the boat, he was worried about Zhou Xin and XinFeng, only when he saw them show up on the pier did he sigh in relief, but then he noticed following them were a group of servants from Zhong Geng’s house, each of them carrying many things as they walked before the boat.

There were many grains, salt and daily necessities, all of which were placed onto the pier. Only then did those servants leave, with only a few of them left to awaite for XinFeng to return.

XinFeng called out and helped Zhou Tong and Zhou Xin carry those items onto the boat, the surrounding fishermen all revealed an envious expression while Boss Zhang laughed, “Boss Zhou, you’ve struck gold?” He was extremely envious too.

Zhou Tong was very happy too, the rainy season was upon them, with these things, he could rest for a while without having to fish, to be able to laze around occasionally was a good thing.

Zhou Xin was happier, with so many things to eat, this year’s rainy season would be easier to pass, it’s just that with these grains on the boat, it caused the entire boat to sink halfway.

XinFeng explained his situation of having to leave but left out the fact he was fish hunting, to normal humans, these things were simply too far out of their grasp.

Zhou Tong asked, “Feng, will you be coming back?”

XinFeng laughed, “Return? Why wouldn’t I? Hehe, it’s just that I have some matters to settle and have to leave with Zhong Geng, we’ll be back after two months, at that time it’ll be the rainy season, perhaps after the rainy season I’ll leave.”

Zhou Tong also now knew XinFeng was a Lun master, towards Lun masters, he always had a sense of fear.

On the second morning, XinFeng left with Zhong Geng’s boat crew.

Among eleven boats, three were large scaled boats and eight were normal fisher boats. One of the three large boats was covered in thick skin, XinFeng asked, “Is this the skin of the scaly crocodile fish?”

Wu Zhen replied, “Yea, we didn’t catch too many scaly crocodiles, all of the skins we have are used to wrap this boat. Scaly crocodiles are the natural enemies of the Star Lake Python and naturally suppress each other. Upon noticing the presence of a scaly crocodile, no matter what it’ll never hide, it’ll definitely come out to fight, at that time we’ll have our chance.”

XinFeng sighed, this fellow was pretty smart, to be able to find out the disposition of the opponent and use it to his advantage, this was something quite impressive.

Zhong Geng spoke, “This is the fourth time, we didn’t even see it the first time, the second time we saw it and we used a scaly crocodile but we didn’t win against it and it escaped, it even killed quite a few of us. The third time we didn’t see it, that time we prepared sufficiently, despite not having a Milun master, we prepared steel bows but unfortunately it didn’t appear after a month.”

Wu Zhen laughed, “Not only did we prepare steel bows, we even have a Milun master, we should succeed this time.”

Zhong Geng laughed bitterly, “If we don’t then I don’t want to try a fifth time, it’s too tiring, wasting my effort and time, if we really don’t succeed and continuously fail, it’s quite discouraging.”

Wu Zhen said, “Master, our luck is already not bad, we have a Milun master with us, our success rate is rather good.”

Han Xiao Bao silently followed Zhong Geng, she didn’t like to talk and felt a bit of curiosity towards XinFeng, a youngster actually capable of reaching the level of a Milun master is truly surprising. One must know that Wu Zhen had trained for so long and was only a hundred Lun master, she had originally assumed him to be quite impressive, but now, XinFeng was an existence surpassing her master.

These sorts of talented youngsters were the targets of Han Xiao Bao’s respect, therefore she spoke even less than usual.

Tian Dabin had also came, but he didn’t dare to come on this boat but stayed on the other large boat, after all there wasn’t sufficient helpers and he needed to fulfill his responsibilities. Other than him were a few more impressive normal humans skilled in the water, a bunch of strong fishermen.

The eleven boats quickly sailed through the waters, the forces moving these boats were people rowing at the back of the boat and the sails, if there wasn’t wind then the speed of this boat would be too troubling.

XinFeng, Zhong Geng and Wu Zhen sat at the front of the boat while Han Xiao Bao returned to the cabin herself, other than that there were a few older fishermen that sat at the sides of the boat, lighting a fire and boiling water.

The three of them sat cross legged, with a small, short square table placed before them, on it were plates of dried fish, oil fried peanuts, dried fruits, beans and other snacks, all of which were local snacks. There was also a pot of tea and a lot of spirits.

XinFeng drank tea while Zhong Geng and Wu Zhen drank the wine.

Eating the snacks, drinking the spirits, Zhong Geng spoke, “Old brother Lei, may I ask……what sect are you from?” He finally could not suppress the urge to ask anymore.

XinFeng drank his tea and after a while, he spoke, “This tea isn’t bad, hehe, why would there be tea here?” He purposely evaded the question, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but he didn’t know how to.

Zhong Geng secretly sighed, he knew XinFeng wasn’t willing to answer. He replied, “This tea was brought by boat merchants, hehe, it’s extremely precious, not something normal humans can drink. I used to prefer tea, but now……I prefer spirits, but there’s still quite a bit of tea left in my house, if you like it, when we return I’ll have my men give it to you.”

XinFeng thanked, “Then thanks.” However after replying, he suddenly tilted his head to listen carefully and continued, “Shh! Don’t speak…..what is that sound?”

A ‘Suo Suo’ sound traveled over.

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