God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 4: Pointers (2)

Zhong Geng stood up, “My god, why would we meet a Shuttle Spear fish group!”

Wu Zhen shouted, “Prepare the Scaly Crocodile blood! Hurry up!”

XinFeng stood up and walked to the boat side where it was flat, its height extremely close to the water’s surface. He squinted his eyes and stared at the few silver lights from afar and asked, “What’s a Shuttle Spear fish? Is it dangerous?”

Wu Zhen spoke, “It’s not too dangerous, it’s just that it’ll destroy the ship, the speed of this fish is very fast, it would be good if the wooden boat is on their route, hehe, that would be fun, you’ll know when you see.”

Zhong Geng spoke, “We have two kinds of dangerous fish here, one of which are the Shuttle Spear fish and the other would be the Hunting Knife fish. Not only is the Shuttle Spear fish dangerous to humans, but boats too.”

Wu Zhen commanded, “Everyone dump the blood of the Scaly Crocodile!”

The Scaly Crocodile was one of the tyrannical existences of the lake, its blood had a scaring effect. We can let the fish assume that there’s an injured Scaly Crocodile nearby, which has a dangerous disposition, any fish that meets an injured Scaly Crocodile would immediately flee.

The Shuttle Spear fish was no exception, they are extremely sensitive and those that were inches away from colliding with the wooden boats immediately turned around, but even so, there were a few Shuttle Spear fish that tilted their direction, causing a series of colliding sounds to ring out.

‘De de’ sounds rang non-stop.

XinFeng saw fish heads appearing one by one through the side of the boat, colliding with the boat as fishermen immediately went to catch them and stuff corks into the holes of the ship.

Roughly a dozen Shuttle Spear fish were nailed into the boat, after taking them off they were thrown onto the floor of the boat, only then did XinFeng get the chance to clearly see the Shuttle Spear fish. It was two feet long with a width of an adult’s arm, its head was a spiked bone and it basically looked like a thick short snake. XinFeng commented, “How ugly.”

Zhong Geng laughed, “No matter if it’s a Shuttle Spear fish or a Hunting Knife fish, they are the best among all the fish, the taste is extremely wonderful, there’s even a special net for catching Shuttle Spear fish, as long as we block their way, we can catch quite a few of them.”

Wu Zhang added, “It isn’t easy to catch, its speed is extremely fast, we’ll never catch up to it, only by blocking its way can we use a net.”

The old fisherman that was boiling the water laughed, “Young master, you still need luck for that. No one will specially go and hunt Shuttle Spear fish, the only time they would cast a net is when they met them, but most of the time they would turn and immediately leave seeing it, prefering to avoid them, if a group were to hit the boat, hehe, you won’t even have enough time to fill the holes before it sinks.”

XinFeng asked, “That Hunting Knife fish, what sort of fish is that? Why is it dangerous?”

That old fisherman laughed, “These things also group together, but in larger numbers compared to the Shuttle Spear fish, they’re everywhere. I’ll fish one for you.”

XinFeng asked in shock, “You can fish for Hunting Knife fish?”

The old fishermen replied, “That’s easy, big Hunting Knife fish all gather, but there’s still Hunting Knife fish that’ll travel alone, wait a moment.” He walked to the cabin and quickly returned with a fishing rod in hand, hooking bait, he immediately threw out the line.

Within only a minute, the old fisherman speedily pulled his rod, “It’s a big one!”

In the lake were countless species of fish, it’s variety was something XinFeng couldn’t even imagine, as it was extremely vast, the lake basically occupied most of the space here, with the human population very small, these fish were not affected by human lives, it’s very rare for someone to not catch something.

They quickly pulled the fish up onto the boat, Wu Zhen had carried a net and pulled it up to the deck.

This fish was almost a meter long, its body similar to a line, with a triangular shaped head and a huge mouth. Its back was black and its stomach was silver, from its gills to its tail was a long red line, this thing was basically a large knife.

The old fishermen hooked it’s gills and forcefully opened its mouth, “Other then it’s body’s likeness to a knife, the teeth in the mouth of a Hunting Knife fish are also similar, look, isn’t it like a knife? To be bitten by this fellow would ensure a hole in your body, if a group of them were to attack you, hehe, unless you can immediately leave the water, you would be nothing but a skeleton within a minute. If a big one like this…..”

The old man pointed at the Hunting Knife fish in his hands and laughed, “Even the bones would be shattered.”

Wu Zhen added, “En, even if us hundred Lun masters were to enter the waters, we still wouldn’t dare to irk the Hunting Knife fish, these things are known for their thirst for vengeance. If we don’t attack it, and it’s not hungry, to humans they aren’t that dangerous.”

XinFeng commented silently, “So these are the perfect type of carnivorous fish.”

Zhong Geng laughed, “This fish isn’t useful to Lun masters, us thousand Lun masters have Lunli armor, we aren’t afraid of them since they won’t even be able to bite through our defenses.”

Wu Zhen replied, “Master, I’m just a hundred Lun master, I don’t have a Lunli armor, ai!” He couldn’t help but sigh, the other guy was already a Milun master at that age, it really is saddening. In his heart were all kinds of jealousy and bitterness.”

XinFeng of course could hear the jealously in Wu Zhen’s voice, “Hundred Lun masters aren’t that far from thousand Lun masters, it isn’t that hard to level up…..I can tell you’re only a few steps away, if you were to roll the Lun as though it were pearls then you’ll quickly reach your goal.” He gave a few pointers and then stopped.

(Puttty: 滚轮如珠 didn’t really know how to tl this, so it’s a simple direct translation.)

Those without sects that relied on masters needed a lot of effort to breakthrough, at times, they were stuck at thresholds, thresholds they couldn’t get pass without a long time of training, until they’ve reached a point where their Lunli couldn’t increase anymore, only then would they barely manage to breakthrough, this period of time waiting not only wasted their time, but also prevented them from getting stronger.

Wu Zhen’s eyes widened, he didn’t expect XinFeng to speak such words, this was a training method! Even Zhong Geng’s eyes were widened, but he quickly reacted his expression, the training methods they treated as treasure were nothing to big sects, a few words could already guide the lost, he had been stuck in the ten thousand Lun stage for a long time without any methods for breaking through, it had been his worry for a long time now.

These sorts of things didn’t require modesty, Zhong Geng immediately asked, “Old brother lei, no, no, Mister Lei, for me…..me…”

XinFeng could not help but smile, he was slightly moved. Actually he knew that each attribute for training had their own special points, but the essentials were the same, that also meant that he must not strictly follow the requirements for lightning attributes, other training methods of practitioners could also be beneficial to him.

“Roll Lun as though it was pearls, its shape beautifully smooth.”

(Puttty: 珠圆玉润 help…)

Zhong Geng immediately sat down and practiced, the same for Wu Zhen, leaving the old fishermen baffled.

XinFeng walked to him and asked, “Uncle, could you take care of these fish and cook them? I’d like to try the taste of the Shuttle Spear fish and the Hunting Knife fish.”

The old fishermen replied with shock, “I wouldn’t dare for you to call me uncle, young master, call me old Tian, I was sent from the Tian family to help around here.”

XinFeng said uncaringly, “En, old Tian, I know you all have a few special methods for cooking fish, how about that?”

Old tian spoke, baffled, “Alright, alright, no problem, as long as young master doesn’t mind, I’ll go prepare it now.”

Within only ten minutes, Wu Zhen suddenly had a breakthrough, and immediately after Zhong Geng had his own, a thousand and a Milun master. The two of them were extremely happy and Zhong Geng was the first to express his thanks, “Mister Lei, you are the benefactor of Zhong Geng, me, I’ll be grateful to you for my entire lifetime!”

Ten thousand Lun masters and Milun masters were two extremely different existences, their strengths very different, the nature of their Lunli changed, even their lifespan was longer and their future development would be different. Zhong Geng truly didn’t know how to thank XinFeng.

Wu Zhen was similarly elated, upon becoming a thousand Lun master and condensing his Lunli armor, his strength had also increased by a lot. The difference between a hundred and a thousand Lun master was at least by ten times, and this was only the start, when they’ve trained at least a thousand hundred Lunli and above, the difference would become even bigger.

XinFeng smiled, “You’re welcome, and it’s but a small threshold.”

Zhong Geng sighed, “To you it is, but to us, it’s a humongous one, without your one sentence, who knew how long we would have to suffer for. It’s a pity that I’m already too old to join a large sect.”

With this pointer of his, Zhong Geng had more respect towards XinFeng, practitioners rarely gave pointers to outsiders, to willingly teach outsiders was basically an unimaginable thing.

Wu Zhen continuously expressed his gratitude, this level up was much more beneficial to him, the younger one was, the more the chances to grow, he was only twenty, if he were to be able to reach the level of a ten thousand Lun master at forty, take ten years to reach the level of a Milun master, and condense a true body at the age of eighty, then he would at least be able to live for another forty years.

In those forty years, with enough luck, he would most likely be able to condense another true body, and at that time it would be a whole new world for him.

Of course this rate of improvement was completely unacceptable to XinFeng, with his qualifications and potential, along with his strong background and resources, he would be much faster than these practitioners, it would take him less time to reach the peak. Training was just like that, the faster one was, the stronger one was, the more the benefits.

To reach the level of a thousand Lun master, Wu Zhen wasted ten years, but XinFeng didn’t even need one, with only one to two months, he had already reached that stage. The two of them were completely incomparable, this was the difference between talent and potential, this was also why, those high leveled practitioners all wanted a talented child, and when they saw one, they wouldn’t let go of them.

Ten days later, they reached their destination.

The east of Vent Pot bay was a shallow beach with large amounts of trees, the north was reed marshes, the south was a boundless lake, west was a rarely seen rock mountain protruding from the waters, the boat was stopped at the side of that rock mountain, which had a very small amount of land.

This land would also be submerged during the rainy season and appear during the dry season, this land was filled with trees, with a wooden construct next to the water along with a simple pier.

Zhong Geng explained, “This place…..a few months ago I’ve already sent people to occupy it, hehe.” He gave off a complacent aura.

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